It's about time for a new thread.

The major question of the Pokemon fandom is....

Who's your favorite Pokemon?!

Right? Well, here's where you can tell everyone about your all time favorite Pokemon. Also included in this topic is:

Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?

What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?

What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?

Is there a Pokemon that you think is the coolest of all time? Tell us about it here. Is there a Pokemon that you just can't stand to look at? Tell us about it here. Just remember to NOT FLAME others. They're entitled to their own opinions. Remember to provide some sort of explanation about your opinions too!

Here's my post:

My favorite Pokemon of all time is FERALIGATR. It's just so cool, and it learns lots of great moves, and it looks awesome. Totodile was also my first Pokemon ever.

My LEAST favorite Pokemon is probably Groudon or Slaking. They look weird, and I just don't like them. I used to have problems beating Slaking in the Battle Tower in Sapphire.

My favorite Pokemon Type is probably Water. Or Flying. I like a lot of Flying Pokemon, and the typing is very broad. Same with Water.

My least favorite Pokemon type.... I don't really have one! lol