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Thread: Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

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    Default Sinnoh alts and other

    Sinnoh alts

    Mega Torterra
    Ability-Rain Dish

    Mega Infernape
    Ability-Flame Body

    Mega Empoleon
    Ability-Inner Pride(if this Pokemon is flinched, their attack and special attack increases by two)

    Starly variant
    Description-A variant of Starly. These Pokemon live in a far more aggressive environment, and as such they become fighters

    Krickeswune, the Soothing Song Pokemon
    Evolution-Kricketune-Lv up with two Pokemon Amie stars and Sing-Krickeswume

    Mega Luxray
    Ability-No Guard

    Ancient Cranidos line

    Ancient Shieldon line
    Ability-Adamant Armor

    Mega Mothim
    Ability-Adaptable(this Pokemon's stats boost in any weather condition)

    Mega Wormadam
    Type-Bug/Grass, Bug/Ground or Bug/Steel like normal

    Mega Vespiquen
    Ability-Insect Queen(any attempt to use Bug moves on this Pokemon will result in the opponent flinching instead)

    Cherrsun, the Cherfully Bright Pokemon
    Type-Grass(normal), Grass/Fire(Sunny form)
    Ability-Sunny Disposition. This is a move which while change Cherrsun's form in Sunny Day
    Evolution-Cherrim-Lv up knowing Sunny Day-Cherrsun

    Variant Glameow
    Ability-Limber/Pick Up, Inner Pride(Hidden Ability)
    Evolution-Glameow-Max Happiness-Purugly

    Ancient Bronzong
    Type-Steel/Water or Steel/Fire
    Ability-Drizzle or Drought
    Evolution-Use a Water Stone or Fire Stone on Bronzoar. This evolution only works in mountainous regions to obtain this alternate form
    Note-The original, ancient power within this Pokemon. It is described as popping up only in places where it is necessary

    Variant Gible line
    Ability-Swift Swim(Gible, Gabite, Garchomp), Rough Skin(Hidden Ability), Strong Jaw(Mega Garchomp)
    Note-This is based off the idea of them being traditional sharks

    Variant Hippopotas line
    Type-Water(Hippopotas), Water/Grass(Hippowdon)
    Ability-Dry Skin(Main), Sap Sipper(Hidden Ability)
    Evolution-Hippopotas-Lv 26-Hippowdon(its easier to swim through the waters, so it takes less effort to evolve)
    Note-This is based off the more traditional hippos who live in water. The part grass type is a nod to their herbivirous nature and living in muddy, swampy areas

    Mega Carnivine
    Ability-Insectivore(Bug type moves used against this Pokemon will heal it by the same amount they'd usually damage it)

    Mega Cresselia
    Ability-Good Dreams(if this Pokemon is asleep, their stats will increase by one for each turn asleep)

    Mega Darkrai
    Ability-Nightmare Fuel(sleeping Pokemon will drop each of their stats by one for every turn asleep)

    Atlaey, The Ocean Heir Pokemon
    Evolution-Lv Up Phione with four or more hearts on Pokemon Amie

    Special Evolutions

    Like Alolan Forms, Special Evolutions result in the final evolution being of a different typing and form than normal. However they are accessed by mini-trials of a sorts. Once complete, the person in charge will teach the Pokemon a special move only they can teach.

    They describe it as "the influence of people able to alter Pokemon's growth", in a vein to how humans have altered traits of animals like selective breeding. These were methods taught by "the wandering man, having lived across all history", implicitly being AZ

    Special Parasect
    Ability-Green Thumb/Dry Skin
    Trial: The teacher mentions that he is capable of making sure that Paras will have control over the spores on its back. There is a cooking mini-game which involves the mushroom items and berries
    Special move-Spore Bomb. This is a Bug/Status move which will always hit, and always result in the Sleeping, Paralysis or Poison status infliction

    Special Primeape
    Ability-Inner Focus
    Trial: The teacher is part of a martial arts, teaching Pokemon to become more at peace. Through Mankey focusing its rage on dummies and finding inner peace, it can become part Psychic and no longer angry when evolved
    Special Move-Tranquil Fury. This is a Psychic/Physical move with 65 Atk, 10 PP and 100 Acc. It doubles in power if the Pokemon was hit by a damaging move previously

    Special Electrode
    Ability-Black Smoke(this Pokemon lowers accuracy of opponents by one when it first appears on the battlefield)
    Trial: The teacher is an electrician who has been trying to deal with the problem the unstable Voltorb. You need to find the "Special Cable", which is in a dungeon full of Electric types. You are not permitted to use items. If you can make it through without losing a Pokemon, you are ready
    Special move-Stability. This is an Electric/Status move with 10 PP that greatly increases the accuracy of Electrode's moves

    Special Rhyperior
    Ability-Speed Boost
    Trial: A trial by Kalos, based on Rhyhorn racing. You play a mini-game where you and other Rhydons compete. Once you manage to win the Rhydon race, you will be granted the special move
    Special move-Rampage Run. This is a Rock/Physical move which acts as the Rock equivalent of Extremespeed

    Special Noctowl
    Trial: You and Hoothoot have to win a flying game
    Special move: Haunting Look. A Psychic/Special move of 50 Atk, 15 PP, 95 Acc and has the effect of preventing the opponent from leaving

    Special Granbull
    Trial: Think of it like special grooming of your Snubbul
    Special move: Bully. A Fairy/Physical type move with 50 Atk and 15 PP that does double damage on Pokemon with less than half their maximum HP

    Special Ursaring
    Ability-Enraged(being hit by a damaging move increases their atk by one)
    Trial: You need to treat your Teddiursa well, so it grows up with lots of love
    Special move: Bear Claws. A Fighting equivalent of moves like Slash

    Special Wailord
    Trial: A diving/scuba diving test, to help train your Wailmer to be able to swim to deeper depths
    Special move: Crushing Pressure. This is a Water OHKO move with the standard accuracy and PP of an OHKO move

    Special Dusknoir
    Ability-Shadow Tag
    Trial: You have to face a series of malignant, non Pokemon ghosts to prove you are deserving of the true, dark power within Dusknoir
    Special move: Black Hole. Like Flying Press, but a Ghost/Dark type

    Special Porygon-Z
    Ability-Volt Absorb/Levitate, Analytic(Hidden Ability)
    Trial: A special new upgrade is developed for Porygon2. You need to prove you deserve it by beating the teacher in a in-game video game
    Special move: Super Conversion. This is an Electric/Status move which makes Porygon-Z immune to the typings of its current opponent

    Special Crustle
    Ability-Heavy Metal/Intimidate
    Trial: A fetch quest of sorts for Dwebble, so as to allow it to construct a better and lighter home(they're less defensive and more speedy than normal Crustle)
    Special move: Shell Manevour. A Steel/Status move, this acts like Belly Drum but for maxing speed

    Special Conkledurr
    Trial: A building minigame
    Special move: Concrete Smack. This is the Fighting/Rock equivalent to Flying Press

    Special Cofagrigus
    Trial: This is the mummy out of the coffin. You need to prove yourself in an expedition
    Special move: Mummy Wrap. This is a Ghost/Physical move which lowers the speed of the opponent by two

    Special Hydreigon
    Ability-Mega Launcher
    Trial-You train you Zwelious to get more used to weaponry. This form is based off the original "cyborg tank" idea. As such, Hydreigon is quadrupedal
    Special move: Mega Cannon. This is a 120 Atk, 10 PP Steel/Special move which requires a turn to charge. In essence, a Solar Beam of Steel typing

    Special Dragalge and Special Clawitzer
    Type-Poison/Fire and Water/Fire
    Trial-It focuses on bettering the two's aim
    Special move: Blast Burn. Only through this trial captain can these non-starters learn it

    Special Heliolisk
    Ability-Drought/Flash Fire
    Trial-A battle of endurance, making sure Helioptile is better suited for the sun
    Special move: Solar Flare. An 70 Atk, 15 PP Fire move which also acts as Flash
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    Some ideas:
        Spoiler:- Ideas on counterpart moves and abilities:
    This is Turtwig, he was the most under appreciatted starter in Diamond & Pearl. If you picked Turtwig as your starter, put this in your sig . Started by Dax-360
    Quote Originally Posted by Teshub View Post
    I also read from the bulbagarden thread about the movie that Zorua impersonates Dawn and tries to show Dawn's butt to Ash. Fanservice, foreshadowing?
    Quote Originally Posted by Locormus View Post
    This show is called Pokemon, not Pochaman.. although that sounds almost the same..

    Youtube, DeviantArt, Bulbagarden, Imageshack, Photobucket, Smogon, Blog, Pokémon Series Analysis Dropbox Folder, Tumblr. PO/PS Username: Yusuf Kaya 3.0

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    I don't really like how the Alola Form base stats were handled, so I've decided to edit them to make them have completely different stats, except for them being the same BST. These new stats may make them worse however, but I'm not really that bothered about it since it's not like they're gonna become the official stats or anything :P

        Spoiler:- Alola Forms :D:
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    This is Turtwig, he was the most under appreciated starter in Diamond & Pearl. If you picked Turtwig as your starter, put this in your sig. Started by Dax-360

    Name: Spinny
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    Default Unova alts

    Unova alts

    Mega Serperior

    Mega Emboar
    Ability-Flame Body

    Mega Samurott
    Ability-Shell Armor

    Mega Musharna
    Ability-Sweet Dreams

    Mega Gigalith
    Ability-Solar Power

    Variant Tympole line
    Type-Poison/Water(Tympole), Poison/Ground(Palpitoad, Seismitoad)
    Ability-Dry Skin/Poison Point

    Variant Sewaddle line
    Type-Bug/Normal(Sewaddle), Bug/Ground(Dry Forme), Bug/Water(Wet Forme), Bug/Electric(Urban Forme), Bug/Steel(Mountainous Forme), Bug/Normal(Grasslands forme)
    Ability-Clear Body(Sewaddle and Grasslands forme), Sand Veil(Dry Forme), Rain Dish(Wet Forme), Illuminate(Urban Forme)
    Evolution-Sewaddle-Level 20-Swadloon-Lv up with three or more hearts on Pokemon Amie
    Note-This Sewaddle line is capable of different formes that, like Wormadam, depend on where Sewaddle evolve in. It is a rare mutation found in one of every ten Sewaddle, whom are much better at developing cloaks to protect themselves

    Variant Sandile line
    Ability-Strong Jaw/Intimidate, Patience(Hidden Ability. It makes moves requiring turns stronger)
    Evolution-Sandile-Lv 33-Krokorock-Use Water Stone-Krookodile
    Note-This is basically just the crocodile returning to the sea

    Ancient Tirtouga line

    Ancient Archen line
    Type-Normal(Archen), Normal/Dragon(Archeops)
    Ability-Hustle(Archen), Flight(Archeops)
    Note-It is revealed that these Pokemon had a specific ability to help them fly. As a result of missing DNA, the fossil form compensates by giving it a Flying typing
    Evolution-Archen-Shiny Stone-Archeops

    Cerruoak, the Seasonal Pokemon
    Type-Water/Grass(Spring Forme), Fire/Grass(Summer Forme), Ground/Grass(Autumn Forme), Ice/Grass(Winter Forme)
    Evolution-Deerling-Lv 34-Sawsbuck-Trade while holding the Seasonal Ring
    Note-This is utilizing its seasonal formes for non-aesthetic purposes

    Mega Jellicent
    Ability-Intimidate(Male Jellicent), Poison Body(Female Jellicent)

    Variant Tynamo
    Ability-Volt Absorb/Life Drinker
    Evolution-Tynamo-Eelektrik-Water Stone-Eelektross
    Description-This is a line of Tynamo that never left the sea

    Mega Beartic

    Variant Stunfisk
    Description-This line of Stunfisk lives in clearer waters. As such, it is no longer muddy

    Mega Druddigon

    Ancient Golurk
    Ability-Iron Fist/Intimidate
    Evolution-Golett-Max Friendship-Golurk
    Note-The power of Golurk, released from the ancient past

    Variant Pawniard line
    Note-These Pokemon are based off the idea of the white pawns in chess instead of the black pawns of normal Pawniard

    Variant Heatmor
    Ability-Gluttony/Sniper, Tough Claws(Hidden Ability)
    Note-This line of Heatmor adapted to the variant Durant. It is more used to the cold

    Variant Durant
    Ability-Intimidate/Strong Jaws
    Note-This is based off the fire ants

    Legendary alts

    Tanovim, the Harmonious Pokemon
    Type-Electric/Fire(Incomplete Tanovim), Dragon/Steel(Complete Tanovim)
    Ability-Pressure(Incomplete Tanovim), Plasma Drive(Complete Tanovim. It boosts the power of Electric and Fire moves by 30%)
    BST-700(Incomplete Tanovim), 740(Complete Tanovim)
    Note-This is the true original dragon. The incomplete version is a merger of Reshiram and Zekrom, possessing two heads and described as being "unstable". Through Kyurem, it can reach its true power

    Articuno Unbound
    Ability-Snow Warning
    Description-The Unbound formes of the legendary birds are their true power, restrained by Lugia to prevent the species from causing havoc

    Zapdos Unbound

    Moltres Unbound

    Mega Lugia
    Ability-Weather Master(no matter what the weather, this Pokemon will gain an added boost and be unaffected by negative effects)
    Item-Silver Crown
    Note-The Mega Stones of Lugia and Ho-oh were specifically developed in old Johto, back when they were worshipped.

    Mega Ho-oh
    Ability-Healing Spell(this immediately brings up Safeguard, which will stay so long as Ho-oh is on the field)
    Item-Gold Crown

    Mega Deoxys
    Type-Psychic(Normal Forme), Psychic/Steel(Defensive Forme), Psychic/Fighting(Attack Forme), Psychic/Rock(Speed Forme)
    Ability-Clear Body
    Note-It is revealed that the conflict between Rayquaza and Deoxys has led to the creation of a new Mega Stone, of which Deoxys can wield

    Perfect Arceus
    Ability-Mastery(all moves gets STAB)

    Ancient Genesect
    Ability-Apex Hunter(Pokemon who share the same type as Genesect are damaged more)
    Note-This is the original form of Genesect

    Upgadre Genesect
    Ability-Plasma Cannon(this Pokemon gets a 50% attack bonus on types shared with the drive it holds)
    Note-This is the intention of Genesect

    Shiny Locks unlocked

    Celebi: Celebi is an unlockable Pokemon in the DP remakes. Rather than an event, it requires the transfer of a Pokemon from the original Diamond, Pearl and/or Platinum games to be unlocked. It is at Level 30, and lacks a shiny lock

    Manaphy: While not technically unobtainable as shiny, it is nigh-impossible due to how it was distributed. In the DP remakes, Manaphy is a post-game boss that lacks a shiny lock.

    Victini: A special shiny Victini is given out in the state New York and New York specifically, on the month of July. It knows V-Create

    Keldeo: A special shiny Keldeo is given out in France, in the month of the anniversary of Black and White

    Hoopa: In the Gen VIII games, Hoopa becomes an in-game event. It requires one to obtain the "Rare Lamp", allowing you to summon Hoopa. It lacks the shiny lock

    Cosmog: A giveway in anticipation of the Gen VIII games is a shiny Cosmog. It will know hold either the Solar or Lunar Key, determining its future evolution. In Gen VIII, it is described as being a rare creature the Aether Foundation sought to harness but could never find
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    Favorite Pokemon per generation:
    Favorite type: Water
    Favorite team: Plasma
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    Default Some thoughts on a future evolutionary stone.

    Currently all the evolutionary stones have been tied to a Eeveelution, even though in the case of Ice Stone, it came after the fact.

    The one de facto exception is of course Sylveon, so a Fairy Stone might come in the future, even though Light Stone is that in a de facto means.

    Ignoring that however;

    -Psychic remains the only significant legendary type from the first two generations alongside Flying to not have a stone. Currently four Psychic-types evolve by stone, Starmie, Exeggutor, Gallade and Musharna, and two Flying-types evolve with a stone, Togekiss and Honchkrow.

    Flying types remain evolving through conventional means though, save for few select exceptions like Gligar, Combee, Yanma and Mantyke, though Flying enjoys a large amount of happiness evolutions and forme changes.

    -Dark is relatively insignificant for a future stone, having only two species that evolve with a stone, and two legendaries(not counting Guzzlord). Having two pseudos is interesting, but overall Dark-type has no immediate importance. Dusk Stone temporarily works, though.

    -Fairy has seven legendaries and many species that evolve with a stone, as well having two separate major stones, Moon Stone and Light Stone.

    -Poison is completely insignificant alongside Normal.

    -Steel and Dragon both have separate items for evolution which are currently not utilized.

    -Ghost enjoys both Reaper Cloth and Dusk Stone, but a true Ghost stone might be interesting. But first there needs to be more Ghost-types.

    -Bug, Fighting, Ground and Rock are all mediocre enough to be ignored for a while.

    So I guess the next major stones will be Psychic and Fairy Stones.

    I do not think there will be non-type stones in the near future though, besides maybe a reverse of Dawn Stone for Male Combee and Salandit.
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    This is Turtwig, he was the most under appreciatted starter in Diamond & Pearl. If you picked Turtwig as your starter, put this in your sig . Started by Dax-360
    Quote Originally Posted by Teshub View Post
    I also read from the bulbagarden thread about the movie that Zorua impersonates Dawn and tries to show Dawn's butt to Ash. Fanservice, foreshadowing?
    Quote Originally Posted by Locormus View Post
    This show is called Pokemon, not Pochaman.. although that sounds almost the same..

    Youtube, DeviantArt, Bulbagarden, Imageshack, Photobucket, Smogon, Blog, Pokémon Series Analysis Dropbox Folder, Tumblr. PO/PS Username: Yusuf Kaya 3.0

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    Some Mega Evolution Ideas:

        Spoiler:- Mega Evolution :D:

    This is Turtwig, he was the most under appreciated starter in Diamond & Pearl. If you picked Turtwig as your starter, put this in your sig. Started by Dax-360

    Name: Spinny
    Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage

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    I was in a plane and I was bored, so here is what I did to pass the time. If I worked for GameFreak: Alt. Starter Pokémon forms:

    Venusaur: Grass/Fire: Bulbasaur left in extremely hot climates have adapted to no longer get burned from the sunlight they absorb.

    Charizard: Dragon/Flying: Thought to be the original form of the Charmander line, they have been recently rediscovered after this form was thought to be extinct.

    Blastoise: Ground/Steel: When a group of Squirtle were isolated from any body of water, they mutated to be able to survive. Water absorb as an ability.

    Meganium: Fairy: These Meganium were discovered deep in the forests of the Kanto region. They keep Viridian Forest alive.

    Typhlosion: Rock/Fighting: These Typhlosion were discovered in the same mountainous region as Dragon Charizard. They are rivals.

    Feraligatr: Dark/Dragon: These Feraligatr hid deep in the Unknown Dungeon of the Kanto region.

    Sceptile: Dragon/Ice: These Sceptile would not have survived in the snowy mountains of Sinnoh had they not adapted.

    Blaziken: Flying/Fighting: Nobody knows where the Blaziken came from. The first recorded encounter was in Unova.

    Swampert: Ground: These Swampert have adapted to live in the Desert region of Unova. Water Absorb as an ability.

    Torterra: Ground/Rock: A group of Turtwig were stuck deep underground in a cave filled with precious jewels and minerals.

    Infernape: Fighting/Psychic: When a group of Lost Chimchar were raised by a group of Oranguru, they took on this form.

    Empoleon: Water/Ice: Thought to be the original form of the Piplup line, they were recently imported from the southern hemisphere.

    Serperior: Fire/Dark: These Serperior learned to survive in Hoenn, near the volcanic region.

    Emboar: Rock/Steel: These Emboar were petrified, but through sheer force and strong will, they can still move and live normally.

    Or: Ground/Ghost: These Emboar live in a desert region to the east of Kalos (Based on Ganon from Zelda)

    Samurott: Fighting: These Samurott were thought to be long extinct during the feudal era of the Johto region. They were re-discovered near Ecruteak City after Ho-oh returned to the Bell Tower.

    Chesnaught: Steel/Fighting: These Chesnaught once fought alongside knights of the Kalos region. For unknown reasons, they were rediscovered in another region.

    Delphox: Fairy/Psychic: These tricksters were once feared throughout Unova, Kalos, and all of their surrounding regions.

    Greninja: Poison/Dark: These Greninja were recently discovered by Elite Four member Koga, and his daughter Janine, in the Johto region. Before then, this form of the Froakie line was thought to be a myth.

    Decidueye: Flying/Ghost: These Decidueye hid in the populous cities of Unova for years, without anyone noticing.

    Incineroar: Fighting/Electric: These Incineroar battle with Hawlucha in a region far south of Unova.

    Primarina: Dark/Fairy: These Primarina were known to lure sailors using their beautiful voices. Nobody knows what happened to them.

    I like the concept of Alola forms, and I'd love to see it explored more in future titles.
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    Default Kalos/Alola alts and other stuff

    Starter Variants

    Alolan Bulbasaur line
    Ability-Effect Spore(Normal ability), Thick Fat(Mega Venusaur)
    Note-This is based off the idea of "what if the bulb on its back was never placed there". Instead a bulb mushroom of sorts would develop, and this Pokemon lives in much drier conditions

    Alolan Charmander line
    Type-Ice(Charmander and Charmeleon), Ice/Flying(Charizard), Ice/Dragon(Mega Charizard)
    Ability-Shed Skin(Normal ability
    Note-This Charmander grow up in far colder temperatures. As such, they must store their heat internally and become used to the cold, embracing it as a weapon

    Alolan Squirtle line
    Ability-Filter(Normal ability), Mega Launcher(Mega Blastoise)
    Note-This Squirtle line live on a volcanic island, hence the typing change. Their water guns now serve as flamethrowers

    Kantonian Rowlett line
    Type-Dark/Flying(Rowlett and Dartix), Dark/Ghost(Decidueye)
    Note-Rowlett were introduced from Alola to Kanto to deal with pests, but like Gumshoos they have become a plague

    Kantonian Litten line
    Type-Fighting(Litten, Torracat), Fighting/Dark(Incineroar)
    Note-It focuses more on wrestling, taking on different traits to the standard fighting of Japan

    Kantonian Poppilo line
    Ability-Liquid Voice

    Mega Chesnaught
    Ability-Iron Barbs

    Mega Delphox
    Ability-Bewitched(moves that cause flinching have a higher chance to do so)

    Mega Greninja

    Kalos alts

    Snowy Bunnelby line
    Ability-Thick Fat/Digger, Huge Power(Hidden Ability)
    Evolution-Bunnelby-Use Ice Stone-Diggersby
    Note-This line of Bunnelby grow in a snowy area, and as such dig through snow instead of earth

    Mega Meowstic

    Ancient Tyrunt line

    Ancient Amaru line

    Mega Goodra

    Mega Avalugg
    Ability-Adamant Armor

    Alola alts

    Kantonian Pikipek line
    Ability-Sap Sipper/Skill Link

    Watsoose, The Detective Pokemon
    Evolution-Evolves from Gumshoos after learning a Poison type move
    Note-The poison type refers to how this is an invasive species that is damaging Alola's ecosystem

    Mega Lycanroc
    Ability-Solar Power(Midday Lycanroc), Dark Aura(Midnight Lycanroc)

    Kantonian Dewpider line
    Ability-Water Bubble(Normal Ability), Filter(Hidden Ability)
    Evolution-Dewpider-Lv Up With Iron Defense-Araquanid
    Note-This Pokemon takes an alternative means in Kanto when coming up on land, by developing a steel exoskeleton and steel silk

    Mega Drampa

    Morphalyptus, the Sandman Pokemon
    Evolution-Komala-2 or more stars in Pokemon Amie+learn a Psychic move-Morphalyptus
    Note-This is partly based off Morpheus and the Sandman

    Kantonian Dhelmise
    Ability-Spooky(Ghost moves get 50% attack bonus)

    Shiny Tapus from another world
    Description-These Island Guardians are from another universe, and as such are of a shiny coloration. It is revealed that the Ultra Beasts devastated their home universe and they ended up fleeing to the "main" one.
    Item-Hidden Key. This is a rare item only available once the shiny Tapus are found and caught. It is capable of accessing the Hidden Abilities of Pokemon similar to the Ability Capsule, however instead of being used up it is a held item

    UB-01+: Mega Nihilego/"Her royal majesty"
    Ability-Symbiosis(this Pokemon raises the power of Pokemon in the same party as it)
    Item-Lusaminite. This item was developed by Lusamine herself to empower the being

    UB-01 Gold: Shiny Nihilego
    Ability-Beast Boost
    Note: This is the shiny version of Nihilego. It is revealed to be the "hive queen" of the other Nihilego, commanding them. Research by the Aether Foundation after Sun and Moon was to try and find their commander so as to neutralize the threat posed by the Ultra Beasts
    Signature move: Shiny Nihilego's signature move is Parasite Flow. This is a Poison/Special move similar to Sludge Wave, however it will not harm Pokemon on your team. Rather, it will increase their attack and special attack

    Aether Buzzwole
    Ability-Life Drinker
    Note-Aether Formes are attempted to make Ultra Beasts less imicable to the main universe, helping them become more like Pokemon and less of a threat. It doesn't change BST, but it does alter stat distribution
    Signature move-Proboscis Drain. This is a 100 Atk, 5 PP Bug/Physical move which acts as an absorption move

    Aether Pherosoma
    Ability-Enchantress(essentially Cute Charm, however not only does it affect anyone regardless of gender but it also means Attract can influence anyone regardless of gender. The downside is that the opponent can benefit from using Attract on any gender as well)
    Signature move-Heart Arrow. A 80 Atk, 90 Acc and 10 PP Bug/Special move which does double damage to those affected by Attract

    Aether Xurkitree
    Ability-Volt Absorb
    Signature move-Surge Absorb. This is a 100 Atk, 5 PP Electric/Special move which acts as an absorption move

    Aether Celesteela
    Signature move-Rocket Launch. This is of the same power as Fly, and like Fly you wait a turn. However its Fire/Special and has a chance of inflicting burns

    Aether Kartana
    Ability-Dry Skin
    Signature move-Paper Cut. This is a 50 Atk, 10 PP Steel/Physical move which always inflicts critical hits

    Aether Guzzlord
    Ability-Strong Jaw
    Signature move-Black Hole. This is a Dark/Status move which acts as Protect, but whatever should hit will instead be devoured and heal this Pokemon

    UB-00 Perfection: Ultra Necrozma
    Ability-Perfect Organism(this Pokemon lacks defensive weaknesses)
    Item-The key item of "Black Prism" is required to access this Pokemon
    Z-Move: Rainbow Devestation. This is a Dragon/Special move of 175 Atk that ignores type advantages
    Note: This is the true power of Necrozma. It is revealed to be the most powerful and leader of the Ultra Beasts, however most of its power was lost in the Black Prism. Why this happened is unknown; it is ambiguous if the Pokemon in the main universe robbed it of its power to stop it, or if it willingly gave up to not threaten the alien universe it was in

    Mega Marshadow
    Ability-Shadow Tag
    Favorite Generation: V
    Favorite Pokemon per generation:
    Favorite type: Water
    Favorite team: Plasma
    First shiny: (search) (random) Beast Trio (event), (SR) (Trade) (Chain)

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    Somewhere in the Melemele Meadow, there is a house. The house has a theme of black and yellow. The person inside says this:

    "What I'm about to tell you is a very long tale. Are you sure you want to listen?"

    If you say yes, the person proceeds to recite the entire bee movie script to you. At the end, you get five honeys and black-and-yellow striped unique clothing as a reward.
    Game OTP: FerrisWheel (N X Touko)
    Anime OTP: Marisson (Alan x Manon)
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    Bros 4 lyfe

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    Karp Ball: This is a joke Pokeball which has a 100% chance in catching Magikarp, but makes catching any other Pokemon twice as hard. However a Magikarp caught in this ball can learn Mega Splash, a Water/Special move of 150 Atk and 5 PP, that has a chance of increasing this Pokemon's attack and special attack

    Lucky Ball: This is a Pokeball which gives a x6 multiplier on Pokemon with a shiny coloration. The downside is that it costs 2000 dollars to get. It has a blue coloration and star on it

    Rich Ball: An expensive Pokeball which has a x8 multiplier, however it costs $5000 to get. It is gold and studded with jewels

    Dry Ball: This Pokeball has a x4 multiplication effect if used in deserts or on Rock type Pokemon. It is sandy-colored

    Homely Ball: This is similar to a Luxury Ball, but instead of making friendship easier it makes Pokemon Refresh and Amie double in effectiveness

    Elder Ball: A clay-like ball with gems instead of a button. It is described as being designed to have an eaiser chance of catching ancient Pokemon, and was developed in ancient times as a precursor to the Pokeball. It has a x5 chance on working on the following-ancient Pokemon, Mew, the Swinub line, Relicanth, the legendary golems, the weather trio, Jirachi, the Bronzor line, the lake trio, the creation trio, Heatran, Regigigas, the Yamask line, Unown, the Golett line, the Larvesta line, the Tao Trio, Genesect, Carbink, Diancie, Xerneas, Yveltal, Zygarde, Hoopa

    Mythical Pokemon being available in-game

    Mew: In the next region to visit Alola, Mew is a Pokemon serving as the post-game boss. It is revealed that Mew likes to visit the Alola region due to being young and fresh, and you play a fetch quest in order to try and find it. It is Level 75

    Celebi: A Pokemon available in the DP remakes, by transferring a Pokemon from the original Diamond and Pearl games to access it. It is Level 30

    Manaphy: You see Phione in the Diamond and Pearl remakes, as a 1% encounter in Sinnoh waters. You can encounter Manaphy on a trip to an island north of Sinnoh, with a number of Pokemon not native. It is Level 70, and requires you to both beat the Elite 4 and have a Phione in your party

    Darkrai: A Pokemon encountered once reaching Canalave City. You go to an adventure to obtain Cresselia at Level 40, and once you manage that you can go off to get Darkrai at Level 50

    Arceus: The post-game main opponent you face in the post-story
    Favorite Generation: V
    Favorite Pokemon per generation:
    Favorite type: Water
    Favorite team: Plasma
    First shiny: (search) (random) Beast Trio (event), (SR) (Trade) (Chain)

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    Default Some potential future version countpert pairs with the recent stat retcons

    Alolan Diglett-Alolan Dugtrio/Wooper-Quagsire
    This is Turtwig, he was the most under appreciatted starter in Diamond & Pearl. If you picked Turtwig as your starter, put this in your sig . Started by Dax-360
    Quote Originally Posted by Teshub View Post
    I also read from the bulbagarden thread about the movie that Zorua impersonates Dawn and tries to show Dawn's butt to Ash. Fanservice, foreshadowing?
    Quote Originally Posted by Locormus View Post
    This show is called Pokemon, not Pochaman.. although that sounds almost the same..

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    Also, seeing some of the concepts of ancient Pokémon, I figured I'd give my two cents:

    Ancient Kabuto/Kabutops: Bug/Water with Steelworker ability.

    Ancient Omanyte/Omastar: Dark/Water

    Ancient Aerodactyl: Flying/Dragon

    Ancient Lileep/Cradily: Water/Grass

    Ancient Anorith: Water/Bug and Ancient Armaldo: Steel/Bug

    Ancient Cranidos/Rampardos: Steel

    Ancient Shieldon/Bastiodon: Normal/Steel

    Ancient Archen/Archeops: Normal/Flying

    Ancient Tirtouga/Carracosta: Water/Ground

    Ancient Tyrunt/Tyrantrum: Dark/Dragon

    Ancient Amaura/Aurorus: Electric/Ice

    Hope GameFreak doesn't miss the opportunity to explore ancient Pokémon forms.
    First and Favorite Pokémon

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    Default Mythical beings and other

    Mythical and folklore beings

    Seduspider, the Alluring Webber Pokemon
    Ability-Cute Charm
    Egg group-Bug/Fairy
    Gender ratio-100% female
    Description-This is based off the jorogomo, who in legends pretends to be a beautiful woman in order to attract humans to eat

    Pyrascab and Heliobeetle, the Waste Removal and Solar Pokemon
    Type-Bug/Ground(Pyrascab), Bug/Fire(Heliobeetle)
    Ability-Stench(Pyrascab), Drought(Heliobeetle)
    Egg group-Bug
    Gender ratio-75% male, 25% female
    Evolution-Pyrascab-Use Sun Stone-Heliobeetle
    Description-This is based off a scarab beetle, along with the sun god Ra

    Delugamud and Serporaclus, the Prescience Pokemon
    Ability-Forewarn/Frisk, Dragon Soul(Hidden Ability)
    Egg group-Dragon/Field
    Gender ratio-75% female, 25% male
    Evolution-Delugamud-Level 42-Serpoarclus
    Description-This is based of the Ancient Greek python of legends, hence its psychic typing

    Crimsterror, the Accursed Pokemon
    Egg group-Monster/Dragon
    Gender ratio-50/50
    Description-This is based on the evil nature of Western Dragons, and the red dragon of Wales

    Petrasuse, the Paralyzer Pokemon
    Ability-Static/Paralyzer(moves have an increased chance of causing paralysis)
    Egg group-Monster
    Gender ratio-100% female
    Signature move-Petrify. It's a Rock equivalent to Soak, turning Pokemon into Rock types. It will fail if the opponent is already a rock type
    Description-This Pokemon is based off medusa. Its a humanoid snake with feminine curves

    Hooklure and Siresuser/Tritoweed
    Ability-Illuminate(Hooklure), Cute Charm(Siresuser), Sea Lord(Tritoweed. In double or triple battles, opponents' water type Pokemon will be commanded by it and attack their fellow teammates)
    Egg group-Water/Humanshape
    Gender ratio-87.5% female, 12.5% male
    Evolution-Hooklure-Dawn Stone-Siresuser(if female) or Tritoweed(if male)
    Description-This is based off merpeople

    Toxaglobin, Cephalhorde and Multiphicius, the Multiple Heads, Horde and Toxic Destroyer Pokemon
    Ability-Regenerator/Poison Touch, Fluffy(Hidden Ability)
    Egg group-Monster
    Gender ratio-50/50
    Evolution-Toxaglobin-Level 29-Cephalhorde-Level 44-Multiphicius
    Description-This is based off the hydra

    More legendary/mythical forms and other

    Primal Mew
    Item-Genesis Orb
    Description-The true, internal power of the ancient Mew. Through the Genesis Orb, it gathers latent life energy surrounding it and awakens its long-lost power

    Mega Entei
    Ability-Flame Body
    Note-These Mega Stones are special in that they were crafted thanks to Ho-oh. Only once capturing Ho-oh are you allowed access to create these stones

    Mega Raikou
    Ability-Speed Boost

    Mega Suicune

    Hidden Ability Eon Duo: Illusion. This Hidden Ability comes from the fact that they use light to disguise themselves

    Astraleon, the Soul Pokemon
    Ability-Clear Body
    Note-This Pokemon is a fusion of the lake trio, having once been a single being

    Dialga Unbound
    Ability-Speed Boost
    Key Item-Diamond Spear
    Description-The Creation Trio's Unbound forms are their true power being unleashed. It is revealed the Pokemon are actually avatars for the true creation trio, who are the entire dimensions they are from

    Palkia Unbound
    Ability-No Guard
    Key item-Pearl Spear

    Giratina Unbound
    Ability-Distortion(this makes field moves unable to be used so long as Giratina Unbound in in the party)
    Key Item-Griseous Spear

    Shiny Zygarde from another world. This is a Zygarde from the same alternate world as the shiny Tapus, having failed to protect it.

    Shiny Cosmog: This Lv 40 Pokemon is a giveaway at the end of Gen VII. You also get the signature item of Solar Key or Lunar Key, which if held by Cosmoem will determine if it evolves if it becomes a Solgaleo or Lunala
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    Favorite Generation: V
    Favorite Pokemon per generation:
    Favorite type: Water
    Favorite team: Plasma
    First shiny: (search) (random) Beast Trio (event), (SR) (Trade) (Chain)

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    Poor Necrozma. Once again an appealing new third member for a legend trio has been cast aside in it's debut game.
    Here's a new an improved typing, ability and moveset for a pokemon that's described a aggressive Light-eating beast between dimensions.

    No 800
    Dark / Fairy
    Ability: Prism Armor: Light-based attacks are absorbed by this pokemon to boost Sp.Def
    Basically, instead of taking damage or an effect, the moves Flash Cannon, Dazzling Gleam, Moonblast, Solar Beam, Solar Blade, Aurora Beam, Power Gem, Signal Beam, Mirror Shot, Luster Purge, Light of Ruin, Prismatic Laser, Flash, Confuse Ray will now boost Necrozma's Sp. Def 1 stage when hit.

    Updated moveset: Now to include Tri-Attack, Signal Beam, Aurora Beam, Dazzling Gleam, Shadow Ball.
    (Opening up Special variants for Ghost and Bug Z-moves. As well as adding Special Fairy and Ice Z-moves to it's Z-move potential.)

    There you have it, a better Typed Pokemon with a better suited ability. Dark Fairy typing is both unique and superior to Necrozma over Psychic typing. It now boasts two immunities and a 4x resistance to Dark attacks. It's only weaknesses are Poison, Steel, and Fairy. The latter two are somewhat mitigated by the fact the Prism Armor now makes it immune to Flash Cannon, Dazzling Gleam and Moonblast. It's moderate defences means this is not overpowering- but gives it enough tricks and specialities warranted by it's Legendary status to be a unique threat.
    What would you want to change for Necrozma?
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    Default Un-uniquing types part 1: starter types and more

    Goosavia, Terravius and Kiwiberre, the Flightless Bird, Hairy Fruit and Endangered Bird Pokemon
    Ability-Overgrow(Normal Ability), Nocturnal(Hidden Ability. This Pokemon gets 50% attack bonus on Dark type moves)
    Egg group-Flying/Grass
    Gender ratio-87.5% male, 12.5% female
    Evolution-Goosavia-Lv 18-Terravius-Lv 34-Kiwiberre
    Note-This Pokemon is based off the kiwi(both bird and fruit), and is a starter type in a New Zealand region

    Artideer and Cerunnifinite, the All-Plenty Pokemon
    Type-Grass/Normal(Artideer), Grass/Ice(Cerunnifinite)
    Ability-Cloud Nine/Illuminate(Normal Ability), Thick Fat(Hidden Ability)
    Egg group-Field
    Gender ratio-50/50
    Evolution-Artideer-Ice Stone-Cerunnifinite
    Note-This Pokemon is based off the reindeer and evergreen trees meshed together

    Weasell, Ermasive and Dreadator, the Invasive Pokemon
    Ability-Blaze(Normal Ability), Weasel Out(Hidden Ability. This means that if a Fighting type without perfect accuracy is used on this Pokemon, it will miss)
    Egg group-Water
    Gender ratio-87.5% male, 12.5% female
    Evolution-Weasell-Lv 16-Ermasive-Lv 32-Dreadator
    Note-This Pokemon is based off the stoats and is a starter in a New Zealand region.

    Furnasteel, the Crafter Pokemon
    Ability-Alloy(Normal type moves become Steel type)
    Egg group-Mineral
    Gender ratio-Unknown
    Note-This is an artificial Pokemon crafted, but was abandoned by its creator due to despising its hideous appearance. It would later learn to create and make more of itself. Physically its based off a mechanical cuckoo, and takes inspiration from Hepheastus/Vulcan

    Shantles and Obsidiflare, the Searing Guardian Pokemon
    Ability-Heat Scorched(Water moves do not work on this Pokemon, due to the share internal heat of it)
    Evolution-Shantles-Lv 52-Obsidiflare
    Egg group-Mineral
    Gender ratio-Unknown
    Note-This is based off the golem concept like the Golett line, however it is a guardian of regions with noticeable volcanos. It keeps watch over them to warn people of eruptions

    Infernawyrm, the Volcanic Creature Pokemon
    Egg group-None
    Gender ratio-50% male, 50% female
    Note-This is a legendary Pokemon based off the tube worm. It is described as being a powerful Pokemon that only a few have managed to develop the ability to survive on the land as well as deep underwater

    Delphinus, Sonaspeakse and Hectaseidon, the Sea Mammal Pokemon
    Type-Water(Delphinus, Sonaspeakse), Water/Ghost(Hectaseidon)
    Ability-Torrent(Normal Ability), Soundproof(Hidden Ability)
    Egg group-Water
    Gender ratio-87.5% male, 12.5% female
    Evolution-Delphinus-Lv 17-Sonaspeakse-Lv 36-Hectaseidon
    Note-This Pokemon is based off a dolphin, specifically Hector's Dolphin. It is a starter in the New Zealand region. The Ghost typing references its endangered status

    Regalnamel and Emperjaw, the Sea Terror Pokemon
    Ability-Swift Swim/Limber, Speed Boost(Hidden Ability)
    Egg group-Water
    Gender ratio-50/50
    Evolution-Regalnamel-Lv 40-Emperjaw
    Note-This Pokemon is based off the great white shark. Its tough skin becomes a sort of chain mail armor in this interpretation

    Bathomoss, the Sea Monster Pokemon
    Egg group-Monster/Grass
    Gender ratio-50/50
    Note-This Pokemon is based off some general monsters in movies, and seaweed. It is inspired by the Swamp Thing and Creature From The Black Lagoon

    Sourampa, The Citric Pokemon
    Egg group-Grass
    Gender ratio-50/50
    Note-This Pokemon is based off the idea of a lemon battery. It is semi-humanoid, with a lemon head, lime cut main body and wires as limbs

    Plaspark and Plaspire, the Overheating Pokemon
    Ability-Volt Absorb/Motor Drive, Drought(Hidden Ability)
    Evolution-Plaspark-Thunder Stone-Plaspire
    Egg group-Amorphous
    Gender ratio-Unknown
    Note-This Pokemon is based off the idea of ball lightning and electrical flames. It starts as a cute and hot electric ball, but when evolves gains limbs, becomes more conical and sinister

    Pillospite, Matteror and Morphadred, the Sleepy, False Haven and Night Lord Pokemon
    Ability-Sleepy(like Static, but with the Sleep status)
    Evolution-Pilospite-Lv 29-Matteror-Lv 43-Morphadred
    Egg group-Amorphous
    Gender ratio-50/50
    Note-This is a pillow that becomes a mattress and then a bed. It takes the form of these in order to trick its prey into sleeping on it, where it'll devour them

    Elekabeak and Ampcreste, the Fishing Pokemon
    Ability-Static/Swift Swim, Thick Fat(Hidden Ability)
    Egg group-Flying
    Gender ratio-75% male, 25% female
    Evolution-Elekabeak-Ice Stone-Ampcreste
    Note-This Pokemon is based of the macaroni penguin, and using electricity to fish

    Missingno(Canonized version)
    Pokedex number-000
    Type-???(Unidentified), Ghost/Electric(Identified)
    Ability-???(Unidentified), Corruption(True Ability. It means that whenever it faces an opponent, all their entries on the side of the battle will be unintelligible. This only last for one turn)
    Egg group-No eggs
    Gender ratio-Unknown
    Sp Atk-178
    Sp Def-158
    Pokedex entry-"An anomaly, this entity seems to have manifested at "weak points" of reality to fill the gap. It behaves like a Pokemon, but all observation suggests that it isn't"
    Favorite Generation: V
    Favorite Pokemon per generation:
    Favorite type: Water
    Favorite team: Plasma
    First shiny: (search) (random) Beast Trio (event), (SR) (Trade) (Chain)

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