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Thread: What's Your Favorite and/or Least Favorite Pokemon/Type?

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    Favorite Pokemon Blastoise, Chesnaught, Pidgeot, Golem

    Least favorite Pokemon Mr. Mime

    Favorite type water, rock, fighting

    Least favorite type, fairy...because it's fairy
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    Favorite Pokémon
    Non-Legendary: Arcanine... or is it Houndoom? ...maybe Zoroark. If you couldn't tell I'm big on mammals. ... darn, then there's Mightyena and Umbreon as well...
    Legendary: Lugia. Giratina is a close second.

    Least favorite Pokémon
    I don't know...

    Favorite Type
    Dark. Dark types are awesome. There are other types that I've had great experiences as well.

    Least favorite Type
    Probably Rock. Not to say that there aren't Rock types that I'm fond of. The type is just so... bleh.
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    Who's your favorite pokemon?
    Charizard . He was my first fully evolved starter.
    Who's your LEAST favorite pokemon?
    Sandile STOP USING SAND ATTACK! And Magikarp it's useless.
    What's your favorite pokemon TYPE?
    Fire. It's powerful and destructive. Mwahahahaha!!
    What's your LEAST favorite pokemon TYPE?
    Normal, it has no type advantages.
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    Who's you FAVORITE poke? Hmmm it is probably a tie between sylveon (pixie power FTW!), Raichu (oh you are so underestimated), and Magikarp (face it, he will destroy worlds if used right. Also a shiny magikarp was my first legit shiny I do believe. I masuda method'd it back in pokemon white 2).

    Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon? WATCHOG! Oh man, I just wish I could get my hands on it... It gave me so much trouble in white 2 and patrat is just disgusting! I guess I will have to be satisfied with fainting it whenever I can...

    What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE? Electric closely followed by fairy

    What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE? Probably poison...

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    Who's your favorite Pokemon?!
    Tough one. Probably either Houndoom or Jolteon, and my favorite starter is either Venusaur or Feraligatr. Competitively, I favor Volcarona over all else.

    Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?

    What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
    Bug, Dark, and Electric

    What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
    I don't really hate any type, but if I had to say I'd probably say Fairy. I'm sorry, but I've yet to see any Fairy types that I particularly like.

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    Favorite Pokemon: Without a doubt, Giratina. Not only is it a combo of my two favorite types, but it just has an awesome back story and design.

    Favorite Type: Dragon-Type. Dragons are just awesome. No matter what I'm playing, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc. Dragons are my favorite.

    Least Favorite Type: Fairy-Type. It makes absolutely no sense that they're super effective against Dragons, and despite Game Freak claiming they were made to balance the Dragon-Type, they only made a greater menace in the process.

    Least Favorite Pokemon: Can I say every Fairy-Type?
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