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Thread: Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

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    Alolan Swellow
    HP-60 Atk-60 Def-50 SpAtk-110 Spdef-50 Spd-125
    Ability-Jet Stream-it summons a Tailwind upon entering the battle that lasts for 3-5 turns,thus,its teammates gain a speed increase.
    Dex entry: Due to the vastness of sea in Alola,Swellow have adapted to perpetual flight.They eat,sleep,groom while in the air.
    Signature Move-Ozone Daggers-The user summons thousands of dagger-like air blasts that hit the opponent from above at incredible speeds.It lowers the special attack by two stages.Power-130/type-Flying

    Alolan Togekiss
    HP-80 Atk-120 Def-95 SpAtk-50 SpDef-85 Spd-115
    Ability-Plague-upon entering the battle,the user emanates a miasma so strong that poisons every pokemon around it.
    Dex Entry-People speculate that Togekiss,due to their empathic nature,have been corrupted by Ultra Beasts.Some might mention that they travelled to Ultra Space and when they returned,they were completely changed.
    Signature Move-Corrosive Crush-The user crushes the opponent with its poisoned talons.Power-90/type-Poison
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    Wormadam Icy Cloak

    Type Bug/Ice

    1 Quiver Dance
    1 Sucker Punch
    1 Tackle
    1 Hail
    1 Protect
    1 Bug Bite
    Evo. Quiver Dance
    10 Protect
    15 Bug Bite
    20 Hidden Power
    23 Confusion
    26 Ice Shard
    29 Aurora Veil
    32 Psybeam
    35 Captivate
    38 Flail
    41 Attract
    44 Psychic
    47 Icicle Crash
    50 Bug Buzz


    Hp 60
    Attack 123
    Defense 90
    Special attack 40
    Special Def 75
    Speed 36
    total 424

    Evolves from Burmy with Icy cloak (gained in snowy environment)

    Dex entry.1 The icy cloak of Wormadam lives in the coldest environments. It fights aggressively launching ice at its foes.
    Dex entry 2 This bug type hides in order to avoid predators like Sandslash. It will defend itself when needed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Jigglypuff View Post
    New Alolan Pokemon

    Alolan Vileplume
    Description: Alolan Vileplume looks about the same except it has much larger petals and ocean blue markings.

    Alolan Bellossom
    Description: Alolan Bellossom's body is the same shade of blue it original had and its skirt is dark and light green. The flowers on the side of its head are pink hibiscuses.

    Alolan Lilligant
    Description: It looks the same except the flower is much larger and looks like a hibiscus.

    Alolan Tropius
    Description: Tropius now has larger fruit on its neck and has a sand colored body. It also has a huge flower blooming on the top of its head and its leaf wings are longer and resemble banana leaves and aren't notched like its normal form. Alolan Tropius has a new Ability called Fruit Gather which harvests certain random berries after a battle if the user isn't holding anything.
    Shouldn't they all have different typing from their original? Also I'm surprised the Oddish line wasn't in Alola considering how Hawaiian Bellossom is
    Favorite Generation: V
    Favorite Pokemon per generation:
    Favorite type: Water
    Favorite team: Plasma
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    Giant Exeggcute
    Ability- Hyper Psychic (Pyschic moves do super effective damage to Dark types)
    Event only pokemon- Cannot evolve
    Height- 10Ft 4inches.

    HP: 100
    Attack: 40
    Defense: 80
    Sp.Atk: 140
    Sp.Def: 105
    Speed: 40

    Total: 505

    Design: Based on the original Red/blue gen 1 sprite which had a giant Exeggcute head.

    Pokedex Entry 1 - This form of Exeggcute has become far more powerful psychic than most Exeggcute some say it is more common in Kanto.
    Pokedex Entry 2 - This form of Exeggcute command other Exeggcute and occasionally Exeggutor with it's immense psychic power to fetch food. It protects them from dark types

    Movepool. Gains all the same moves as regular Exeggcute but also gets Flamethower, Leaf Storm, Synthesis & Egg Bomb as special moves.
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    Default Extra Alolan Forms

    It is revealed as a consequence of the QR Scanner, certain Pokemon from it have become part of Alola. They are different from their mainland counterparts. They are wild(though having a 1-10% encounter rate), and the QR code has compensated by adding other Pokemon to fill.

    Melemele new QR Code Pokemon: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle

    Alola Chikorita line
    Ability-Overgrow(Normal Ability), Flame Body(Hidden Ability)
    Note-Chikorita became easy pickings to many predators. In response, their seeds and other vegetation becomes really spicy and hot to fend them off

    Alola Cyndaquil line
    Ability-Blaze(Normal Ability), Clear Body(Hidden Ability)
    Note-To retain warmth from its normally sweltering environment, Cyndaquil of Alola developed plates to retain heat

    Alola Totodile line
    Ability-Torrent(Normal Ability), Strong Jaw(Hidden Ability)
    Note-These Pokemon have become tougher to stake their invasive territory

    Akala Island QR Code replacements: Litleo, Pumpkaboo, Pachirisu

    Alola Shinx
    Ability-Keen Eye/Rivalry(Normal), Blind Fury(Hidden). Blind Fury boosts attack stats by two when accuracy is dropped by one
    Evolution-Shinx-Lv 15-Luxio-Lv 30 at night-Luxray
    Note-These Pokemon are nocturnal

    Alola Honedge line
    Evolution-Honedge-Lv 35-Doublade-Learn Sacred Sword at Lv 45-Aegislash
    Note-The swords of Alola that Honedge possess lack the steel and much of the finesse of their Kalos counterparts, instead focusing on combat

    Alola Marill line
    Type-Water/Electric(Marill, Azumarill)
    Ability-Levitate(Normal Ability), Fur Coat(Hidden Ability)
    Evolution-Azurill-High Friendship-Marill-Use Thunder Stone-Azumarill
    Note-The floating comes from its tail. The Electric typing is a reference to it being similar to Pikachu, and "Pikablu". It is more offensively oriented than its counterpart
    Favorite Generation: V
    Favorite Pokemon per generation:
    Favorite type: Water
    Favorite team: Plasma
    First shiny: (search) (random) Beast Trio (event), (SR) (Trade) (Chain)

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    New Pokémon!

    Type: Ground/Bug
    Classification: Still Pokémon
    Height: 1’ 0" (0.3 m)
    Weight: .9 lbs. (.41 kg)
    Gender: 25% Male; 75% Female
    Dex Entry 1: It tends to keep to itself away from other Pokémon. If bothered, it will make a loud, piercing rustling sound with its legs.
    Dex Entry 2: It prefers to stay put in one spot rather than move around. However, it is much faster than it appears.

    Description: It is a very small, stubby gray spider-like creature. It has two brown spots on its abdomen, and two small golden eyes. Its thorax is twice the size of the rest of its body.
    Etymology: Mattegem is a shortened corruption of matte iru gemu, the Japanese translation of 'waiting game.'

    - Decisive: The Pokémon’s accuracy increases each turn it doesn’t attack.

    Base Stats
    HP: 90
    Attack: 65
    Defense: 25
    Sp. Atk: 15
    Sp. Def: 25
    Speed: 80
    Total: 300

    - Evolves from Mattegem at Lv. 30, in a cave.
    Type: Ground/Dark
    Classification: Burrow Pokémon
    Height: 3’ 7" (1.09 m)
    Weight: 56 lbs. (25.4 kg)
    Gender: 25% Male; 75% Female
    Dex Entry 1: The make their nests in intricate burrows underground. They hide inside for hours, waiting for their prey to arrive.
    Dex Entry 2: They are so crafty with the design of their nests, no one will know it’s there. Due to spending most of their time underground, their eyesight never fully developed.

    Description: It bears a resemblance to the Ctenizidare, a family of Trapdoor Spiders. It has large, thick legs and a fat abdomen. Its thorax, however, makes up the bulk of its body. It is black with gray and brown swirled patterns; its thorax is entirely gray. It has four eyes on the front of its head.
    Etymology: Matsurai derives from the Japanese words matsu meaning ‘to wait’ and kurai meaning ‘the dark.’

    - Decisive: The Pokémon’s accuracy increases each turn it doesn’t attack.

    Base Stats
    HP: 155
    Attack: 91
    Defense: 50
    Sp. Atk: 45
    Sp. Def: 50
    Speed: 120
    Total: 511

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