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Thread: Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexander18 View Post
    Sinnoh remakes: Diamond Time and Pearl Space (or some other titles if these aren't good)
    1. Mega Evolutions and stones for Sinnoh Starters. Mega Torterra with Thick Fat, Mega Infernape with Iron Fist and Mega Empoleon with Swift Swim.
    2. Plot is same but at the end Dialga/Palkia is not catchable due to a post game story. Can catch both of them in both games.
    3. A post story called Alpha Episode, which features Arceus. It got disturbed by the actions at the spear pillar and is playing up at spear pillar. Dialga, Palkia and Giratina shows up to stop it but are outclassed, you have to either defeat it or catch it.
    4. Distortion world returns as well as Battle Frontier and other stuff from Platinum.
    5. Dialga, Palkia annd Giratina are level 70 while Arceus is Level 80. Dialga and Palkia are found at spear pillar when you have orbs. Giratina in distortion world.
    6. Legendary birds return with Mega evolutions. Mega Articuno with Snow Warning, Mega Zapdos with Drizzle and Mega Moltres with Drought. All level 60.
    7. Johto Starters are given to you by Rowan after completing sinnoh dex. Each has mega evolutions. Mega Meganium with Aerilate and Grass/Flying, Mega Typhlosion with Sheer Force and Mega Feraligatr with Tough claws and Water/Dragon.
    8. After capturing legendary birds, Lugia appears at level 70 and is roaming like the other three.
    9. Arceus gains a new form called the All Powerful Form, Azure Flute is used to transform it. BST is boosted to 800 and it keeps Multi-type. Azure Flute is given to you by Cynthia after Alpha Episode.
    10. Dialga, Palkia and Giratina gains Mega/Primal evolutions. Mega/Primal Dialga with Sheer Force, Mega/Primal Palkia with Hydration and Mega/Primal Giratina with Levitate.
    Arceus, like Deoxys, could have an after-episode to it. Maybe Cyrus has returned to somewhat control the God of Pokemon, in order to create his own world. But with a the Delta Episode has revealed, a multiverse exists.

    It's revealed that the Cyrus of the original versions has taken control of his Giratina, and has imprisoned Arceus. You must find the Giratina of your Distortion World in order to fight him off. Afterwards, Arceus is freed and you can catch it
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    New Move Ideas:

    Iron Chomp (Steel, Physical, 80 BP, 100 Acc, 15 PP)
    Flavor Text: The user chomps down on the target with razor-sharp fangs made of iron. This attack has a 20% chance to lower the opponent's Defense by one stage.
    Learned by: Aggron, Metagross, Bastiodon, Feraligatr, Tyrantrum, Mawile, Lucario, Tyranitar, Torterra, Heatran, Steelix, Rayquaza, Raticate, Exploud, Garchomp, Aerodactyl, Hippowdon, Gyarados, Krookodile, Stoutland, and Druddigon.

    Leaf Shield (Grass, Status, __ BP, __ Acc, 10 PP, +3 Priority)
    Flavor Text: The user summons a mysterious barrier that protects itself and its allies from status moves for the current turn.
    Learned by: All Grass type starters, Sunflora, Florges, Carnivine, Leafeon, Ferrothorn, Leavanny, Wormadam-Plant Cloak, Ludicolo, Abomasnow, and Victreebel.

    Nature's Wrath (Grass, Special, 180 BP, 95 Acc, 5 PP)
    Flavor Text: Utilizing the power of nature, the user attacks the target with maximum power and incredible destructive force. This attack lowers the user's Attack, Special Attack, and Speed stats by one stage each.
    Learned by: Celebi

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    For the seventh gen Pokémon games, I would really like it if the Grass type starters were based off of alligators. Here's my idea for one (fully evolved):

    Verdangator (Verdant and Alligator)
    Classification: The Vigorous Pokémon
    Type: Grass/Dark
    Egg Groups: Monster/Plant
    Ability: Overgrow
    Hidden Ability: Strong Jaw
    Height: 7'07"
    Weight: 534.5 pounds
    Body Type: Quadrupedal
    Gender Ratio: 87.5% male, 12.5% female
    Appearance: A large, dark-green alligator Pokémon with black scales, thorns, and vines growing out of its body. Its eyes are green in color and its teeth are jagged.
    Pokedex Entry: It is believed that these creatures have the most powerful bite force out of any Pokémon. Their jaws are so powerful they can crush a steel tanker in one blow! These Pokémon live in swamps. They camouflage themselves alongside trees, waiting in ambush, and then attack their prey without wasting any time.

    Base Stats:
    HP: 96
    Attack: 125
    Defense: 105
    Sp. Attack: 57
    Sp. Defense: 57
    Speed: 95
    BST: 535

    Movepool Sample (STABs in CAPS): RAZOR LEAF, BITE, VINE WHIP, Tail Whip, Tackle, Thrash, Earthquake, Thunder Fang, Poison Fang, CRUNCH, Ingrain, DARK PULSE, SNARL, SUCKER PUNCH, U-turn, Stone Edge, Dragon Dance, Swords Dance, Agility, Quick Attack, PURSUIT, Synthesis, GIGA DRAIN, POWER WHIP, WOOD HAMMER, Iron Head, Iron Tail, LEAF STORM, SEED BOMB, BULLET SEED, Curse, KNOCK OFF, Chip Away, Play Rough, FOUL PLAY, ASSURANCE, PAYBACK, Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Leech Seed

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