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Thread: Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything!!!

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    Last Summon
    Type: Psychic
    Power: ---
    Accuracy: ---
    PP: 10
    Effect: The user summon the foe's current last team member. This move fails if the foe has a substitute.

    Basically a determined outcome whirlwind where it always brings the last pokemon of foe's team, but it has less pp and like dragon tail it is blocked by Substitute.

    Type: Psychic
    Power: ---
    Accuracy: ---
    PP: 5
    Effect: If any member of user's team got its item taken away (be it by Knock Off, Thief, Trick or Switcheroo) then the item is returned to their user (for whole team, similar to Aromatherapy and status). This move has no effect on a user if the foe that used trick/switcheroo/thief has fainted (but not knock off).

    Crab Stance
    Type: Water
    Power: ---
    Accuracy: 100
    PP: 20
    Effect: User ups its Atk and Defense one stage in a mystical stance of power. It also lowers foe's attack one stage.
    Viable users: All Crabhammer users.

    Agony Swap
    Type: Psychic
    Power: ---
    Accuracy: 100
    PP: 25
    Effect: The user swaps its own status condition with the foe's. This move only works if both user and foe are statused. This doesn't work if the user is asleep, unless this move is chosen by Sleep Talk.
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    Fragile Mirror
    Effect: Bounces back any none damaging move aimed the the holder, this includes entry hazards. Item "breaks" when holder is hit by an attack.

    It's basically a gimp Magic Bounce but in the form of an item.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murder Doll View Post

    Fragile Mirror
    Effect: Bounces back any none damaging move aimed the the holder, this includes entry hazards. Item "breaks" when holder is hit by an attack.

    It's basically a gimp Magic Bounce but in the form of an item.
    So, basically a balloon-like magic bounce item. That's actually a good limit. I still don't think GF would make this, I think "Auto-Taunt" item is more likely.
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    Mega Mightyena

    Strong Jaw

    HP 100, Attack 120, Speed 100, Defence 80, Sp Atk 60, Sp Def 60
    Friend code: 5257-9947-2315. PM me so I can add you too. Safari contains Phanpy, Marowak and Palpitoad.

    Current Y team (champions)

    Current X team (6th gym badge won)

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    Price Drop
    Effect: Cuts the HP dropping effects of moves/items by half.
    At first glance, Magic Guard may seem superior, aside from the fact that some abiltiies are superior to others (i.e. Tough Claws > Iron Fist), this ability makes Substitute, Curse (ghost) and Belly drum lower half the HP they used to. Don't worry about Substitute becoming weaker; it still functions as it would have normally, the only difference is that it now takes 12% HP loss to make one. This ability also works the same on Life Orb, recoil and Toxic/Flame Orb (but not burn/poison inflicted outside of the orbs).
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    Default Other Norse Pokemon

    Norse Pokemon

    Primal Zygarde
    How to obtain-Use if you have the Yggdrasil Pokemon

    Vemdril, the World Travel Pokemon
    Based on-Ratatoskr

    The Wisdom Trio
    I have yet to decide on a name, but they are based off the Norns, who themselves are inspired by the Greek Fates. Each Norn focuses on a different aspect of time-Past, Present and Future. Past is Psychic/Rock, Present is Psychic/Ground and Future is Psychic/Steel. All of them have No Guard

    Wovinash, the Universe Pokemon
    Basis-Yggadrasil and the Primal Cow. Wolvinash is master of the mortality trio
    Type-Ice/Fire(The Norse universe was born from ice and fire)
    Ability-Aura Boost(All moves are boosted by 33.3%)
    Signature move-Yggadrasil. A beefed up tri-attack which has a 10% chance of burn, 10% chance of paralysis, 10% chance of poison, 10% chance of freezing and 10% chance of sleep

    Fakemon reborn

    Name-Chromyuu, the Chromosone Pokemon
    Ability-Master Power(all moves get STAB)
    Description-"Much like Mewtwo, Chromyuu was a genetically enhanced clone of Mew. However it proves to be far more peaceful than Mewtwo." "Chromyuu was created for the purpose of study. It will help humans and Pokemon discover cures for genetic diseases."
    Apperance-A smaller, more Mew-like being. It's child-like in appperance, in between the foetal Mew and adult Mewtwo
    Moveset-It knows much of the moves of Mew more, but has some unique moves of its own

    Mega Nidoking and Mega Nidoqueen
    Basis-Nidogod and Nidogoddess
    Type-Poison/Fighting(Nidogod), Poison/Ground(Nidogoddess)

    Mega Porygon-Z
    Basis-Porygon 3

    Kangaskid and Kangasking
    Basis-The kid Kangaskhan
    Type-Normal and Normal/Fighting
    Ability-Same as Kangaskhan
    How to get-Breed Kangaskhan w/Rare Incense, and evolve with friendship


    Cubire, Flambear and Ursinova the Smokey Bear Pokemon
    Ability-Blaze, Flame Body(Hidden)
    Apperance-A firey bear

    Disputed Pokemon

    Basis-Slowbro's Shellder
    Ability-Same as Shellder
    How to obtain-Use DNA Splicers on Slowbro or Slowking. In a very rare case, it will de-evolve and you will get Shellbro

    Primal Genesect
    Basis-The original creature of which Genesect was based off
    BST-Same as Genesect, though speedier and less defensive

    Mechamyuu, the Counterractive Pokemon
    BST-Same as Mewtwo

    Non Pokemon enemies

    Basic Human
    Basis-Well humans were Pokemon, so what could their abilities be?
    Type-Normal/Psychic or Normal/Fighting
    Ability-Shadow Tag
    Stats-Humans are like Shuckle. We have really low attack, but great defense.

    Adam is, legendarily, the first human. Story tells how he managed to separate humanity completely from Pokemon, in hopes of subjugating them. In essence, he is responsible for the differences between the two. Arceus/nature/whatever is said to have "cursed" mankind by making them forever obsessed with Pokemon(that's his story. In reality the two species realized they should work together). He is the leader of Team Eden. He is a ??? type

    Basis-Ghetsis absorbing some of the original dragon's power to attack you like a vicious, mad dog

    Deific Cyrus
    Basis-Cyrus having spent enough time in the Distortion World, Cyrus has ascended to a somewhat god-like state with the Red Chain. He plans to overthrow Arceus himself
    Type-Ghost/Steel(his time in the Distortion World and distaste for emotion)
    Ability-Free Charge(now timeless, Cyrus doesn't need to charge attacks)


    Note-DNA Splicers are used to activate these fusions. Some are temporary, existing as a sort of power up. Others are permanent.

    Temporary fusions

    Clustorm, the Weather Bird Pokemon
    Basis-The bird trio fusion in the manga
    Ability-Tri Power(Fire, Electric and Ice moves gain STAB)
    How to obtain-Use DNA Splicers to fuse all three bird trio members together

    Cosmic Dialga/Cosmic Palkia
    Basis-The hybrid statue
    Type-Dragon/Ground(Palkia as dominant fusee), Dragon/Flying(Dialga as dominant fusee)
    Ability-Slow Down(Dialga dominant),
    How to obtain-Use DNA Splicers to fuse Dialga and Palkia
    Note-The respective orbs of Dialga and Palkia act differently when held. Instead of increasing power, they boost the power of Steel moves(Cosmic Dialga) or Water moves(Cosmic Palkia)

    Permanent fusions

    Fusion evolution
    Fusion evolution refers to Pokemon that can be evolved earlier with the DNA Splicers and with another of their kind. The nature and ability is one of the fusees, randomized. If one is shiny, the fusion will always be shiny
    2 Koffings=1 Weezing
    3 Diglett=1 Dugtrio
    3 Magnemite=1 Magneton
    1 Magneton+fusion=Magnezone
    2 Beldum=1 Metang
    2 Metang=1 Metagross
    2 Fem!Combee=1 Vespiquen
    1 Cherubi+Fusion=Cherrim
    2 Vanillite=Vanilluxe
    2 Klink=Klang
    1 Klang + 1 Klink or 2 Klang=Klinklang
    2 Honedge=Doublade

    Fusion unique evolutions

    Basis-The Original Dragon
    Ability-Plasmic Aura(Electric and Fire moves gain a STAB bonus)
    How to obtain-Evolve Black or White Kyurem holding the Body Purifier, so long as the other member of the trio is in the party. When you get Tajirem, the fused member is ejected

    Hakking, the Toxic Orb Pokemon
    How to obtain-Use DNA Splicers on Weezing

    Alien Pokemon

    Alien Pokemon are abominations of nature. Usually a name for adapted Pokemon glitches. They can, for the most part, only breed with other Alien Pokemon. Alien type truly gives the name a meaning-it's basically codename for inverting their other type. Basically a walking Inverse Battle. Not only that, but Alien types have negative Pokedex numbers. Also no normal Pokemon can copy their abilities Let's begin!

    Missingno and Mega Missingno, the Shadow Matter Pokemon
    National pokedex number: Negative One
    Appearance-Standard Missingno is a shadowy spectre composed out of fossil bones, and Mega Missingno is a total spectre with traditional glitchiness
    Ability-Replenish(this Pokemon will never use up its held item)
    Description-"Across the cosmos, there are voids in reality. Missingno keeps these voids safe." "When the universe was being made, the raw material was lost. It coalesced into Missingno"

    M?rph and Clefkanoste, the Shadow Being Pokemon
    Basis-M Block
    National pokedex number: Negative Two and Negative Three
    Type-Alien/Normal and then Alien/Fairy
    Apperance-A warped hybrid of Kangashkhan and Clefairy lines
    Ability-Replenish. Unrelated is its power to produce baby Kangaskhan and Cleffa
    Evolution-Evolves with Sun Stone
    Description-"M?rph is a strange creature which takes attributes of other beings. It is often mistaken for Missingno." "For reasons yet unknown, Clefkanoste bears a relationship with Clefairy and Kangashkan. It is believed to have been a mutated version of these Pokemon."

    Charmangle, Charmeldex and Charominate, the Alien Dragon Pokemon
    Basis-Charizard M
    National Pokedex number: Negative Four, Five and Six
    Apperance-A creepy and alien looking Charmander line
    Evolution-Hatch a Charmander egg with M?rph in the party. It has the same evolutionary path as Charmander

    Twistery, the Coding Pokemon
    Basis-Glitch Unown
    National Pokedex number: Negative Seven
    Ability-Bury(immunity to Flying moves)
    Apperance-28 forms of the alphabet, except the opposite case, backwards and upside down

    Cursovid, the Bad Egg Pokemon
    Basis-Bad Egg
    National Pokedex number: Negative Eight
    Ability-Punish(effectively an ability-based Embargo)
    Apperance-A creepy looking egg with a malicious shadow emerging from it

    The Pokemon Primal Primklaos
    Zero: National Pokedex number
    Azathoth, Primordial Chaos-Basis
    (Lack of a type)Void-Type
    (has a chance of causing confusion at first appearance, kind of like Intimidate)Unfathomable-Ability
    " "-Pokedex entry
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    Ability: Astral Projection
    Effect: When foe is asleep, the user becomes the Ghost-type and becomes in "Astral State". Astral State replaces sleep. In Astral State only special moves will affect the user, the user also can only use special moves. When the user "wakes up" it changes back to normal with its original typing.

    Ability: Unprioritize
    Effect: When the user is on the field, all moves used by user and foe have the same priority. i.e. no + or - priority moves. All moves will have 0 priority.

    Ability: Contraprioritize
    Effect: When the the user is on the field, all moves used by user and foe have their priorities reverse. i.e. + priorities such as Quick Attack becomes - ones, and vice versa.

    Ability: Zombie
    Effect: The same as mummy, with the added affect of boosting the power of draining moves by 30%.
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    If the Greek gods were Pokemon

    First Generation Olympians
    Zeus: Electric/Flying
    Poseidon: Water/Ground(Poseidon was also the god of Earthquakes)
    Hades: Ghost/Steel(in charge of all the precious metals)
    Hera: Electric/Dark(based off her proclivity to curse people Zeus sleeps with)
    Hestia: Fire/Ground(she's the most well grounded of the gods)
    Demeter: Grass/Ice(seasonal goddess, causes winter)

    Second Generation Olympians
    Ares: Dark/Fighting(god of offensive warfare)
    Athena: Psychic/Fighting(goddess of war and wisdom)
    Hephaestus: Steel/Fire
    Apollo: Fairy/Light
    Artemis: Fairy/Grass
    Aphrodite: Fairy/Psychic
    Hermes: Dark/Flying(a thief)
    Dionysus: Fairy/Poison
    Persephone: Ghost/Ice(her kidnapping started winter)

    The Titans
    Cronus: Grass/Dragon
    Mnemsyone: Psychic/Sound
    Atlas: Normal/Fighting
    Prometheus: Normal/Fire
    Hyperion: Light
    Oceanus: Water/Dragon
    Helios: Light/Fire
    Eos: Light/Fairy
    Selene: Light/Steel

    Chaos: Void
    Gaea: Ground/Fairy
    Tartarus: Fire/Dark
    Typhon: Flying/Dark
    Echidna: Fairy/Bug

    Other types

    Light type
    Offensive properties
    * Super-effective on Dark, Ghost and Bug types. Dark types can't hide their sneaky actions utilizing light, ghost types are the closest thing to vacuum(which light is fastest in) and Bug types are generally nocturnal
    * Not very effective on Grass, Electric and Water types. Plants use light as fuel, electricity comes from electromagnetism(of which is based from the photon, aka the light particle) and light is slowed in water
    * Cannot affect Rock types. Rock is opaque, after all

    Defensive properties
    * Immune to Electric attacks. After all, its part of electromagnetism. EM spectrum, photons...
    * Resistant to Dark, Sound, Fairy and Dragon attacks. Sneaky attacks are harder when you can be seen, sound is both slower than light and the other two are mythical beings who we have little proof of. Or something. Well, I tried
    * Weak to Rock, Grass and Ice moves. Rocks block light, plants absorb light and ice is similar enough to glass(well, enough for it to work here) to refract it

    Pokemon given new types:
    * Mareep line-Electric/Light(Jasmine used one as part of a lighthouse)
    * Sunkern line-Grass/Light
    * Stantler-Light(it uses illusions)
    * Volbeat and Illumise-Bug/Light(they're fire flies)
    * Shinx line-Electric/Light
    * Cherubi line-Grass/Light(its super form is generated by sunlight)
    * Zorua line-Dark/Light(using light to create illusions)
    * Cryogonal-Ice/Light
    * Druddigon-Dragon/Light(wings are apparently solar powered)

    Sound types
    Offensive properties
    * Super-effective against Psychic, Steel and Sound types. Sound would distract Psychics, goes fastest in Steel and disrupts other sounds
    * Not very effective against Flying, Fighting and Dark types. It's hard to talk when you're in the air, fighting animes call out their attacks and dark minds can't be convinced with words
    * Does nothing against Ghost, as it is the closest to vacuum

    Defensive properties
    * Resistant to Water, Steel and Psychic
    * Weak to Ghost, Dark and Sound

    Retyped Pokemon
    * Igglybuff line-Sound/Fairy(I think this is obvious)
    * Politoed-Water/Sound
    * Misdreavus line-Ghost/Sound(its a banshee)
    * Whismur line-Sound(obvious)
    * Chingling line-Psychic/Sound(based off a windchime)
    * Kricketot line-Bug/Sound
    * Chatot-Sound/Flying(obvious)
    * Tympole-Water/Sound
    * Maractus-Grass/Sound
    * Meloetta-Sound/Psychic or Sound/Fighting

    Megas and Primals

    Gen 1 Megas
    * Mega Venomoth: Bug/Poison, Psycho Aura(Psychic moves are increased)
    * Mega Raichu: Electric, De-Ground(Ground moves are vulnerable to Electric type moves)
    * Mega Arbok: Poison/Dragon, Intimidate
    * Mega Ninetales: Fire/Fairy, Cursed Body(its spooky, odd nature would fit the faerie folk)
    * Mega Golduck: Water/Psychic, Inner Focus
    * Mega Machamp: Fighting, Iron Fist(look how many arms it has!)
    * Mega Golem: Rock/Fire, Pressure
    * Mega Electrode: Electric/Fire, Reckless(explosive)
    * Mega Marowak: Ground/Ghost, Cursed Body(Ghost Marowak)
    * Mega Tauros: Normal/Fighting, Anger Point

    Gen 2 Megas
    * Mega Meganium: Grass/Fairy, Natural Cure
    * Mega Typhlosion: Fire, Flame Body
    * Mega Fearligatr: Water/Dark, Iron Jaws(biting moves are more powerful)
    * Mega Noctowl: Psychic/Flying, Compound Eyes
    * Mega Sudowoodo: Rock/Grass, Trace
    * Mega Magcargo: Fire/Steel, Orify(Rock and Ground moves become Steel type)
    * Mega Girafarig: Fairy/Psychic or Dark/Psychic, Mind Change(if special moves are used, Girafarig becomes Fairy and if physical moves are used, Girafarig becomes Dark)
    * Mega Sparcagon(evolution of Dunsparce): Fairy/Dragon, Levitate
    * Mega Aviklaws(evolution of Delibird): Ice/Fairy, Heal Punish(the opponent's healing items and moves have the reverse effect).
    * Mega Qwilfish: Water/Poison, Aftermath
    * Mega Stantler: Light, Illusion
    * Mega Lugia: Psychic/Dragon, Drizzle
    * Mega Ho-oh: Fire/Fairy, Drought

    Gen 3 Megas
    * Mega Mightyena-Dark, Friend Guard
    * Mega Plusle and Mega Minum-Electric, Super Minus and Super Plus(double power their normal abilities)
    * Mega Kecleon-Normal, Protean
    * Mega Wailord-Water, Levitate
    * Mega Zangoose-Normal/Fighting, Immunity
    * Mega Seviper-Poison/Dragon, Shed Skin
    * Mega Castform-Flying/Normal, Forecast(this time it changes only the Normal type)
    * Mega Tropius-Grass/Fairy, Harvest
    * Mega Chimecho-Ghost/Sound, Zombiate(Normal moves become Ghost based)
    * Mega Salamence-Dragon/Flying, Rock Head
    * Primal Rayquaza-Dragon/Electric, ???
    * Primal Deoxys-Psychic/Poison, Poison Body

    Gen 4
    Mega Torterra-Grass/Ground, Harvest
    Mega Infernape-Fire/Fighting, Flame Body
    Mega Empoleon-Water/Steel, Defiant
    Mega Luxray-Electric/Light, No Guard
    Mega Carnivine-Grass, Insectivore(Bug moves heal this Pokemon)
    Mega Porygon-Z-Normal/Electric, Hacker(Electric and Steel Pokemon will be confused in the presence of this Pokemon)
    Mega Rotom(note-this form cannot be achieved unless Rotom is in its Natural Form)Electric/Fairy, Prankster
    Mega Cresselia-Psychic/Fairy, Sweet Dreams(sleeping Pokemon in your party are immediately healed, like an auto-rest)
    Mega Darkrai-Dark/Fairy, Bad Dreams
    Mega Arceus-Normal, Protean

    Gen 5
    Mega Serperior-Grass, Defiant
    Mega Emboar-Fire/Fighting, Reckless
    Mega Samurott-Water/Fighting, Justified
    Mega Gigalith-Rock, Unbreakable(physical moves do 33.3% less damage)
    Mega Cofagrigus-Ghost/Normal, Mummy
    Mega Golurk-Ground/Fighting, Weak Armor
    Mega Hydreigon-Steel/Dragon, Mega Launcher
    Mega Volcarona-Bug/Fire, Flame Body
    Primal Genesect-Bug/Rock, Compund Eyes

    Gen 6
    Mega Chesnaught-Grass/Fighting, Iron Barbs
    Mega Delphox-Fire/Fairy, Pixilate
    Mega Goodra-Dragon/Water, Gooey
    Mega Avalugg-Ice/Steel, Sturdy


    Shiny lock gifts
    * Shiny Mew-An event gift in Pokemon Genesis. You get to unlock the mysterious "blue Mew", an ancient Mew said to be the protector of Kanto. It appears occasionally in-story, but with the item gift "Primal Berry" you can summon it to handheld games. This Mew is Level 100, with the moves Me First, Transform, Sketch and Reflect Type
    * Shiny Celebi-A gift as a 10th anniversary of the Mystery Dungeon games
    * Shiny Jirachi-That's coming out
    * Shiny Arceus-The golden Arceus has OT-Bodhisttava and TN-01000, referring its mythological status. This is given out as a reward for all winners of the World Championships
    * Shiny Victini-An always available event, a white Victini is obtainable solely through trading next to the Statue of Liberty. It will have the same moveset as normal
    * Shiny Keldeo/Meloetta-A reward event. If you manage to get a Master Rank in all Contests, you will be rewarded with a shiny Keldeo(Sapphire) or Meloetta(Ruby)
    * Shiny Xerneas, Yveltal and Zygarde-Pokemon released as a promotional for the new Thor movie. Pokemon X will be given Yveltal, Pokemon Y will be given Xerneas and Pokemon Alpha Ruby/Omega Sapphire will be given Zygarde

    In-game shinies
    * Master Contest-A reward for beating the Master Contests. Each one will give you a shiny depending on the contest. They are based off different anime co-ordinators
    ** Coolness master will give you a shiny Budew(Drew's main Pokemon)
    ** Beauty master will give you a shiny Skitty
    ** Cute master will give you a shiny Cacnea(Harley's main Pokemon. Made him cute for the lulz)
    ** Smart master will give you a shiny Heracross(Conway's main Pokemon that is in the Hoenn Pokedex)
    ** Tough master will give you a shiny (Solidad's main Pokemon)
    ** Absolute master will give you a shiny Feebas


    Quacklin, the Skilled Duck Pokemon
    Ability-Sharpen(items have a 50% increase in their effects)
    Evolves from Farfetch'd with the Super Stone
    Apperance-A tougher-looking Farfetch'd with makeshift leaves for battle attire, and two leeks

    Hakking, the Poison Mine Pokemon
    Ability-Iron Barbs
    Evolves from Weezing while traded with a Metal Coat
    Apperance-A metallic Hakking with three body parts, each with spikes where their craters used to be

    Mamamba, the Dance Pokemon
    Ability-Samba(essentially a confusion counterpart for Static)
    Evolves from Jynx using the Sonic Stone
    Apperance-A slender, four-armed figure with hair covering her eyes

    Ciphable, the Decoded Pokemon
    Type-Psychic/(depends on Hidden Power)
    Ability-Levitate, Forewarn(Mega Ciphable)
    Evolves from Unown when levelled up with another Unown
    Apperance-An Unown eye embedded into a stone tablet. The tablet's coloration depends on the secondary type
    Signature move-Sigma Fury. Sigma Fury is a Special move with 65 Attack and Void type(ala none). When used, it will become the type the opponent is weak against, and stay that way for the rest of the battle

    Sparcagon, the Rare Snake Pokemon
    Ability-Same as before
    Evolves from Dunsparce using the Super Stone
    Apperance-A more traditional snake with a sharper drill. Sparcagon has folded but luxurious wings

    Aviklaws, the Gift Giving Pokemon
    Ability-Bounty(your allies' healing moves are increased in strength, and healing items like berries have a second use)
    Evolves from Delibird with Super Stone
    Apperance-A bigger, fatter bird
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    Emerald team:
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    Here is a Pokemon based on a rumor I read before 6th gen came out:

    Gigagon -Level up with Minimize -> Megagon -Level with Minimize and Fairy Wind-> Tinygon

    Type: Dragon
    Ability: Intimidate
    Dex: Its huge size intimidates Pokemon and people alike. It's often mistaken as a fully-evolved Pokemon because of its size and ferocious look.
    BST: 333
    HP: 100
    Atk: 50
    Def: 40
    SpA: 50
    SpD: 40
    Spe: 53

    Level-up movepool:
    --- Leer
    --- Ember
    13 Pound
    15 Harden
    20 Fire Spin
    25 Dragonbreath
    31 Minimize
    37 Body Slam
    41 Torment
    45 Dragon Claw
    53 Haze
    58 Dragon Pulse
    66 Refresh
    70 Perish Song

    Type: Dragon
    Ability: Quick Feet
    Dex: Evolution lead it to be smaller in size. The size difference gave it speed, however.
    BST: 444
    HP: 90
    Atk: 60
    Def: 57
    SpA: 60
    SpD: 57
    Spe: 120

    Level up-moves: same as Gigagon, but gets Quick Attack the same level it evolves and Fairy Wind instead of Torment.

    Type: Dragon/Fairy
    Ability: Pixilate
    Dex: Decreased further in size. It is often underestimated because of its size and cute looks.
    BST: 555
    HP: 70
    Atk: 70
    Def: 70
    SpA: 111
    SpD: 101
    SpD: 133

    Level up moves: Same as Gigagon, except it gets Fairy Wind the same level it evolves and Moonblast replacing Perish Song.

    Egg moves:
    Silver Wind
    Foul Play
    Fake Out
    Steel Wing
    Dragon Rush
    Tri Attack
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    Absorbtion: When a Water or Grass type move hits the user it heals Hp (So like Volt Absorb and Water Absorb)

    Resistant: Any Super Effective Move used by the opponent does 1/10 of their Hp (So Espeon Used Shadow Ball agaunst a ghost type and Espeon loses 1/10 of its Hp)

    Shelter: If there are any weather effects it heals 1/16 (so basically a leftovers) of their Hp

        Spoiler:- Credit/Symbol/Badge:

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