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Thread: Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

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    New Moves

    Name- Finisher (based on a wrestling finisher)
    Type- Fighting (physical)
    BP- N/A
    Effect-One Hit KO move
    PP- 5
    Accuracy 30%
    Known by- Hawlucha & Incineroar

    Name-Repeat Time
    Type- Psychic (Status)
    BP- N/A
    PP- 5
    Effect- the pokemon repeats the move it used in the previous turn (this even counts if it was a Z-move)
    Known By Celebi (signature move) & Dialga (event only)

    Name- Penguin Smash
    Type- Ice (Physical)
    BP- 70
    Accuracy 70%
    Effect- This move is treated as being both a water and ice type move
    Known by Entire Piplup line and Delibird

    Name-Magic Fist
    Type Fairy (Physical)
    BP 75
    PP 15
    Accuracy 100%
    Effect- 10% chance of causing infatuation if opposite gender
    Known by Granbull. Teachable to many pokemon with fists by move tutor

    Name- Quick Cast
    Type Fairy (Special)
    BP- 40
    PP- 30
    Accuracy 100%
    Effect It has a priority of +1
    Known by Gardevoir, Hoopa & Delphox (teachable to some fairy types by move tutor)

    Name- Sacred Dance
    Type-Fire (status)
    BP- N/A
    PP- 20
    Accuracy- N/A
    Effect- Boosts Attack, Speed & Defence by one stage
    Known by Alolan Marowak & Cubone (egg move)
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