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Thread: Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

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    Default Sinnoh alts and other

    Sinnoh alts

    Mega Torterra
    Ability-Rain Dish

    Mega Infernape
    Ability-Flame Body

    Mega Empoleon
    Ability-Inner Pride(if this Pokemon is flinched, their attack and special attack increases by two)

    Starly variant
    Description-A variant of Starly. These Pokemon live in a far more aggressive environment, and as such they become fighters

    Krickeswune, the Soothing Song Pokemon
    Evolution-Kricketune-Lv up with two Pokemon Amie stars and Sing-Krickeswume

    Mega Luxray
    Ability-No Guard

    Ancient Cranidos line

    Ancient Shieldon line
    Ability-Adamant Armor

    Mega Mothim
    Ability-Adaptable(this Pokemon's stats boost in any weather condition)

    Mega Wormadam
    Type-Bug/Grass, Bug/Ground or Bug/Steel like normal

    Mega Vespiquen
    Ability-Insect Queen(any attempt to use Bug moves on this Pokemon will result in the opponent flinching instead)

    Cherrsun, the Cherfully Bright Pokemon
    Type-Grass(normal), Grass/Fire(Sunny form)
    Ability-Sunny Disposition. This is a move which while change Cherrsun's form in Sunny Day
    Evolution-Cherrim-Lv up knowing Sunny Day-Cherrsun

    Variant Glameow
    Ability-Limber/Pick Up, Inner Pride(Hidden Ability)
    Evolution-Glameow-Max Happiness-Purugly

    Ancient Bronzong
    Type-Steel/Water or Steel/Fire
    Ability-Drizzle or Drought
    Evolution-Use a Water Stone or Fire Stone on Bronzoar. This evolution only works in mountainous regions to obtain this alternate form
    Note-The original, ancient power within this Pokemon. It is described as popping up only in places where it is necessary

    Variant Gible line
    Ability-Swift Swim(Gible, Gabite, Garchomp), Rough Skin(Hidden Ability), Strong Jaw(Mega Garchomp)
    Note-This is based off the idea of them being traditional sharks

    Variant Hippopotas line
    Type-Water(Hippopotas), Water/Grass(Hippowdon)
    Ability-Dry Skin(Main), Sap Sipper(Hidden Ability)
    Evolution-Hippopotas-Lv 26-Hippowdon(its easier to swim through the waters, so it takes less effort to evolve)
    Note-This is based off the more traditional hippos who live in water. The part grass type is a nod to their herbivirous nature and living in muddy, swampy areas

    Mega Carnivine
    Ability-Insectivore(Bug type moves used against this Pokemon will heal it by the same amount they'd usually damage it)

    Mega Cresselia
    Ability-Good Dreams(if this Pokemon is asleep, their stats will increase by one for each turn asleep)

    Mega Darkrai
    Ability-Nightmare Fuel(sleeping Pokemon will drop each of their stats by one for every turn asleep)

    Atlaey, The Ocean Heir Pokemon
    Evolution-Lv Up Phione with four or more hearts on Pokemon Amie

    Special Evolutions

    Like Alolan Forms, Special Evolutions result in the final evolution being of a different typing and form than normal. However they are accessed by mini-trials of a sorts. Once complete, the person in charge will teach the Pokemon a special move only they can teach.

    They describe it as "the influence of people able to alter Pokemon's growth", in a vein to how humans have altered traits of animals like selective breeding. These were methods taught by "the wandering man, having lived across all history", implicitly being AZ

    Special Parasect
    Ability-Green Thumb/Dry Skin
    Trial: The teacher mentions that he is capable of making sure that Paras will have control over the spores on its back. There is a cooking mini-game which involves the mushroom items and berries
    Special move-Spore Bomb. This is a Bug/Status move which will always hit, and always result in the Sleeping, Paralysis or Poison status infliction

    Special Primeape
    Ability-Inner Focus
    Trial: The teacher is part of a martial arts, teaching Pokemon to become more at peace. Through Mankey focusing its rage on dummies and finding inner peace, it can become part Psychic and no longer angry when evolved
    Special Move-Tranquil Fury. This is a Psychic/Physical move with 65 Atk, 10 PP and 100 Acc. It doubles in power if the Pokemon was hit by a damaging move previously

    Special Electrode
    Ability-Black Smoke(this Pokemon lowers accuracy of opponents by one when it first appears on the battlefield)
    Trial: The teacher is an electrician who has been trying to deal with the problem the unstable Voltorb. You need to find the "Special Cable", which is in a dungeon full of Electric types. You are not permitted to use items. If you can make it through without losing a Pokemon, you are ready
    Special move-Stability. This is an Electric/Status move with 10 PP that greatly increases the accuracy of Electrode's moves

    Special Rhyperior
    Ability-Speed Boost
    Trial: A trial by Kalos, based on Rhyhorn racing. You play a mini-game where you and other Rhydons compete. Once you manage to win the Rhydon race, you will be granted the special move
    Special move-Rampage Run. This is a Rock/Physical move which acts as the Rock equivalent of Extremespeed

    Special Noctowl
    Trial: You and Hoothoot have to win a flying game
    Special move: Haunting Look. A Psychic/Special move of 50 Atk, 15 PP, 95 Acc and has the effect of preventing the opponent from leaving

    Special Granbull
    Trial: Think of it like special grooming of your Snubbul
    Special move: Bully. A Fairy/Physical type move with 50 Atk and 15 PP that does double damage on Pokemon with less than half their maximum HP

    Special Ursaring
    Ability-Enraged(being hit by a damaging move increases their atk by one)
    Trial: You need to treat your Teddiursa well, so it grows up with lots of love
    Special move: Bear Claws. A Fighting equivalent of moves like Slash

    Special Wailord
    Trial: A diving/scuba diving test, to help train your Wailmer to be able to swim to deeper depths
    Special move: Crushing Pressure. This is a Water OHKO move with the standard accuracy and PP of an OHKO move

    Special Dusknoir
    Ability-Shadow Tag
    Trial: You have to face a series of malignant, non Pokemon ghosts to prove you are deserving of the true, dark power within Dusknoir
    Special move: Black Hole. Like Flying Press, but a Ghost/Dark type

    Special Porygon-Z
    Ability-Volt Absorb/Levitate, Analytic(Hidden Ability)
    Trial: A special new upgrade is developed for Porygon2. You need to prove you deserve it by beating the teacher in a in-game video game
    Special move: Super Conversion. This is an Electric/Status move which makes Porygon-Z immune to the typings of its current opponent

    Special Crustle
    Ability-Heavy Metal/Intimidate
    Trial: A fetch quest of sorts for Dwebble, so as to allow it to construct a better and lighter home(they're less defensive and more speedy than normal Crustle)
    Special move: Shell Manevour. A Steel/Status move, this acts like Belly Drum but for maxing speed

    Special Conkledurr
    Trial: A building minigame
    Special move: Concrete Smack. This is the Fighting/Rock equivalent to Flying Press

    Special Cofagrigus
    Trial: This is the mummy out of the coffin. You need to prove yourself in an expedition
    Special move: Mummy Wrap. This is a Ghost/Physical move which lowers the speed of the opponent by two

    Special Hydreigon
    Ability-Mega Launcher
    Trial-You train you Zwelious to get more used to weaponry. This form is based off the original "cyborg tank" idea. As such, Hydreigon is quadrupedal
    Special move: Mega Cannon. This is a 120 Atk, 10 PP Steel/Special move which requires a turn to charge. In essence, a Solar Beam of Steel typing

    Special Dragalge and Special Clawitzer
    Type-Poison/Fire and Water/Fire
    Trial-It focuses on bettering the two's aim
    Special move: Blast Burn. Only through this trial captain can these non-starters learn it

    Special Heliolisk
    Ability-Drought/Flash Fire
    Trial-A battle of endurance, making sure Helioptile is better suited for the sun
    Special move: Solar Flare. An 70 Atk, 15 PP Fire move which also acts as Flash
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    Some ideas:
        Spoiler:- Ideas on counterpart moves and abilities:
    This is Turtwig, he was the most under appreciatted starter in Diamond & Pearl. If you picked Turtwig as your starter, put this in your sig . Started by Dax-360
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    I also read from the bulbagarden thread about the movie that Zorua impersonates Dawn and tries to show Dawn's butt to Ash. Fanservice, foreshadowing?
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    This show is called Pokemon, not Pochaman.. although that sounds almost the same..

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