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Thread: Best/Worst and Favorite/Least Favorite Pokemon FROM EACH TYPE!

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    This may take a while,

        Spoiler:- list:

    2nd part: My least favorite
    Based on their design is the main reason I don't like them
        Spoiler:- list:
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    Favorite//Least Favorite

    Bug: Skorupi//Kricketot
    Dark: Pangoro//Shiftry
    Dragon: Flygon//Druddigon
    Electric: Jolteon//Manectric
    Fairy: Togekiss//Aromatisse
    Fighting: Poliwrath//Sawk
    Fire: Houndoom//Simisear
    Flying: Braviary//Mandibuzz
    Ghost: Pumpkaboo//Yamask
    Grass: Bulbasaur//Ferrothorn
    Ground: Phanpy//Stunfisk
    Ice: Articuno//Avalugg
    Normal: Hoothoot//Lickilicky
    Poison: Drapion//Swalot
    Psychic: Grumpig//Mr. Mime
    Rock: Tyranitar//Crustle
    Steel: Steelix//Bronzor
    Water: Starmie//Barbaracle

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    This seems fun.

    Favorite/Least Favorite:

    Bug: Dustox/Kircketune
    Dark : Shiftry/sneasel( I like weavile, sneasel has personal reasons)
    Dragon: Dialga/axew
    Electric: Magnezone/plusle
    Fighting: Lucario/throh
    Fire: Reshiram/infernape
    Flying: Altaria/emolga
    Ghost: Dusknoir/frillish
    Grass: meganium/pansage
    Ground: Golem/swinub
    Ice: Kyruem( Black preferably)/Smoochum
    Normal: Arceus/patrat
    Poison: Roserade/gulpin
    Psychic: lugia/grumpig
    Rock: Areodactlyl/sudowoodo
    Steel: Bisharp/ bronzor
    Water: Greninja/luvdisc
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    Bug: Galvantula.
    Dark: Yveltal.
    Dragon: Reshiram.
    Electric: Zekrom.
    Fairy: Shiny Mega Gardevoir.
    Fighting: Mienshao.
    Fire: Volcarona.
    Flying: Lugia.
    Ghost: Giratina.
    Grass: Serperior.
    Ground: Torterra.
    Ice: Aurorus.
    Normal: Tie between Sawsbuck and Meloetta.
    Posion: Tie between Scolipede and Dragalge.
    Psychic: Cresselia.
    Rock: Tyrunt/Tyrantrum.
    Steel: Lucario.
    Water: Milotic.

    Least Favorite:
    Bug: Silcoon and Cascoon.
    Dark: Stunky/Skuntank.
    Dragon: Goodra.
    Electric: Voltorb/Electrode (Pikachu and its clones deserve mentions)
    Fairy: Slurpuff.
    Fighting: Gurdurr.
    Fire: Magmortar.
    Flying: Golbat.
    Ghost: Doublade.
    Grass: Exeggcute.
    Ground: Diggersby.
    Ice: Jynx.
    Normal: Purugly.
    Posion: Weezing.
    Psychic: Mr.Mime.
    Rock: Geodude/Graveler.
    Steel: The entire Klink line.
    Water: Bibarel.

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