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Thread: What Trainer Classes would you like to see return or expanded?

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    Default What Trainer Classes would you like to see return or expanded?

    Within its seven generations, Pokémon series has produced a bunch of NPC Trainer Classes.

    Some of these classes have been simple titles for important trainers, like Tower Tycoon. Others have been titles for storyline purposes, like Suspicious Woman, or gameplay purposes, like PokéStar Studios titles. And yet many others have been for specific locations, like Chateau titles.

    However, bypassing these incidental classes, there is a treasure trove of classes who have been used only once or twice, such as Jogger, a class exclusive to Sinnoh games or Infielder, a class exclusive to Nimbasa Stadiums.

    Yet many others have survived for a long time, such as Ace Trainers, which now has an entire "evolutionary line" of trainers starting from Rising Stars and ending in Veterans. Other classes have been similarly successful, such as Punk Girls and Boys, which have been upgraded into Team Skull, and Beauties, which have an E4 representative in the form Karen.

    So what do you think? Which class do you feel have been missing out for a long time? Or which class do you think should be expanded upon in terms of Pokémon preferences, encounter locations/time or having a major NPC representative?
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    If I remember correctly there is a trainer class exclusive to the Hoenn region called the Bug Maniac. Basically they are a Bug Catcher who is now 18 instead of 8, are are more likely to use bug typed beyond Caterpie, Weedle, Wurmple and Scatterbug. It could be cool to see them outside of Hoenn.

    Boarders and Skiers appear in Pryce's gym in Johto and one or two places in Sinnoh. Could be nice to see them out and about a bit more in snowy areas.
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