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Thread: Best/Worst and Favorite/Least Favorite Pokemon FROM EACH TYPE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToriAnne View Post
    Ice: Froslass - Seel
    Seel isn't Ice-type.

    I'm born to comment in these threads.

    Favourite - Least favourite

    Bug: Scizor - Wormadam
    Dark: Houndoom - Poochyena
    Dragon: Garchomp - Bagon
    Electric: Raichu - Stunfisk
    Fighting: Lucario - Meditite
    Fire: Charizard - Pignite
    Flying: Charizard - Sigilyph
    Ghost: Gengar - Duskull
    Grass: Sceptile - Lileep
    Ground: Garchomp - Hippopotas
    Ice: Froslass - Cryogonal
    Normal: Togekiss - Spinda
    Poison: Nidoking - Qwilfish
    Psychic: Metagross - Sigilyph
    Rock: Rhydon - Onix
    Steel: Lucario - Mawile
    Water: Blastoise - Tympole
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