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Thread: Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

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    Mar 2012
    my secret lair


    Fusion Form Ditto
    Stats same as ditto
    Can breed but like all ditto will only produce the Pokemon they breed with.
    Only transform.

    Note- While this seems like a regular Ditto it has a special gimmick. If the using any fusion key item (eg N-Lunarizer or DNA splicer) fusion form of Ditto can become any of the Pokemon that become absorbed. For example, it can become Lunala if fusing to form Dawn wings Necrozma but not Necrozma in that same form. Obtained in game after showing Colress all the fusion forms.

    Appearence- this pokemon is bright white. (to match colress's coat)

    Dex Entry 1- This form of Ditto was created by Colress to fill in the gaps of certain fused pokemon. It seems to enjoy being fused.
    Dex Entry 2- Fusion Ditto is an unusual Pokemon. It seems to desire to be controlled by other pokemon.

    When transforming into a new form it gains a new move

    Fusion Change- Normal- PP5- status. The pokemon changes form to any other related form. (ie Dawn wings form becomes Dusk mane)
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    New Item: Ice Mail
    "An item to be held by a Pokémon. A mystical chain-mail that add Steel-type resistances and immunity to its Ice-typing."

    New Ability: Hard Ice
    "The Pokémon is enamored with thick, impenetrable ice. Its Ice-typing has resistances and immunity of a Steel-type."

    Effect: If the Pokémon with either ability or item has its Ice-type modified such that it has Steel-type's resistances as well as immunity. It is also immune to the poison status.

    Ice-type effectiveness:
    Weak Against: Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
    Resists: Ice

    Steel-type effectiveness:
    Weak Against: Fighting, Fire, Ground
    Resists: Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Grass, Ice, Normal, Psychic, Rock, Steel
    Immune to: Poison

    Ice-type effectiveness (after apply Steel-type resistances):
    Weak Against: Fighting, Fire, Steel
    Resists: Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Grass, Ice, Normal, Psychic, Rock, Steel
    Immune to: Poison

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    Mar 2012
    my secret lair


    Sprout Tower Bellsprout
    Cannot breed. Cannot Evolve. Available in games in Johto- only post game.
    Height- 100ft/30.48M

    Dex Entry 1- This giant Bellsprout is said to be one of the largest Pokemon ever discovered. It is unclear how it became the foundation of the tower.
    Dex Entry 2- Discovered living inside sprout tower this gargantuan Pokemon is extremely peaceful unless angered. Do not anger it.

    HP: 100
    Attack: 175
    Defense: 85
    Sp.Atk: 170
    Sp.Def: 90
    Speed: 40
    Total: 660

    Move Pool- unchanged from regular Bellsprout until above level 50
    51- Power Whip
    53- Flamethrower
    56- Meditate
    58- Synthesis
    60- Outrage
    63- Sunny Day
    65- Heavy Slam
    70- Wood Hammer
    72- Ingrain
    75- Towering Plant. (signature move)
    78- Hyper Beam
    80- Giga Impact
    Note- appearance unchanged from regular Bellsprout except for massive size.

    Towering Plant- Grass-type- PP5. Deals damage based on size. The larger the user is compared to the target the more damage done. Makes Contact. Accuracy- 60%
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    Default Episode R

    Episode R is a sub-game, specifically unlocked. It allows you to play as none other than Giovanni, and it details the rise to power of Giovanni in Rainbow Rocket. For once, you are able to be a villain protagonist in a Pokemon game

    Episode 1: Kanto King.

    In another world, Red does not exist. You start as Giovanni ordering Silph Co for the Master Ball. You muse to yourself that with the Master Ball in your position, the strongest Pokemon in the region will be yours. After the "transaction", you are ready to go to your headquarters, however Blue arrives. You have no time for him, but he challenges you anyway to prove himself.

    You fight with a Nidorino, Kangaskhan, Rhyhorn and Nidoking. Blue's team utilizes the Squirtle line as his starter. Blue leaves in a huff, you promise to keep your eye out for the Oaks. Returning to your base, you make an influential speech to your team. Soon the Rockets will be the ones in charge of Kanto, their influence shall be spread everywhere and even the grunts shall bask in wealth.

    It cuts to later when you're about to approach the Unknown Cave. The guard lets you by due to privileges of being a gym leader. You have 10 Max Repels, 30 Pokeballs, 20 Great Balls, 10 Ultra Balls, 20 Potions, 30 Hyper Potions, 10 Revives and 20 Full Heals. Your team consists of a Level 50 Rhydon holding Smoke Ball, Level 44 Nidoqueen, Level 45 Nidoking, Lv 42 Dugtrio and a Level 48 Kangaskhan. However you also have a Level 50 Charizard. Like in Pokemon Generations, Giovanni's starter is a Charmander. It is the only nicknamed Pokemon, nicknamed Rocket. This implies where he got the name from-burgeoning affection for his starter

    Fuji confronts you. He knows what you are after, and won't let it. You point out that Mewtwo belongs to you, due to your role in its creation. It is revealed that, like in other adaptations, Giovanni funded Mewtwo's creation, while Fuji found Mew. It is also revealed that Mewtwo was created for a war some time ago, the same Lt Surge was part of

    Fuji's entire team is composed of Pokemon who evolve via friendship. Crobat, Snorlax, Blissey, Espeon and Umbreon. There is also a Marowak. Beating him allows reach to Mewtwo and catch it with the Master Ball

    Now that you have caught Mewtwo, you notice it is Level 50 since this Mewtwo has yet to challenge as many wild Pokemon due to how early it is in the timeline. The same goes for the Elite 4. They are lower-levelled than normal, though not by much. It is advised to train in Victory Road. Your plan? To become Champion so as to have the power to further enforce the will of Team Rocket, and make yourself seem more legitimate. The Elite 4 suspect you of fowl play immediately, but must fight you as per legal rules

    Once you defeat them and become champion, Professor Oak appears. He knows that you are up to no good and plans to stop you. He is a difficult fight, using Mega Venusaur, Tauros, Dragonite, Arcanine, Gyarados and Raichu. However you beat him, and take him hostage for information hijacking. You have established yourself as Champion. Rocket Takeover begins
    Favorite Generation: V
    Favorite Pokemon per generation: Mewtwo, Jirachi, Giratina, Ferrothorn, Klefki
    Favorite type: Water
    Favorite team: Plasma
    Most recent shiny: (HG Random)

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    Mar 2012
    my secret lair


    Life's antlers Necrozma
    Ability- Prism Armor
    Type- Psychic/Fairy
    Fuse Necrozma with Xerenas

    HP: 97
    Attack: 80
    Defense: 108
    Sp.Atk: 157
    Sp.Def: 118
    Speed: 110
    Total: 680

    Dex Entry 1- Necrozma landed in the Kalos Region and merged with Xerneas. Xerneas has no longer has any control and it constantly gives off light.
    Dex Entry 2- The Giant claws that it now has on its back allow it to protect itself from any attack. It prefers to attack from a distance, however.

    Note- this Pokemon can become ultra necrozma. Necrozma can now learn Dazzling Gleam and Moonblast
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    Sep 2005

    Default Episode R

    Episode 2: The New Team Rocket

    It's been three years. Team Rocket rules over all of Kanto, and much of Johto while its influence spreads even farther. Stores, and other Pokemon-related businesses now fall under control of Team Rocket. Not a dystopia, but still a very mafia-controlling, "Big Brother is watching you" kind of society.

    There is a trainer that has been causing problems, and the executives fears that he may be the one to overthrow Giovanni. They pretend to defect, leading the Elite 4 and claim they will be the ones in charge of Team Rocket now. Unaware of this, you face them. Each has their own specialty

    Petrel is the most traditional, using Poison type Pokemon. He uses a Crobat, Weezing, Muk, Qwilfish and Electrode. Proton uses a number of Dark of Ghost type Pokemon in Honchkrow, Weavile, Gengar, Mismagius and in a macabre twist Marowak. Archer uses Ground types mostly, using Donphan, Sandslash, Houndoom, Gliscor, Gyarados and Quagsire.

    Your final opponent is Ariana. This feels like the biggest betrayal, as is revealed that Ariana is Giovanni's wife. She uses Arbok, Piloswine, Vileplume, Magcargo and the Red Gyarados. She reveals that this was all set up, they were preparing him for the ultimate opponent. It is none other than Ariana and Giovanni's son, Silver

    Silver has managed to hijack the production of Master Balls for Team Rocket, stealing the six developed ones before more can be made and halting production. Well, there is still a seventh produced, but that's too precious to use yet. What has he got? All legendary beasts and legendary birds

    After beating Silver, you try and reconcile, however he makes it clear he doesn't want to be part of the business. You are OK with this, hoping he is satisfied with his life and decide not to pursue his legendaries

    Meanwhile a rift in space-time and portal opens. Emerging are scientists from Team Magma and Aqua
    Favorite Generation: V
    Favorite Pokemon per generation: Mewtwo, Jirachi, Giratina, Ferrothorn, Klefki
    Favorite type: Water
    Favorite team: Plasma
    Most recent shiny: (HG Random)

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    Mar 2012
    my secret lair


    Type- Flying (originally) gains electric, fire or ice typing as a secondary when using a move of one of those types.
    Ability- Legendary Wings
    Forms by fusing the legendary Birds using the fusion machine after obtaining all Kanto Gym badges. Can be unfused.

    HP -90
    Sp.Atk: 125
    Sp.Def: 125
    Speed: 140
    Total: 680

    Learns all moves knowable by any of the legendary birds at the levels they learn it.

    Dex Entry 1- This pokemon is created by merging the legendary birds. It requires the power of gym badges to form.
    Dex Entrty2- This pokemon may seem awkward looking but flying skill is undeniable. It has the combined strength of the legendary birds.

    New Ability- Legendary wings-Changes the Pokémon's secondary type to the type of the move it's using if it uses fire, ice or electric. It also provides an additional 20% boost for those types.
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    New Pokémon!

    Type: Light/Grass
    Classification: Poison-Tipped Pokémon
    Height: 3’ 5" (1.04 m)
    Weight: 23 lbs. (10.4 kg)
    Gender: 75% Male; 25% Female
    Dex Entry 1: The tips of its body are covered in a powerful poison it secretes from within. It poisons its enemies by flinging itself like a javelin.
    Dex Entry 2: It is believed to have been created by gods thousands of years ago to combat dark forces. Despite its size, it is incredibly formidable in combat.

    Etymology: Phosakontio literally means “light javelin” (φως ακόντιο) in Greek.

    Ability: Venom System – Powers up Poison-type moves (1.5x).
    - Additional Info: In addition to the power boost, Pokémon with this ability are immune to Poison-type attacks, as well as being Poisoned.

    Signature Move: Spartan Throw
    Type: Poison
    Category: Physical
    Power: 110
    Accuracy: 75
    PP: 5
    Description: The user tosses a stick, blade, etc. like a javelin at the target. This move always inflicts Poison.

    Z-Move: Toxin-Covered Sky
    Type: Poison
    Category: Physical
    Requires: Spartan Throw
    Power: 185
    Description: The users summons a massive set of poisoned javelins to thrust at the foe.

    Base Stats
    HP: 107
    Attack: 112
    Defense: 55
    Sp. Atk: 55
    Sp. Def: 95
    Speed: 137
    Total: 561
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    Combat Form: An alternate of the Regis, changing stat distribution and other attributes

    Combat Form Regirock
    Ability-Reconstruction(this Pokemon's defense increases by one when hit by a move of the same type)
    Sp Atk-50
    SP. Defense-50

    Combat Form Regice
    Ability-Permafrost(this Pokemon is immune to Fire types)
    Sp Atk-150
    Sp Def-150

    Combat Form Registeel
    Ability-Super Armor(this Pokemon is immune to Fighting types)
    Sp Atk-140
    Sp Def-85

    Combat Form Regigigas
    Ability-Vital Spirit
    Sp Attack-150
    Sp Defense-70

    Jeteos, the Eon Pokemon
    Egg group-Dragon/Flying
    Gender ratio-50/50
    Evolution-Use a Soul Stone on this Pokemon to evolve into Latias or Latios. You only get one Soul Stone per game.

    Ability-Soundboost(sound-type moves are boosted in power)
    Evolution-Trade Kricketune holding the Piano Wire

    Ancient Cranidos and Rampardos
    Ability-Rock Head/Reckless

    Ancient Shieldon and Bastiodon
    Ability-Super Armor

    Buzzahive, the Honey Soldier Pokemon
    Ability-Huge Power
    Evolution-Use Dawn Stone on male Combee
    Sp Attack-20
    Sp Defense-150

    Pachidojo, the Fighting Squirrel Pokemon
    Ability-Pickup/Cute Charm(Normal), Static(Hidden)
    Evolution-Trade Pachirisu with a Champion Belt. This item is able to boost the critical hit ratio of Fighting type moves and Pokemon who hold this
    Favorite Generation: V
    Favorite Pokemon per generation: Mewtwo, Jirachi, Giratina, Ferrothorn, Klefki
    Favorite type: Water
    Favorite team: Plasma
    Most recent shiny: (HG Random)

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    my secret lair


    Rayqyaza- Spirit form.
    Type- Dragon/Ghost
    Ability- Fog Magic.
    Created by fusing Rayquaza with any Mismagius using dream realiser. (created by Colress and Fennel while visiting hoenn)

    HP: 105
    Attack: 50
    Defense: 100
    Sp.Atk: 200
    Sp.Def: 100
    Speed: 145
    Total: 700

    Movepool- Same as Rayquaza but gets access to all Mismagius moves and Shadow Ball. Gets access to ghost type moves learnable by TM. In unfused it loses moves it learnt in this form. It also gets a signature move

    Fog scream.- type ghost- special 5PP- BP150- accuracy 5% unless fog is active. This moves accuracy becomes 100% in fog. Sound based move. This move uses the power of fog to unleash a violent shockwave.

    Dex Entry 1- This form if Rayquaza was first seen in a dream. It uses the magic Mismagius knows to create fog
    Dex Entry 2- The ghostly form of Rayquaza is a destructive force. It doesn't like to fight directly.

    New ability - Fog magic- in battle as soon as a Pokémon with Fog enters the battle which boosts ghost and dark type moves and increases evasion. This negates other weather effects. When created through this ability and the Pokemon is still on the field it cannot be superseded by other weather effects. Only Defog can remove it.

    Note- Cannot Mega evolve in this form. Based on the illusion seen in Malice In Wonderland! in anime.
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