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Thread: Best/Worst and Favorite/Least Favorite Pokemon FROM EACH TYPE!

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    Favorite-least favorite(I will only include fully-evolved Pokemon)
    Normal:Stoutland(it looks adorable and is very fast in sandstorm)-Bibarel(it looks ugly and its only saving grace is Super Fang)
    Flying:Staraptor(it looks awesome and has Close Combat to deal with Rocks and Steels)-Mandibuzz(Extremely ugly and has no attacking power at all)
    Fighting-Gallade(has a great design and movepool)-Conkeldurr(ugly and very slow)
    Bug-Scizor(only one weakness and looks cool)-Masquerain(to me,it is uninspired)
    Ice-Weavile(looks awesome and is fast and powerful)-Glalie(mediocre in everything and pretty ugly)
    Water-Excluding legendaries,my favorite is Vaporeon(it is adorable and elegant)-Gastrodon(ugly and has a very annoying cry)
    Electric-Lanturn(I like its design and Volt Absorb)-Electrode(boring design and movepool,and it looks like it has taken hazardously large amounts of drugs)
    Grass-Leafeon(adorable,and fast with Chlorophyll)-Cherrim(uninspired and has very poor stats and movepool)
    Fire-Arcanine(has a great movepool and good attacking stats as well as cool design)-Magcargo(boring and very slow)
    Ghost-Gengar(I like its grin and high Speed)-Giratina-Altered(ugly and I don't like its defense-oriented nature)
    Psychic-Excluding legendaries,my favorite is Sigilyph(great design and decent movepool,not to mention Magic Guard)-Hypno(creepy,slow and lacks attacking power)
    Dark-Absol(it looks awesome,although I never liked its Mega Evolution)-Cacturne(creepy and annoying in sandstorm)
    Dragon-Excluding legendaries,my favorite is Salamence(looks cool and hits hard)-Black Kyurem(EXTREMELY ugly and lacks reliable Physical Ice moves)
    Rock-Archeops(fast and powerful,shame it has Defeatist)-Probopass(ugly and slow)
    Steel-Skarmory(it looks awesome and I like it with Sturdy)-Bastiodon(extremely ugly and all it has are high defenses)
    Ground-Sandslash(adorable and can hit hard)-Seismitoad(ugly and can't even learn Waterfall and Ice Beam)
    Fairy-Togekiss(it looks pretty and has a great movepool)-Dedenne(I am not a fan of most Pikachu clones,with the exception of Emolga)
    Poison-Nidoking(It looks awesome and has a vast movepool)-Skuntank(I hate its cry)

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    Sorry for multiple posts...

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    Pokemon on the left signify my favourite pokemon, those on the right my least favourite. Without further ado...
    Normal: Cinccino Bibarel
    Fighting: Breloom Cobalion
    Flying: Staraptor Sigilygph
    Dragon: Garchomp Druddigon
    Poison: Nidoking Garbodor
    Ground: Mamoswine Whiscash
    Rock: Kabutops Carracosta
    Bug: Heracross Ledian
    Ghost: Mismagius Giratina (never have liked this guy for some reason)
    Steel: Scizor Carbink
    Fire: Darmanitan Heatmor
    Water: Ludicolo Gastrodon
    Grass: Sceptile Sunflora
    Electric: Manectric Zebstrika
    Psychic: Reuniclus Solrock/Lunatone (I Blame Mossdeep gym in my Nuzlocke challenge in Emerald!)
    Ice: Cloyster Beartic
    Dark: Bisharp Mightyena
    Fairy: Clefable Florges (Nothing against it, but I feel there are too many flowers in game already haha)
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    Favourite - Least Favourite

    Normal - Smeargle / Diggersby
    Fighting - Mienshao / Timburr
    Flying - Articuno / Swoobat
    Poison - Seviper / Swalot
    Ground - Gliscor / Rhyperior
    Rock - Armaldo / Probopass
    Bug - Pinsir / Burmy
    Ghost - Yamask / Cofagrigus
    Steel - Metagross / Klingklang
    Fire - Growlithe / Magmar
    Water - Oshawott / Alomomola
    Grass - Serperior / Sunflora
    Electric - Electivire / Eleektross
    Psychic - Kadabra / Exeggutor
    Ice - Froslass / Vanilluxe
    Dragon - Flygon / Drudiggon
    Dark - Umbreon / Scrafty
    Fairy - Xerneas / Swirlix

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    Bug: Scizor. Its only real weakness is fire, its stats are really great for it being partially a bug, and it can learn some killer moves.
    Dark: Weavile. Great Speed/Attack/Special Attack, and great moves.
    Dragon: Dragonite (obviously). Hard hitter with great stats.
    Electric: Jolteon. Its speed is incredible, which makes up for the lack of move variety.
    Fighting: Hitmonlee. For not having an evolution, its stats are awesome and so are its moves.
    Fire: Arcanine, by far! Stats, moves, and overall appeal are frickin great. Best non-legendary fire type around.
    Flying: Ah, I love flying types. Skarmory is one of my all time favorites, so yes.
    Ghost: Spiritomb, for some odd reason.
    Grass: Victreebel. Reeeaally great Attack/Special Attack sweeper with good HP, and its resistance to being poisoned makes life a bit easier.
    Ground: Gliscor. Attack, Defense, Speed, and movepool are all super on point.
    Ice: Not too fond of Ice types, personally. Lapras is my favorite, though. Great defensive Pokemon.
    Normal: Miltank, not gonna lie.... It's just so darn cute.((:
    Poison: Drapion. It has really well-rounded stats, and it only has one weakness, ground!
    Psychic: Xatu. It's hard to find a good Special Attack sweeper with great moves and speed to match.
    Rock: Tyranitar's stats are all really, really high, and it learns a ton of awesome moves.
    Steel: Metagross, it's Special Attack and Speed are pretty high for a Steel type.
    Water: Walrein. If you raise it defensively and give it Special Attack moves, it is a killer in battle.

    Least Favorites:
    Bug: Volbeat/Illumise without a doubt. Useless, for the most part.
    Dark: Liepard, just no.
    Dragon: Druddigon.
    Electric: Stunfisk.
    Fighting: Either Throh or Hariyama; compared to the other Fighting types they're pretty crappy.
    Fire: Darmanitan.
    Ghost: Sableye is essentially useless, even more so than Mawile. (Even though I love Mawile, personally).
    Grass: Jumpluff.
    Ground: Gastrodon.
    Ice: Delibird, for the sole fact that it gave me anxiety attacks in Explorers of Darkness.
    Normal: Watchog is worse than Bibarel tbh.
    Poison: Grimer. Frickin Grimer.
    Psychic: Wobbuffet (typical, I know right?).
    Rock: Omastar looks satanic so let's just not.
    Steel: Bronzong/Klinklang. Nopenopenopenopenopenope.
    Water: Alomomola... like what even?

    I didn't include any of the Generation 6 Pokemon, since I'm not familiar enough with them to classify them, I guess.(:
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    Red I hate, blue I love.

    Bug: Heracross Shedinja
    Dark: Liepard Honchkrow
    Dragon: Dratini Garchomp
    Electric: Plusle Zekrom
    Fighting: Heracross Hariyama
    Fire: Magcargo Infernape
    Flying: Ledian Swellow
    Ghost: Banette Drifblim
    Grass: Shroomish Sceptile
    Ground: Numel Flygon
    Ice: Delibird Froslass
    Normal: Skitty Arceus
    Poison: Koffing Seviper
    Psychic: Unknown Gardevoir
    Rock: Geodude Lunatone
    Steel: Kilingklang Honedge
    Water: Magikarp Swampert
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    Bolds are favourites, italics are least favourites.

    Bug - Beedrill Pinsir
    Dark - Absol Mega Gyarados
    Dragon-Palkia Mega Charizard X
    Electric -Luxray Jolteon
    Fighting-Gallade Blaziken
    Fire - Vulpix Mega Charizard X
    Flying - Crobat Charizard
    Ghost - BanetteNone
    Grass - ChikoritaRoserade
    Ground - Torterra Cubone/Marowak
    Ice - Weavile Lapras
    Normal - Meowth Chansey
    Poison - Gengar Tentacruel
    Psychic - Mew Delphox
    Rock - Omastar Larvitar
    Steel - Dialga Bronzor
    Water - WartortleGyarados
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    Bold means favourite, normal text least favourite

    Normal- Sawsbuck Smeargle
    Water- Gyarados Poliwag and evos
    Fire- Talonflame Pansear and evo
    Grass- Gogoat Oddish and evos
    Flying- Noivern Fearow
    Electric- Zebstrika Voltorb and evo
    Psychic- Espeon Drowzee and evo
    Ice- Lapras Jynx
    Dragon- Salamence Altaria
    Dark- Zoroark Scraggy and evo
    Fairy- Togekiss Mr. Mime
    Fighting- Lucario Thror
    Poison- Skuntank Trubbish and evo
    Ground- Garchomp Stunfisk
    Rock- Aerodactyl Geodude and evo
    Bug- Scolipede Volbeat & Illumise
    Ghost- Giratina Yamask and evo
    Steel- Aggron Bronzor
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    Looks like My list changed this time around due to 6th gen

    Favorite: Volcarona
    Least Favorite: Kricketune

    Favorite: Zoroark
    Least Favorite: Mandibuzz

    Favorite: Noivern
    Least Favorite: Kyurem

    Favorite: Luxray
    Least Favorite: Electrode

    Favorite: Sylveon
    Least Favorite: Slurpuff

    Favorite: Lucario
    Least Favorite: Conkeldurr

    Favorite: Blaziken
    Least Favorite: Magcargo

    Favorite: Togekiss
    Least Favorite: Dodrio

    Favorite: Aegislash
    Least Favorite: Banette

    Favorite: Serperior
    Least Favorite: Maractus

    Favorite: Golurk
    Least Favorite: Stunfisk

    Favorite: Articuno
    Least Favorite: Beartic

    Favorite: Eevee
    Least Favorite: Dunsparce

    Favorite: Roserade
    Least Favorite: Amoonguss

    Favorite: Latias
    Least Favorite: Unknown

    Favorite: Aurorus
    Least Favorite: Crustle

    Favorite: Jirachi
    Least Favorite: Klinklang

    Favorite: Milotic
    Least Favorite: Qwilfish
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    Bug: Scizor/pretty much any cocoon Pokemon i.e. Metapod, Kakuna, Spewpa, etc.

    Dark: Zoroark/Vullaby

    Dragon: Rayquaza/Gible

    Electric: Luxray/Stunfisk

    Fairy: Gardevoir/Igglybuff

    Fighting: Lucario/Meditite

    Fire: Charizard/Slugma and Magcargo

    Flying: Lugia/Doduo and Dodrio

    Ghost: Giratina/Pumpkaboo

    Grass: Serperior/Sunkern

    Ground: Garchomp/Diggersby

    Ice: Amaura and Aurorus/Smoochum and Jynx

    Normal: Arceus/Patrat

    Poison: Nidoking/Trubbish and Garbodor

    Psychic: Mewtwo/Gothita + evos

    Rock: Tyranitar/Binacle and Barbaracle

    Steel: Aggron/Doublade

    Water: Feraligatr/Luvdisc

    Yeah, I'm boring. xD Starters and legendaries as most of my faves.

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    Idk why I'm doing this XD No one ever reads these things lol
    lol at alphabetical order ^
    most: Yanmega/ Kricketune
    Least: (tough choice) but Illumise.

    Most: Mantine
    Least: Blastoise

    Most: Vivillon
    Least: Staraptor

    Most: Furret

    Most: Shedinja
    Least: Gengar

    Most: Drapion
    Least: Alot of dark types, but Houndoom

    Most: Heatmor
    Least: Delphox

    Most: Drowzee/ Sigylph
    Least: Alakazam

    Most: Anorith/Shuckle/Crustle
    Least: Aggron

    Most: Carnivine
    Least: Leafeon

    Most: Victreebel
    Least: Roserade

    Most: Nincada
    Least: Nidoqueen

    Most: Aurorus
    Least: Weavile

    Most:Hawlucha/ Heracross
    Least: Lucario

    Most: Wormadam/ Durant
    Least: Aegislash

    Most: Eelektross/ Tynamo/ Heliolisk
    Least: Jolteon

    I probably missed a type but bleh whatever XD
    Oh wait yeah....
    Most: Vibrava
    Least: Latias

    Most: Florges
    Least: Slurpuff
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    Favorite pokemon:

    Bug: Escavalier
    Dark: Absol
    Dragon: Altaria
    Electric: Emolga
    Fighting: Blaziken
    Fire: Charizard
    Flying: Tropius
    Ghost: Chandelure
    Grass: Serperior
    Ground: Golurk
    Ice: Mamoswine
    Normal: Stoutland
    Poison: Victreebell
    Psychic: Alakazam
    Rock: Aerodactyl
    Steel: Aegislash
    Water: Empoleon
    Fairy: Togekiss

    Overrall favorite: Delphox

    As for the least favorite... I don't even think I legitimately dislike that many pokemon lol. I prefer to focus on the positives than on the negatives. Sure, I do happen to hate a couple of 'em, but actually researching which pokemon I like the least from each type would be a bit too time-consuming.... maybe I'll do it later, maybe not.

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    Likes: dislikes:
    Ghost-Sableye. shuppet, but really I love all the ghosts
    Rock- Barbaracle. Shuckle, because I hate the way he looks at me ((
    Dark- Honchkrow. Drapion, because it disappointed me statistically
    Fire- Chandelure. The Char line of evos, because bulbasaur for the win$$$$$
    Electric- Rotom Stunfisk, because WHY???
    Water- Milotic. Seaking, because it doesn't have a pretty mouth
    Ice- Avalugg. Cryogonal, because I don't like snowflakes
    Dragon- Giratina. Garchomp, because too many matches lost to it
    Steel- Skarmory. WORmAdam, though it is the only steel style I don't like
    Ground- Go lurk. Diggersby, because I feel like it is overrated
    Normal- Lickilicky. Watchog, because it was my first and most disappointing shiny in BW
    Fighting- Scrafty. Poliwrath, because it looks only slightly different from its prevo
    Flying- Braviary. Pidgey line, because I'm sick of seeing them. Or maybe Yveltal
    Bug- Masquerain Burmy, because I just don't like
    Psychic- Wynaut. Smoochum, because it looks weird
    Fairy- Carbink. Dedenne, because gimme a break game freak!
    Grass- Shiftry Sunkern, because I don't know, it just happens to be my least favorite
    Poison- Gengar. Budew, same as sunkern.

    Overall favorite: Sableye, because he is a cutie. Least favorite: Wormadam
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    My favorites (since I haven't figured out the ones I don't like yet.)

    Bug - Scyther (I hate this type...)
    Dark - Zoroark
    Dragon - Reshiram
    Electric - Pikachu
    Fighting - Lucario
    Fire - Charizard (I really wanted to choose Reshiram again :P)
    Flying - Staraptor
    Ghost - Haunter
    Grass - Shaymin (Sky)
    Ground - Garchomp
    Ice - Weavile
    Normal - Zangoose
    Poison - Nidoking
    Psychic - Mew
    Rock - Aerodactyl
    Steel - Dialga
    Water - Feraligatr

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    Hrm, I generally love strange Pokemon so here goes.

    Favorite / Disliked

    Bug- Parasect / Scizor (including Mega)
    Dark- Skuntank / Zoroark
    Dragon- Flygon / Haxorus
    Electric- Electavire / Rotom (all forms) Most hated type
    Fighting- Tyrogue line, can't pick / Hawlucha
    Fire- Piroar / Typhlosion
    Flying- Aerodactyl / Dodrio (It should never be able to learn Fly)
    Ghost- Golurk (because it can learn Fly) / Aegislash (so overplayed)
    Grass- Fight between Lilligiant and Sawsbuck / Breloom
    Ground- Marowak / none, <3 em all My favorite type
    Ice- Cryogonal / Beartic
    Normal- Ursaring / Slacking
    Poison- Swalot / Victreebel
    Psychic- Reuniclus (SQUISHY!) / Malamar (sounds like a candy bar)
    Rock- Gigalith (dat shiny sprite) / Barbaracle (ugly as crap) 2nd Favorite type
    Steel- Aggron / Klinklang (move pool, the monster is pretty good looking)
    Water- Wailord / Mantine (-.-)
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    Favourites (dont know least faves yet)

    Normal: Aipom
    Fire: Blaziken
    Water: Greninja
    Grass: Turtwig
    Electric: Electivire
    Ground: Gliscor
    Rock: Tyranitar
    Ice: Weavile
    Dark: Darkrai
    Psychic: Deoxys
    Ghost: Gengar
    Flying: Braviary
    Bug: Scizor
    Poison: Crobat
    Fighting: Lucario
    Steel: Aegislash
    Dragon: Giratina
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    Normal: Eevee
    Fire: Charizard
    Water: Greninja
    Grass: Sceptile
    Electric: Pikachu
    Ground: Garchomp
    Rock: Aerodactyl
    Ice: Articuno
    Dark: Darkrai
    Psychic: Mewtwo
    Ghost: Giratina
    Flying: Staraptor
    Bug: Scizor
    Poison: Drapion
    Fighting: Lucario
    Steel: Cobalion
    Dragon: Zygrade
    Fairy: Xerenas

    Least Favorite
    Normal: Bidoof
    Fire: Magmar
    Water: Dewott
    Grass: Seedot
    Electric: Electrike
    Ground: Palpitoad
    Rock: Nosepass
    Ice: Jynx
    Dark: Poochyena
    Psychic: Unown
    Ghost: Frillish
    Flying: Unfezant
    Bug: Combee
    Poison: Zubat
    Fighting: Medicham
    Steel: Magnemite
    Dragon: Shelgon
    Fairy: Aromatisse

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    Bug: Beautifly
    Dark: Umbreon
    Dragon: Altaria
    Electric: Dedenne
    Fighting: Meloetta(Pirouette)
    Fire: Ninetales
    Flying: Togekiss
    Ghost: Mismagius
    Grass: Shaymin(Land)
    Ground: Garchomp
    Ice: Glaceon
    Normal: Delcatty
    Poison: Roserade
    Psychic: Espeon
    Rock: Corsola
    Steel: Mawile
    Water: Vaporeon
    Fairy: Sylveon or Klefki

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    Favorites/Least Favorites

    Bug: Volcarona/Kricketune
    Flying: Tropius/Unfezant
    Fire: Arcanine/Emboar
    Water: Swampert/Remoraid
    Grass: Serperior/Tangela
    Electric: Luxray/Stunfisk
    Rock: Armaldo/Graveler
    Steel: Metagross/Probopass
    Ground: Gliscor/Pupitar
    Normal: Eevee/Bibarel
    Ice: Walrein/ Jynx
    Poison: Drapion/Golbat
    Dark: Umbreon/Scrafty
    Ghost: Gengar:Sableye
    Dragon: Dragonair/Shelgon
    Fighting: Lucario/Machoke
    Psychic: Gardevoir/Mr.Mime
    Fairy: Klefki/Slurpuff
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    Favorites on the right, least favorites on the left.

    Bug: Accelgor - Silcoon
    Dark: Shiftry - Umbreon
    Dragon: Noivern - Latias
    Electric: Eelektross - Plusle and Minun
    Fighting: Conkeldurr - Riolu
    Fire: Magmortar - Braixen
    Flying: Mega Charizard Y - Swablu
    Ghost: Cofagrigus - Misdreavus
    Grass: Sceptile - Cherrim
    Ground: Zygarde - Graveler
    Ice: Vanilluxe - Glaceon
    Normal: Porygon - Eevee
    Poison: Garbodor - Kakuna
    Psychic: Malamar - Unown
    Rock: Rhyperior - Corsola
    Steel: Ferrothorn - Wormadam Trash Cloak
    Water: Feraligatr - Luvdisc
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    My favorites Version.Gen 6!

    Fire: Fennekin
    Water: Skrelp
    Grass: Serperior
    Dragon: Dragalge = Goomy = Dragonite
    Electric: Raikou
    Fighting: Hawlucha
    Ghost: Aegislash = Froslass
    Normal: Meloetta
    Ice: Kyurem = Vanilluxe
    Ground: Gliscor
    Dark: Hydreigon
    Flying: Zapdos = Thundurus
    Poison - Crobat
    Psychic - Delphox
    Rock - Tyrantrum
    Steel - Ferrothorn
    Fairy: Florges = Aromatisse

    Eh I only dislike two Pokémon, Quilladin and Piplup, the former I found the Sugimori/DW artwork meh and the other overrated imo.
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    Bug fav is Vilvillon and least fav is Durant
    Dark fav is Greninja and least fav is Krookodile
    Dragon fav is Kingdra and least fav is Noivern
    Electric fav is Pikachu and least fav is Joltik
    Fighting fav is Keldeo and Virizion and least fav is Chesnaught
    Fire fav is Litwick and least fav is Reshiram
    Flying fav is Talonflame and least fav is Yveltal
    Ghost fav is Froslass and least fav is Aegislash
    Grass fav is Lilligant and least fav is Venusaur
    Ground fav is Phanpy and least fav is Zygarde
    Ice fav is Glaceon and least fav is Jynx
    Normal fav is Skitty and least fav is Dodrio
    Poison fav is Amoongus and least fav is Foongus
    Psychic fav is Espeon and least fav is Jynx
    Rock fav is Aurours and least fav is Golem
    Steel fav is Excavaleir and least fav is durant
    Water fav is Azumarril and least fav is Samurott
    Fairy fav is Xerneas and least fav is N/A

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    Bug- Genesect, Cascoon
    Dark- Hydreigon, Skuntank
    Dragon- Giratina, Altaria
    Electric- Raichu, Electrode
    Fighting- Lucario, Throh
    Fire- Blaziken, Heatmor
    Flying- Aerodactyl, Jumpluff
    Ghost- Dusknoir, Gourgeist
    Grass- Venusaur, Amoongus
    Ground- Sandslash, Hippowdon
    Ice- Kyurem, Aurorus
    Normal- Zangoose, Zigzagoon
    Poison- Gengar, Qwulfish
    Psychic- Alakazam, Mr. Mime
    Rock- Aggron, Corsola
    Steel- Magnezone, Klinklank
    Water- Gyarados, Politoed

    FireRed Nuzlocke Team:

    AlphaSapphire Nuzlocke Team:

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    Mar 2008


    Fav - Least fav
    Bug: Butterfree - Scolipede
    Dark: Umbreon- Drapion
    Dragon: Goodra - Tyrantrum
    Electric: Ampharos - Eelektross
    Fighting: Lucario- Emboar
    Fire: Vulpix - Heatmor
    Flying: Togekiss- Mandibuzz
    Ghost- Misdreavus - Aegislash
    Grass- Chikorita- Ferrothorn
    Ground: Flygon- Rhyperior
    Ice: Glaceon- Abomasnow
    Normal- Buneary- Ursaring
    Poison: Nidoran F - Scolipede
    Psychic: Gardevoir- Beheeyem
    Rock: Diancie - Rhyperior
    Steel: Mawile- Durant
    Water: Azumarill- Barbaracle
    Fairy: Clefairy - Granbull
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    Bug: Galvantula - Escavalier
    Dark: Umbreon- Drapion
    Dragon: Noivern - Druddigon
    Electric: Jolteon - Eelektross
    Fighting: Lucario- Emboar
    Fire: Ninetales - Darumaka
    Flying: Talonflame - Woobat
    Ghost- Misdreavus - Gourgeist
    Grass- Serperior- Ferrothorn
    Ground: Garchomp - Diggersby
    Ice: Articuno - Abomasnow
    Normal: Persian - Purugly
    Poison: Seviper - Chesnaught
    Psychic: Espeon - Gardevoir
    Rock: Tyrantrum - Rhyperior
    Steel: Steelix- Klefki
    Water: Suicune- Barbaracle
    Fairy: Xerneas - Klefki

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