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Thread: Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by akaFila View Post
    [ Flying/Fighting ]
    Species: Wild Duck Pokemon
    Ability: Guts or Inner Focus
    Hidden Ability: Huge Power
    Egg Groups: Flying and Field
    Weight: 72.0lb
    Evolution: Farfetch'd --> Lv.32 w/ Stick --> Absur'd

    HP: 85
    Attack: 100
    Defense: 75
    Sp. Attack: 58
    Sp. Defense: 80
    Speed: 92
    Total: 490

    Type Effectiveness:
    Weak to: Flying (2x), Electric (2x), Psychic (2x), Ice (2x), Fairy (2x)
    Immune to: Ground (0x)
    Resistant to: Fighting (1/2x), Bug (1/4x), Grass (1/2x), Dark (1/2x)

    Make Farfetch'd relevant ;-;
    It's speed stat should be 102, that would put it above so many other things
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    Type: Electric
    Ability: Lightning Rod / Motor Drive / Volt Absorb (HA)
    Classification: Battery Pokemon
    Pokedex: Folks of old used this Pokemon as a source of energy. It likes to refuel itself with lightning strikes.
    Level up moves:
    -- Charge
    -- Acid
    10 Stockpile
    11 Ion Deluge
    14 Thunder Shock
    17 Conversion
    21 Acid Armor
    27 Parabolic Charge
    33 Stored Power
    36 Focus Energy
    42 Discharge

    Notable TMs:
    Charge Beam, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Overheat, Rain Dance, Reflect, Light Screen, Flame Charge, Focus Blast, Energy Ball and Volt Switch.

    Egg moves:
    Volt Switch
    Conversion 2 (via Smeargle)
    Magnet Bomb
    Iron Defense
    Acid Spray

    Base Stats:
    Total: 550
    HP 250
    Atk: 41
    Def: 40
    SpA: 122
    SpD: 42
    SpD: 55
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    Type: Ice/Fighting
    Ability: Adaptability
    Height: 7'2(bipedal)
    Weight: 418 lbs

    HP: 80
    ATK: 130
    DEF: 70
    SAtk: 120
    SDef: 70
    SPE: 130

    Basically a powerful Yeti monster that lives in harsh cold mountains.
    It's design is basically a muscled Yeti with Popeye arms and legs. Similar
    to Nunu's(from League of Legends) Yeti, but not exactly. General colors
    are white and light blue.

    ================================================== ===


    Type: Steel/Dragon
    Ability: Filter
    Height: 6'5(on all fours)
    Weight: 921 lbs

    HP: 120
    ATK: 80
    DEF: 130
    SAtk: 70
    SDef: 130
    SPE: 70

    An armored land dragon that lives deep below the ground or near
    volcanoes. The heat from deep underground/volcanoes has tempered
    it's armor-like hide to be stronger than titanium. It's design is similar to
    an ankylosaur, but with better looking armor on it's body and more
    dragonic. General colors are brown and silver.

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