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Thread: A pokemon story as told by 7 legendary pokemon, Rated G, possibly PG-13

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    Default A pokemon story as told by 7 legendary pokemon, Rated G, possibly PG-13

    k, here's my first fanfic/story i'm following through with, EVAR!!!! hope you like it, Please rate it!!! i'm post 2 chapter now, as the first is a prelude, here goes....

    1. Prelude

    In the beginning, there was only swirling chaos, and from the middle of the chaos, there came an egg, and from the egg, came The Original one, from itself, The Original one made two beings, When Palkia was made, space began expanding, Planets started appearing, stars shone, when Dialga was made, Time began flowing, hours and minutes passed, From itself, the Original One made 3 beings, one of willpower, one of Emotion, and one of Knowledge, and the three beings wished, and matter and life came to be, With it’s work done, the Original One took to an unyielding sleep, or so it is told….


    2. Dawn of Cataclysm

    “Huh? WHAT WAS THAT!?!” Said dialga, Ruler of time, as it realized something was amock, “something is terribly wrong in the world of pokemon, can you sense it, too, Palkia, Ruler of space?”

    Yes, I sense it, too, Dialga,”said Palkia,


    “Boss, we’ve succeeded in capturing Azelf, Being of willpower and a pokemon of the lakes,” Saturn, A Commander of Team Galactic, “We’ve had a bit of interference by the little brat, Lucas,” he added as a side note,

    Very good, we now have one lake pokemon in our hands, I hope Mars and Jupiter are having the same success, as for the meddler, Lucas, just let him go, he’ll get his,” said the Boss,


    “Do you sense that, Palkia? They have one lake pokemon, Azelf!!! Though a human is standing up to this ‘Team Galactic’”said Dialga,

    “I know,” Said Palkia, “I have to commend him; it takes great courage and strength to stand up to these people, we can only watch from the sidelines, I feel so powerless,” Said Palkia,

    “But this is Arceus’ Orders, so we cannot disobey,” said Dialga
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    Just, no.

    Please take the time to READ the Fanfiction Rules and Advice for Aspiring Authors before posting, they aren't there to look pretty. This has too many rulebreaks to list before I go eat.

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