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Thread: Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmats4020 View Post
    Yeah, but if you think about it, we already have two Mega Mewtwos who are incredibly broken. Physical variant sports 106 HP, 100 Defenses, 190 Attack and 130 Speed. Special variant sports 106 HP, 194 Sp. Attack and 140 Speed. Plus the amount of moves Mewtwo can learn . . . Yikes. This Mega Machamp wouldn't be a first when it comes to OPness.
    But Mewtwo started with a higher base stat total before, so of course adding 100 to it would make it very OP. However, that Machamp, would render almost every other fighting type obsolete, which is exactly what OP means.
    Quote Originally Posted by carnivalmar View Post
    leern to spel i canot reed
    Ironic, isn't it?

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    Default Improved Gardevoir and Gallade Megas

    Mega Gardevoir
    Ability: Pixelate
    Item: Gardevoirite

    HP: 68
    Attack: 35 (-30)
    Defense: 115 (+50)
    Sp. Attack: 165 (+40)
    Sp. Defense: 135 (+20)
    Speed: 100 (+20)
    Total: 618 (+100)

    Type Effectiveness:
    Weak to: Ghost (2x), Poison (2x), Steel (2x)
    Immune to: Dragon (0x)
    Resistant to: Fighting (1/4x), Psychic (1/2x)

    Movepool Addition: Quiver Dance (because the dancing duo both need to know a dance of some sort)


    Mega Gallade
    Ability: Moxie
    Item: Galladeite

    HP: 68
    Attack: 165 (+40)
    Defense: 95 (+30)
    Sp. Attack: 35 (-30)
    Sp. Defense: 145 (+30)
    Speed: 110 (+30)
    Total: 618 (+100)

    Type Effectiveness:
    Weak to: Fairy (2x), Flying (2x), Ghost (2x)
    Immune to: None
    Resistant to: Fighting (1/2x), Rock (1/2x)
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    Vote for Gardevoir as the next Smash fighter!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kansas_Rocks! View Post
    In competitive battling, those stats would be godly. 100 Speed is a good benchmark to be at, and 200 attack is just a little too crazy. Even with an item restriction, it hits harder than most things could dream of. Plus, those defensive stats make it able to take a multitude of attacks and probably hit back with a knockout blow. This, plus the perfectly accurate Dynamic Punch, makes this Machamp pretty broken. By "just powering it up", you make it one of the most difficult Pokémon to counter. 200 base attack is just too much.
    Thank you. Like I said, I'm not big in competitive so I don't know what are considered good or not. Dropped attack by 20 and speed by 10, boosted each of the defenses by 5, and put the last 20 back into Special Attack instead of trying to find some other place to put it.

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    Two things in Pokemon deserve a buff IMO and that is the Ice-type and Regigigas. Ice-types are often cited as the worst typing as they have so many weaknesses and lack a particular edge over other Pokemon seeing as Fairies are now better Dragon-killers and Ice-type moves are used more often than the actual Pokemon with one example being Ice Beam. To remedy this I suggest an Ice-type version of Stealth Rock:

    Black Ice: The user creates a thin layer of ice an the opposing side. Opposing Pokemon sent out slip on the ice, lose speed, and take damage.

    Now, while this does seem a little much, only Ice-type Pokemon, and Smeagle, would have access to this move as opposed to Stealth Rock on Ferrothorn. Froslass could benefit immensely from this and a better suicide lead for entry hazards, and the best part is that Pokemon like Landorus and Garchomp would be balanced out immensely which is especially true with Landorus-Therian's love for U-Turn and Garchomp's preference for choice items. The speed decrease may be a bit much as it would essentially make sticky web less viable, but I still think at least the damage would be immensely helpful. So if the speed seems a bit overpowered, feel free to ignore it.

    As for Regigigas, it suffers from the unfortuante case of having had a strong BST before it was overtaken by the new Mega/Primal mechanic. Slow Start makes Regigigas arguably the worst legendary created and the very Trio it leads faces much more use competitively while it is known as "that slow, weak giant" all I propose is that, if any changes are made to Gigas, it should at least have Slow Start only affect its Speed or at least decrease the amount of turns to wait as it otherwise is a laughable gimmick.

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