Pokemon: Dark Echo

Here's a brief outline of the plot. Obviously if i make it then the plot will be much longer and more detailed, though this is a VERY brief version;

20 years after the events of Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, the former leader of the Shadow Pokemon group Cipher - Evice - returned to the region of Orre to hopefully rebuild Cipher and create more Shadow Pokemon.

After a few weeks, he had gathered a small army and was ready to invade the region. As the group headed to the region by boat, Evice was betrayed by one of his followers, Zennix.

Zennix got out a pistol from his uniform and shot Evice in the head. He then released 4 Rhyperiors from their Pokeballs and used them to kill everybody else on the boat. Zennix got out a cellphone and keyed in a number before telling the person on the other end;

"Evice is dead. Proceed with Project Dark Echo."

Multiple pitch-black aircrafts appear in the sky and open fire on Cipher's ships, blowing all of them to smithereens and killing everybody on board of all of them.

The aircrafts headed into Orre and landed at Gateon Port. Out of them stepped multiple people wearing pitch-black uniforms and black helmets that completely covered their faces.

The group swarmed the region and soon had every single resident at gunpoint. The people of Orre tried to fight back, but all rebels were killed. The Under - the underground town which had been shut down for 25 years - was reopened by the group and used to keep the residents in as sort of a homeless shelter. Multiple other underground towns - known as 'zones' - were soon built and used to keep all the civillians out of the group's way.

A large TV screen had been built inside each of the zones. One day soon after the group had taken over the region, the TV lights up and a sinister looking figure appears on the screen. He had slicked black hair and wore a black suit and tie, with a white mask that completely covered his face except for 2 small eyeholes. A thin black X went across the mask from the outside to the centre.

"Hello, Orre." The man adresses the citizens. He spoke with a quiet, creepy voice. "My name is X, and i am the leader of the Shadowmen; the group that has taken over Orre. Now listen up and listen carefully; if you stay in the zones and stay out of our way, then none of you will get hurt. We have created these zones to keep you out of our way and to at least give you all somewhere to stay. We are searching for something in this region - what it is is on a need-to-know basis - but none of you are needed, and you being here will just get in our way, so for the moment you will all stay here in the zones. Any resistors will be shot. I hope i am clear on this matter."

Despite X's warnings, many people couldn't take it and had attempted to fight the Shadowmen. They were all shot, and/or taken away and have not been seen since. Even Orre's champion, Wes, had taken the Shadowmen on and failed, as did Micheal, who was the strongest of Orre's Elite 4.

Nobody knows what the group is looking for, but everybody is powerless to stop them.

However, some people are absolutely DETERMINED to defeat the Shadowmen. Some young trainers have risen up and will soon strike the Shadowmen so hard they won't know what hit them.

However, the Shadowmen are no fools either and will also fight back.

This is WAR.

Basically, you can choose to be either one of the trainers who will fight the Shadowmen, or one of Shadowmen who will try to keep things under their control.

Whattya think?