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Thread: Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

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    New Garchomp Mega Evolutions. Existing form becomes know as MegaGarchomp A. Garchompite. Becomes renamed Garchompite A

    MegaGarchomp B- (requires Garchompite B)
    Ability- Gale Wings

    HP: 108
    Attack: 150
    Sp.Atk: 100
    Sp.Def: 85
    Speed: 172
    Total: 700
    Dex Entry
    Dex Entry 1- When Garchomp mega-evolves into this form its large wings enable it to become insanely fast. It hunts from the sky.
    Dex Entry 2- Garchomp's slimmer form makes it more aerodynamic, it is said its prey never sees it coming. It resembles a Jet plane.

    Appearance- Garchomps wings become much larger. It is now shaped more like a jet plane. It’s mouth has become more pointed. It has a Jet black colour

    MegaGarchomp C (Requires Garchompite C)
    Type- Dragon/Water
    Ability- Storm Drain
    HP: 108
    Attack: 100
    Defense: 95
    Sp.Atk: 170
    Sp.Def: 95
    Speed: 132
    Total: 700
    Dex Entry
    Dex Entry 1- When Garchomp has become a water type its legs become fins. Its attacks are boosted by water.
    Dex Entry 2- This Garchomp megaevolution now hunts in the sea. When in the water it can sense blood from many miles away and will launch blasts to defeat its prey before they even know its near.
    Appearance- Resembles a more typical hammerhead shark. It has a light blue colouration.

    Due to gaining these mega evolutions- Aqua Jet, Waterfall, Aqua tail, Hydro Pump, Water Gun, Wing attack, Drill Peck, Gust, Air slash, Sky attack are added to level up moves.
    New move also Added- Mach Speed- Type: Flying, PP 20 (max. 32) Power: 40 Accuracy100% Priority+1 Physical.

    New Egg moves
    Brave Bird (also added to Altaria’s level up moveset.)
    Aqua Ring

    Note- The reason for the additional forms it that this form is for the Sinnoh game remakes. Your opposite gender choice has form A. In Pearl you have form B and in Diamond you have form C. You get the Megastone during game and your other rival gets the opposite one. Cynthia in these games has this Z-Crystal instead and it makes her very dangerous.

    New Z move-
    Dragon impact- BP 190- Physical (Dragon)- Attack and Speed is raised by 3 stages, accuracy increases by 1 stage and then inflicts damage.
    Requires Garchompium-Z and Dragon Rush. Used by Garchomp only.
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    Mega Charizard Z

    Type: Fire/Dragon

    Ability: Skyvantage (I couldn't come up with a good name, hence why I used a made up word, I know real pathetic)
    Affect: gives the Pokemon STAB boost when using Flying type moves, also grants the Pokemon the resistances and immunities of Flying types.

    Appearance: resembles a mix between Mega Charizard X and Y


    Attack: 175
    Defense: 70
    Special Attack: 175
    Special Defense: 70
    Speed: 100

    How to obtain: show someone a Charizard with max Attack and a Charizard with max Special Attack, yes it has to be two Charizards, you also have to show off both Charizards at the same time and both Charizard have to be holding Charizardite X and Y.
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    I would make it so in the DP remakes Darkrai isn't event-only. Rather it would be an exclusive thing. Once you get to Canalave you go on an adventure to find a means of curing the sailor's son of nightmares. Diamond gives you Darkrai who you deal with to undo the nightmares it causes. Pearl gives you Cresselia who's presence cures nightmares. Both are Level 40
    Favorite Generation: V
    Favorite Pokemon per generation: Mewtwo, Jirachi, Giratina, Ferrothorn, Klefki
    Favorite type: Water
    Favorite team: Plasma
    Most recent shiny: (Diamond random)

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    Mar 2012
    my secret lair


    New Z-Moves.

    Dynamo Tynamo- (Tynamo)- BP185- Physical- (Electric) -Move uses Attack stat of ally with highest attack (that hasn’t been knocked out) Has a 20% chance of causing Paralysis
    Requires Spark- and Tynamonium-Z. Used by Tynamo only.

    Static electricity Absorption- (Joltik)- BP185- Special (electric)- User absorbs damage dealt as HP and will inflict paralysis to any Pokemon no immune to it.
    Requires Electroweb & Joltikium-Z. Used by Joltik only.

    Evolutionary Warrior- (Eevee and any Eeveelution) BP200-Special (Normal)- Attack will change type to whichever type the Eeveelution is and uses either attack or special attack (depending on which is higher)
    Requires Trump card & Eeveelutionium-Z. Can be used by Eevee and any Eeveelution.

    Monstrous Hit- (any member of Hitmon family.) BP190- Physical (Fighting)- Boosts attack by 3 stages and accuracy by 1 stage and then inflicts damage.
    Requires Brick Break & Hitmonium-Z. Used by any member of the Hitmon family.

    Pyroarmania- (Pyroar)- BP 190- Special (Fire)- Boosts special attack by 2 stages, and Attack hits all other pokemon on the Field. (including Allies)
    Requires Flamethrower & Pyroarium-Z

    Knight’s Strategy – (Escavalier) BP180- Physical (steel)- Attack does damage and then Creates Trick room
    Requires Gyro ball & Escavalierium-Z. Used By Escavlier only. (NOTE: Gyro ball has also been added to Escavalier’s movepool)

    Hypnotic Power- (Hypno) status(Psyshic)-Inflicts Sleep to opposition , ability changes to Hypnotist , Special attack and speed increases by 2 stages.
    Requires Hypnosis & Hypnoium-Z. Used By Hypno only. Note- Hypnotist is an ability that makes Hypnosis always hit.

    Hippocratic Oath- (Audino) -status(normal)- Audino switches out but team member that swaps in gets +2 stage boost to special defence & defence, recovers 50% HP and changes ability to Healer.
    Requires Heal Pulse & Audinonium-Z. Used by Audino only.

    Hardened Cocoon Impact-(Kakuna) –BP190 Physical (Bug)- Defence, Special defence and attack raises by 2 stages and then does damage.
    Requires Harden and Kakunium-Z. Used by Kakuna Only.

    Magnetic Zone Cannon- (Magnezone)- BP185- Special (Steel) Does damage and adds the effect of Magnet Rise to Magnezone.
    Requires Flash Cannon & Magnezonium-Z. Used by Magnezone only.
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