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Thread: Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

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    Oct 2017


    Small Ball: Has a higher chance of catching Fairy- and Bug-type Pokémon.
    Mechanical Ball: Has a higher chance of catching Steel- and Electric-type Pokémon.
    Sealing Ball: Has a higher chance of catching Ghost- and Dark-type Pokémon.
    Dust Ball: Has a higher chance of catching Rock- and Ground-type Pokémon.
    Chill Ball: Has a higher chance of catching Psychic- and Ice-type Pokémon.
    Force Ball: Has a higher chance of catching Dragon- and Fighting-type Pokémon.
    Spread Ball: Has a higher chance of catching Poison- and Flying-type Pokémon.
    Field Ball: Has a higher chance of catching Grass- and Normal-type Pokémon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chess-z View Post
    What type(s) of pokemon would you use? Who's your ace? Would it be an early game, mid game, or late game gym? What sort of traps would you subject your challengers to? What's the general aesthetic of the gym? What's the TM that you would hand out?

    I'll start with mine: I would have a mid to late game Normal type gym, in a building that's accessible from the early game. The justification for denying you, the player, entry to my gym is that I keep difficult and archaic office hours to dissuade both potential students and challengers. The gym itself would be hosted in my Pokemon University office, and you would have to wade through stacks of ungraded papers, scholastic essays, books, and discarded sweaters to get to me at my desk and computer. There would be no gym trainers, the only threat to your pokemon would be the roving gangs of wild normal type pokemon that have taken up residence in my office.

    The fight itself would be a slow, stally fight, my AI would be much higher than average to compensate for how weak normal types are as a rule, and ideally a victory would feel like solving a very diffucult logic puzzle.

    Here's the team:
    -Thunder Wave
    -Ice Beam

    -Body Slam

    Skill Link
    -Bullet Seed
    -Rock Blast
    -Tail Slap
    -Last Resort

    and my ace:
    Delcatty@Sitrus Berry
    Wonder Skin
    -Cosmic Power
    -Sleep Talk

    The TM I'd hand out would be Return. And that's the Gym I'd run.
    Normal type, neat!

    As you can see from my avatar and signature, I would have a Ghost team, preferably as the 5th gym leader.

    Though I would love to have my gym in Lilycove City, the following would be my team:

    Level: 34
    Item: Sitrus Berry
    Ability: Infiltrator
    - Protect
    - Will-O-Wisp
    - Shadow Sneak
    - Infestation

    Level: 34
    Item: none
    Ability: Disguise
    - Shadow Sneak
    - Leech Life
    - Swords Dance
    - Thunder Wave

    Aegislash (Ace)
    Level: 37
    Item: Enigma Berry
    Ability: Stance Change
    - King's Shield
    - Swords Dance
    - Shadow Sneak
    - Flash Cannon

    If anyone has ever played my Gym in ORAS, they'd know my gym would be designed as a dark, invisible labyrinth leading to beautiful cloud-filled room. Anywhere from three to five trainers would be in the game, and their pokemon would pull from Honedge, Doublade, Yamask, Shuppet, Bannette, Duskull, and Sableye. Non-Ghost pulls include Dewpider, Araquanid, Vulpix, Ninetales, Koffing, Weezing, and Glalie. My badge, known as the Afterlife Badge, would basically look like this:

    As suggested by my team's moveset, the TM I would bestow would be for Shadow Sneak.

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    my secret lair


    Evolves from Pumpkaboo when levelled up on Halloween or when traded whilst holding Halloween crown.
    Ability- Green Thumb/Pumpkin power
    Hidden ability- Insomnia
    HP: 85
    Attack: 120
    Defense: 82
    Sp.Atk: 128
    Sp.Def: 75
    Speed: 104
    Total: 594

    Green Thumb- Boosts grass type moves by 50%
    Pumpkin Power- Boosts special attack of all pumpkin Pokemon by 2 stages. (Pumpkaboo, Gourgeist and Pumpking)

    1 Phantom Force
    1 Sucker Punch
    1 Ember
    1 Scary Face
    1 Nasty Plot
    4 Astonish
    6 Flamethrower
    8 Flame Charge
    9 Ingrain
    10 Dark Pulse
    12 Shadow sneak
    14 Leaf Blade
    20 Night slash
    26 Bullet Seed
    27 Flare Blitz
    30 Seed Bomb
    34 Trick-or-Treat
    38 Bone Rush
    40 Swords Dance
    44 Shadow Claw
    48 Wood Hammer
    50 Crunch

    Dex Entry 1- This pokemon is a king that rules all pumpkins. It becomes expecially active once a year. Ancient legends claim it gained fire type abilities after a wager.
    Dex Entry 2- It has lost much of its plant like body and now seems almost skeletal. It wears it's former body as a mask. None have seen its true face.

    New Item- Halloween Crown- boosts power of Grass, Fire and Dark moves by 20% when held by Pumpkin but moves cost double pp and loses 1/16 hp per turn even if not using an offensive move
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    Default Development on classic Fakemon and other disputed ideas

    Ability-Counter. When this Pokemon is hit by a super-effective move, it will become immune to it and its Psychic moves super-effective against the foe. This ability only works once per battle. This ability cannot be Traced or copied in any way
    Special Attack-100
    Special Defense-160
    Description-Mewthree was developed after the escape of Mewtwo, both to fulfill its original purpose and to serve as a weapon against the likes of Mewtwo. Mewthree is much more defense orientated compared to Mewtwo. It is a more direct clone of Mew, having less genetic modification and splicing. As such it looks like Mew more

    Ability-Electric Current(this Pokemon's special attack increases when hit by an Electric type move)
    Evolution-Level up holding the "Debug Disc". It is obtained later in the game
    Description-Porygon 3 is described as the official Porygon 2 evolution, a proper model compared to the Dubious Disc
    Signature move-Ghost Program. This is a Ghost/Special move with 80 Attack and 15 PP, which has a chance of inflicting confusion on the opppnent

    Ability-Same as Slowpoke
    Evolution-Shellbro is unique in that it involves another Pokemon's evolution. If a Slowpoke evolves in the party when there's a Shellder as well, that Shellder will evolve into Shellbro
    Description-Shellbro is a result of a mutation due to being in the presence of a Slowpoke's development. It ends up gaining some traits of the Slowpoke line. However it is a speedster rather than a defensive tank

    Kangaskid and Kangasking
    Type-Normal(Kangaskid), Normal/Fighting(Kangasking)
    Ability-Hustle(Kangaskid), Rivalry or Scrappy(Kangasking), Inner Focus(Hidden Ability Kangasking), Bodyguard(Mega Kangasking)
    Evolution-Kangaskid female-Max Friendship-Kangaskhan, Kangaskid male-Max Friendship-Kangasking
    Description-The child and male form of Kangaskhan. Bodyguard means that all indirect damage towards an ally will hit Kangasking instead

    Ability-Intimidate/Tough Claws(Normal), Guts(Hidden)
    Evolution-Teddiursa Male-Use a Dawn Stone-Empanda

    Dojaplush, the Substitute Pokemon
    Ability-Emergency Exit
    Description-This Pokemon is based on the substitute doll. It is a very defensive fighter. It is described that the use of a substitute doll caused it to eventually gain a life of its own from the fighting spirit of others
    Favorite Generation: V
    Favorite Pokemon per generation: Mewtwo, Jirachi, Giratina, Ferrothorn, Klefki
    Favorite type: Water
    Favorite team: Plasma
    Most recent shiny: (HG Random)

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    Big Blue


        Spoiler:- Stuff:

    Edit 2:
        Spoiler:- Spoilers:

    Edit 3:
        Spoiler:- :
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    This is Turtwig, he was the most under appreciatted starter in Diamond & Pearl. If you picked Turtwig as your starter, put this in your sig . Started by Dax-360
    Quote Originally Posted by Teshub View Post
    I also read from the bulbagarden thread about the movie that Zorua impersonates Dawn and tries to show Dawn's butt to Ash. Fanservice, foreshadowing?
    Quote Originally Posted by Locormus View Post
    This show is called Pokemon, not Pochaman.. although that sounds almost the same..

    Youtube, DeviantArt, Bulbagarden, Imageshack, Photobucket, Smogon, Blog, Pokémon Series Analysis Dropbox Folder, Tumblr. PO/PS Username: Yusuf Kaya 3.0

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    my secret lair


    Upgrade of previous one i created MegaChatot

    Pure flying type
    Ability Aeriliate
    Requires Chatotnite

    HP: 76
    Attack: 65
    Defense: 45
    Sp.Atk: 152
    Sp.Def: 42
    Speed: 131
    Total: 511

    Dex Entry 1- Chatot has developed superior flying abilities. It rains down violent soundwaves.
    Dex Entry 2- Chatot's mega evolution has allowed it to unlock its true power. Only strong trainers can utilise its power.

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    New Attacks!

    Type: Fire
    Category: Special (contact)
    Power: 50
    Accuracy: 100
    PP: 15
    Description: The user releases a strong wave of heat that induces separation, removing any item the foe is holding.

    Type: Electric
    Category: Status
    Power: none
    Accuracy: none
    PP: 10
    Description: The user releases a powerful wave of energy that negates the prevention of escape. It also prevents Steel, Ground, and Water-type moves from being used for five turns.

    Type: Electric
    Category: Status
    Power: none
    Accuracy: none
    PP: 10
    Description: The user releases a powerful wave of energy that prevents escape. It also redirects all Steel, Ground, and Water-type moves to the user.

    Type: Fighting
    Category: Physical
    Power: 100
    Accuracy: 85
    PP: 10
    Description: The user moves ahead of the foe with great force, tackling them down before they can attack. This move fails if the foe is not preparing an attack.
    - Additional Info: This move does double damage if the foe is preparing a move that would be supereffective.

    Type: Ground
    Category: Status
    Power: none
    Accuracy: none
    PP: 15
    Description: The user grinds its body into the ground, creating a resisting force that prevents the use of all Electric-related moves, items, and abilities. However, the user can no longer escape.
    - Additional Info: This move negates any move related to the Electric typing. This includes all Electric type moves and any move that causes Paralysis, such as Spore and Glare. This move also negates any item that affects Electric types, including Mega Stones and Z-crystals. However, this does not remove the item from the Pokémon. This move does not negate any move that was not initially Electric-type prior to battle, such as Judgment or Revelation Dance. However, it can negate Electric moves used via Metronome.

    Type: Water
    Category: Special (contact)
    Power: 20
    Accuracy: 100
    PP: 10
    Description: The user grabs the foe and plunges them into water, continually damaging the foe (1/16 HP) and preventing both from being able to escape. This move stays in effect until the user faints or has less than 50% HP.
    - Additional Info: If the user has less than 50% at the time of this move's use, the move will only last three turns.

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    Default Fakemon that stone evolve

    Sobinon and Terronion, the Tearjerker Pokemon
    Type-Grass(Sobinon), Grass/Poison(Terronion)
    Ability-Irritant/Stench(Normal), Flame Body(Hidden Ability)
    Evolution-Use a Leaf Stone
    Description-This Pokemon is based off an onion, appearing as a cute onion baby as Sobinon before becoming a scary onion as an adult. It utilizes the idea of tears due to cutting onions

    Chiliper and Scovilon, the Spicy and Burning Fruit Pokemon
    Type-Grass(Chiliper), Grass/Fire(Scovilon)
    Ability-Irritant/Flash Fire(Normal), Flame Body(Hidden Ability). Irritant means that it lowers the opponent's accuracy
    Evolution-Use a Fire Stone

    Volcabae and Pelestone, the Volcanic Pokemon
    Ability-Flash Fire/Flame Body(Normal), Light Body(Hidden Ability)
    Evolution-Use a Fire Stone
    Description-This Pokemon is based off volcanic rock. It is described as a rival towards the Slugma line, being defensively weak and speedy instead of defensively bulky and slow. It is designed on a toad, and is described as swimming in lava instead of water

    Atenascab and Khepreetle, the Carrier and Sun Pokemon
    Ability-Hustle(Atenascab), Heavy Load(Khepreetle). Heavy Load means the Pokemon is unaffected by Rock or Ground type moves
    Evolution-Use a Sun Stone
    Description-This Pokemon is based off the scarab beetle, and the lore surrounding it in Egypt

    Ability-Same as its counterpart
    Evolution-Use Dawn Stone on female Mime Jr
    Description-Phantomime is a more nimble, less defensive and more offensive female counterpart to Mr Mime

    Ability-Iron Fist/Guts(Normal), Skill Link(Hidden)
    Evolution-Use Dawn Stone on female Machoke
    Description-A more lithe female equivalent to Machamp, with a sarashi. It is more speed and trickery oriented

    Evolution-Use Dawn Stone on male Combee
    Description-The male equivalent to Vespiquen. Though very strong and fast, sharing the same stats as his queen, it is a glass cannon by comparison. It is capable of learning Self-Destruct and Explosion, due to how bees when fighting die when they sting

    Wormaquen and Mothkin, the Royal Bagworm and Royal Moth Pokemon
    Type-Bug/Grass(Plant Wormaquen), Bug/Ground(Sandy Wormaquen), Bug/Steel(Trash Wormaquen)
    Ability-Knitting(Wormaqueen), Sky High(Mothkin). Knitting means that any Normal move becomes the same type as its secondary typing. This ability cannot be copied. Sky High is a self-contained Delta Stream that eliminates any weakness it would normally have due to its Flying type ability.
    Evolution-Use Dawn Stone on Wormadam to make Wormaquen, or on Mothim to make Mothkin. This effect only works if they learn the move Bug Buzz, which they achieve at Level 40. It is worth it has they have BST in the 550s.
    Favorite Generation: V
    Favorite Pokemon per generation: Mewtwo, Jirachi, Giratina, Ferrothorn, Klefki
    Favorite type: Water
    Favorite team: Plasma
    Most recent shiny: (HG Random)

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    Here are some alternatives to tall grass/water/caves, and the Pokémon they'd contain. Some might require moves or Abilities to walk in.

    Paint Puddles: Smeargle
    Fires: Fire-types, Gastly, Haunter, Dusclops, Banette, Pumpkaboo
    Lava: Fire-types, Gastly, Haunter, Dusclops, Banette, Pumpkaboo
    Soil: Ground-types, Grass-types, Bug-types, Rock-types
    Dust Clouds: Ground-types, Rock-types, Bug-types
    Quicksand: Ground-types, Larvitar, Pupitar
    Acid: Poison-types
    Sidewalks: Rock-types, Normal-types, Jynx, Magmar, Electabuzz, Drowzee, Machop, Machoke, Timburr, Gurdurr
    Mushroom Fields: Paras, Shroomish, Foonguss, Morelull
    Construction Sites: Machop, Machoke, Timburr, Gurdurr, Steel-types
    Wrestling Rings: Machop, Machoke, Tyrogue, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Hitmontop, Makuhita, Hawlucha
    Sewer: Water-types, Poison-types
    Barber Shop: Zangoose, Sneasel, Honedge, Axew, Fraxure
    Hair Salon: Smoochum, Jynx, Ralts, Kirlia, Mareep, Flaaffy, Lillipup, Herdier

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    Alt Bulbasaur line
    Ability-Effect Spore(Normal), Rain Dish(Hidden), Dry Skin(Mega)
    Mega Stone-Venusaurite A
    Description-This line of Bulbasaur uses a bulb mushroom instead of the plant bulb. This is due to the damper environment

    Alt Charmander line
    Type-Ice(Charmander, Charmeleon), Ice/Flying(Charizard), Ice/Dragon(Mega Charizard A)
    Ability-Heatproof(Normal), Flash Fire(Hidden), Snow Warning(Mega)
    Mega Stone-Charizardite A
    Description-This line of Charmander ended up being isolated, cold environment. They keep their heat internally and embrace the cold to survive

    Alt Squirtle line
    Type-Fire(Squirtle, Wartortle), Fire/Steel(Blastoise)
    Ability-Shell Armor(Normal), Filter(Hidden), Mega Launcher(Mega)
    Mega Stone-Blastoisite A
    Description-This Squirtle line ended up in a volcanic region, unable to reach the sea. It adapted by embracing the heat. Alt Blastoise is based off flamethrowers

    Mega Butterfree
    Ability-Sticky Buds. Sticky Buds mean that all status-inflicting moves have perfect accuracy and ignore types or abilities. Corossion on steroids
    Special Attack-150
    Special Defense-120
    Overall, this Pokemon is specially and quite defensively oriented compared to Mega Beedrill

    Alt Ekans and Alt Arbok
    Type-Water(Ekans), Water/Steel(Arbok)
    Ability-Limber/Shed Skin(Normal), Poison Touch(Hidden)
    Evolution-Ekans-Learn Iron Tail at Level 26
    Description-This Ekans is based on a sea snake. Arbok's Steel type comes from the "hood" becoming more like a metal cage, and metal teeth/rungs it uses to better bash and bite. The later evolution is due to sea snakes being more peaceful than regular snakes

    Mega Nidoking and Mega Nidoqueen
    Type-Poison/Fighting and Poison/Ground
    Ability-Heated Rivalry. If this Pokemon faces against someone of the same gender, their attack increases by two.
    Item-Nidokingite and Nidoqueenite

    Mega Clefable
    Sp Atk-145
    Sp Defense-130
    Description-Mega Clefable takes more after its star-based traits. The Levitate is a bit of a UFO reference, and the Steel type is a meteor reference

    Ability-Green Thumb(Normal), Dry Skin(Hidden)
    Evolution-Parasect-Use the Super Shroom on it-Paracide
    Description-Paracide is a ghostly bug who's body is a shell, however the spirit of the Paras has finally resurfaced and managed to control the mushroom.
    Favorite Generation: V
    Favorite Pokemon per generation: Mewtwo, Jirachi, Giratina, Ferrothorn, Klefki
    Favorite type: Water
    Favorite team: Plasma
    Most recent shiny: (HG Random)

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    Upgraded Abilities in addition to current effects

    Light Metal- speed is increased by 1 stage for any pokemon with this ability.

    Heavy Metal- attack power in increased by 1 stage for any pokemon with this ability.

    Run away- this pokemon can switch out of any trapping move.

    Illuminate- increases evasion by 10%

    Aura Break- also now stops aura based moves targeted at pokemon with this ability.

    Honey Gather- boosts special defence by 1 stage

    Pick up- boosts defence by 1 stage.

    Egg Group changes

    Archeops & Archen- no longer in water 3 and are instead in monster Egg group. Still in flying egg group. (as it doesn't fit with any of the members of the group.)

    Exeggutor & Exeggutor- now added into Dragon Egg group. Maintains Grass egg group. (as its now a dragon type as its true form)

    Nidoqueen &Nidorina- now added to Monster and Field. (as I have no idea why they cannot breed and nothing in game to explain why)

    Toxicroak & Croagunk added to water group 1 ( as it is similar to many of the amphibians) keeps Human-Like egg group.

    Hawlucha added to a Flying Egg group. Still in human like egg group (as it is a bird like pokemon)
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    New Items

    Alarm Clock- When held by a Pokémon that gets affected by the Sleep Status, it will instantly wake up all sleeping Pokémon and the Sleep Status cannot be inflicted for the rest of the Battle. Pokémon with Comatose are unaffected by this item. This item is unique in terms of held items in that after the battle, you must put it back into your bag and walk 500 steps to wind it up as it will not work after being used as long as it is being held.

    Hydro Shield- When held by a Pokémon, this item prevents the Burn Status from all moves and Abilities. It also decreases damage from Fire type and heat related attacks by 25%. Heat related attacks are Beak Blast, Scald, Tri Attack, Steam Eruption, and all moves that can change into Fire type attacks under special conditions.
    "Hey! Don't pawn your trash on me!" Watchy Watchog

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    my secret lair


    Mega Kyurem
    Ability- Boundary Guardian- (when this Pokemon attacks a dragon type using dragon type moves damage is doubled)
    Requires- Kyurelite
    HP: 125
    Attack: 130
    Defense: 130
    Sp.Atk: 130
    Sp.Def: 130
    Speed: 115
    Total: 760

    Dex Entry 1- Mega Kyurem seeks to separate the boundaries of truth and ideals by any means. It attacks other dragons viciously.
    Dex Entry 2- Kyurem has gained a lot of power to maintain the boundary. It has filled in the missing parts of its body.

    Note- Kyurem now has filled out the missing parts of its body.

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    Alt Mankey and Primeape
    Ability-Vital Spirit/Anger Point(Mankey), Dark Impulse(Primeape). Dark Impulse means that this Pokemon's Dark type moves are doubled in power. It is the signature ability of alt Primeape
    Description-The Fire type is due to their hot-headed nature becoming literal

    Alt Growlithe and Arcanine
    Type-Water and Water/Fighting
    Ability-Swift Swim/Intimidate(Normal), Friend Guard(Hidden)
    Evolution-Use a Water Stone

    Mega Machamp
    Ability-Iron Fist. Machamp is so pumped and swole it has a third set of arms
    Special Attack-40
    Special Defense-60

    Mega Rapidash
    Ability-Levitate. Rapidash becomes a pegasus
    Sp Atk-80
    Sp Def-80

    Mega Golem/Mega Alolan Golem
    Type-Rock/Ground(Normal), Rock/Electric(Alola)
    Item-Golemite/Golemite A
    Note-While Mega Golem enhances its primary stats, Mega Alola Golem has a different play style. It drops the physical for the special

    Mega Slowking
    Ability-Symbiovenom. This is an ability that cannot be copied. Through Shellder's venom, Slowking can use Ice type attacks at 50% increased power, and all Normal type moves are converted to Ice type
    Sp Atk-130
    Sp Def-180

    Quacklin, the Handy Pokemon
    Ability-Handywork(Normal), Vital Spirit(Hidden). Handywork means that this Pokemon's attack and special attack are boosted by one immediately if they hold an item
    Evolution-Lv up Farfetch'd while holding the Golden Leek and two or more hearts in Pokemon Amie. This item also powers up moves without a secondary ability
    Description-The Handy Pokemon, Quacklin is described as a result of domestication in order to restore the population. The compassion of humanity resulted in a more powerful form

    Crystal Onix
    Ability-Crystal Armor. This ability increases the speed of the Pokemon either under Rain or Water, but it also means they are vulnerable to Fire moves
    Sp Attack-25
    Sp Defense-125
    Description-The Crystal Onix is a rare breed of Onix. Whenever you can encounter an Onix or Steelix in the wild, there is a 1-5% chance of encountering a Crystal Onix
    Favorite Generation: V
    Favorite Pokemon per generation: Mewtwo, Jirachi, Giratina, Ferrothorn, Klefki
    Favorite type: Water
    Favorite team: Plasma
    Most recent shiny: (HG Random)

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    my secret lair



    Ability-Clear Body
    Hidden Ability- Dark Matter (When using dark moves all damaging moves have +1 priority)

    Attack- 50
    Special Attack- 170
    Defence- 80
    Special Defence 150
    Speed- 50

    1Charge Beam
    13Charge Beam
    31Ancient Power
    37Nasty Plot
    43Dark Pulse
    49Hammer Arm
    55Zap Cannon
    61-Super power
    67-Hyper Beam

    Dex Entry 1- Regirock was sealed away by people long ago. This pokemon has a body that seems to be made of pure dark matter.
    Dex Entry2- This elusive pokemon hides in only the darkest spaces. Its body is made of a mystery substance claimed to be dark matter.

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    Default If I were able to change shinies

    * Butterfree: Modified to be more like the pink Butterfree in the anime
    * Nidoqueen: I would make it have the same color as Nidoking, since the reverse is true
    * Electrode: I would change the blue to purple. It would serve as a Master Ball reference when Voltorb has similar colors to the Great Ball as a shiny, showing the rarity of the shiny
    * Chinchou and Lanturn: I would make their purple black due to being based on deep-sea anglerfish, coming off as more omnious
    * Forretress: While I like the gold, I would make the middle, soft part a different color.
    * Shedinja: I would make it more bleached and white
    * Castform: I would give each form their own personal shiny
    * Kecleon: It would resemble the pink-purple Kecleon in Mystery Dungeon
    * Dusknoir: It would either retain the red main color, or the yellow parts would be a dark red, thus making it come off as more menacing
    * Sewaddle: As it grows up, its clothes become more autumn themed
    * Krookodile: I would probably swap the red and black with each other
    * Zorua and Zoroark: I think they could be green instead of blue/purple, as it would be a nice reference to N
    Favorite Generation: V
    Favorite Pokemon per generation: Mewtwo, Jirachi, Giratina, Ferrothorn, Klefki
    Favorite type: Water
    Favorite team: Plasma
    Most recent shiny: (HG Random)

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    New Abilities!

    Zero InThe Pokémon always moves last, but its moves never miss.
    Explanation: The Pokémon’s moves cannot be avoided, even if the opponent is at peak evasiveness. This ability also accounts for multi-turn moves such as Fly, Dig, and Phantom Force.

    LightspeedThe Pokémon always moves first, but its accuracy is impaired.
    Explanation: The Pokémon’s priority cannot be lowered under any circumstances, not even with moves such as Extremespeed and Shadow Sneak. However, all of its moves have a 25% accuracy drop, though this can be adjusted with moves such as Hone Claws and Lock On.

    PretentiousThe Pokémon cannot be hit by moves with Base Power less than 70.
    Explanation: The Pokémon can only be hit with moves with an initial Base Power of 70 or more. Thus, additions and/or augmentations to moves do not apply. This means moves such as Fling, Magnitude, and Stored Power will not hit.

    Slow ReactorThe Pokémon only loses HP every other turn.
    Explanation: The Pokémon loses accumulative HP every second turn. Any damage that would have been dealt in the previous turn will instead be dealt on the next. In addition, subsequent damage will be dealt regularly during that turn.

    SkepticThe Pokémon is immune to Psychic, Ghost, and Fairy-type moves.
    Explanation: Self-explanatory. This is a typical immunity ability.

    PerfectionistThe Pokémon can only deal super effective damage, but power is doubled.
    Explanation: The Pokémon cannot deal damage that would not be super effective. However, the Base Power of all moves that can hit is doubled prior to dealing damage. This ability checks for the current type of the foe prior to the attack, rather than the foe’s initial typing.

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    my secret lair


    Bond Phenomena Persian
    Cannot Evolve or breed
    Ability- Grounded Bond- Changes form after being hit with any super effective hit. After changing form Magnitude will always be level 10 when used.
    Type-Normal/Ground (after mid-battle form change starts off pure normal type.)

    Original stats same as regular Persian. After being hit with super effective hit it changes form and gains this stats and ground type.

    Bond Form
    HP: 65
    Attack: 140
    Defense: 60
    Sp.Atk: 75
    Sp.Def: 65
    Speed: 145
    Total: 550

    Level up moves same as regular Persian only it this version now has Magnitude added as a special move. All Persian now get access to Bulldoze and Earthquake by TM.

    Appearance similar to Regular Persian from however it now has sandy coloured fur sharper claws and a more pointed tail.

    Dex Entry 1- This form of Persian is its unleashed bond with its trainer after pain. It uses that pain to shake cities to total annihilation.
    Dex Entry 2- Formerly owned by the boss of team Rocket this Pokemon this Pokemon has unleashed its full potential through its bond.

    Note- OT in game is always Giovanni
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    Mega Jynx
    Sp Atk-155
    Sp Def-105

    Ancient forms: Mostly fossils, these are the original forms of these Pokemons

    Ancient Omanyte and Omastar
    Type-Ground/Water(Omanyte), Steel/Water(Omastar)
    Ability-Heavy Armor. An inverse Weak Armor, hits increase defense but lower speed

    Ancient Kabuto and Kabutops
    Ability-Swift Swim(Kabuto), Water Legs(Kabutops). Water Legs mean this Pokemon's speed increases by 1 whenever either in water or rain

    Ancient Aerodactyl and Ancient Mega Aerodactyl
    Type-Dragon/Flying(Aerodactyl), Dragon/Rock(Mega Aerodactyl)
    Ability-Intimidate(Aerodactyl), Flight(Mega Aerodactyl). Flight not only gives the effect of Levitate, but gives 50% attack bonus on Flying type moves

    Aerocero, the Mystic Bird Pokemon
    Evolution-Aerocero can evolve into one of the three legendary birds. However it can only be achieved once per save file, by accessing one of the pillars. The Blizzard Pillar results in Articuno, the Firestorm Pillar results in Moltres, the Thundering Pillar results in Zapdos. You must touch them

    Alt Hoothoot line
    Type-Ice(Hoothoot), Ice/Flying(Noctowl)
    Ability-Snow Cloak/Insomnia(Normal), Slush Rush(Hidden)
    Evolution-Max Friendship during the night
    Note-This is a reference to snowy owls
    Favorite Generation: V
    Favorite Pokemon per generation: Mewtwo, Jirachi, Giratina, Ferrothorn, Klefki
    Favorite type: Water
    Favorite team: Plasma
    Most recent shiny: (HG Random)

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    Change Talonflame's english name to Fiarrow. No idea why they didn't keep it like in the japanese version - Talonflame is a generic/lazy name, Fletchling > Fletchinder > Fiarrow flows better and we wouldn't have to have that dub 'cry'

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    New Pokemon
    Ability- Dry Skin/Adaptability
    Hidden Ability- Damp.
    Evolves into Paras when holding tiny mushroom

    1 Scratch
    1 Fury Cutter
    5 Slash
    10 Leech Life
    15 Rage Powder
    20 U-turn
    23 Infestation
    25 Dig
    30 Drill Run
    35 Stone Edge
    40 X-Scissor
    50 Cicada Claw

    new move- Cicada Claw- (BP60 PP10 Bug-type Physical) the user attacks. Then, building up more power, the user raises its Speed stat.
    HP: 35
    Attack: 60
    Defense: 30
    Sp.Atk: 5
    Sp.Def: 30
    Speed: 20
    Total: 180

    Egg Moves
    Water Sport
    First Impression
    Fell Stinger

    Dex Entry 1- This pokemon seek to establish its independance. However its evolved forms seem to lack this and seem to keep passing it mushrooms.
    Dex Entry 2- There are no mushrooms on this pokemon unlike its evolved forms. It protects itself from fire using water.
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