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Thread: Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

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    New Moves

    Name- Finisher (based on a wrestling finisher)
    Type- Fighting (physical)
    BP- N/A
    Effect-One Hit KO move
    PP- 5
    Accuracy 30%
    Known by- Hawlucha & Incineroar

    Name-Repeat Time
    Type- Psychic (Status)
    BP- N/A
    PP- 5
    Effect- the pokemon repeats the move it used in the previous turn (this even counts if it was a Z-move)
    Known By Celebi (signature move) & Dialga (event only)

    Name- Penguin Smash
    Type- Ice (Physical)
    BP- 70
    Accuracy 70%
    Effect- This move is treated as being both a water and ice type move
    Known by Entire Piplup line and Delibird

    Name-Magic Fist
    Type Fairy (Physical)
    BP 75
    PP 15
    Accuracy 100%
    Effect- 10% chance of causing infatuation if opposite gender
    Known by Granbull. Teachable to many pokemon with fists by move tutor

    Name- Quick Cast
    Type Fairy (Special)
    BP- 40
    PP- 30
    Accuracy 100%
    Effect It has a priority of +1
    Known by Gardevoir, Hoopa & Delphox (teachable to some fairy types by move tutor)

    Name- Sacred Dance
    Type-Fire (status)
    BP- N/A
    PP- 20
    Accuracy- N/A
    Effect- Boosts Attack, Speed & Defence by one stage
    Known by Alolan Marowak & Cubone (egg move)
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    Quote Originally Posted by KillerDraco View Post
    Merged this with the existing "Change things about the game" thread.

    Being immune to 5 types would be the epitome of overpowered.
    Compensate by making psychic & fairy super effective.
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    Mar 2012
    my secret lair


    New Z moves

    Eternal Ruination- Type Fairy (special) BP 200. After using this move Floette takes no recoil damage for the rest of the battle. (even if it switches out)
    Usable by Eternal Flower Flowette. Requires Light of Ruin EternalFloettium-Z

    Regi Rage- Type Normal (status) Boosts attack and speed by one stage and changes the ability of the Regis for the rest of the battle (Regirock gets Sand force, Regice gets Slush Rush & Registeel gets Heatproof & Regigigas gets scrappy)
    Usable by Regis. Requires Giga Impact and Regium-Z

    First Bird Strike- Type Flying (physical) BP 185 changes users ability to Aerilate
    Requires Acrobatics & Archeoptium- Z
    Usable by Archeops

    Vigorous strike- Type Normal (physical) BP 185 and changes users ability to Vital Spirit
    Requires Slack off and Slakinginium-Z

    Fulfillment type (Fire) (status) boosts attack by 6 stages if Sheer Force Darmanitan or boosts special by 6 stages if Zen mode (also transforms into Zen mode)
    Requires Flamethrower and Darmantanium-Z
    usable by Darmanitan
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    Default OHKO/self-destructive moves

    Note: This is the Fire type equivalent of Self-Destruct and Explosion

    Knock-Out Blow
    Type-Fighting/Physical/1 on 1
    Note: This move knocks out whoever it hits

    Note: This is the signature move of Electrode. It is the ultimate explosive move

    Coil Shed
    Type-Ghost/Special/1 on 1
    Note: This move drags people into the afterlife
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    Mar 2012
    my secret lair


    New Event only form.

    Golden Sudowoodo
    Type- Rock/Steel
    Ability- Golden Skin (becomes immune to water type moves and physical moves are have double chance to be critical hit)
    Attack 120
    Defence 115
    Special Attack 5
    Special defence 90
    Speed 10

    Note Cannot breed. Based on anime golden sudowoodo
    Dex Entry 1- This special Sudowoodo got changed to gold during a science experiment. The trainer who originally owned it was trying to figure out a way to make Sudowoodo immune to Water-type attacks.
    Dex entry 2 This special Sudowoodo had been altered by scientific experiment. It’s golden skin makes it much slower but its physical moves often hit with more power.

    — Slam
    — Wood Hammer
    — Copycat
    — Flail
    — Low Kick
    — Rock Throw
    — Gyro Ball
    5 Flail
    8 Low Kick
    12 Rock Throw
    15 Mimic
    19 Bullet Punch
    22 Tearful Look
    26 Rock Tomb
    29 Block
    30 Smart Strike
    33 Rock Slide
    36 Counter
    40 Sucker Punch
    43 Double-Edge
    47 Stone Edge
    50 Hammer Arm
    52 Meteor Mash
    54 Head Smash
    57 Heavy Slam
    60 Brick Break
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    Though I created this line some years back, I realized I've never shared it here, so here it is. New Pokémon!

    Type: Grass
    Classification: Float Seed Pokémon
    Height: 6" (0.15 m)
    Weight: 0.01 lbs. (0.004 kg)
    Gender: 50% Male; 50% Female
    Dex Entry 1: The world’s lightest Pokémon. It drifts about in the breeze, floating aimlessly in any direction. However, it never seems to be bothered by this, keeping an upbeat disposition most of the time.
    Dex Entry 2: Its weightless body floats constantly throughout the day. Its body, though light, is covered in rather prickly hairs.

    Appearance: A tiny, yellow spherical creature with hundreds of thin white hairs. A small feline face with large eyes covers the front of its body.
    Etymology: Raxacub derives from Taraxacum, the genus for dandelions. It also derives from ’cub.’

    Aimless – The Pokémon’s evasion increases the more it is hit.

    Base Stats
    HP: 60
    Attack: 35
    Defense: 15
    Sp. Atk: 20
    Sp. Def: 10
    Speed: 50
    Total: 190

    - Evolves from Raxacub at Lv. 15
    Type: Grass
    Classification: Messy Plant Pokémon
    Height: 1’ (0.3 m)
    Weight: 0.4 lbs. (0.18 kg)
    Gender: 50% Male; 50% Female
    Dex Entry 1: It is constantly growing new petals, and old ones are constantly falling off. Though light, its petals are as hard as rocks.
    Dex Entry 2: It shakes its body to move about in the wind, leaving a trail of petals in its wake. Though beautiful to behold, stepping on these petals is said to be very painful.

    Apperance: A small light tan spherical creature with hundreds of light and pale green petals covering it. A rather comical feline face covers the front of its body, and two small white fangs protrude out its mouth.
    Etymology: Dendeo derives from leo, the Latin word for Lion, and dent, the French word for tooth.

    Rock Head
    Hazard Zone – The Pokémon creates a Stealth Rock hazard upon switching in.

    Signature Moves
    Leaf Fall (Grass/Physical/40/15/100) – The user buries the opponent in a pile of petals, harshly lowering their speed.
    Hazard Defense (Normal/Status/-/10/-) – The user uses creates a hazard around itself, which damages any approaching foe (1/16 HP).

    Base Stats
    HP: 75
    Attack: 60
    Defense: 45
    Sp. Atk: 50
    Sp. Def: 60
    Speed: 90
    Total: 380

    - Evolves from Dendeo at Lv. 30
    Type: Grass/Rock
    Classification: Lion Tooth Pokémon
    Height: 2’ 1" (0.63 m)
    Weight: 1 lb. (0.45 kg)
    Gender: 50% Male; 50% Female
    Dex Entry 1: Though much heavier than its pre-evolved form, it is just as nimble. Its large fangs are virtually unbreakable; it can bit through anything, even steel!
    Dex Entry 2: Its body is covered in long, sharp petals that resemble carved stone. Their shape enables it to speed through the air with massive force. At peak speed, it can gorge through a mountain within minutes.

    Appearance: A relatively large light brown spherical creature with a face and ears similar to that of a male lion. Its body is covered in hundreds of thick, gray arrowhead-shaped petals which frame its face in a mane-like fashion. Two large off-white fangs protrude from its mouth.
    Etymology: Leodentem derives from the Latin phrase, leo dentem, meaning 'lion’s tooth.' It also derives from the French phrase dent de lion, also meaning 'lion’s tooth' as well as being the origin of the name Dandelion.

    Signature Move
    Dion Blade (Grass/Physical/80/10/100) - The user slices the opponent harshly with its body. This move is super effective against Steel-type Pokémon.

    Rock Head
    Strong Jaw
    - Hidden Ability: Unbreakable – The Pokémon is immune to Fighting and Steel-type moves.

    Base Stats
    HP: 95
    Attack: 90
    Defense: 75
    Sp. Atk: 70
    Sp. Def: 90
    Speed: 115
    Total: 525
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