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    YO! This is my second story I made in my FF career everyone, it's one of those High School AU fics but with a twist. I'm sure you guys will like it. I had this story on FF for a while now and I thought I should put it up on Serebii. Everybody who reviewed there loves it, I hope everyone here likes it too. If you like you can read Pokemon Generations on

    Important Note: Sometimes during certain scenes in Pokemon Generations will cross over with my other story Pokemon Destiny which is in an alternate universe parallel to this stories universe, you don’t have to read both to understand Pokemon Generations, but it would be fun to see both stories in two different perspectives, and may answer some questions that only the other fic can provide. Pokemon Destiny is all about physical combat, while Pokemon Generations will be more based on Dark Magic. (Got idea from xxxHolic and Tsubasa, thought it would be fun, cool, and original since I never really seen a fic cross over with another one before.)

    Index:     Spoiler:- Index:

    Adventures are

    Funny things.

    They may creep out of holes,

    appear down a seldom trodden path,

    fall out of a tree, or even

    arrive in an envelope,

    but they always start

    the same way.

    Adventures always

    begin with

    the unexpected…

    -Wayne Thomas Batson, Author of “The Door Within” trilogy

    Pokemon Generations

    Chapter 1: King of Generations

    Ash Ketchum is a 14-year old freshman at what is considered to be the most prestigious Pokemon Trainer Academy out of the big 5 in the world. Only the most promising, gifted, talented, and potentially great young inspiring trainers can go there. The Almia Battle Academy, located in the Almia region of course, which is far from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and the Orre regions, but not far from the lucky Sinnoh and Fiore regions.

    The Big 5 consisted of The Kanto Battle Academy, The Johto Battle Academy, The Hoenn Battle Academy, The Sinnoh Battle Academy, and last but definitely not least The Almia Battle Academy. There were also the lesser known and less elite Academies, and of course the low public Pokemon Trainer Schools in the regions. Only the best of the best could be in the Big 5 Academies, but only the best of the best OF the best could enter the Almia Battle Academy.

    Ash was not one of the best of the best OF the best that made Almia famous, in fact he wasn’t even above or just about average. His Pokemon Trainer skills are horrible, has poor grades, terrible at sports, Ash just about sucked at everything, and was hailed as the “Absolute Zero” at the school, was dead last in the rankings at the school, lost every single Pokemon Battle he was in, he even has only one Pokemon, his best friend, Pikachu, while all the others had at least 5 Pokemon, but most had six. People wondered why someone like him even went to a school like Almia, and haven’t got kicked out yet. The reason was because of his father. Giovanni Ketchum.

    Giovanni was hailed as the “God of all trainers”. He defeated the elite four at the very age he graduated from Amilia, which he too attended. Caught over 2,000 Pokemon in his lifetime crushing the world record of how many Pokemon a Trainer held. He caught several Legendary Pokemon, even miraculous catching Mew, the supposedly “Uncatchable Pokemon” but because of Mew’s carefree and outgoing spirit, he decided to release Mew, for it was not power he wanted, it was always a dream of his to catch the “Uncatchable Pokemon” and become a legend because of it. He was never defeated in battle, ever. Over 10,000 wins with absolutely no losses. An extraordinary feat and record that only he holds. His name is known around the world.

    Looked upon by everyone, feared by every trainer. He is the greatest of all trainers. Ash was nothing like his father, and some people to his annoyance actually asked him the question “Were you adopted?”. Ash hated that question because as soon as he would say no, they would just give him a suspicious glance, snicker, or talk about him behind his back. The only reason why Ash even still went to Almia was because a lot of the people who ran the school saw his father as their hero and owed him a lot of favors, so why not repay it by letting his son stay at the academy?

    At first they thought Ash would be a great addition to the school, he was after all the son of the most powerful trainer to ever live. They were ecstatic at first to have him, but quickly regretted their decision when they saw how much of a crappy student Ash was. The only reason why they haven’t kicked him out of the school was because of their favor to Giovanni, so even though they have such a rare horrible student in their school they was willing to deal with it for Giovanni, but not without looking down upon Ash and ridiculing him for not trying harder and being a disgrace to Giovanni’s name.

    Ash didn’t give a damn about what the officials said, what the teachers said, or what the students said about him. In fact he hated Almia and wished he could go to a normal public school, not some overrated school full of pricks.

    He was always talked about behind his back, not that he gave a damn, but it was really annoying at times, he was always bullied and tortured by assholes in the school, was called a loser by everyone, he had no friends there, even the nerds look down upon him! He was the king of the losers in that school. To Ash, Almia was just a school for assholes, pricks, ****ty *****es, and spoiled evil people who thinks the world revolves around them.

    His father wants him to go to that school because he went to it, and it’s the best school in the world. He would always lecture him on how people would kill to go to that school. “Not me” Ash would always say, and that would anger Giovanni causing him to get sent to his room. Ash not only hated Almia, and most of the people who ridiculed him, but he also hated himself. His dream, his goal, was to make his father proud and maybe someday become even greater than him, but all he did was cause his father to sadly shake his head ashamed of his son, and Ash hated himself for not living up to his fathers expectations, and being a failure, he would sometimes cry at night wondering why can’t he do better.

    Ash was very happy the past two weeks, because it was spring break and he was allowed to come back to his hometown in Kanto, Pallet Town, for spring break. That meant no bullies, no people talking about you behind your back, no *****y girls, and no ********.

    Ash loved it back home. The people of Pallet were nice and generous, not at all like the people at Almia. He also missed his mothers cooking, sure Almia had great food there, and have the best chefs working there, but Ash considered his Mom’s cooking to be the best in the world, no matter what anyone else said. He always wished he could stay and have a school here in Kanto, not a fancy school like the Kanto Battle Academy, but a nice public normal school where people don’t make your years there an absolute hell on Earth.

    Ash never wasted a second of his spring break, he wanted to fully enjoy himself before Almia A.K.A hell starts up again. In his last day of spring break Ash took life to the fullest like their was no tomorrow because for Ash it might as well be no tomorrow for him, he played with Pikachu, ate his mother’s cooking like a beast so he can have no regrets, and went out for a festival being held in Pallet Town. But sadly all good things much to Ash’s horror comes to an end.


    Ash’s Typhlosion shaped alarm clock went off signaling the time for him to get up. Pikachu who was sleeping alongside Ash, was sleeping peacefully until the annoying beeping woke it up. Ash mumbled something unintelligible into his pillow with clear irritation in his voice. He glanced at the clock with a frown on his face mostly still covered by the pillow. The clock read 7:00 AM, the time he set to get up so he can catch the boat to Almia at 10:00 AM.

    Ash groaned, he did not want to get up and get prepared for that damned school. He wanted one more day, just one more day! Pikachu hopped off the bed and yawned stretching, Ash did not want to get up no matter how many times his alarm clock beeped.

    “Ash! Get up! Its time for you to get ready for school or do you want to miss the boat?” Delia yelled through the house, knowing that since Ash didn’t stop the beeping of his alarm clock he wasn’t up yet or didn’t want to get up.

    Ash could truly care less if he missed the boat or not, all he wanted to do was stay at Pallet Town.. Ash lazily rolled off his bed and accidentally hit his head on the floor with a loud “OW!” coming out afterwards. Ash got up and rubbed his sore head.

    “Ash? Are you alright?” Delia yelled hearing a loud thump.

    “Yeah! I’m fine Mom!” Ash yelled back still rubbing his head, looking for his school uniform.

    “Pika pi chu” Pikachu said drowsily to Ash.

    “Good morning to you too Pikachu” Ash said yawning while he walked over to the clock and turn off the alarm.

    Ash was very miserable today, he hated even thinking about going back to live in the dorms of that awful place. Sure everybody says its great but for Ash it’s a living nightmare. Ash began to search for his clothing in his large closet. His room was pretty large too as it was apart of a mansion near the ocean that connects to Pallet Town. They were considered rich but it was only expected since his father won so much large amounts of prize money and has 50-million dollars in endorsements. Ash didn’t let the riches go to his head and spoil him like most at Almia, the people of Pallet loved Ash for that. It wasn’t abnormal for people who went to Almia to be rich since you have to pay over a million dollars a year just to stay there.

    Ash’s room despite the size was a semi-normal one, Trainer posters and Anime posters everywhere, huge flat screen T.V with every Video Gaming system known to man, large king size bed, A HUGE bookcase full of Manga, Video Games, and Pokemon Trainer magazines, just the usual boy stuff.

    Ash found the official Almia Academy uniform. It was a black uniform with black pants to match, and a white shirt your supposed to wear underneath. Ash took them and placed them neatly on his bed. After taking a nice shower and did the usual (Brush teeth, floss, etc) he went and put on the uniform with Pikachu watching him.

    Ash sighed as he looked into the mirror, staring at himself with the school uniform on and the depressed emo-looking face.

    “Looks like its time to jump in the lake of fire again eh Pikachu?” Ash asked the rhetorical question to Pikachu as he grabbed his suitcase-looking notebook’s handle with one hand behind his back. Pikachu yawned again from drowsiness. Ash glanced back at his clock and it read 8:37 AM.

    Ash and Pikachu made their way down the spiral stairs. Pikachu did its usual sliding down the stairs through the rails for fun, Ash would normally join it, but Ash was in no mood. He went down the long spiral stairs slowly with a scowl on his face. He made his way into the dining room where despite Ash’s bad mood slightly made him happier. There were lots of pancakes from Mom waiting on his side of the table.

    The great smell called for him to follow and take the food, Ash gladly obliged as he made his way towards the table sitting down and reaching for the knife and fork to begin the slaughtering of pancakes.

    “Good Morning Ash, ready for school?” A deep voice said nearby. Ash paused, looked up and saw that the voice came from his father who had his glasses on, and pajamas on reading the daily newspaper drinking a cup of coffee while looking at Ash. Ash’s frown returned and he slowly reached for the knife and fork not really all that happy anymore.

    “Good morning father, and yeah I am” Ash lied slowly eating his pancakes, his father hated how he had no manners when eating, he said that I am a human being not some hungry beast. So Ash only ate like a beast when his father’s back was turned.

    “That’s good, at least try to do better for the rest of the school year, and I’m expecting better grades next year understand?” Giovanni stated not asked going back to reading his newspaper.

    “Yes sir” Ash mumbled eating his food slowly. Delia came into the room smiling at Ash with Pikachu on top of her head holding a plate full of pancakes, and a plate full of Pokefood.

    “Well if isn’t my two favorite men, ready for School Ash?” Delia said as she placed the plate of pancakes on the table near Giovanni and the Pokefood on the floor for Pikachu. Ash looked away and mumbled something unintelligible. Delia smiled sadly at Ash as Pikachu hopped off to begin eating. She knew Ash hated that school and sometimes she would try talking with her husband to put him out of it but when it came to Ash’s future and his “Prodigy” he would hear none of it.

    Delia sat down as she watched everybody begin eating, then she noticed that Ash was glancing back and forth from his food to Giovanni. Delia could tell by the tension in the air that something bad was about to happen.

    Ash kept on repeatedly gave his father a look, which Giovanni caught immediately distracting him from his newspaper.

    “What is it?” Giovanni asked with his deep voice. Ash dropped his knife and fork on the table making a clinging sound. They stared at each other for what seemed like minutes. Pikachu stopped licking a ketchup bottle Delia placed for it to see what was going on. Delia wore a worried look as she glanced between the father and son.

    “I want to go to another school here in Pallet Town” Ash said suddenly with a serious look.

    “No” Giovanni said flatly going back to reading the paper. Ash growled, he had enough.

    “But Dad! That school is absolutely hell for me! I barely have any friends! The teachers always badmouth me all the time! I-

    “You will watch your tone and your language in front of your mother young man” Giovanni said interrupting Ash. Ash clenched his teeth and his fists.

    “That school is the greatest hope you have in becoming a great trainer Ash, you are going” Giovanni said with his deep commanding voice going back to his newspaper.


    “No buts! You will go! As long as you live under my house you live by my rules! You are going to that school, understand?” Giovanni yelled giving Ash a death glare. Ash looked down with a pained face accepting defeat.

    “Yes sir I understand” Ash said before grabbing his bag and running out the door. Pikachu stopped what it was doing and ran after its trainer. Ash opened door and slammed it shut as a sign that he was very angry. Delia sighed, it was always this way ever since Ash started going to the Almia Battle Academy.


    Ash sprinted towards the dock where the boat was with a very angry look on his face as he sprinted with Pikachu right behind him. Ash glanced at his Poketch watch, which read 9:52 A.M telling him that he made it just on time.

    Ash handed over his ticket to the man standing near the small bridge that led aboard the boat. After the man handed back Ash his ticket he boarded the boat. Pikachu jumped onto Ash’s shoulders as soon as it caught up with him.

    MY father is such a jerk! Why can’t he see that I’m unhappy at this damn school!! Ash screamed in his mind. Ash not watching where he was going bumped into someone. Ash immediately snapped out of his thoughts and apologized.

    “Oh its no probl-Oh! Hey Ash!” The figure who Ash bumped into was Misty. She was wearing the School Uniform for girls that was also black except it composed of a black skirt and a small black tie that reached just about the middle of her stomach.

    “Oh! Hey Misty, didn’t notice you there” Ash greeted. Him and Misty weren’t exactly friends more like acquaintances. Misty was a junior at the academy just like his ONLY friend, Brock .They didn’t really talked to each other much. Ash didn’t blame her, who would want to talk with the school loser? Misty didn’t consider herself popular but she was very well liked by just about everyone. She wasn’t like the certain other girls though, she was nice and understanding, very rare in these parts that’s for sure. Ash liked her, and wished they could get to talk with each other more often.

    “So Ash how was your spring break vacation?” Misty said with a smile holding her backpack in back of her. Ash smiled back.

    “It was great, wish had more time though, I didn’t want to come back to this living hell any time soon…” Ash said with an irritated look. Misty giggled right before her cell phone started to ring.

    “Oh! Sorry Ash I have to get this how about we catch up sometime?” Misty said before clicking a button on the phone and started talking to one of her friends.

    “Yeah sure…” Ash mumbled. Even though Misty was nice and friendly and all she was still way above him in the social level. Ash sighed and went to watching the sea with Pikachu the wind flowing through Ash’s hair as the boat went towards its destination.

    From time to time while Ash and Pikachu waited they could see a Wailmer or two in the ocean and would point at any other fish Pokemon they see as a game. The game lasted until nightfall, and they still weren’t there yet.

    “Attention all passengers their has been a delay, we have confirmed reports of a ice berg nearby and we had to take evasive action, the boat has been predicted to arrive at Almia Battle Academy tomorrow morning” A man said through the intercom. Ash hearing the intercom report began to yawn, as he was starting to get sleepy.

    “Well, Pikachu since the boat doesn’t arrive until tomorrow why don’t we head in for tonight”

    “Pika” Pikachu said nodding in agreement. Ash yawned again walking towards one of the rooms on the boat. Ash arrived to his room number 207 lazily falling on top of the bed and going into deep slumber with Pikachu, deciding not to change out of his clothes.

    Ash woke up in an unfamiliar place without Pikachu by his side. He observed his surroundings to find nothing but destruction, dead bodies of Humans and Pokemon alike everywhere. Ash saw 3 bodies of Misty, May, Dawn killed lying in there own pool of blood next to his father and mother.

    Ash turned to a black shadowy figure that had wings.

    “Why did you do this!! Why did you kill and destroy everything I loved!!” Ash yelled at the figure crying. The man laughed a demonic one, he teleported in front of him. With his hand out a huge ball of energy in his face.

    ‘I just wanted to see the world burn….” The Demon said before killing off Ash firing the blast disintegrating him. Ash immediately woken up from the nightmare all sweaty with the announcements being heard.

    “Attention all passengers we have made it to the Almia region’s own Almia Battle Academy, all students please take all of your belongings with you, we are not responsible for the items you may leave here, exit the boat in a safe manner and thank you for riding for choosing to ride with us” The intercom said. Ash got up and started to scratch his head and saw that Pikachu wasn’t there sleeping.

    Ash decided that it could take care of its self. He grabbed his notebook bag over his shoulders and began walking towards the exit of the room. As soon as he opened the door there was nothing but sunlight as a sign it was morning. Ash took a look at his watch reading 9:20 AM confirming it was indeed morning.

    Ash saw that a little kid with his mom watching him on the boat play with Pikachu. Ash smiled seeing the kid have so much fun with it, but even though Ash didn’t want to he had to stop the playtime.

    “Pikachu! We got to go or we will be late for class!!” Pikachu stopped playing with the boy and ran over to its master. The little boy grew sad that the Pikachu was gone. He went to his mom with his head hung low, but was instantly cheered up when his Dad who was right next to his Mom say that he was going to catch a Pikachu for him. The boy cheered and hugged his father.

    Ash watching the sight in a daze, quickly remembered that he had to go after hearing the horn. He ran over the bridge to the other side onto the land of Almia. Ash recalling the events wished his father was more like that boy’s father. He watched as the boat began to leave, a horn repeatedly being heard.

    Ash turned and saw a lot of students wearing the same uniform as him walking towards their destination. Ash sighed as he looked onto the school. The Almia Battle Academy.

    The school was like a very big dome with several building built into it. The dome was maybe as big as two skyscrapers. There were seven majestic huge fountains flowing with beautiful crystal clear blue water, each with a legendary Pokemon. Celebi, Jaraichi, Uziel, Azelf, Mespirit, Manaphy, and Mew were on the top of the fountains.

    Everywhere you looked was beautiful green lush grass and flowers; even the Sakura (Cherry Blossom) flower bloomed here. Everything was so beautiful here and artistic that words couldn’t really described the marvelous place.

    Ash on the other hand didn’t see what was so great about the place. He knew that whoever said the quote “Looks can be deceiving” first must have been one of the greatest geniuses to ever live. Ash with a grumble followed his fellow students into the school, walking down a path walk full of flowers and beauty.

    As Ash walked closer to the entrance you could see Groundon and Kyogre on the two opposite sides of the entrance tot the academy, each carved with pure gold.

    “They paid way too much money on this god-forsaken place” Ash thought frowning as he walked up the stairs to the entrance.

    “Well, just 3 more months of bullcrap until summer time eh Pikachu?” Ash said sarcastically to Pikachu going through the automatic-opening doors.

    “3-2-1” Ash said counting down as he walked through the hallway.

    “Well well if isn’t our old pal Ashy? I hope you enjoyed your spring break loser” A big jock coming out of nowhere with green hair and his “Crew”.

    “Oh hello Terrance” Ash said like he seen it a million times. Pikachu was sad for its master because it was against the rules to fire Pokemon attacks inside the school are, or you will be expelled. Terrance and his crew of morons began to crack their knuckles and stare at Ash with anticipation in there eyes.

    “Hold him so he doesn’t escape” Terrance said with a grin. The group held Ash’s body with their grasps on him very tight so Ash couldn’t break free. The scene caused spectators to stop and watch the scene, some with smirks and the girls were giggling actually amused that Ash is going to get beat to a bloody pulp.

    “Hey get off of me you assholes!!” Ash yelled as he tried to break free. Pikachu just stared sadly and angry at the same time frustrated that it couldn’t do anything to help its master. Ash noticed a teacher walk by towards him. It was his English teacher!

    “Hey help me!” Ash yelled for help from the teacher horrified as Terrance came closer punching the palm of his hand snickering. The teacher came by and calmly placed his hand on Terrance’s shoulder.

    “Uh-oh!” Terrance said with slight fear in his voice. The “Crew” immediately got off of Ash. Ash was relieved and was about to say thank you until he heard the words that came out of the ’s mouth.

    “I’ll give you all extra credit based on how good you beat the boy, and oh here’s your passes to be excused for lateness” The teacher said calmly giving Terrance a passes for him and his crew members and he just walked off.

    Ash could not believe what just happened. A teacher just gave a bully permission to beat someone up. It must be the end of the world, at least for Ash. Ash gulped as Terrance came closer to give him his daily beating.


    “Now class please turn to page 153, which is the start of chapter 9 on the evolution of water type Pokemon” , Pokemon Science teacher, said to the class. The door slammed open catching the attention of everyone..

    It was a very messed up irritated Ash. His eyes were black, had multiple lumps on his head, a lump on his face, busted lip, tissue paper inside of his nose to keep the blood flow from his nose running, and red spots everywhere on his face. Ash wasn’t with Pikachu as Pokemon were not allowed in class so he dropped it off at the Pokemon Center that was conveniantly in the school. Everybody started to laugh at Ash’s funny looking face. Ash growled, very ****** off.

    “Ah, good of you to join us after missing half of the class, looks like your going to be my company after school for detention, again” said sighing. Ash just ignored him and signed the late log which Ash noticed wasn’t new as the paper had his name repeatedly in cursive handwriting all the way down to the last 100th slot. Ash signed it and walked towards his seat, girls giggling and the boys talking about him snickering. Ash’s head took an attack from a spitball, sticking to Ash’s hair with the slime rolling off.

    “Loser!!” a random boy in the class yelled as some of the boys began to throw paper balls at him while he walked to his desk in the very back of the room. Ash tried to ignore the attacks, but didn’t do so without extreme anger on his face, and clenching of teeth.

    The teacher seemingly ignoring the attacks Ash endured began to talk about the evolution of water Pokemon. Ash had a very irritated face because he was being used as target practice by almost everyone in the classroom, while the teacher kept reading the book paying his students no mind.

    “Hey watch this man” Terrance said as he got 20 sheets of paper out of his notebook, scrunched it up together to form a large paper ball, he ate it then started chewing, he pulled out a straw. Everyone laughed under their breaths knowing what’s about to happen.

    Terrance took aim at Ash’s head who was paying attention to the book was reading, breathed in deeply and then blew shooting the disgusting large slimy spit ball at Ash. Ash turned around to see why everyone was laughing and all of a sudden a huge spitball got thrown right smack into his face.

    “DAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!” Everyone laughed as they saw the slimy ball slowly slime down off of Ash’s ****** off face. Some were rolling on the floor laughing at Ash. His face was slimy and drips of goo came off of Ash’s hair. He kept growling and glaring at Terrance as everyone in the class laughed.

    “Everyone! Stop and pay attention! NOW!!” yelled at the class, they immediately stopped and turned into there books in an instant. continued to read to the class. Ash swore that one day he would make Terrance pay if it was the last thing he do.

    After Pokemon Science was over, Ash went to his locker before his next class English started, he had that class with Terrance also, in fact he had most of his classes with him except Pokemon History, thank god. He hated English because not only had he had Terrance to deal with but also other pricks like Gary, and that womanizing ******* Drew. GOD how he hated them!!

    Ash opened his locker and to his surprise there was a jack in the box toy in his locker, it sprung into action scaring Ash.

    “Loser!Loser!Loser!Loser!Loser!Loser!Loser!Loser!L oser!Loser!” The jack in the box said in between laughs. Ash growled taking out his English book, the jack in the box, and slammed his locker hard with anger. He stomped on the toy trying to break it, as he broke it the phrase he kept saying became duller and more deformed sounding. The students passing by whispered in each other’s ears with freaked out looks while seeing Ash try to break a toy.

    “What a weirdo” One of those ****ty *****es said with a couple of other girls who walked by laughing. Ash just ignored those *****s and went on to his next class.

    “Loser!” The toy said one more time causing Ash to lose it, run over to the toy and give it one last powerful kick down the hall out the window. Ash stomped over to his next class ignoring the constant “Loser” or “dweeb” comments in the hall.

    “Stupid school, stupid assholes, stupid giggling *****s, stupid teachers who doesn’t give a damn, stupid, stupid, STUPID!!” Ash said to himself in anger as he stormed off into his English class. Only a few people were there, Ash was actually early for a change. He sat at his desk and let out a huge sigh.

    “Ha! If isn’t my favorite dweeb!!” An irritating voice said. Ash slowly turned around and there he was Drew, the rose guy, holding two girls on his lap sitting in the chair lazily grinning at Ash. Ash’s eyes twitched as he stared at him.

    “Say hello to the dork ladies” Drew told them. The girls looked Ash up and down before giving him one of those *****y noises. Ash slammed his head into the desk. This was the school for the best of the best OF the best!! Assholes, Pimps, unfair Teachers, Perverts, *******ess, *****s, Jocks, Pricks, *******S!! Yeah right!! More like the school for the worst of the worst OF the worst!! If only people saw what the “Great and Magnificent” Almia Battle Academy was truly like!!

    The teacher came in Mr. Thomas with his stuff saw the two girls on Drew’s lap and glared at him.

    “Drew you are an excellent student but I don’t take kindly to your womanizing ways” said to Drew. Drew told the girls to get off of him, they got off of him but pouted. They each slipped him their phone number and Drew grinned giving them a nod. Ash couldn’t believe that he will have to withstand another 3-years of this crap. Unbelievable.

    When Ash thought things couldn’t get worst that’s when the Gary, and Terrance came in. Oh no…….

    “Hey! What’s sup loser? Did you have fun with your mommy during spring break huh dweeb?” Gary taunted slamming his hands on Ash’s desk. Ash just glared at him. Terrance came in to join the taunting with Gary. Ash just used his hands as ear muffs to block the taunting from coming into his ears, but he could still hear them.

    Ash hated this school! Ash truly wished he could just die right now! Hell would be better than this place!! That’s when the taunting stopped. Ash looked up to see why they stopped not that he didn’t want them to stop, it was just so sudden. Ash turned and saw the most beautiful girl he ever laid eyes on. May Maple.

    Ash had a major crush on her, her pretty round perfect face, her angelic smile, and her big blue eyes that he would always get lost in. Everything about her was just so perfect, Ash always dreamed about her, always wanted to talk with her, hug her, care for her, and love her. Sadly, Ash knew that a big loser like him had no chance with one of the hottest and most popular girls at school. Ash lowered his head sadly in silence.

    Gary and Terrance tried there so called “Moves” on May. Which utterly failed of course as she just walked right by them like they didn’t exist right to Drew with a blush on her face.

    “Uuuh h-hi Drew! I u-u-u um wanted to g-give you this!” May stuttered blushing as she gave Drew a white envelope. Drew took it with a smile. He read the contents, and then gave her a wink. She fainted. Ash, Gary, and Terrance who was watching the scene jaws dropped to the ground.

    WHAT DOES HE GOT THAT I DON’T I GOT!! The three boys screamed in their minds glaring at Drew picking up May. Just about everybody came into class, and soon the bell would ring starting English.

    Ash still slightly mad at Drew noticed while glaring at him drooling looking at the door. In fact all the boys except him were drooling. He turned and saw that the blue-haired vixen Dawn was at the door with sparkling blue hair, beautiful glowing face that made the boys go wild and the girls jealous. She had made a slight few adjustments to her school uniform, since Dawn was all about fashion. She sported a very expensive black long scarf that went with the black uniform and long black stockings that stopped just below her skirt. Ash saw May frown when she saw Drew drooling towards Dawn’s direction.

    “Hey everyone!” Dawn greeted politely to all her classmates. She bowed to the English Teacher, who nodded.

    “Heyyyy Dawnnnn” The boys of the classroom swooned. They all stared at Dawn while she walked towards her desk in the front of the class.

    “Aren’t Sinnoh women the best?” Ash heard some guy say drooling. Ash rolled his eyes. Dawn was considered the prettiest and hottest girl at the academy, she also was an excellent Pokemon Trainer who was rivals and pretty much even with May when it came to skills.. The boys would jump off a cliff for her, or even become her human dog on a leash. Ash slightly snickered at the thought of Dawn with a whip beating down Gary for being a “bad boy”. (lol)

    Dawn was alright, she was very pretty, and he had to admit he was a little attracted to her, but mostly out of lust, and Ash didn’t view girls as “Sex Objects” like most boys did. Dawn was beautiful, but to him, May was a goddess. No one could replace her, ever since he saw her it was love at first sight. The only thing he liked about this school was being able to see her everyday in class.

    Ash watched as some boys tried to ask her out but she quickly declined politely. That’s what was weird about her. She can have any boy she wants in this school, yet doesn’t have a boyfriend because she always declines the millions of questions and love-letters she gets everyday in her locker. She would always say “I’m looking for a different type of boy”. Nobody knows what type of boy she likes, hell not even Daddy Drew over there knows, and he’s an “expert” when it comes to women.

    Ash also remembered times when Dawn would sometimes look his way, and then when he looked at her back she would turn away. That confused Ash, girls are truly weird…. The bell finally rang and it begun English.

    The class was pretty much quiet and boring. The teacher left out some work for the students to do which Ash finished early to his amazement, maybe its because no one is throwing paper balls at him in this class, so as a result he could concentrate more. Ash had nothing to do so he decided to stare at May who’s back was also finished sending notes to one of her friends she was sitting next to.

    God was she beautiful, Ash just kept on staring at her watching her luscious lips move as she giggled quietly to not bring up the teacher. May feeling someone watching her turned around to meet Ash’s gaze. Ash’s eyes widened, his face heating up as he tried to look away from May’s direction but it was too late. He was busted. May started to giggle to her friend again and then she pointed at Ash in back of her.

    wonder what she’s saying about me? Ash thought wondering as May would sometimes glance back at him. Ash was beginning to have hope that maybe May was interested in him! The bell rung causing an instant reaction in the students.

    “Everybody turn in your class work near the door before you leave” said to his class. Ash left his class work near the door and was walking happily to his next class.

    “Well maybe the rest of the day might not be so bad after all!” Ash declared to himself clearly letting the May thing go to his head. Ash was dead wrong…

    At Trainer Etiquette class someone pasted super glue on Ash’s seat. It took 10 teachers to pull him off and he had to switch his pants with sweaty looking sweatpants. Then at Gym, he got hurt in every game he played in, most of them on purpose by jerks like Terrance and Gary, some of them because Ash sucked at sports so badly that he hurt himself. Then at lunch someone threw a stink bomb at Ash and the faculty had to decontaminate him, and his uniform was pretty much ruined. The rest of the day was just getting beat up quickly in the halls or being laughed at and avoided because of the horrible smell Ash emanated. Today was absolute hell and Ash was so glad that it was all finally over.

    He went to the indoor Pokemon Center and picked up Pikachu and ran out of the school on his way to another building where his dorm is located.

    “Argh you wouldn’t believe my day Pikachu” Ash sighed. “Well at least I just have 3 more months of this school until summer break” Ash said trying to cheer him self up. It didn’t work.

    “Hey Ash!” a familiar feminine voice called out. Ash stopped and turned around and to his surprise it was Dawn! Ash couldn’t believe it! Why was she talking to him.

    “Wait up for a sec, I want to talk with you!” Dawn said running up to Ash, who was still a loss for words. Dawn held a confused look.

    “Ash? Is there something on my face or something?” Dawn asked. Ash looked both ways to see if there was another Ash nearby. Nope just him. Dawn shook her head.

    “I’m talking to you idiot” Dawn said with an amused smile. Ash blinked at her but then eyed her suspiciously.

    “Did someone sent you here to talk with me as a joke? Look please I had enough for today I just want to go to my dorm with no problems” Ash said glaring at her. Dawn was taking back that he thought she was just trying to pull his leg like the others, but who could blame him with the torture he suffers at the Academy every day.

    “No Ash, I wanted to talk to you because my friend May wanted to give something to you” Dawn then gave Ash a sad smile as she slowly pulled out a white envelope. Ash’s eyes widened. Could it be!?

    “You see May was too shy to give it to you on her own so she sent me to do it” Dawn said with slight sadness in her eyes trying to smile as she handed it to him. Ash took the envelope, ripped it open and began to read the pink letter.

    Dear Ashy, I have always secretly had a crush on you ever since I first saw you, the only reason why I act like I didn’t was because I was scared that I would lose all my friends if I told you how I feel about you, but I don’t care anymore I just want you. Please meet me at the springs today at 9:00 at night. I’ll be waiting. –love your secret admirer May Maple.” Ash jaw dropped to the ground as he read, but then quickly became super happy, with a grin that almost stretched off of his face.

    “WOOOOHOOO MAY MAPLE LIKES ME!! I KNEW IT!!” Ash yelled to the whole world jumping up and down. Dawn seeing Ash’s happiness frowned and lowered her head. Ash saw this still very happy dancing with Pikachu.

    “Hey Dawn what’s the matter?” Ash asked with a huge smile. Dawn returned the smile but you could still see the sadness in her eyes. “Its nothing Ash, uum here’s my number Ash” Dawn said handing over Ash a short piece of paper. Ash blinked at dawn and hesitantly took the paper.

    “Why did you give me your number?” Ash said confused. Dawn still wore her worried look and sighed.

    “I- I just gave it to you because you know maybe we could talk sometime after your meeting with May, I mean once you get with her, your going to instantly rise in the social charts” Dawn said still a little sadly. Ash not noticing Dawn’s sadness grinned. Ash thought that their was a higher force out there cursing him to go through this hell for 4-years with no mercy, but it seems that Ash has a angel looking out for him after all.

    “Well bye Ash” Dawn said waving at Ash before she turned around. Ash and Pikachu watched her go but then to there confusion she stopped all of a sudden

    “Why do you like May so much?” Dawn asked with her back facing Ash. Ash slightly was taken back at the suddenness and began to think.

    “I don’t really know why, but ever since I first saw her it was love in first sight” Ash said blushing a bit scratching his head.

    “I see…” Dawn said before continuing to her destination. Ash blinked several times in confusion but just shrugged it off. Wait until Brock here’s about this!!

    Brock was Ash’s only friend at this school, he was a junior at the Academy, was really good at battles, proof that he was the son of a Gym leader. They lived in the same dorm building and would constantly hang out and do what boys do. Brock was a very cool person to Ash, and was one of the few rare people who didn’t see him as a total loser. Ash couldn’t wait to tell Brock what happened to him today!

    Ash sprinted towards the dorm building. He went inside of a HUGE mansion built in with only the finest luxuries and technology. Ash hurried to Brocks dorm and slammed the door open surprising Brock who was watching something that made sexual noises, but then when Ash came out of nowhere Brock instantly changed the channel.

    “Uuuh Brock just what were you watching?” Ash asked Brock with a suspicious glance. Brock was sweating bullets. He was thinking of a good excuse to get him out of his bind

    “Uuum the Discovery Channel” Brock said hoping Ash would buy it. Ash stared at him for a while.

    “Okay whatever Brock guess what happened to me today!!” Ash said happily. Brock sighed with relief that Ash bought it. Ash jumped on the king-sized bed.

    “Woah-woah no hello? How was your spring break?” Brock asked amused a little.

    “Forget Spring Break!! Take a look at this!!” Ash handed Brock the love letter he got from May. Brocks jaw dropped to the ground. May gave Ash a love letter!! Brock couldn’t help but give the letter a suspicious glance.

    “Hey Ash did May herself give you this letter?” Brock read the letter while asking Ash the question. “No Dawn did” Brock almost fell off of his bed at the reply.

    “WHAT!! DAWN TALKED TO YOU!!” Brock said screaming from the top of his lungs. Ash winced at the loud voice and told him to keep it down. Brock calmed himself down but still kind of shaken up.

    “Yeah, it turns out she’s kind of cool, I always thought she was a little weird, but she’s cool” Brock glared at Ash. Dawn was weird? He must be the only boy who thinks that way in the whole school.

    “Well Ash do you really think that May honestly likes you? Last time I check she had a major crush on that Drew guy” Ash growled when he heard the name. He took the letter away from Brock.

    “What do you know? She probably got over him and finally realized her feelings for me!” Ash proclaimed posing with his eyes sparkling. Brock shook his head, but had a worried look. Brock hoped that love letter was the real thing, for Ash’s sake…
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    Default Chapter 1 Second Half

    A/N: Sorry guys, this chapter is very long and I had to split up into two parts.


    Ash got to his dorm room happy as can be, trying on clothes to see which ones will bets impress May. He kept on glancing back and forth at the clock. It was only 6:33. Pikachu was sleeping soundly on his bed, with slight “Pika” snores.

    “Man when is 8:00 getting here!!” Ash was just so exited and nervous. Ash could barely breathe! He was going to possibly be with May, the girl of his dreams tonight. Ash tried every one of his clothes but because of his anxiousness he couldn’t choose one. Ash just shrugged and picked out whatever. He chose a blue shirt with a hood and a white Pokeball in the middle, and put on regular blue jeans. Ash looked into the mirror checking himself out. He was missing something. Ash went into his closet and pulled out his lucky cap and then winked at himself in the mirror smiling.

    He then practiced lines to say to May to pass time as it was 7:48 just 12 more minutes before he is supposed to meet her at the springs nearby the school.

    “Do you have a map because I think I got lost in your eyes, no no no, that’s so lame! Hey baby how ya doing? Argh! That won’t do either…” Ash began to get frustrated with himself, he was definitely going to look so uncool in front of May. That’s when the doorbell rung to Ash’s dorm room. Ash wondered who could that be at this hour?

    Ash opened the door, revealing a man wearing dark clothes covering his whole body and face except his mouth. Ash at first sight thought that this guy was trouble until he extended something to him. It was a black box.

    “Delivery for a Ash Ketchum, I believe that is you?” The man had a very deep and powerful voice, like a commander or something.

    “Huh? I didn’t order anything…” Ash said to himself as he took the box, he began to think that maybe his Mom must have sent it to him. Ash looked back up to the man but he was gone. Ash’s body jerked a bit and his eyes widened amazed that the guy was gone just like that! He took a peak at the long hallways but he was not there. How in the world did that guy move so fast!?

    Ash pondered this a bit more but decided to leave it as an unsolved mystery. Ash observed the box with a tag. Ash read the tag to see whom it came from.

    To: Ash Ketchum

    From: Unknown

    “From Unknown? Wait a minute! This better not be some damn prank by Gary or Terrance!!” Ash said his anger escalating. Ash began to read the note that was on the front of the rectangular shaped box, which was in bold with fancy handwriting he never seen before.

    Only with pure royal blood,

    Can thee open the box to heavenly fate,

    Open thou Chosen Heir of the new world,

    Will thee be granted power as the next King of Generations.

    Ash raised an eyebrow. Now Ash definitely knew this was some kind of dumb joke. Ash eyes twitched as he read the note on the box again.

    “That guy who gave me this was probably Gary and Terrance in disguise!! I bet you if I were to open this right now an annoying prank will come out! Well I’m not falling for it this time!!” Ash opened a window nearby and threw the box far away from view. Ash wiped off the imaginary dust off his hands and smirked. Ash took a glance at his alarm clock, which showed 7:59 just being changed to 8:00. Shock was all over Ash’s face.

    “Oh No! I’m going to be late! May must be waiting for me!” Ash wasted no time going out the door, he slid through the long expensive stairs, and went out the front door to the dorm building. He sprinted towards the meeting place as fast as humanly possible. Ash saw the springs come up and was very happy that he made it. Ash saw that May was they’re already waiting for him, he grinned.

    “Good evening May!! I got your letter!!” Ash yelled out with glee as he made his way towards May. Ash immediately stopped when he saw her. She wore a pink top, with a matching pink skirt. She also sported a pink belt with glittered words that said “Princess on it that she wore fashionably around her waist. She also had on long pink stockings and nice pink shoes. All pink looked really good on her.

    Ash drooled at the sight of her, she also even had her hair down to, which really suited her. God was she an angel! Ash stared at May observing her whole body. Ash then felt like his pants got tighter and he blushed. May giggled.

    “So do you like it Ashy?” May said giving him a twirl. Ash could only nod, words could not describe how much he liked it. May giggled again, coming closer to Ash.

    “Ya know Ashy, I spotted you staring at me in class today” May said sultry like in Ash’s ear. Ash got chills listening to how sexy May talked to him, and was definitely not helping him with the uncomfortable feeling in his pants.

    “It gave me goosebumps knowing that such a hot guy like you was staring at me so much, all I did was always think about you, and it hurt me to see how badly you were treated during school hours” May flirted having her two fingers go walk up Ash chest up to his lips.

    Ash thought that he must be in a wild fantasy dream about May and would wake up any minute now, but this was all real. He couldn’t believe it but it was truly all real. Ash now knew what Brock meant when he told them his stories about how that special girl made a boy feel.

    “Close your eyes Ashy” May said caressing Ash’s face with her angelic smile. Ash knew what was coming and closed his eyes. This was the moment he waited for! His very first kiss is going to be with the girl of his dreams. Ash thought he was the luckiest guy on Earth right now, everything as just so perfect and he couldn’t wait to tell Brock all of the juicy details about tonight.

    Ash leaned in for the kissed, he then felt lips pressed on his own. He did it! He was kissed by May!! Ash was happy but for some reason he felt as though the lips he was kissing was really big and she tasted odd. Ash heard snickering in the background and opened his eyes wondering if anyone was watching him and May kiss each other.

    To Ash’s surprise and horror lips wasn’t on May’s it was on a Jinx’s!! Ash couldn’t believe it! Ash saw that May, Gary, Terrance, Drew, and two other girls were recording all of this on their Pokenav. Gary held the Pokenav while everyone else laughed their asses off!

    “Jinx” The Pokemon said deepening the kiss. Ash tried to escape the Pokemon’s hold as it was no use. This was the most embarrassing moment of his life. Period. And May the girl of his dreams, the so-called “Angel”, the girl on his mind all the time, was in on the joke laughing at him with her friends. Ash didn’t know what was truth anymore and he finally wished that this were all a beautiful dream turned into a horrible nightmare, which he will wake up any second now. He didn’t wake up as all of this was really happening.

    “Stop it now you guys!!” Dawn said running up to Ash and Jinx out of nowhere, she pulled Jinx off of Ash and than went to console Ash.

    “Ash are you okay?” Dawn said hearing laughter in the distance. They wouldn’t stop laughing.

    “Hey Dawn what are you doing! Leave the loser alone!” May yelled to Dawn confused as to why she was helping him. Ash stared at the ground not moving as he heard the girl he was wild about call him a loser, like everyone else has. Dawn ignored May, worried about Ash.

    “You were sent by May to send me that fake love letter weren’t you?” Ash mumbled his hair covering his face. Dawn’s eyes widened as she heard her wrong doing, he now knew that she knew the prank from beginning to end.

    “Ash you got to listen to me I tried to stop them but I-

    “Shut up!! I’m sick of being a failure! I’m sick of being called a loser! I’m sick of this school!!” Ash yelled not wanting to hear any of Dawn’s lies. He got up and ran away with tear droppings following him.

    “Ash wait!” Dawn yelled trying to stop and talk with him, but he continued to run off to his dorm building. Dawn turned back and gave the group laughing a terrifying glare at May.

    “You know, he really had deep feelings for you May. How could you do such a thing!?” Dawn said her voice rising. May stopped laughing and raised an eyebrow.

    “Oh c’mon Dawn why are you so serious? The boy can handle a joke right?” May said shrugging it off like she didn’t care. Dawn was in disblief, how could anyone be so low to not give a damn about someone else’s feelings.

    “I can’t believe that loser actually thought I liked him!!” May said faking a vomit sound. Gary and Terrance were laughing on the ground so hard watching the video over and over again. Drew came over and gave a blushing May a kiss in the lips as a congratulations.

    Dawn clenched her fists and walked towards May, she pulled her off of Drew surprising her and punched her in the face. May touched her face like she couldn’t believe that she hit her. Everybody watching stopped laughing, they stared in disblief at what happened. Drew went to hold his new girlfriend up, staring in shock at what Dawn just did.

    “You must be the most foul ***** in the whole entire planet May” Dawn said before walking off to her dorm. May finally getting up growled. Dawn has officially became her next target, and worst enemy.


    Ash ran through the automatic doors of the Dorm building and to his horror saw kids everywhere laughing at the video of him and a Jinx kissing laughing like no tomorrow. Brock who was in the crowd saw Ash and went up to him with a sad-looking face.

    “I’m so sorry Ash I should have warned you” Ash said nothing but walked right by him. Brock looked down ashamed of himself.

    “Hey there is his!” A random boy said. Ash fought his way out of the crowd who all was taunting and making fun of him.

    “Hey where’s Ash?” a guy mocked as Ash passed through

    “Look at the cute newlyweds” Some girl in the crowd said watching the video on her Pokenav. Ash ran to his room and slammed his door shut hard locking the door. Pikachu watched as Ash began to punch the walls in anger tears flowing

    “Why..why..why is my life such a living hell… My father is ashamed of me, the girl of my dreams just used me as amusement, I suck at school, I-I just don’t get it… why me…” Ash said jumping on his bed face first letting his tears fall on his pillow.

    “Pika Pi” Pikachu said tapping Ash. Ash turned to his friend with red eyes and saw him holding that same black box he threw out. Ash rubbed his eyes, cleaning them of tears.

    “Pikachu where did you get that? Its probably just some stupid prank from those jerks” Ash said with a too calm voice as he got up took the box and threw it back outside the window. Ash turned back, and to his shock he saw the black box on his desk again.

    “Wait a minute Pikachu! You saw me just throw out that box right!?” Ash asking Pikachu, Pikachu just went over to the box and held it out offering it to him. It was like Pikachu was trying to tell him to open the box. Ash slightly freaked out took the box and than became shocked some more as he read the note on the box.

    Only with pure royal blood,

    Can thee open the box to heavenly fate,

    Open thou Chosen Heir of the new world,

    Will thee be granted power as the next king of generations.

    Open and embrace your destiny,

    King Ash.

    Ash almost fell of balance reading that! That wasn’t on the box before! And how the hell does an inanimate object know his name? Ash stared at the box for a while. He glanced at Pikachu, it gave him a nod telling him to go on. Ash slowly opened the box revealing a book.

    The title of the book was called “Kings of Generations”. Ash figured that it must be a book on kings, and knights from the olden days. Ash sat at a desk and began to read the book. It was indeed a book on Kings but it was an odd one. Ash read the book with interest.

    “In a universe parallel to ours, many years ago, the physical manifestation of pure evil was born into the planet Earth, very much the same as our universe’s Earth. It tricked the parallel Legendary Pokemon into gaining more power that drastically exceeded their own. The Omega Pokemon betrayed them and raged war against the Humans and Pokemon who were already fighting one another in an epic battle”

    “A King, King Aaron, known as Sir Aaron and the 99th King of Generations in our universe, fought bravely with a sword known as the Pokemon Sword created by the powers of both Humans and Pokemon, King Aaron defeated the Omega Pokemon sacrificing his own life, but thus the Omega could not be killed in battle”

    “The Physic Pokemon knew that he would return someday, so they came up with a plan, the plan was to separate the Omega’s physical body and his spiritual body in two separate places, the legendaries using their powers separated the Omega’s physical body and his spirit. Palkia and Dialga using their powers sent the spiritual manifestation into our universe and left the physical one in their universe in a dimension known as the Dark Realm, to protect themselves.”

    “Time working differently in our universe had the spiritual manifestation come at the times of kings. He was known as the “Dark Angel” as he had black wings and power that was so great some people considered him a god. No one challenged him, and he almost conquered the whole world, until a priestess named Aurora came and used her sacred powers to curse the demon. His curse was not of a doomed one but of a one that gave Humans a chance to defeat this evil that came into our world. He would have to kill 100 Humans chosen as the strongest of their generation, these chosen few were hailed as Kings chosen by God and they ruled the world of Humans and Pokemon with their power, these few were known as the Kings of Generations. If the demon were to defeat all 100 Kings of Generations, he will have total domination of all life in the universe…”

    “But the curse forbids the demon from killing the Kings by normal means, he must always challenge the Kings to a duel of some kind to defeat them, if the King refuses then the demon will have no choice but to back down, but even so the longer a King waits to fight the demon the more powerful, and sadistic he becomes” Ash continued to read the book.

    “Sir Aaron, was the first to actually coming close to defeating him, but alas Sir Aaron, too fell to the might of the “Dark Angel”. Ash flipped the page in the book, in awe, he never read something like this before ever. Alternate universes, Demons, king of generations? What does this all mean and just what does a loser 14-year old kid has to do with it? Ash flipped the pages in the book and found names of kings with killed under their names.

    King Eliam 1st King of Generations – Killed

    King Jonas 2nd King of Generations- Killed

    King Author 3rd King of Generations- Killed

    Ash flipped through the pages and all he saw was names of kings with killed right below their names on each page. He then got to page 99-100.

    King Aaron 99th King of Generations- Killed.

    But after that page it was blank, then to Ash’s shock the book began to write something in it by itself!! Since when books writes themselves!! Ash seriously thought he was dreaming, he pinched himself but he didn’t wake up like he hoped. This was real whether ash believed it or not. He watched as the book formed the words that have changed his life forever.

    King Ash 100th King of Generations- Alive

    Ash got up from his desk, scared out of his mind, him! A King!? He looked at Pikachu who just oddly stared at him. Ash wondered what in the world was wrong with it, he never seen Pikachu like this before. Ash slowly walked back towards the book and below his name was writing in bold letters.

    Speak your wish your highness,

    What do you desire?

    Ash stared at the bold lettering with awe in his face. It was like a fairy tale coming true, Professor oak back home would always tell him that it is impossible to figure everything out about our world and that there is more to everything than meets the eye, but this is ridiculous!! Ash started to wonder if the book could really grant him a wish.

    Ash gulped as he grabbed the book and stared at the page. He began to think of his wish, what did he truly want, than Ash knew what he wanted.

    “I want to become stronger, stronger so I can protect those I care for to not be a failure anymore, and be finally respected!!” Ash said into the book. At first nothing happened and Ash thought that maybe it couldn’t grant wishes after all, but then shutting up Ash a bright light came out of the book blinding Ash. He closed his eyes shielding his face with his arms. All was quiet, Ash lowered his arms and found himself in a mystical place of light standing on a huge circle.

    A picture of Ash who was wearing goggles and different clothes was in the picture holding a huge sword, their were also 4 other pictures within the circle of Pikachu, Misty, May, and Dawn, with also smaller pictures of other people he wasn’t familiar with except Gary, and a few others. (Think Kingdom Hearts). Ash stared at the picture with wide eyes.

    “Ah. If isn’t King Ash?” a voice said. Ash turned around and saw a smiling man who looks kinda like him, wearing a weird blue cap and cape like he was from the dark ages.

    “Nice to finally meet you your highness, I am King Aaron, the one from another universe parallel to yours” Aaron said. Ash tried to calm down, he still couldn’t believe that all of this was happening to him though all of a sudden too.

    “Where am I?” Ash asked looking around.

    “You are in Ash’s Sanctuary, well your Sanctuary, no I mean the Ash from my universe sanctuary” Aaron said slightly confused scratching his head.

    “You mean this place is from the other Ash’s universe? Is he connected to me somehow?” Ash asked. King Aaron raised an eyebrow curving his lips a bit.

    “Well it seems that this Ash is a lot smarter than the idiot back in my universe” Aaron said amused.

    “That is correct Ash, you are connected with your parallel twin, but that does not mean you will ever see each other, it goes against the rules and laws of time and space.” Aaron said. Ash understood slightly.

    “Aaron right?” Aaron nodded “Can you please tell me that this is all a dream?” Ash asked seriously. Aaron sighed.

    “This is no dream Ash, just like our Ash you will have to save your Universe to save all life from being destroyed by the Omega Pokemon, unlike your Universe, the physical manifestation is locked up and can only be opened by finding 7 orbs which is used as keys” Aaron explained.

    “But in your Universe his spirit is not sealed, but thanks to Aurora who was sent from our Universe placed a curse on the demon, limiting his powers. I’m pretty sure you know the rest of the story” Ash remained silent. Aaron took that as a sign to continue.

    “One more thing, ever since the Legendaries made the bold move of splitting the Omega into two Universes, our two Universes fates are tied, that means if we fail, you fail, and vice-versa” Aaron said. Ash’s eyes widened as he heard all of this.

    “And in other words if our Ash fails you fail, and if you fail our Ash fails, the King of Generations, and the Pokemon Chosen One of Legend, must technically help each other defeat the Omega Pokemon and stop all life from ending” Ash was in disbelief that such a huge burden was placed on him. Sure he always knew that despite being picked on all the time, he would become something great, but he never expected such a Destiny like this!

    “But why me? I’m just some loser kid, who even got beat up my an elementary schooler once, when I was in the 8th grade, what can I do?’ Ash said lowering his head. Aaron smiled. That’s was one difference, this Ash may be smarter than the other Ash, but his Ash was definitely more confident than this one.

    “Ash only the most strongest Human of the time can be the next King of Generations, and you were chosen” Ash perked his head up. He had a point, but where was this so called strength?

    “You said you wanted to become stronger right? Well I’m here to grant your wish, I see what you cannot see, and what I see is enormous potential Ash” Aaron said coming right in front of Ash.

    “Now Ash are you ready for school?” Aaron said all of a sudden. Ash looked confused and then he plucked Ash’s forehead and he immediately flew off the Sanctuary circle.

    I love doing that, gets them all the time Aaron thought. He then heard a noise and turned to see a Sanctuary panel glowing to his left. He went to it to check things out and he saw Ash, Misty, May, and Dawn holding the Pokemon Sword together smiling at each other.

    King Aaron smiled. It seems their connection is stronger than I thought….Interesting


    If anybody was slightly confused by the ending, then read the note at the top of the thread. Reviews/Comments etc will be read and appreciated. Oh and sorry for some of the swearing lol I think I may have to change the rating.
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