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    Default Pokemon Sinnoh Legends (Pg-13)

    This is a fan fic I have been working on for awhile and I finally finished the first chapter. The first chapter isn't too PG-13ish but later on it will be. THis story is about me and a couple of my friends ( just two are real) traveling through the Sinnoh Region. I hope you all like it.

    Chapter 1 Sailing over the Sinnoh Seas

    Drifting peacefully over the ocean waves was the S.S. Tidal of Hoenn. On the ship were thousands of travelers and Pokemon trainers. People were swimming in the pool and in the dining room eating before they arrived. Laying on a bed in a room was a young boy with brown hair and a green head band wrapped around his head. The boy stood up and yawned.

    “Man we still haven’t arrived,” he said as he walked over to his suitcase and put on an orange and black shirt.

    Then someone began knocking on his door. “ Hey are you up yet?”

    “Yeah hang on,” he said as he tied his shoes.

    The boy then opened the door and there stood a girl with brunette hair covered with a bandanna. The girl hn walked in.

    “So what do you think Sinnoh will be like?” she asked.

    “Well maybe the same as Hoenn,” he said as he put on sunglasses and walked out the door.

    “Hey wait up!” yelled the girl as she chased after him.

    The boy was standing right outside of his room staring at the ocean waves and the water pokemon jumping out of the water. He then pulled out a device known as a pokedex and pointed it at a pokemon he has never seen before.

    “Lumineon the neon pokemon, It can use its long fins as if they were legs and crawl along the seafloor. It fights with Lanturn over prey.” said the pokedex.

    “Aw that pokemon is so beautiful,” said the girl.

    “Yeah look how it’s fins glow,” said the boy.

    A sailor then came walking up to the kids. “ Mr. Grayson and Ms. Williams,” he said.

    “Hm?” said both the boy and girl as they turned around and saw a sailor standing there.

    “A letter has been received from Professor Rowan of the Sinnoh region,” said the Sailor as he handed the letter to the boy.

    The boy then began reading the letter. “Dear, Rocky and May, I know you should be on your way now so I have a little task for you two for when you arrive. There are two boys your age in Twinleaf Town wanting to begin their journey so I want you two to meet them and help them get here, from Prof. Rowan.”

    Rocky handed the letter to May and she read it.

    “Oh wow,” she said.

    “Sir how much longer until we arrive in Twinleaf,” Rocky asked the Sailor.

    “About another day or so,” he said back.

    “What another day!” yelled May in shock.

    The sailor then walked away.

    “Man still an day to go,” said Rocky.

    Two boys then came walking up to Rocky and May.

    “Hey rookies how would you two like to battle,” said one of the boys.

    “Alright my first Sinnoh battle,” said Rocky as he grabbed a black poke ball from his belt.

    “Same for me Rocky,” said May.

    “Go Magmortar,” said one of the boys.

    The Redish-orange Pokemon busted out of it’s ball with flames encircling it as it hit the ground.

    “Go Electivire,” said the other.

    Electivire came out of it’s ball and Lightning bolts were coming from the cords on Electivire’s back.

    “Whoa those things look strong,” said Rocky as he got out his new pokedex.

    “Magmortar the blast pokemon, It blasts fireballs of over 3,600 degrees F from the ends of its arms. It lives
    in volcanic craters.” said the pokedex.

    “Electivire the thunderbolt pokemon, It pushes the tips of its two tails against the foe, then lets loose with over 20,000 volts of power.” said the pokedex.

    “Careful May these things look tough,” said Rocky as he tossed the black ball out.

    Out came a black cat like creature with yellow markings on it. May then tossed hers out. May’s ball came open and a brown cat like creature was there.

    “Man these rookies must really love eevee,” said one of the boys.

    “Umbreon show them your shadow ball attack!” yelled Rocky.

    “Um!” said Umbreon as it took in a breath. The yellow rings on it’s body were glowing at full force. “Breon!” shouted the black creature as it opened up it’s mouth and released so many black orbs.

    “Electivire use thunder punch on those things,” said one of the boys to his pokemon.

    “Vire!” yelled the pokemon as it’s fists began sparking and crackling with electricity. “ELECTI!” the yellow mammoth sized pokemon roared as it started punching away at all the Shadow balls.

    “Magmortar jump into the air and fire an overheat attack!” Yelled the other boy.

    “Mag!” yelled Magmortar as it jumped into the air. “Mortar!” the blast pokemon yelled as it released scorching hot flames from it’s hand cannon.

    “Eevee can’t use dig here but maybe a quick attack would do,” said May in her head. “Eevee use quick
    attack to dodge.” she said.

    “Vee,” said Eevee as it dashed away from all the flames.

    The flames hit the ship and set it on fire.

    “Oh no!” Yelled May and Rocky.

    “Hey do your guys know sand attack!” said the two boys.

    “Yeah they do,” said Rocky.

    “Eevee use sand attack,” said May.

    Eevee started slinging sand onto the fire. Umbreon then started to help. The sand kept hitting the fire again and again.

    The fire then got put under control.

    “Back to the battle,” said Rocky as he turned around.

    “Electivire use ice punch,” yelled the young trainer.

    “Elect!” said Electivire as it ran towards Umbreon. “Electivire!” the thunderbolt Pokemon as it reeled it’s fist back and let it loose.

    “Umbreon dodge it!” Rocky cried out to his Pokemon.

    Umbreon jumped into the air and Electivire went straight into the pool with it’s ice punch. Electivire’s ice punch had froze the pool solid

    “Well looks like we have a skating rink now.” said one of the boys but the other then slapped his head after saying that.

    “Eevee use your take down on magmortar,” said May.

    “Eevee,” it said as it ran as fast as possible towards Magmortar. Eevee then rammed into Magmortar’s gut and sent it flying.

    As soon as Magmortar touched the pool the ice melted. Both magmortar and Electivire couldn’t swim and were trying their best to stay afloat.

    “Oh no we lost to Rookies,” One of the boys cried.

    “Hey I’m not a rookie and neither is May, we traveled through Hoenn together and guess what I was the champ!” said Rocky as he walked up to the two young trainers.

    “I knew there was something fishy about them.” said a boy as they walked off.

    As the day went by Rocky and May both ate lunch in the diner on the ship and swam in the pool until they had to clean it out because of a waiter dropping a whole tray of food into the pool. Rocky was standing outside watching the sun go down onto the ocean waves.

    “It’s beautiful isn’t it,” said May.

    “Sure is and look at the wailord’s,” said Rocky as he pointed them out.

    May looked out into the ocean and saw a school of Wailord’s spouting water out of their blow holes.

    “Wow it’s so cool and look at the baby wailmer following them,” said May.

    Rocky laughed when he saw it. The sun then went down into the ocean.

    “Well we better get back to the room,” he said as he walked off.

    May followed him back to the room. Rocky then sat down on his bed and turned on the TV.

    “Ladies and gentlemen Cynthia has done it again she has beaten Elite Four member Flint, Now let’s see if she can beat Lucian,” said the announcer on the TV.

    “Wow Rocky this Cynthia might be stronger than you,” said May.

    “Well nah duh May she is the champ of Sinnoh,” said Rocky.

    May gave him an angry look then said, “Just picture it the Sinnoh champ vs. the Hoenn champ,”

    “Go Roserade!” yelled Cynthia on the TV.

    Roserade came onto the field and shook it’s red and blue roses like pom-poms. Roserade stood tall on the battlefield and was ready to go.

    “Hmph using a poison type against my psychic types was a bad choice,” said Lucian as he tossed a ball onto the field.

    Out came a green and white pokemon it was in a human shape. “Ga,” said the green Pokemon as it quickly threw punches.

    “Roserade use energy ball!” yelled Cynthia as she held out a rose for Roserade some luck.

    “Rose,” said the Rose pokemon as it aimed it’s blue rose at Gallade. “Rade!” the Pokemon shouted as an intense glowing green ball shot out of it’s rose.

    “Gallade block it with ice punch,” said Lucian in a calm manner.

    “Ga,” it said as it was getting ready. “Lade!” the green Pokemon shouted as it punched the green ball with it’s glowing light blue fist.

    The ball fell to the ground and shattered into millions of pieces. Wind started to blow and Roserade’s cape was blowing in the wind.

    “Roserade shadow ball now!” Cynthia ordered the rose Pokemon.

    “Rade!” said Roserade as it aimed at Gallade with the red rose this time. “Rade rose!” it shouted as it fired the black orb at Gallade.

    “Uh it knows a ghost move?” said Lucian in shock.

    “Oh no Lucian wasn’t expecting a shadow ball people.” said the announcer.

    The black ball went flying at gallade. Gallade jumped into the air but the ball continued to follow him. Gallade kept avoiding the ball again and again.

    “Gallade use Psycho cut.” said Lucian.

    “Lade!” yelled Gallade as it’s left arm glowed a blue color and it slung it’s arm at the ball and sliced it right in half.

    “Roserade use Sunny day,” said Cynthia as she pointed her rose into the sky

    “Rose,” said the Rose pokemon as it raised both of it’s roses to the sky and shot a tiny orange orb into the air.

    “Now use weather ball,” said Cynthia as she let the rose fall to the ground.

    “Rade,” said Roserade as it began concentrating it’s power. It then raised both of it’s roses to the sky and a flaming orb began to form. “Rose!” it shouted as it fired the ball towards Gallade.

    “Gallade use night slash!” Yelled Lucian as he threw his book aside.

    “Lade!” Gallade shouted as it dove in towards the flaming ball. “Ga!” the green psychic pokemon shouted and began slicing away at the orb. Gallade jumped away from the orb and it exploded.

    “Solarbeam go!” said Cynthia as she raised an arm into the air.

    “Roserade!” the rose pokemon screamed as an enormous beam shot down from the sun and blasted down on top of Gallade. Gallade was struggling to get up.

    “Uh no get up,” said Lucian.

    “Ga,” said Gallade as it struggled some more. “Alade,” the pokemon cried as it fell back to the ground and fainted.

    “The champion continues her winning streak and defeats Lucian!” yelled the announcer into the microphone.

    Rocky was shocked by the outcome of the match. He thought Roserade was weak against gallade.
    Rocky then remembered the sunny beam combo he learned at the trainer school.

    “So that’s how it won,” said Rocky.

    Rocky turned towards May and he saw that she was asleep with Eevee. May was cuddled up with Eevee. Rocky then yawned and laid down on his bed and drifted to sleep.

    The next morning the ship was still going and everyone was still asleep. The alarm clock then started going off with a buzzing beep. Rocky then shot straight up and yawned. Rocky put on some gym shorts and some sunglasses and walked outside and saw that the sun was just now coming up. He was wondering what Sinnoh would be like.

    “Man the gym leaders there could be as tough as those two from the TV last night.” he said quietly.

    The sun was then rising up from the ocean waves. Rocky then looked at the sun as it came up.

    “It’s beautiful alright,” he said as he walked off.

    Rocky then looked out into the ocean and saw land. Could it be Sinnoh.

    “Hey we’re here,” he said.

    Ding dong. The intercom made the noise. “ Ladies and gentlemen we will be arriving at TwinLeaf in twenty minutes thank you for coming.”

    Rocky then ran back to the room as fast as he could and went into the room. He began getting ready as he was fixing to take his first step into the Sinnoh region.

    May then woke up with Eevee on top of her head. She then noticed Rocky going as fast as he could to get ready.

    “What’s up.” she said while yawning.

    “We're fixing to be in Sinnoh so get dressed.” he said as he threw her back pack at her.

    May then got up quickly and ran into the bathroom.

    “We will be arriving in Sinnoh in ten minutes,” said the intercom.

    Rocky then felt a vibration coming from outside. As he walked outside he noticed that they were in a whirlpool.

    “No not now!” he yelled as the ship began to spin.

    The ship was shaking and spinning in the whirlpool until, A white Pokemon with red markings on it began attack the whirlpool. The Pokemon fired black orbs from it's paws at the whirlpool. But it was no good. Another Pokemon jumped down from above. It was an Absol. It then started letting loose shadow balls aswell. The whirlpool then calmed down and stopped. The ship then began moving again.

    “Amazing that absol and zangoose were so powerful,” he said to himself.

    Rocky then saw two red beams coming from the shore and the two pokemon were put into poke balls by two young boys. Rocky noticed one of them had blonde hair as they were walking away. He had no time to see the other one.

    ‘Wait are those two the guys we are supposed to find,” said Rocky.

    May then walked out of the room with damp hair and looked around.

    “Hey what happened out here!” she yelled.

    “Whirlpool,” said Rocky as he went to the ships exit.

    “Yeah right,” said May as she followed after him.

    “We have now arrived into TwinLeaf Town welcome to the Sinnoh region,” said the intercom.

    Rocky and May got off the ship. The two of them began looking around.

    “May we’re here we are finally here,” said Rocky.

    The next 4 or 5 Chapters may be a little boring but it'll start getting good. I'll post up Chapter 2 after I get comments on 1 and fix Errors for both. EDIT:fixed some of the errors
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