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Thread: Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KillerDraco View Post
    I sincerely doubt they would ever put a Special Attack stat higher than Mega Mewtwo Y, Primal Kyogre, Mega Rayquaza, and Deoxys-A on a random 600 BST Legendary. Even if its defenses leave little bulk to speak of. They typically reserve extreme offensive stats like that for VERY special cases.
    I was thinking of some good Poison Legendary that works really well in a competitive format. I corrected the BST to 680, which I was originally thinking and is the typical BST of a lot of mascot legendaries. And to correct to the new BST, I altered the HP stat and added more bulk to it. It now has base 190 HP, higher than a lot of Pokémon.

    And the purpose of it's HA Prior Block is so that it doesn't get KOed that quickly in competitive format and is pretty much a guaranteed Uber. Or even in AG with Mega Rayquaza if it makes it overpowered.
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    Default What's after MEga Evolution?

    What new game mechanic will be introduced do you think following on from Mega Evolution? Now that mega evolution has been established, I am wondering what new form of Power-up will be introduced in future.

    I think GF will continue to give more pokemon Mega Evolutions in coming generations, but surely they will be looking into new game mechanic in form of powering up UU pokemon to make them more interesting.

    An idea I would like to see happen is Pokemon that goes through transformation while in the presence of other pokemon. For example, fire types boosted by legendary Ho-oh. This will be interesting in a double/triple battle scenario.

    What do you think?

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    New move idea:

    Glace Kick
    Type: Ice
    Power: 85
    Accuracy: 90%
    PP: 10
    Category: Physical
    Contact: Yes
    Effect rate: 10%

    Note: Description: The user launches a kick with a high critical-hit ratio. It may also freeze the target.

    I'd also like to see an Ice variant of Flare Blitz and Volt Tackle. Can't think of a name for it right now.

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    Default Pokémon - The Introduction of Non-Type Gyms (How Though?)

    I'm sure this has been mentioned before, and I in the past have been opposed to it, but with the franchise's 20th Anniversary on the rise, I realized the gym criteria is in need of a change. The question is, however, how?

    In doing a bit of looking into the current 50 gyms within the main series games, I saw some elements that could suggest interesting themes for gyms in lieu of mono-typing.

    I. Stat-Changing Gyms

    This class of gyms, based around the altering of stats, I came across while revisting Norman's gym in ORAS. Seeing it a second time reminded me of how different the gym was from the rest in the gym. The trainers only so happened to have Normal types, their focus being on improving stats. I think this would make a great template for gyms. Themes under this class could be:

    - Stat Augmentation Gym
    - Stat Deduction Gym
    - IV-Exclusive Gym
    - Specific Stat-Themed Gym (Speed, Attack, HP, etc.)

    II. Beauty Gyms

    This class of gyms, based on the appearance of pokemon, I came across through Whitney and Erika's gyms. The trainers and gym leaders were fixated on 'cuteness' and how visually appealing their pokemon were. I think a gym themes on aesthetics would make for a fine mixup of teams for both the trainers and leaders. It could include strategies that influence or derive from appearance. Themes under this class could be:

    - Cute Pokémon Gym
    - Beautiful Pokémon Gym (Milotic, duh)
    - Scary Pokémon Gym
    - Attract Gym
    - Forme-Changing Gym

    III. Status Infliction Gyms

    This class is probably the most obvious one, given Koga and Blaine's well-known techniques. Nevertheless, I find this to be quite the gym challenge, especially considering many players do not like the utilization of status infliction. Themes under this class could be:

    - Sleep Gym
    - Burn Gym
    - Poison Gym
    - Multi-Status Gym
    - Status Item Gym

    IV. Metagame Gyms

    This class, my favorite of all potential classes, is based on the strategies found within the known metagame. I think it would be great to see gyms based solely on stalling, sweeping, or spiking. Ultimately, this class speaks for itself. Themes under this class could be:

    - Sweeping Gym
    - Stalling Gym
    - Tank Gym
    - Entry Hazard Gym
    - Protect Gym
    - Substitute Gym

    V. Weather Gyms

    Another foreseeable class, this one is based around environments. While the major consensus is weather, this can also include terrains, HM slaves, and environment-themed teams, such as a forest team or an industrial team. Themes under this class could be:

    - Rain Gym
    - Sunlight Gym
    - Sandstorm Gym
    - Terrain Gyms (Fairy, Grassy, Electric, etc.)
    - HM Move Gym
    - Underwater-Themed Gym
    - Jungle-Themed Gym
    - City-Themed Gym

    VI. Eeeveelution Gyms

    Need I say more?

    VII. Evolution Gyms

    This final class of gyms is based on the various elements of evolution. Through the series, we have seen all types of evolutions and evolution methods. I think it would be great to see gyms based around certain ideas regarding evolution. Themes under this class could be:

    - Baby Pokémon Gym (1st gym, only)
    - Stone Evolution Gym
    - Non-Evolving Pokémon Gym
    - Middle Evolution Gym
    - Two-Pokémon Evolution Gym
    - Three-Pokémon Evolution Gym
    - Friendship Gym
    - Multiple Evolve Forms Gym
    - Mega Evolution Gym

    EDIT: Some turd deleted my thread and put the contents here. Personally, I wouldn't consider this a creation, because I didn't make anything, but whatevz. Hopefully there is still a discussion to be had.
    Last edited by PrinceOfFacade; Today at 12:00 PM.

    Please leave feedback on my gyms via PM, if you'd like. I want to make sure people are truly enjoying them.

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    I think type gyms are fine the way it is, imo.

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