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Thread: Best single pokemon for solo play in each generation

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    Question Best single pokemon for solo play in each generation

    Hey, I was wondering what peoples' opinions were about which Pokemon, for each generation, were best for maining solo runs, assuming that you could start with any pokemon.
    In other words, if you were playing a rom hack, which single Pokemon, out of the full/national dex for each generation, would be optimal for soloing.
    The specifications that I think would be most important to consider are:
    • high pp movesets (fewer pokecenter stops/ethers)
    • diverse moveset/types (take down most pokemon encountered easily)
    • high damage (obviously)
    • survivability (assuming all moves are attacks, excluding rest etc., for high total attack pp)

    I like maining Dragonite because it has a pretty wide variety of move types for most situations, but I knew there were probably better ones with higher stats, more moves with higher pp, and more attack type diversity.

    Let me know your picks and your reasoning for each one

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    Probably a water Pokemon. Water STAB + Return = perfect neutral coverage.

    I personally enjoy the idea of Dragonite being my single partner in any region, and hopefully in the future when HM's are changed to inherent abilities, Dragonite will also be able to do virtually all of the outside-battle moves like moving boulders, cutting trees, diving, going up waterfalls, etc.
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    Nidoking for Gen 1 (a lot of speedrunners use it, and it has an extremely wide movepool).
    Feraligatr for Gen 2 (there wasn't really a lot to counter Water types in Gen 2, no Electric or Grass gyms - until you get to Kanto, at least).
    Swampert for Gen 3 (same reasoning as Gen 2)
    Staraptor (maybe) for Gen 4 (while it does have a few weaknesses to types in the game, it'll be so high levelled at that point that it'll just outspeed and kill).
    Hydreigon for Gen 5 (same reasoning as Gen 4)
    Azumarill for Gen 6 (not much to counter it, Huge Power is amazing, neutral coverage basically everywhere).
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    I like using a Haxorus for gen 6 because of it's ungodly physical attack (The highest of any non legendary), good defenses and speed, Decent physical movepool and Mold Breaker+Earthquake=Massacre, The only issues you'll probably have are the early gyms, Valerie and Wulfric but if it's the only pokemon you're using, it'll be getting all of the experience, so your Axew will level up in no time

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    later gens gave a number of legendaries decent starting movesets and earlier level-up moves, and their naturally high stats, most noteworthy early on, can help compensate for slow growth rates, especially during solo runs

    Sinnoh's dragons from HGSS on start with Dragon Breath and pick up a secondary STAB a level later, and their movepool expands consistently from there, with all of their level-up moves coming into play by level 50; none of them have bad typings, and they all have decent type coverage, even without TMs

    Unova's dragons all start with Dragon Rage in addition to a decent STAB, which lets them OHKO a number of enemies through the first Gym and is enough to carry them until their end-game STABs show up at Lv. 22; a Psychic move (at least for Zekrom and Reshiram) and Slash can round out their STABs later on

    Heatran's starting moveset in Gen VI is Earth Power/Iron Head/Fire Spin/Ancient Power, which is pretty much fantastic as is; the Move Reminder can give it Heat Wave for Fire STAB, and Crunch can replace Ancient Power at Lv. 33 for more PP, but STAB Iron Head should easily carry it through early-game

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