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Thread: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon RP (Discussion and ideas.)

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    Default Pokémon Mystery Dungeon RP (Discussion and ideas.)

    Hello, a lot of you may not know me, but I've been here for a little while.

    Since there isn't much going on right now, I am making my first step in trying to make a RP.

    But the thing is, I have no idea how to do so, and while I have done some reading, I think the best advice would come from this thread.

    So, basically this is a thread where people can discuss MD (Mystery Dungeon) RPs.

    Hopefully, I will leave with a better idea on how to make everything work, but first, the rules.

    All regular forum and subforum rules apply.

    I am not currently planning any new characters, so please refrain from adding any.

    Try not to answer EVERY question, I want some variety.

    Feel free to ask anything about Mystery Dungeons, game mechanics, and literally anything else related to PMD.

    Well, I guess I should start with the basics. How is the core structure going to work?

    I think it will end up with the players responding to my input (rather than create some massive, difficult to control world). (Basically, I give a situation, they respond.)

    Well, sorry for that long, semi-coherent post. Hopefully things can clear up soon.
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    I've actually wished there was a PMD RP but the main thing (or problem, I guess) is what would be a PMD RP. Sure, it could be humans turned into Pokémon to save the world and there's nothijg wrong with that. But it's always nice to make it somehow different than just playing the games themselves. If you mean core structure as in the dungeons, yeah, that would be difficult to pull off considering that even in the games, it can get quite tedious to go through lots of floors just trying to survive. Unless you want to make it some sort of survival drama thing where 'mons are trying to get out of a very dangerous dungeon and have to try their best to get along to get out.

    But yeah, I'm a big fan of PMD but I don't really have my own ideas for one. That, and even if I did have one, I have no experience to GM one.

    Also, your post isn't really long. It's rather short, actually.
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    My current idea goes something like this:

    You're not human, in fact, you've never HEARD of humans. But you have heard of the Forbidden Rift, and the treasure that awaits at the bottom. Well, you think it's treasure. Nobody goes there and returns.

    You aren't some well known explorer. You're Bronze Rank. But you're confident, and well, isn't that all that matters?

    But a few others (the other members of the RP) had the same idea. And there's only one treasure.

    Starvation, betrayal, hostile 'mons, and insanity await. But if you persist, you may have your prize...
    Well, that would be the little description.

    For mechanics, I have a little example post: (GM uses random number to determine if players are on the right path) (GM: Your group stops in a small square room. To your left, there is a hallway, and to your right, water. A sleeping Garchomp is near the left hallway.)

    (Player: I try and sneak around the hallway)

    (GM checks random number, The Garchomp is awake) (Battle similar to the of regular PMD games)

    Again, I apologize for the rambling post.
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