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    A collection of unrelated Pokemon Special one shots, because not that many people know what Pokemon Special is. Various genres. (Also posted on

    Chapter Title: Shopping

    Characters: The Kanto Dex Holders, mentions of Daisy and Bill

    Timeline: Somewhere between the GSC arc and the FRLG arc

    Genre: Friendship/Humor

    Rating: PG


    Blue insisted that they all had to get together without the distraction of a major crisis for them to stop, so, as a result, Red, Green, and Yellow found themselves at the entrance of the famed Celadon Department Store.

    “C’mon! Today we’re going to have some fun! Why so glum?” Blue said cheerfully, nudging Green in the ribs with her elbow. “I thought today was your day off from the gym.”

    Green, the Viridian City Gym Leader, glowered at her. “I was going to visit my sister today.”

    Blue laughed. “Don’t worry, I’m sure that Bill is really taking good care of Daisy.”

    Green’s glare grew more intense, and Red and Yellow flinched as it seemed to physically weigh them down, but Blue easily ignored him as she promptly shoved all three of them through the automatic doors.

    Red and Green could feel the dreading feeling of DOOM creeping throughout their bodies, as males are naturally cautious when in the company of females in a large shopping area. Green made sure his wallet was safely inside of his zipped-up jacket pocket. He might be getting paid for his Gym duties, but there was no telling how much money would be left in there after this day was done.

    Blue led them throughout a variety of stores, and they genuinely had a decent time together. They listened to music at the kiosks at the music store, flipped through various books and magazines at the bookstore, and even played several games at the arcade. Blue didn’t actually buy anything, but it was a good move that Green safeguarded his money. When it was time for lunch and Blue insisted on paying, he noticed that it wasn’t her wallet that she was taking the money out of.

    (Red didn’t notice what was missing until the next day.)

    When Blue spotted a clothing store, her eyes lit up. “Hey Yellow! Let’s try something cute on!”

    The younger girl yelped, her long ponytail flying behind her as Blue grabbed her arm and pulled her into the store. The boys sighed before warily following them.

    Blue was yanking various articles of clothing off the racks, her arms full before she marched Yellow towards the changing rooms. Yellow was looking distinctly uncomfortable before she was pushed through the curtains with something the boys didn’t see.

    “I don’t think I should wear this, Blue!” Yellow squeaked out.

    “Don’t worry!” Blue replied before going into the changing room adjacent to hers. “I’m sure you’ll look great in it!”

    The boys waited outside of the rooms, and Blue’s curtain flew open and closed every few minute so that she could show off and pose in a different outfit each time. A sporty outfit, an indigo evening dress, a black bikini…

    (As by now, it was obvious to tell that Blue no longer needed to wear Pokeballs inside the front of her dress.)

    Red blinked rapidly at her, and it looked as if Green was massaging a headache away.

    “I hope you’re not planning on buying all of those,” Green commented, wondering how Red’s wallet would fare by the end of the day.

    “Don’t be silly. This is just for fun,” Blue said offhandedly, still in the bikini. Turning her head around, she called out, “Hey Yellow, are you going to come out anytime soon?”

    Yellow hadn’t reemerged from her own dressing room.

    “I-I don’t think I sh-should come out l-like this…” Yellow’s voice quavered out. Blue rolled her eyes and promptly swept the curtains open. Yellow squeaked in horror.

    She was wearing a frilly pink dress, liberally but tastefully adorned with lace and ribbons. The sleeves were long and bell-shaped, and the poofy chiffon skirt ended well above her knees. Her hands flew to cover her face, but it did little to hide her furiously red cheeks.

    “You look adorable!” Blue exclaimed, clapping her hands together. Green rolled his eyes at Red, whose cheeks were also glowing warm. Blue widened her smile mischievously.

    “I mean really, you’re so cute I can’t see how anybody could possibly mistake you for a boy!” she said, her hand near her mouth as if telling a secret, though her voice was far too loud to suggest such a thing. Red sputtered, as he was reminded how he was the last one to figure out Yellow's true gender.

    Blue was laughing at Red and Yellow’s blushing faces, and Green shook his head.

    “Pesky girl…”
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