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Thread: Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

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    Alolan Swellow
    HP-60 Atk-60 Def-50 SpAtk-110 Spdef-50 Spd-125
    Ability-Jet Stream-it summons a Tailwind upon entering the battle that lasts for 3-5 turns,thus,its teammates gain a speed increase.
    Dex entry: Due to the vastness of sea in Alola,Swellow have adapted to perpetual flight.They eat,sleep,groom while in the air.
    Signature Move-Ozone Daggers-The user summons thousands of dagger like air blasts that hit the opponent from above at incredible speeds.It lowers the special attack by two stages.Power-130

    Alolan Togekiss
    HP-80 Atk-120 Def-95 SpAtk-50 SpDef-85 Spd-115
    Ability-Plague-upon entering the battle,the user emanates a miasma so strong that poisons every pokemon around it.
    Dex Entry-People speculate that Togekiss,due to their empathic nature,have been corrupted by Ultra Beasts and some might mention that they travelled to Ultra Space and when they returned,they were completely changed.
    Signature Move-Corrosive Crush-The user crushes the opponent with its poisoned talons.Power-90
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