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Thread: Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

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    Got to Merge threads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nutter t.KK View Post
    Got to Merge threads.
    That was confusing D:

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    New Gym Rosters ... only made to be challenging.
    Gym 1: Bug
    Gym Leader: Arthro
    TM: Struggle Bug

    Lv. 13 Venonat
    -Struggle Bug

    Lv. 13 Yanma
    -Double Team
    -Quick Attack
    -Struggle Bug
    -Air Cutter

    Lv. 15 Anorith
    -Rock Tomb
    -Metal Claw
    -Water Gun
    -Struggle Bug

    Gym 2: Psychic
    Leader: Alexander
    TM: Telekinesis

    Lv. 22 Kirlia
    -Magical Leaf

    Lv. 22 Mr. Mime
    -Charge Beam

    lv. 24 Metang
    -Metal Claw
    -Zen Headbutt

    Gym 3: Fighting
    Leader: Bruce
    TM: Low Sweep

    Lv. 28 Gundurr
    -Low Sweep
    -Rock Throw
    -Wakeup Slap
    -Chip Away

    Lv. 28 Machoke
    -Low Sweep
    -Thunder Punch
    -Ice Punch

    Lv. 28 Combusken
    -Low Sweep
    -Bulk Up
    -Sand Attack
    -Fire Punch

    Lv. 30 Breloom (Technician)
    -Low Sweep
    -Bullet Seed
    -Rock Tomb

    Gym 4: Steel
    Leader: Crome
    TM: Flash Cannon

    Lv. 32 Durant
    -Bug Bite
    -Metal Claw
    -Flash Cannon

    Lv. 32 Lairon
    -Iron Head
    -Stealth Rocks
    -Flash Cannon

    Lv. 32 Magneton
    -FLash Cannon
    -Volt Switch
    -Signal Beam

    Lv. 34 Probopass
    -Flash Cannon
    -Rock Slide
    -Thunder Wave

    Gym 5: Ice
    Leader: Frozes
    TM: Ice Beam

    Lv. 38 Cloyster
    -Ice Beam
    -Toxic Spikes

    Lv. 38 Delibird
    -Ice Beam
    -Fake Out
    -Double Team
    -Focus Punch

    Lv. 38 Glalie
    -Ice Beam
    -Light Screen

    Lv. 40 Rotom (Fridge)
    -Signal Beam

    Gym 6: Dragon
    Leader: Dregis
    TM: Dracon Claw

    Lv. 43 Shelgon
    -Zen Headbutt
    -Dracon Claw
    -Rock Tomb

    Lv. 43 Kingdra
    -Dragon Dance
    -Rain Dance

    Lv. 43 Altaria
    -Dragon Claw
    -Dragon Dance
    -Cotton Guard

    Lv. 45 Flygon
    -Dragon Claw
    -Aqua Tail
    -Earth Power

    Gym 7: Fire
    Leader: Infernus
    TM: Flame Charge

    Lv. 49 Flareon
    -Flame Charge

    Lv. 49 Camerupt
    -Flame Charge
    -Rock Slide
    -Earth power
    -Lava Plume

    Lv. 49 Simisear
    -Flame Charge
    -Grass Knot

    Lv. 49 Ninetails
    -Fire Blast
    -Nasty Plot
    -Energy Ball

    Lv. 51 Volcarona
    -Quiver Dance
    -Giga Drain
    -Flame Dance
    -Bug Buzz

    Gym 8: Grass
    Leader: Yuuka
    TM: Solar Beam

    Lv. 56 Jumpluff
    -Sunny Day
    -Sleep Powder

    Lv. 56 Sunflora
    -Morning Sun
    -Earth power
    -Leech Seed

    Lv. 56 Whimsicott
    -Sunny Day

    Lv. 56 Sawsbuck
    -Sunny Day
    -Horn Leech
    -Double Edge

    Lv. 58 Venusaur
    -Giga Drain
    -Sludege Bomb
    From Shinx the Spinx:

    "Wild Mantyke Appeared"
    "Omg! My nostalgiagasm, 'tis ruined!"

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    trololol, have a new porckaman

    Cephalaphore Pokémon

        Spoiler:- Abilities:

        Spoiler:- Breeding:

        Spoiler:- Training and Capturing:

        Spoiler:- Flavor:

        Spoiler:- Level-up Moves:

    Tutor moves, Egg moves, TM/HM moves, Pokedex entries, and base stats to be edited in later.
    Last edited by Excitable Boy; 12th December 2012 at 4:59 AM.

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    Kanto Gym Updates

    Changes made based on the Kanto Dex including Johto and Extended families

        Spoiler:- STANDARD MODE:

        Spoiler:- CHALLENGE MODE:
    Last edited by MetalFlygon08; 13th December 2012 at 9:07 PM.

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    I appreciate your test


    New Sychronize effect: has a chance to find the same IVs during encounter, up to four possible IVs can be the same. Unless you want all and want to eliminate RNG a lot derp

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    New main series games always have many different endings.
    † I am a Christian and proud of it! Copy and paste this if you are too.†

    What your signature is evolving? dun dun dun dun dun duuuuuun your signature has evolved into BEEN HEAR AWHILE. What do you want to nickname it? I'LL BE BACK!

    I can't wait for Pokemon X and Y
        Spoiler:- shinys to date:

    Arcanine the LEGENDARY Pokemon FTW
    GEN 3 RSE are still the BEST!!

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    Default What Would You Add To Pokemon?

    5 Things You Would Add If You Could. I Guess I'll Start...

    1. All Type Eeveelutions
    2 Charizard Type Changing. (Not Gyarados)
    3 Return Of ??? Type
    4 Gastly --> Cloyster Branch Evo
    5 God Stone Actually Used.


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    Toxinine Region

    Gym leader 1: Walter,(Boy) Water, Wantlet level 9, Wantlet level 9, Wollantlet level 11.
    Gym leader 2: Burnest,(Boy) Fire, Torchin level 12, Waxini level 13.
    Gym leader 3: Regalous,(Boy) Normal, Clencheja level 20, Clencheja level 20, Uhangulas level 23.
    Gym leader 4: Lazia,(Girl) Ice, Icenaya level 23, Usufaldex level 23, Millet level 24, Icenaya level 25.
    Gym leader 5: Lamen(Boy) Fighting, Chompinun level 35, Tutmangulous level 35.
    Gym leader 6: Olivia(Girl) Grass, Haymedos level 37, Hayledos level 39.
    Gym leader 7: Skylin(Girl) Flying, Pineos level 40, Pineos level 40, Pineos level 40, Penensecos level 42, Manchosan level 41, Florsexan level 39.
    Gym leader 8: Brutus(Boy) Ghost, Ghosin level 59, Gonsiton level 63.

    All pokemon listed above were my creation.

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    I'll just copy this over from a closed thread:

    I would like the Pokédex to be more expansive and informative than just a two sentence long bio. Also, some Pokés to fill some niches (maybe things like a Pokémon that is unambiguously malevolent to the world or things like a Ghost/Steel Pokémon).
    Shokotan: "And then, in Extremespeed Genesect: The Awakening of Mewtwo, we meet another Mewtwo!"
    Yuyama: "Yes, I thought it'd be better if it was a different Mewtwo."
    Good for you Yuyama. Too bad you've singlehandedly torpedoed any lingering respect I and anyone else had for you.

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    I'd add a Battle Frontier, with the following facilities, mechanics and brains:

    -Battle Mansion: 4 Pokemon each, 3 are randomly selected to battle, 6 Pokemon each for second attempt and 3 chosen at random. Lead by Mansion Noble Pinoh.
    -Battle Puppet Theatre: 3 Pokemon each, 1 Pokemon can be swapped with the opponent (can be optional or arbitrary). Lead by Theatre Owner Shiela.
    -Battle Ship: Weather and other field conditions can be seen in battle. Lead by Ship Admiral Francis.
    -Battle Circus: Pokemon have no STAB. Lead by Circus Tamer Mike.
    -Battle Circuit: After each turn, Pokemon are switched. If it was Rotation Battle, rotation is done strictly in one direction only. Lead by Circuit Ace Jeanne.

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    Trecean Region

    Gym 1 - Flying
    Gym 2 - Psychic
    Gym 3 - Grass
    Gym 4 - Bug
    Gym 5 - Fire
    Gym 6 - Ice
    Gym 7 - Normal
    Gym 8 - Dark

    Elite Four Member 1 - Dragon
    Elite Four Member 2 - Water
    Elite Four Member 3 - Rock
    Elite Four Member 4 - Poison

    Champion - balanced

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    I have an idea for a Pokemon game that I'd LOVE to see created. I'd like to see a sort of Pokemon meets FFXII. It would be 3D obviously, with an open world to explore and roaming Pokemon native to each subregion. You would obviously have a team of 6, but you'd have 1 Pokemon out with you as you run around (HGSS style except next to you) All the Pokemon types, items, and abilities would be implemented. There could be trainers everywhere and they will challenge you if you get within a certain radius. The biggest difference between this version of the game and others would be combat. A Pokemon's speed would affect how often it attacks in battle (REALLY high speeds could attack twice in the time it takes a slower Pokemon) in exchange for increased attacking power or defense. There would still be gyms, a crime organization, cities, and a story; it would just be in a total 3D world.

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    I've been thinking about a new evolution method.I thought about how two pokemon species can mate an create another species but then I remembered that you either get one or the other,depending on the gender.So,what if,let's say Beartic and Ursaring breed while using an item?and they create a cute baby pkmn[Normal/Ice] that further evolves into a powerful Normal/Ice type and it inherits both the species' much bigger than both of them,and much more powerful kinda like a super bear[wich prob dies from a Mach Punch but those are details].Opinions?^^

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    Gym 1 (Dark): Murkrow Lv.11/Poochyena Lv.11/ Pawniard Lv.13
    Gym 2 (Bug): Metapod Lv.16/Kakuna Lv.16/ Silcoon Lv.16/ Dustox Lv.18
    Gym 3 (Normal): Eevee Lv.22/ Chansey Lv.22/ Lopunny Lv.23
    Gym 4 (Fire): Ponyta Lv.26/ Numel Lv.26/ Quilava Lv.27/ Heatmor Lv.29
    Gym 5 (Psychic): Solrock Lv.30/ Lunatone Lv.30/ Starmie Lv.31/ Alakazam Lv.32
    Gym 6 (Ice): Dewgong Lv.34/ Piloswine Lv.34/ Vanillish Lv.34/ Glalie Lv. 36
    Gym 7 (Grass): Gloom Lv.40/ Tropius Lv.40/ Jumpluff Lv.41/ Tangrowth Lv.43
    Gym 8 (Water): Lanturn Lv.45/ Pelipper Lv.46/ Lumineon Lv.46/ Swanna Lv.46/ Milotic Lv.48

    Elite Four 1 (Rock): Sudowoodo Lv.54/ Gigalith Lv.54/ Aerodactyl Lv.54/ Relicanth Lv.54/ Rhyperior Lv.56
    Elite Four 2 (Flying): Drifblim Lv.55/ Braviary Lv.55/ Crobat Lv.55/ Mandibuzz Lv.55/ Altaria Lv.57
    Elite Four 3 (Ghost): Cofagrigus Lv.56/ Banette Lv.56/ Mismagius Lv.56/ Jellicent Lv.56/ Gengar Lv.58
    Elite Four 4 (Electric): Manectric Lv. 57/ Galvantula Lv.57/ Electrode Lv.57/ Eeleektross Lv.57/ Magnezone Lv.59
    Champion (Ground): Seismitoad Lv.60/ Claydol Lv.60/ Dugtrio Lv.60/ Donphan Lv.60/ Camerupt Lv.60/ Garchomp Lv. 62
    Friend Safari
    Type: Poison
    Pokémon: Venomoth, Gloom, Drapion
    FC: 3969-5407-3750
    If you add me, please PM me so I can add you back

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    Default Cefntor Region

    A new region where Cilan, Chili and Cress are moved to.

    Cilan Type Focus- Grass, Bug, Poison, Normal

    Levanny Lv. 70
    Sawsbuck Lv. 70
    Castform Lv. 70
    Scolipede Lv. 70
    Kecleon Lv. 70
    Meganium Lv. 70

    Chili Type Focus-Fire, Rock, Ground, Fighting

    Darmatian (Zen Mode) Lv. 70
    Golem Lv. 70
    Camerupt Lv. 70
    Mienshao Lv. 70
    Magmortar Lv. 70
    Infernape Lv. 70

    Cress Type Focus- Water, Flying, Ice, Psychic

    Swanna Lv. 70
    Xatu Lv. 70
    Dewgong Lv. 70
    Beartic Lv. 70
    Musharna Lv. 70
    Samurott Lv. 70


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    Well.. OHKO attacks currently are Guillotine,Fissure,Horn Drill and Sheer cold.. (normal,ice and ground)

    So i am creating OHKO moves for all types.

    Accuracy remains same. 30%

    Water Type OHKO- Tsunami
    Fire Type OHKO- Pyro Blaster
    Grass Type OHKO- Tera Drain
    Flying Type OHKO- Aeroxtreme
    Fighting Type OHKO-Fatal Blow
    Psychic Type OHKO- Psycho Blast
    Dark Type OHKO-BlackHole
    Poison Type OHKO-Cyanidizer
    Bug Type OHKO-Bug Torture
    Rock Type OHKO-Tera Boulders
    Steel Type OHKO-Iron Blast
    Dragon Type OHKO-DracoBuster
    Ghost Type OHKO-Shadow Blast
    Electric Type OHKO-Tera Shock
    My current Soulsilver Teamlvl 35

    lvl 28

    lvl 37

    lvl 33

    lvl 17

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    Time to take a chance with making a new Region
    Norkin Region

    1. Dent City(Fighting type gym):Leader-Tina
    LVL 12 Riolu-Mach Punch, Counter, Vacume Wave, Drain Punch
    LVL 14 Sawk-Mach Punch, Bulk Up, Drain Punch, Ice Punch
    Badge-Hard Hitter/TM-Drain Punch
    2.Post Lake City(Water):Leader-Roy
    LVL 18 Palpitoad-Ice Punch, Mud Shot, Water Pulse, Aqua Jet
    LVL 19 Crawdaunt-Vicegrip, Water Pulse, Bubble Beam, Taunt
    LVL 21 Vaporeon-Water Gun, Water Pulse, Tackle, Mud Slap
    Badge-Vapor/TM-Water Pulse
    3.Raft Rail City(Steel):Leader-Stanly
    LVL 28 Steelix-Iron Tail, Sand Storm, Crunch, Metal Sound
    LVL 30 Scizor-Bullet Punch, X-scissor, Feint, Iron Head
    Badge-Sole Rail/TM-Iron Head
    4.Tropic Hill City(Grass):Leader-Katie
    LVL 34 Tangrowth-Ancientpower, Knock Off, Solarbeam, Seed Bomb
    LVL 35 Breloom-Mach Punch, Seed Bomb, Sky Uppercut, Bulk Up
    Badge-Seed/TM-Seed Bomb
    5.Hollow City(Ghost):Leader-Spencer
    LVL 38 Haunter-Shadow Punch, Payback, Confuse Ray, Dark Pulse
    LVL 39 Banette-Embargo, Shadow Punch, Faint Attack, Will-o-wisp
    Badge-Spector/TM-Shadow Punch
    6.Leaks End City(Dark):Leader-Amanda
    LVL 42 Umbreon-Confuse Ray, Payback, Fake Tears, Faint Attack
    LVL 41 Murkrow-Faint Attack, Sucker Punch, Torment, Aerial Ace
    LVL 42 Houndoom-Fire Fang, Embargo, Crunch, Faint Attack
    LVL 44 Krookodile-Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Dark Pulse, Torment
    Badge-Dusk Shard/TM-Dark Pulse
    7.Stormside City(Flying):Leader-Falcon
    LVL 48 Yanmega-Aerial Ace, Ancientpower, Pursuit, Tailwind
    LVL 50 Xatu-Aerial Ace, Calm Mind, Sunny Day, Psychic
    Badge-Skyshot/TM-Aerial Ace
    8.Lucanosa City(Psychic):Leader-John
    LVL 55 Bronzong-Rain Dance, Metal Sound, Safeguard, Psychic
    LVL 53 Sigilyph-Cosmic Power, Psychic, Light Screen, Air Slash
    LVL 54 Kadabra-Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Calm Mind, Reflect
    LVL 57 Gardevoir-Psychic, Light Screen, Calm Mind, Wish
    Badge-Mental Aura/TM-Psychic
    Elite Four (can be Challanged in any order)
    Volteny (Electric)
    LVL 60 Raichu-Thunderbolt, Toxic, Volt Tackle Magnet Rise
    LVL 62 Ampharos-Thunderpunch, Cotton Guard, Confuse Ray, Fire Punch
    LVL 61 Luxray-Thunder Fang, Wild Charge, Crunch, Ice Fang
    LVL 63 Manectric-Wild Charge, Flamethrower, Swagger, Curse
    Clark (Normal)
    LVL 60 Slaking-Brick Break, Shadow Claw, Strength, Faint Attack
    LVL 61 Stoutland-Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Giga Impact
    LVL 61 Kangaskhan-Outrage, Sucker Punch, Hyper Beam, Earthquake
    LVL 64 Granbull-Crunch, Outrage, Payback, Strength
    Raynard (Fire)
    LVL 62 Darmanitan-Flamethrower, Superpower, Taunt, Psychic
    LVL 60 Arcanine-Fire Fang, Odor Sleuth, Close Combat, Agility
    LVL 61 Torkoal-Iron Defense, Lava Plume, Shell Smash, Earthquake
    LVL 64 Magmortar-Confuse Ray, Flare Blitz, Thunderpunch, Dual Chop
    Les (Poison)
    LVL 62 Drapion-Ice Fang, Cross Poison, Toxic Spikes, Crunch
    LVL 61 Scolipede-Steamroller, Double-edge, Protect, Venoshock
    LVL 62 Arbok-Coil, Crunch, Sludge Wave, Torment
    LVL 64 Crobat-Confuse Ray, Acrobatics, X-scissor, Sludge Bomb

    LVL 63 Porygon-Z-Tri Attack, Embargo, Signal Beam, Trick Room
    LVL 62 Braviary-Brave Bird, Hone Claws, Superpower, Shadow Claw
    LVL 63 Gardevoir-Psychic, Thunderbolt, Torment, Energy Ball
    LVL 65 Scizor-X-scissor, Iron Head, Swords Dance, Night Slash
    LVL 64 Dragonite-Thunderpunch, Dragon Dance, Outrage, Ice Beam
    LVL 66 Dusknoir-Fire Punch, Confuse Ray, Trick Room, Shadow Ball
    Last edited by firerank9; 18th January 2013 at 7:51 AM. Reason: Added Elite Four and Champion

    Friend Code: Listed in code spoiler!
    Pokémon Safari Type: Dark
    Pokémon in Safari: Liepard, Nuzleaf, Crawdaunt (Spiecal thanks to mwrspeedy29 and Shao-May)
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    Default Pikachu side evolution like poliwhirl.

    there's pichu then pikachu then you need a thunder stone to evolve it.

    now theres poliwag then poliwhirl then you have to use water stone on it to evolve ,or trade it with kings rock to get politoad it's side evolution.

    pikachu should get a side evolution like poliwhirl got.

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    the poliwag evolutions work, because tadpoles are supposed to turn into frogs. it wouldn't make much sense for pikachu's line, since it's just a mouse for all three.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pikachufuture View Post
    there's pichu then pikachu then you need a thunder stone to evolve it.

    now theres poliwag then poliwhirl then you have to use water stone on it to evolve ,or trade it with kings rock to get politoad it's side evolution.

    pikachu should get a side evolution like poliwhirl got.
    Poliwrath is a tadpole whereas Politoed is a toad, hence the reason why Poliwhirl got a split evolution. Pikachu however doesn't exactly fit that criteria and thus doesn't need one.

    "Now Count up your Sins"- Kamen Rider W

    Quote Originally Posted by Clamps View Post
    And here we have GAMEFREAK EMPLOYEE Blaze Boy confirming once again that Red/Blue/Yellow/Green/ and Gold/Silver/Crystal will not be on the 3DS virtual console E-shop!

    You heard it hear first, folks.
    ^ Best post ever.


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    oh that is a lame excuse pikachu can get a side evolution. I don't even see that as an excuse. besides pikachu needs a evolution it's too weak in games usually pokemon with low stats get one.

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    Kingkachu with the king's rock?

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    Well raichu is pretty good. I don't see a need for a split evolution.

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    Jan 2013


    poliwrath was okay too and poliwhirl got an evolution.

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