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Thread: Unproductively Favourite Pokemon

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    Come on now. We all have one. Which Pokemon do have a personal liking for and keep on your team, despite being a poor asset? Be it a pre evolution that's too cute to evolve or simply a dud like Magikarp, who is a favourite of yours to your disadvantage?

    I always feel it a shame I have to evolve Abra for example. It has a much more endearing design than it's evolved brethren, but sadly has only one move that is completely useless in battle (though at least has access to some proper attacks via TMs and breeding).

    I also never evolve my Meowth, and it stays on my team all the way into the league, despite it's weak stats and usually being the quickest to go down (it's Pay Day exclusivity makes it a bit useful, though I could just as easily evolve it into a Persian after learning it.... No way, Meowth is way better. I'll just Pay Day enough cash for excessive vitamins).
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