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Thread: Best/Worst and Favorite/Least Favorite Pokemon FROM EACH TYPE!

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    Welp, here's my lists:

        Spoiler:- Favourites:

        Spoiler:- Least Favourites:
    Gay and Proud.
    Sun (Anthony): Rowlet, Bruxish, Salandit
    Moon (Alba): Popplio, Pikipek, Cutiefly, Lurantis, Oricorio

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    Favourite - Least Favourite

    Bug: Scolipede - Wormadam
    Dark: Honchkrow - Liepard
    Dragon: Tyrantrum - Druddigon
    Electric: Ampharos - Electrode
    Fairy: Whimsicott - Slurpuff
    Fighting: Heracross - Emboar
    Fire: Volcarona - Magmortar
    Flying: Staraptor - Unfezant
    Ghost: Chandelure - Mismagius
    Grass: Roserade - Sunflora
    Ground: Excadrill - Diggersby
    Ice: Abomasnow - Cryogonal
    Normal: Girafarig - Stantler
    Poison: Dragalge - Skuntank
    Psychic: Malamar - Beheeyem
    Rock: Sudowoodo - Bastiodon
    Steel: Ferrothorn - Klinklang
    Water: Blastoise - Basculin
    My shinies

    Random: Meowstic Salandit
    RE: Crabominable Gumshoos Toucannon
    SR: Greninja Tyrantrum Decidueye
    MM: Araquanid, Bewear
    SOS: Salazzle

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    Favourite // least favourite (excluding Legendaries) - based on PRIMARY typing

    Bug Scizor // Parasect, Venonat
    Dark Bisharp, Hydreigon (hence the name) // Vullaby
    Dragon Dragonite // Sliggoo
    Electric Pichu, Magnemite // Eelektrik, Eelektross
    Fairy Togepi line; Sylveon // Slurpuff, Spritzee
    Fighting Lucario, Hitmonlee // Primeape
    Fire Arcanine, Typhlosion // Magby, Simisear
    Flying Noivern and Noibat // -no other non-legendary with primary Flying typing-
    Ghost Gengar, Trevenant // Yamask, Cofagrigus, Gourgeist
    Grass Bulbasaur, Sceptile // Victreebell, Simisage
    Ground Trapinch, Flygon // Stunfisk
    Ice Spheal // Glalie
    Normal Staraptor, Eevee, Snorlax // Dodrio, Doduo
    Poison Drapion, Dragalge // Garbodor
    Psychic Alakazam, Gallade // Gothita
    Rock Gigalith, Tyranitar // Graveler
    Steel Aggron, Metagross // Klink line
    Water Froakie line, Squirtle, Mudkip, Empoleon, Lapras // Jellicent, Alomomola
    Pokéballing since 2001

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    My personal favorites. No repeats


    Bug:Heracross, Volcarona, Scolipede
    Dark:Zoroark, Darkrai, Absol
    Dragon:Latias, Rayquaza, Zekrom
    Electric:Raichu, Jolteon, Heliolisk
    Fighting:Lucario, Virizion, Keldeo
    Fire:Typhlosion, Blaziken, Ninetales, Fennekin
    Flying:Lugia, Ho-oh, Yveltal
    Ghost:Froslass, Giratina, Chandelure
    Grass:Sceptile, Snivy, Torterra, Shaymin
    Ground:Swampert, Donphan, Krookodile
    Ice:Lapras, Kyurem, Glaceon
    Normal:Eevee, Arceus
    Psychic:Gardevoir, Espeon, Gallade, Hoopa, Deoxys
    Rock:Tyranitar, Aggron, Tyrantrum
    Steel:Metagross, Excadrill, Jirachi
    Water:Vaporeon, Suicune, Milotic, Kyogre, Floatzel, Manaphy (Too many to list)
    Fairy:Sylveon, Diancie

    Least Favorite:

    Bug: Silcoon, Cascoon
    Dark:Not Sure
    Dragon:Not Sure, I love them all
    Electric:Pikachu clones
    Fire:Charizard, Simisear
    Grass:Not Sure
    Psychic:Unown, Slowpoke
    Rock:Not Sure
    Fairy:Not Sure

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    I'm only gonna count fully-evolved Pokemon here and of course I'll avoid repeats.

    Bug: Escavalier - Illumise (even more boring than Volbeat)
    Dark: Skuntank - Shiftry
    Dragon: Goodra (might be Drampa soon) - Dialga
    Electric: Eelektross - Pikachu (whom I have boundless hate for)
    Fairy: Mawile (my all-time favorite Pokemon) - Mr. Mime (shocker)
    Fighting: Mienshao - Medicham
    Fire: Camerupt - Entei (just bad looking IMO)
    Flying: Staraptor - Jumpluff
    Ghost: Gourgeist - Hoopa
    Grass: Serperior - Bellossom
    Ground: Torterra (barely beat Seismitoad) - Wormadam (Sandy Cloak)
    Ice: Vanilluxe - Articuno (the Ultimate Boring)
    Normal: Stoutland - Arceus (if that dosn't count, then Tauros)
    Poison: Garbodor - Vileplume
    Psychic: Bruxish (if that can't count yet, Reuniclus) - Jynx
    Rock: Crustle - Probopass (I like Nosepass' gen 3 sprite, but then they made it polygonal and evolved it poorly)
    Steel: Klinklang - Heatran
    Water: Clawitzer - Luvdisc (good for Heart Scales, but that's about it)

    In case you didn't notice, I love gen 5. I feel that that was when the franchise's designs took a turn for the better, despite many fans' protests. I like and dislike Pokemon based almost solely on their designs.

    My top 5 favorite Pokemon:

    5 - Garbodor
    4 - Gourgeist
    3 - Serperior
    2 - Clawitzer
    1 - Mawile

    Not sure if Bruxish ranks top 5 yet, and of course gen 7 is in the works, so I guess this is kind of an odd time for me to make this list...
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    Revised my ideas

    * Normal type: My least favorite typing, honestly. My favorite is Ditto because Imposter Ditto is amazing, my least favorite would probably be Castform because of the missed potential
    * Grass type: Favorite would be Ferrothorn, a powerful defensive Pokemon with an awesome ability. Least favorite is a split between Cherrim and Sunflora. Don't actively hate them, they just seem the least interesting
    * Fire type: Favorite is a toss up between Charizard and Camerupt(the latter because of its great typing). Least favorite is Magcargo because it lacks the defensive typing that made Camerupt work and is slow, making it a poor choice
    * Water type: Favorite, how do I even choose. I guess it'd be Swampert. Least favorite is obviously Luvdisc
    * Electric type: Favorite is a tie between Electrode and Magnezone. Least favorite is Plusle and Minum. I should not have to do double teams to make them useful
    * Ground type: I kind of have an issue with this typing as I mainly need it for an electric counter. Favorite, due to concept and coolness, is Golurk. Least favorite is Diggersby because of how hideous it is
    * Rock type: Favorite is Omastar. No, it has nothing to do with Lord Helix, I liked it before it was cool. Least favorite is Probopass, as it pretty much is only defense
    * Steel type: Favorite's Metagross. I know, stereotypical choice. Least favorite is Bastiodon for the same reason as Probopass
    * Ice type: Cyrogonal is my favorite. I know, odd, but it has everything I like about speedsters. Sure its frail, but its got great special defense and speed to balance that out. Least favorite is Jynx due to being weak/uggo/racist
    * Bug type: Favorite would...hmm, Durant? Volcarona? Maybe Shedinja? Can't decide. But my least favorite would be Kricketune
    * Fighting type: Its not a typing that interests me, but I do like Hariyama a lot because of its beefy HP. Meinsho is my least favorite, if only because I'm not that interested in it
    * Psychic type: My most hated Pokemon ever is Unown, for so many reasons I have already given. Favorite's Malamar
    * Ghost type: It may be predictable, but Chandelure is my favorite. Mismagius' my least favorite mainly because its the least interesting
    * Dark type: Favorite is Hydreigon because its awesome. Least favorite is Mighteyna for the same reason as Mismagius
    * Flying type: Don't factor this typing much, it's such a secondary typing. But my favorite is Mega Pinsir if it counts, Skarmory if we're excluding Mega Evolution and least favorite is obviously Farfetch'd
    * Poison type: Favorite is Weezing, least favorite is Garbodor
    * Dragon type: No-one likes Druddigon. I like Garchomp a lot
    * Fairy type: Klefki's my favorite, Aromatisse bores me
    * Legendary Pokemon: Favorite is Jirachi, my favorite Pokemon. Least favorite is Phione, and if that doesn't count Regigigas due to the gimped ability
    Favorite Generation: V
    Favorite Pokemon per generation: Mewtwo, Jirachi, Giratina, Ferrothorn, Klefki
    Favorite type: Water
    Favorite team: Plasma
    Most recent shiny: (Diamond random)

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    Favorite / least favorite
    Explanations are included in parentheses.

    My opinions are my own, so sincerest apologies if I end up deriding someone else's favorite(s)!

    Normal: Porygon-Z (Best offensive duck, bar none. Wide and unique movepool and enticing design.) / Castform (Gimmicky to the point of novelty. Lacks any real diversity or utility, with terrible stats and a movepool shallower than a kiddie pool.)
    Grass: Tie: Serperior & Roserade (Serperior's speed is... well, superior. That 115 base is nothing to snicker at. Also, Contrary-boosted Leaf Storm? Halle-freaking-lujah. Roserade has a cool design and solid special attack.) / Maractus (Just looking at it is... unsettling, to say the least.)
    Fire: Volcarona (Quiver Dance + any special fire move = free smores!) / Tepig line (When Emboar was first introduced, the first thing I worried about was yet another Fire/Fighting typing. Not only am I not impressed by this line's designs and stats, but I feel that Infernape and Blaziken serve this otherwise effective dual typing far more justice)
    Water: This was arguably the most difficult choice. However, I ended up selecting Cloyster. (Why? Because Skill Link, despite being an ability I never previously used in any of my playthroughs until now, synergizes so well with Icicle Spear and Rock Blast, as well as Shell Smash + Hydro Pump. Although Cloyster can't learn my favorite Water-type move, Scald, I still adore this oversize oyster to bits.) / Lovdisc (Lel.)
    Electric: Rotom (All forms. Great typing and coverage regardless of form and neat design concept.) / Plusle and Minun (Might might as well throw Pachirisu, Emolga, and Dedenne in there too for good measure. Terrible stats and gimmicky Pikachu-esque designs.)
    Ground: Gliscor (4x weakness to Ice aside, this Pokemon looks positively epic and has solid physical defense.) / Stunfisk (I nearly forgot this abomination existed. I wish I had.)
    Rock: Tie: Cradily & Aerodactyl (Yeah, yeah, I'm a sucker for prehistoric Pokemon. Cradily is often overlooked, but its typing is solid even though its stats could use some improvement. Aerodactyl's speed is enviable despite a noticable lack of defenses.) / Carbink (I just... don't see this thing as viable? Stellar defenses but lacking everywhere else, with a 4x weakness to Steel to boot.)
    Steel: Bisharp (Great attacker and solid physical defender with a phenomenal design.) / Steelix (What good is having incredible physical defense and above average physical attack power if you're slow as molasses and have low special defense? Terrifying design, too - in my opinion, Onix didn't need an evolution.)
    Ice: Froslass (Cool design and swift of foot... er, float? Suicide Spikes is a fun set to run on this one.) / Vanilluxe (I actually don't hate the ice cream design. I just hate the fact that so many better Ice-types exist out there.)
    Bug: Tie: Scizor & Galvantula (Both have cool designs and solid movesets that can assist in a variety of roles.) / Burmy/Wormadam (Ugh. Just ugh. I can't even stand to look at those compost cocoons.)
    Fighting: Mienshao (Cool design and strong attacker.) / Conkeldurr (Mainly because it's ugly.)
    Psychic: Gardevoir (Pretty obvious, no? Gardevoir has been one of my all-time favorite Pokemon ever since the inception of Gen III and the Hoenn region. Beautiful design and vast movepool. Adding a secondary Fairy type to it in Gen VI improved its utility even more.) / Tie: Unown & Mr. Mime (First one's a nuisance and a gimmick, second one's creepy.)
    Ghost: Chandelure (Though a favorite among many, myself included, Chandelure's top-notch special attack and unique typing allow for it to excel on most if not all teams. Speaking of which, if your team can't assimilate an ethereal chandelier into its ranks... think of your priorities there, friendo.) / I actually don't bitterly dislike any of the Ghost-types currently, but in terms of which I'd least likely use, it'd probably be Banette.
    Dark: Tie: Absol & Umbreon (Two polar opposites: pure attacker and pure defender. Both have satiated a wide gamut of roles in my previous teams and their designs are solid.) / Hydreigon (Leaves the hypothetical equivalent of a bad taste in my mouth. It has a cool design, sure, but battling this thing in Gen V was an outright pain before Fairy-types were introduced. The Dark-typing coupled with Dragon was nice at first, but there are still far better Dragon-types out there in my opinion.)
    Flying: Crobat (Excellent speed and access to both Cross Poison and Acrobatics. Moreover, a prime example of a classic nuisance evolving into something exceptional!) / Unfezant (Brings nothing new to the Normal/Flying table. To that end, Staraptor is a likelier and far stronger candidate for my teams.)
    Poison: Drapion (I never expected to like this Pokemon. When it was first introduced, I thought its typing was awkward and lacked utility. Come Gen VI, however, I learned that it could be used as a decent Fairy-buster and Psychic-buster and had solid physical defense. Though the aforementioned types are primarily rooted in special attacks, Drapion's speed is usually decent enough to strike beforehand. Plus, I'm a sucker for scorpions.) / Garbodor (It's garbage both literally and figuratively.)
    Dragon: Tie: Dragonite & Goodra (Both are cute and extremely powerful and boast ocean-sized movepools.) / Dragalge (There's no reason for me to use this over other, more kingly Dragon-types.)
    Fairy: Florges (Amazing special defense and access to Grass-type moves.) / Aromatisse (Kind of an odd design and inferior to other Fairy-types.)
    Legendary: Darkrai (Dark Void is a spectacle to behold.) / Regigigas (Poor ability and awkward design.)
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    So I decided to redo this whole thing, give explanations, rank it in order of favourite to least favourite type.

    EDIT: I actually never actually finished it, so I'd figure I'd do so and update any changes in my favourite Pokemon.

    Favourite: Because I can't include duplicates, this actually makes things quite awkward here- my favourite Dark-type overall is Hydreigon. However, my second favourite, which I'll say is my favourite here, is Pangoro. I've always liked pandas, and Pangoro, from my experience, is a very powerful and surprisingly resilient team member. Ingame, there's very little that anything can do to mine, Pandora. She tears through them all. Plus I love the designs!

    Least Favourite: Zoroark is just that one Pokemon I don't like. I always thought its design looked pretty unappealing, what with that weird mane thing it has and the red spots around its mouth. I'm sure with a few alterations, it could become a personal favourite of mine. But unfortunately, that's just not the case.

    Favourite: Honestly, though I could say either Venusaur or Chesnaught on this one, I'll have to go with the classic and say Venusaur. It wasn't even my first Grass starter either- that would be Meganium. Yet after using a Venusaur for the first time properly in Y, it's just a Pokemon that I've fallen in love with. It's powerful and can take a decent hit, its Mega is incredibly fun to use, and I quite like its design as well.

    (I have to give Maractus an honourable mention too, though. I've always loved it, but it just doesn't really get the attention it deserves.)

    Least Favourite: For Unova being my favourite region, I've got a surprising number of them already on my list. Yep- for those of you who have seen me posting right since Gen 5, you've guessed this. Serperior is my least favourite. I don't think it's as bad as I used to- after looking at its stats, it seems to be more of a tank (which is a little odd, to say the least), plus after using a Contrary Serperior named Peripeteia in a few online battles, I've kind of started liking it a little more. And I will agree, it has a very elegant design. That first experience with the Snivy line, however, left a bad taste in my mouth that I don't think I can ever ignore.

    Favourite: I could repeat myself and say Venusaur, but I really can't betray Scolipede here. Right from the moment I saw it, I thought its design looked amazing. I've never been one for early bugs, but seeing as one as downright ferocious-looking as it downright charmed me. (And okay, maybe I was a little obsessed with it when it was first announced. Once again, if you've seen me in the past, you'll have seen the stupidly cheesy name I gave myself in honour of it). It's incredibly solid as well, and capable of taking you through until endgame. What's not to like about it?

    Least Favourite: I know some of you will scoff when I say this, but Garbodor. Don't get me wrong, I have to give them credit for its design. It's hard to make trash look good. Still, I can never get over its design. Right from the moment I saw it and its admittedly terrifying gaping mouth in Black for the first time, it kind of shocked me. And I do think the design has potential- it was actually kind of adorable in X and Y when that horrifying mouth was closed. It's that initial introduction, however, that made me kind of leery of it.

    I do like Trubbish, though. For a bag of trash, it's a pretty charming design.

    Favourite: Yeah, as much as I try to narrow it down to just the one, it's not happening here. My two favourite Electric types are Zebstrika and Luxray. These two are actually because of Nuzlockes- White 2 and Platinum respectively. I have certain trends in Nuzlockes, for some reason- the pure Rock-type always dies. The Sharla always dies. And last of all- the Electric-type of the team is the most fun to use out of the lot. As you can guess, that held true- respectively, Misfortune and Six Stars were integral forces in the team, and never left it from the moment they joined. They were my go-to 'Mons in tougher situations, and never let me down. Best thing is, they both made it to the Elite 4. (Misfortune did absolutely nothing, though. Six barely did more, but was my chosen Pokemon for taking out Cynthia's Milotic and Togekiss.)

    Least Favourite: I don't really hate any Electric-types completely, but I'm going to have to give this one to the Tynamo line. Ever since White 2, I've held a bit of a vendetta against them. They're a pain to take down in a Nuzlocke- they have no real weaknesses, and can come packing Flamethrower, so you really have to treat them with caution. They've caused more than one close call, and even
    a death.

    Favourite: Unfezant. Yes, this is another Nuzlocke story. I've always had terrible luck with regional birds. It was my SS Pidgeotto that started the trend of naming female regional birds Sharla, and she that started the trend of every Sharla dying. My Unfezant, Fluster, broke the early bird curse and made it right the way to the Elite 4. It's pretty solid for the entire game. Yeah, it's maybe a little fragile, and it's certainly no Staraptor, but once you know its limits, Unfezant can be a devastating force for the entire game. I don't know how people can say it isn't good when there are early birds with worse stats.

    Least Favourite: Emolga. Fighting one is a pain. Maybe it's an actually good Pikaclone, but I honestly groan when I see it in the wild because of everything it does.

    Favourite: Strangely, my favourite's actually Simisear. It's actually a pretty stupid reason why as well, too- when I first used one in Y, I made a joke that it was my spirit Pokemon because of a part of its Pokedex entry: 'For some reason, it loves sweets'. I do have a liking for anything sweet, plus I'm the sort of person that's known, but not popular- like Simisear (thanks to it being basically the least popular Pokemon, at least in Japan). However, thanks to this joke, I quickly got attached to it, and when I used one in this Y playthrough, the Simisear I used then, Kindle, completely defied all of my expectations and did so much better than his predecessor, Rocket. It was this which quickly made Simisear my favourite Pokemon overall.

    Least Favourite: Talonflame. It's mostly a design thing. I love Fletchinder, but after that, I think that Talonflame's a little bit of a disappointment. Again, it's just me- I can see the appeal.

    Favourite: Okay, this one's a little weird, but I have to mention it because of that. Seismitoad. I don't know how to feel about this thing. It's ugly, and I know that, but to me, it's that sort of Pokemon that's so ugly it's actually kind of charming and cute, if that makes any sense at all. There are both better Ground-types and Water-types in the region it was introduced in. Its stats are kind of middle-of-the-road (though I suppose you have to make up for the one weakness with something). Yet I just can't take the blasted thing off my team. I love it too much.

    I'd bring up Seismitoad again for my favourite Water-type, but I'm trying to avoid repeats here. That's the only reason why I didn't say Krokorok for this too.

    Least Favourite: Claydol. Those eyes are unnerving. I like the inspiration, but there's something about it that looks off thanks to all of those eyes.

    Favourite: Hydreigon. Yes, I know, another part-Dark type. I said it was my favourite type, though, didn't I? Really, though, I just like Hydreigon's design. It's not really your typical dragon, yet it is at the same time. I think, however, where its design really stands out is that it looks the part of the Dark-type. It looks very intimidating; like how you'd expect a Dark-type to look. And those stats are honestly great! Hydreigon's always a solid choice to use if you can get past it evolving at level 64 and that blasted Hustle up until then.

    Least favourite: Sliggoo. I'm not fond of that line in the first place (aside from Goomy- let's face it, that thing is so strange for a dragon, and it's adorable because of that), but Sliggoo just takes the cake for being the most unappealing of the lot.

    Favourite: Rampardos and Gigalith. They're Pokemon that make me actually kind of sad when I see them again, but honestly, I've had some fond memories of the both of them due to both of them becoming absolute powerhouses in Nuzlockes. They're good Pokemon, though, you know? Quite solid in a standard run, and Rampardos, at least, has an impressive learnset through TM use.

    Least favourite: Magcargo. I don't really hate it, per se, it's just a Rock-type I've paid very little attention to over the years.

    Favourite: I would honestly say Exploud. It's not often that you see a mixed-attacking normal type, I don't think, but for being found so early, Exploud does pretty well. A good Boomburst from it tears things up.

    Least favourite: Miltank, and no, not just because of Whitney. Its design. It's a design that just feels really wrong to me, and I don't know why.

    Favourite: Scyther. I know a lot of people prefer to evolve theirs, but honestly, Scyther can do well enough on its own without having to evolve into Scizor. That's what I love so much about it- it can hold its own, even if you don't evolve it. Aside from that, it has an absolutely sleek design and a fantastic ability in Technician. What's not to love about it?

    Least favourite: Scizor. I may have been indifferent towards it before, but after struggling with Scizors with Bullet Punch online for so long, it left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth when it came to the Pokemon. Since then, it's brought me great joy to obliterate them with my Donphan's Counter.

    Favourite: Empoleon. Let me get something straight. I used to not like Empoleon. In fact, I found it a chore to use ingame. Then I became acquainted with my Empoleons in Platinum and Y, Stratus and Captain. Then I learnt: Empoleon has a great typing that backs up its good Special Defense. It's pretty powerful. It can take a hit well and get up from it. Honestly, I've just started to love it more and more.

    Least favourite: I can't really say there's any that are really unappealing to me. If I had to say any, it'd be Basculin. Don't get me wrong, I do still love Basculin. However, I can't deny that it has so much missed potential. I'd love to see it improved in some way.

    Favourite: Mienshao, I'd say. I've always had a love for ferrets and weasels, so having a Fighting-type that takes inspiration from them really appeals to me. Plus it's a good Pokemon in general, especially for BW's finale. Ever had a problem with Ghetsis' Hydreigon? Use a Mienshao. That thing crumbles before it.

    Least Favourite: Sawk. Long story short, it's a Nuzlocke thing again. If I'm fighting a trainer's Sawk, some Pokemon is guaranteed to die. I also kind of think that the red oni/blue oni designs that were originally planned (apparently) would have made it and Throh so much more interesting. However, at best, they're rather forgettable to me. I'd list Throh, too, but... Sawk really grinds my gears now.

    Favourite: Actually Mismagius! I didn't like it when I was young, but having used one in Sun, and played with it in Refresh, I always underestimated how adorable it actually was. I'm not the sort of person that usually loves 'cute' Pokemon, favouring the ones I find more fierce or elegant, but Mismagius is that one exception.

    Least Favourite: Golurk. It's not that I don't like it, but I'm always forgetting that it exists. The concept, however, is nice, and I always found it intriguing how Golett were found in Dragonspiral Tower. I always wondered what sort of history it had.

    Favourite: Okay, so thing is? I can't actually remember a whole lot of Steel-types. From what comes to mind, though, I'd say Bisharp. No reason, really. I just like it.

    Least Favourite: Forretress. Again, no reason. Lack of appeal to me, I suppose.

    Favourite: Aurorus. You remember how, in Mismagius' segment, I said I love Pokemon that are elegant? Aurorus fits this perfectly to me. Plus Amaura's cry is my favourite out of any Pokemon.

    Least Favourite: Beartic. Honestly, it's all due to design. It feels oddly proportioned, and honestly, not in a pleasant way. I could deal with the massive foreclaws. Its triangular shape, however, and the shape of its head honestly makes me not like it.

    Favourite: Sigilyph. Its fantastic type coverage makes it a personal favourite through Unova, and although its design is rather strange at first, once you know what it's inspired by, it becomes really quite fascinating. My only issue with it is that its cry was ruined in Gen 6...

    Least Favourite: I've never actually card much for Musharna. It has a nice cry, sure, and I love the reference to Gen 1 in Munna's design, but I've never had fun using it in any sort of playthrough.

    Favourite: Let me get one thing straight here: I've never had the greatest respect for the Fairy-type. On the contrary, there's a part of me that outright resents them. However, my favourite Fairy-type, Sylveon, is what changed that for me. I'm using one in Y now called Azriel, and honestly, he's so much fun to use. It made me love how much I like the typing on moves, too. So thanks to Sylveon, the Fairy-type's not completely irredeemable to me.

    Least Favourite It's hard to decide, actually, considering I don't like the type much. However, if any, I'd say Kirlia? Gardevoir's fine, I'm just not fond of its pre-evolution.
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    Here's my lists with quick reasons... sorry for long post. But its a list I've always wanted to write. Hope its a good read.

    Best - Linoone, Best HM slave in the game, been my loyal partner in the last two games plus level 100 pick-ups, love them leftovers and PP-Ups
    Worst - Stoutland, its just another dog. Plus I don't like its pre-evos.

    Best - Infernape, my favourite fire starter, its on my main team and one of the few pokemon I actually enjoy using as a mixed attacker. Plus it looks awesome!
    Worst - Heatmor, I love anteaters but this guy is kinda ugly and its slow and generally I find no use for it over other fire types.

    Best - Hitmonlee, I've just always loved this guy, I picked him on my first ever playthough of red back in the day and his been my fav ever since. Plus I loved him in the original smash bros.
    Worst - Pangoro, Not the best looking bear pokemon in my opinion, I think its the lack of pupils in its eyes. Plus I used one once and it kept letting me down.

    Water Argh this is a hard one!
    Best - Gastrodon, (Almost tied with so many others) I only recently feel in love with this cute little sea slug, however when I did it became one of my most used pokemon. I love its typing, its storm drain ability, its appearance, its ingame cry.
    Worst - Mantyke, (almost tied with simipour and tympole) out of all baby pokemon I hate Mantyke the most and same goes with water types. I don't think its cute, it adds nothing to mantine, and the smiley face on its back just look odd and kinda creepy. Its only good point is its evolution process.

    Flying (My current favourite type)
    Best - Staraptor, It looks cool, its fun to use and pretty damn good also. Plus its a bird that knows close combat, that's awesome!
    Worst - Fan-Rotom, I don't like the looks of it anyways, however the fact that its a flying type with Levitate just annoys me. I mean they could have changed its ability even to something rubbish. Plus all the rest get awesome moves on their form change yet Fan gets air slash! WHAT why not Hurricane?

    Grass (my old favourite type)
    Best - Bulbasaur, its cute, its cool, Ash's is awesome in the anime, my username is based on it. Favourite starter ever (and my first one also). Plus Venusaur is great also.
    Worst - Budew, another baby pokemon I hate, its ugly and pointless. They gave us roserade in the same gen so why did they add budew? Just so we can get it early in the game without a roselia? Its a wasted dex space that could have gone to a Dunsparce evolution.

    Best - Muk, I just really like Muk. It was my go to rental pokemon in stadium and one of the ones I had the best battles with.
    Worst - Whirlipede, Its design BUGs me. It rolls yet it was impractical spikes that look like type would get in the way. Its eyes just seem to be in the middle of its body? Is it meant to be a long pokemon coiled up as it don't work as its body is a perfect circle, so if it uncoiled its eyes would just be floating? Plus it can use Bug bite with no mouth. Its a typical middle evo where both its pre and final evos outshine it massively.

    Best - Manectric, I love using this guy. Ok these days I use Raichu more for the same reason I use Manectric, Lightning Rod. However Manectric gives me nostalgia as a pokemon I regularly used vs my friend in my early competitive battling days. Plus its mega looks cool. All Manectric needs to keep its top spot in the years to come is a more diverse special movepool.
    Worst - I want to say Togedemaru but I don't think its fair to fully judge it yet so instead i'll go with... Ampharos, yep I just don't like it, I think its ugly, its mega looks better but its just not a very good mega. Plus it goes against my preferred electric type play style of fast and powerful.

    Best - Donphan, I want to prefer Sandslash and Krookodile more as I think they look way cooler and I use Krookodile often, however when I think of Ground types Donphan always appears first in my head. Plus its a pretty good pokemon. Plus I have some good nostalgia when I regularly used one at the battle institute/subway in B/W.
    Worst - Camerupt, Never really liked it design wise, I don't always get on with slow pokemon plus I always forget its even a ground type. So if its not memorable at being a ground type then its not doing a very good job as one.

    Best - Sigilyph, Like Ground I want to put Metagross or Mega Alakazam, however I just think Sigilyph is so cool. It was my MVP on my first ever nuzlocke in X and has always been a pokemon I enjoy using, maybe not as much as the other two I mentioned however as an all round usability, appearance, memories Sigilyph wins.
    Worst - Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, 3 in one. I was going to put Swoobat but then looking at the Bulbapedia list I remembered these 3 completely forgettable Pokemon. I never liked them, a wasted legendary trio (we already had enough Psychic type legendaries), boring designs, wasted pokedex slots.

    Sorry this list is long and bulky

    Rock (my least favourite type)
    Best - Aerodactyl (standard over mega), My go to rock type, that's on my main team. I love this fossil. Its mega is also cool however I always use standard Aero (needs that focus sash).
    Worst - Rhyperior, I use one often in battle but with my eyes shut as its just so ugly and poorly designed (well over-designed). Way to take a cool looking Rhydon and make it a fat mess covered in a toolbelt and what looks like a pharaohs hat! Plus its arms are just like Magmortar's a pokemon it shares a gen with, don't rehash the same idea twice in one gen GF. The rhino gets the blame as magmortar is a slightly better Pokemon (just).

    Best - Glalie / Mega Glalie, Always liked the floating head, and while the broken jaw of its mega is a tad unsettling I still just love the guy. Both design and in battle.
    Worst - Vanilluxe, "OMG YOUR SUCH A GENWUNNER" wait! I don't hate the evo line, Infact I really like Vanillish as a concept and design. However Vanilluxe is just a Vanillish only WAY overdesigned! There is just so much going on that its hard to look at. Its got 2 faces, a pipe with mist coming out, its massive and fills the screen then there is my number 1 hate. Like Mantyke it has that stupid smiley face on the back. Why? It looks so tacted on. My theory is that they added it as without it its back sprite would have just looked like an ice cream. My solution would have been to turn one of the heads around, so one faces forward and the other backwards. If Vanilluxe was a mega Vanillish I might be ok with it as most look overdesigned anyways like its a trait of mega evolution. However as a standalone pokemon its just an ugly mess. Plus it sucks in battle.

    Best - Pinsir
    , I just like it, Mega Pinsir beats it in battle however mega Pinsir has stupid orange spikes on its wings. But regular Pinsir just looks so cool.
    Worst - Kricketune, If pinsir is the best looking bug then Kricketune is the ugliest. Its just so bad looking, AND its terrible in battle also. The only good point is its awesome cry.

    Best - Grachomp
    , I mean its just the best!
    Worst - Mega Latios and Latias, Ugly and unneeded Megas. Atleast make them look different! I don't really like standard latios or Latias either. But their megas even beat Sligoo as the ugliest dragons.

    Best - Gengar
    , I love Gengar and its whole evolution family, apart from....
    Wosrt - Mega Gengar, Way to take everything I like about Gengar and ruin it! I don't care if its OP in battle, I prefer my Gengar with levitate and a Focus Sash. Plus Mega Gengar is UGLY. I hate that 3rd eye. If i'm not allowed to pick the same pokemon for best & worst then my worst is Gourgeist, which is also ugly.

    Best - Liepard,
    I like cats and I like Liepard. Its on my main team and i've had some great battles with it.
    Worst - Hydreigon, could have been designed better in my own opinion. It just feels a bit rushed and unfinished. Plus I've never really bonded with one in battle yet. Unlike I have with Liepard.

    Best - Metagross,
    Found a place for you after you got beaten in the psychic category. It looks cool, its battles well, its the best.
    Worst - Cobalion, I just don't like its design. Plus I find it super forgettable.

    Best - Mega-Gardevoir,
    I really like Mega-Mawile also, however Gardevoir just trumps it as I have more of a connection to regular Gardevoir than I do regular Mawile. The thing looks great and battles well, the adding of the Fairy typing really helped Gardevoir stand out and make me notice her again.
    Worst - Carbink, Ugly, overshadowed by its non-evolution evolution Diancie... actually NO scrap that.... Worst - Diancie Looks like mr Hankey the Christmas poo in a dress. Steps all over Carbink's parade. Diancie is what mega Carbink should have been and Mega-Diancie should not exist.

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    What so everyone's personal favourite Pokemon from each type. Bare in mind they can't be legendary or mega evolved and you can't have the same Pokemon more than once;
    Fire charizard
    Water greninja
    Grass sceptile
    Flying hawlucha
    Electric ampharos
    Ice Lapras
    Poison gengar
    Bug heracross
    Ghost aegislash
    Fairy gardevoir
    Dark sableye
    Psychic metagross
    Steel Mawile
    fighting Kommo-o
    Normal silvally
    Dragon Salamance
    Rock tyranitar
    Ground garchomp

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    I'll do a list of favorites as well as runner-ups. Not going to do a list of least favorites because there are very few Pokemon I dislike.

    Bug: Volcarona
    Runner-ups: Galvantula, Ledian, Yanmega, Heracross, Genesect, Leavanny, Scolipede, Armaldo

    Dark: Hydreigon
    Runner-ups: Weavile, Scrafty, Mandibuzz, Zoroark, Honchkrow, Absol, Umbreon, Spiritomb

    Dragon: Haxorus
    Runner-ups: Hydreigon, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem, Palkia, Giratina, Noivern, Garchomp, Latias, Salamence, Kingdra, Dragonite, Mega Ampharos, Altaria, Dragalge, Mega Charizard X

    Electric: Manectric
    Runner-ups: Galvantula, Ampharos, Magnezone, Raikou, Zekrom, Luxray, Rotom, Zebstrika, Stunfisk, Thundurus, Dedenne, Lanturn

    Fighting: Mienshao
    Runner-ups: Keldeo, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Conkeldurr, Primeape, Hawlucha, Meloetta, Emboar, Gallade, Lucario, Infernape, Blaziken, Medicham, Breloom, Hitmolee, Hitmontop, Heracross, Chesnaught, Toxicroak

    Fire: Infernape
    Runner-ups: Reshiram, Delphox, Emboar, Blaziken, Talonflame, Volcanion, Volcarona, Chandelure, Victini, Magmortar, Ho-Oh, Moltres, Mega Charizard X

    Flying: Sigilyph
    Runner-ups: Unfezant, Braviary, Staraptor, Thundurus, Hawlucha, Noivern, Talonflame, Mandibuzz, Archeops, Swoobat, Shaymin-Sky, Togekiss, Honchkrow, Drifblim, Salamence, Altaria, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Delibird, Yanmega, Ledian, Dragonite, Moltres, Dodrio, Gliscor

    Ghost: Chandelure
    Runner-ups: Gengar, Mismagius, Aegislash, Trevenant, Gourgeist, Golurk, Jellicent, Giratina, Froslass, Rotom, Drifblim, Dusknoir

    Grass: Lilligant
    Runner-ups: Serperior, Whimsicott, Trevenant, Gourgeist, Chesnaught, Ferrothorn, Virzion, Amoonguss, Sawsbuck, Maractus, Leavanny, Shaymin, Leafeon, Roserade, Cradily, Breloom, Torterra, Sceptile, Venusaur, Bellossom

    Ground: Garchomp
    Runner-ups: Stunfisk, Golurk, Diggersby, Krookodile, Seismitoad, Excadrill, Gliscor, Hippowdon, Gastrodon, Swampert, Torterra, Claydol, Camerupt, Mamoswine, Sandslash

    Ice: Weavile
    Runner-ups: Glaceon, Avalugg, Aurorus, Kyurem, Cryogonal, Beartic, Vanilluxe, Froslass, Mamoswine, Walrein, Delibird, Smoochum, Dewgong

    Normal: Braviary
    Runner-ups: Diggersby, Meloetta, Sawsbuck, Cinccino, Audino, Unfezant, Stoutland, Patrat, Porygon-Z, Glameow, Lopunny, Staraptor, Zangoose, Slaking, Swellow, Dodrio, Smeargle, Blissey, Snorlax, Kangaskhan, Sentret, Ambipom

    Poison: Roserade
    Runner-ups: Dragalge, Scolipede, Garbodor, Amoonguss, Gengar, Venusaur, Toxicroak

    Psychic: Gothitelle
    Runner-ups: Meowstic, Delphox, Meloetta, Sigilyph, Swoobat, Musharna, Victini, Cresselia, Mesprit, Latias, Gallade, Metagross, Claydol, Medicham, Lugia, Smoochum, Mewtwo, Starmie, Slowbro, Alakazam

    Rock: Archeops
    Runner-ups: Diancie, Aurorus, Terrakion, Barbaracle, Carracosta, Armaldo, Cradily, Corsola,

    Steel: Magnezone
    Runner-ups: Klinklang, Ferrothorn, Aegislash, Genesect, Cobalion, Excadrill, Lucario, Empoleon, Metagross, Aggron, Mawile, Klefki

    Water: Keldeo
    Runner-ups: Jellicent, Starmie, Clawitzer, Greninja, Palkia, Alomomola, Carracosta, Seismitoad, Samurott, Manaphy, Gastrodon, Walrein, Milotic, Swampert, Suicune, Kingdra, Corsola, Slowbro, Lanturn, Lapras, Dewgong, Azumarill

    Fairy: Sylveon
    Runner-ups: Diancie, Xerneas, Klefki, Dedenne, Slurpuff, Aromatisse, Togekiss, Whimsicott, Mega Audino, Mawile, Azumarill, Mega Altaria, Florges
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    Type: Fav // Least fav
    Bug: Armaldo // Durant
    Dark: Guzzlord // Pangoro
    Dragon: Giratina // Palkia
    Electric: Rotom // Electrode
    Fighting: Scrafty // Infernape
    Fire: Arcanine // Magmortar
    Flying: Archeops // Swanna
    Ghost: Trevenant // Aegislash
    Grass: Sceptile // Sunflora
    Ground: Marowak // Gliscor
    Ice: Froslass // Jynx
    Normal: Porygon2 // Ambipom
    Poison: Salazzle // Vileplume
    Psychic: Mew // Starmie
    Rock: Lycanroc // Probopass
    Steel: Klefki // Escavalier
    Water: Samurott // Gorebyss
    Fairy: Mimikyu // Mr. Mime

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    Now that Sun and Moon are out, I have some new favourites. I'm not going to post least favourites as I can't think of them off the top of my head right now. Excluding repeats:

    Bug - Volcarona
    Dark - Drapion
    Dragon - Salamence
    Electric - Tapu Koko
    Fairy - Primarina
    Fighting - Kommo-o
    Fire - Braixen
    Flying - Noivern
    Ghost - Decidueye
    Grass - Sceptile
    Ground - Nidoqueen
    Ice - Weavile
    Normal - Audino
    Poison - Salazzle
    Psychic - Malamar
    Rock - Lucanroc
    Steel - Lucario
    Water - Greninja

    Top 2 favourite Pokemon: Salazzle and Weavile.

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    Update time!

    (Favorite/Least Favorite)

    Normal: Lillipup + Drampa / Rattata
    Fire: Heatmor / Chimchar
    Water: Skrelp + Primarina / Piplup
    Grass: Serperior + Victreebel / Quilladin
    Ice: Vanilluxe + Kyurem / Weavile
    Rock: Gigalith + Archeops + Lycanroc / Bastiodon
    Bug: Durant / Mega Heracross
    Flying: Honchkrow + Unfezant + Vivillon + Toucannon / Pidgey
    Ghost: Chandelure + Aegislash + Dhelmise + Lunala + Blacephalon / Gastly
    Fighting: Scrafty + Hawlucha / Riolu
    Electric: Raikou / Pikachu
    Dragon: Dragonite + Giratina + Reshiram + Zekrom / Dialga
    Poison: Dragalge + Garbodor + Salazzle / Nidoran (both genders)
    Dark: Bisharp + Hydreigon / Umbreon
    Ground: Torterra + Excadrill + Krookodile / Rhydon
    Psychic: Tapu Lele / Baltoy
    Fairy: Florges + Whimsicott / Dedenne
    Steel: Aggron + Genesect + Kartana / Lucario
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    The last time I posted here, it was the fifth generation. Time for an update!

    Normal: Castform, Meloetta
    Fire: Chandelure, Delphox, Victini
    Water: Primarina, Milotic, Samurott, Greninja, Vaporeon
    Grass: Shiinotic, Whimsicott, Sceptile, Chesnaught, Kartana
    Ice: Vaniluxe, Alolan Ninetales, Froslass
    Rock: Carbink, Diancie, Cradily, Armaldo
    Bug: Ribombee, Vivilon, Butterfree, Yanmega
    Flying: Togekiss
    Ghost: Mimikyu, Marshadow
    Fighting: Gallade, Hitmontop
    Electric: Raichu (both forms) Rotom, Jolteon
    Dragon: Altaria, Flygon, Goodra
    Poison: Roserade
    Dark: Scrafty, Umbreon, Absol
    Ground: Swampert
    Psychic: Musharna, Gardevoir, Espeon
    Fairy: Clefable, Comfey, Sylveon, (Let's be honest I like all of the Fairy types!)
    Steel: Klefki, Mawile, Lucario, Magearna

    I'm probably forgetting some...
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    Update Time!
    Favourite-Least Favourite:
    Normal: Silvally (great design, ability, movepool and backstory)-Watchog (it is ugly and has a bad stat distribution)
    Fighting: Gallade (it looks amazing and has a vast movepool)-Conkeldurr (extremely ugly and very slow)
    Flying: Staraptor (quick, powerful, looks cool and learns Close Combat)-Mandibuzz (ugly and lacks attack power)
    Bug: Scizor (only one weakness and great ability in Technician-Masquerain (has an annoying cry and bad typing)
    Poison: Nidoking (looks cool and has a wide movepool)-Swalot (ugly and has bad stats)
    Water: Starmie (versatile and quick)-Lumineon (ugly and can't hit hard)
    Ice: Weavile (sleek design, good Attack and Speed)-Black Kyurem(really ugly and lacks reliable physical Ice moves)
    Electric: Jolteon(adorable and very quick)-Electrode(boring design and movepool, and it looks like it has taken hazardously large amounts of drugs)
    Fire: Arcanine(majestic and has a good movepool)-Heatmor(ugly,slow and has an annoying cry)
    Grass: Roserade(elegant and hits hard)-Cherrim(bad movepool and boring design)
    Rock: Midday Lycanroc (sleek and fairly quick)-Probopass(ugly, slow and can't hit hard)
    Ground: Sandslash(adorable and fast in sandstorm)-Alolan Dugtrio (it looks silly)
    Steel: Metagross (great concept, good movepool)-Bastiodon(ugly and has awful stats in everything, save for defences)
    Ghost: Gengar(love its grin and Speed)-Palossand (uninspired and creepy)
    Dark: Absol (looks cool and has an interesting backstory)-Cacturne(creepy and annoying in sandstorm)
    Psychic: Sigilyph(good movepool and Magic Guard)-Hypno(slow, creepy and lacks attacking stats)
    Fairy: Togekiss(looks pretty and has a solid movepool and Serene Grace)- Dedenne(I don't like most Pikaclones, and it doesn't get any special-based Fairy moves)
    Dragon: Salamence(looks cool and hits hard)-Turtonator(why is it even a Dragon-type?)
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    Type- Favorite, Least Favorite
    Bug- Mothim, Shuckle
    Dark- Absol, Honchcrow
    Dragon- Noivern, Druddigon
    Electric- Luxray, Voltorb
    Fighting- Mienshao, Conkeldurr
    Fire- Charizard, Emboar
    Flying- Aerodactyl, Delibird
    Ghost- Froslass, Dusclops
    Grass- Serperior, Tangrowth
    Ground- Krookodile, Claydol
    Ice- Glaceon, Cryogonal
    Normal- Persian, Dunsparce
    Poison- Seviper, Garbodore
    Psychic- Espeon, Musharna
    Rock- Midday Lycanroc, Cradily
    Steel- Dialga, Escavalier
    Water- Buizel, Jellicent
    Fairy- Mawile, Mr. Mime

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    Pokemon Types, Favourite First, Least Second

    Feel free to VM/PM me about my reasoning.

    Bug - Volcarona, Shuckle
    Dark - Bisharp, Stunky
    Dragon - Haxorus, Goodra
    Electric - Magnezone, Togemaru
    Fairy - Gardevoir, Togekiss
    Fighting - Lucario, Hawlucha
    Fire - Chandelure, Magmar
    Flying - Sigilyph, Farfetch'd
    Ghost - Sableye, Pumpkaboo
    Grass - Serperior, Sunkern
    Ground - Steelix, Hippopatos
    Ice - Froslass, Avalugg
    Normal - Stoutland, Ratatta
    Poison - Scolipede, Swalot
    Psychic - Metagross, Jynx
    Rock - Aggron, Geodude
    Steel - Skarmory, Mawile
    Water - Samurott, Greninja
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    OK. Here's some of mine. No repeats and no Pokémon from the same evolution line. Only favourites for now since least favourite is harder to decided. List maybe subject to change in the future.

    Bug: Volcarona
    Dark: Weavile
    Dragon: Hydreigon
    Electric: Ampharos
    Fairy: Mawile
    Fighting: Hawlucha
    Fire: Litten
    Flying Braviary
    Ghost: Sableye
    Grass: Roserade
    Ground: Flygon
    Ice: Lapras
    Normal: Heliolisk
    Poison: Nidoqueen
    Psychic: Delphox
    Rock: Tyrantrum
    Steel: Celesteela
    Water: Kingdra

    Overall favourite Pokémon: Weavile (and Sneasel to a lesser extent)
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    Normal: Porygon-Z
    Grass: Tropius
    Fire: Rapidash
    Water: Blastoise
    Ice: Cryogonal/Jynx
    Flying: Sigilyph
    Rock: Lunatone
    Ground: Sandshrew
    Steel: Aegislash
    Electric: Magneton
    Dark: Houndoom (looking at the list, realizing I've never trained a Dark type before...)
    Fairy: Gardevoir
    Poison: Venusaur/Roserade
    Fighting: Breloom/Machamp
    Psychic: Alakazam/Girafarig
    Bug: Yanmega
    Dragon: Kingdra
    Ghost: Chandelure
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    Favorite: Araquanid. Least Favorite: Pinisir
    Favorite: Umbreon. Least Favorite: Malamar
    Favorite: Flygon. Least Favorite: Hydreigon
    Favorite: Luxray. Least Favorite: Stunfisk
    Favorite: Azumarill. Least Favorite: Mimikyu
    Favorite: Monferno. Least Favorite: Conkeldurr
    Favorite: Quilava. Least Favorite: Chandelure
    Favorite: Hawlucha. Least Favorite: Minior
    Favorite: Decidueye. Least Favorite: Banette
    Favorite: Roserade. Least Favorite: Dhelmise
    Favorite: Gliscor. Least Favorite: Palossand
    Favorite: Weavile. Least Favorite: Cryogonal
    Favorite: Litleo. Least Favorite: Furfrou
    Favorite: Salazzle. Least Favorite: Garbodor
    Favorite: Alolan Raichu. Least Favorite: Unown
    Favorite: Lycanroc. Least Favorite: Barbaracle
    Favorite: Lucario. Least Favorite: Klingklang
    Favorite: Dewott. Least Favorite: Toxapex
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    Quote Originally Posted by PrinceOfFacade View Post
    Bug: Vespiquen > Leavanny
    Dark: Umbreon > Krookodile
    Dragon: Altaria > Druddigon
    Electric: Electrode > Plusle/Minun
    Fairy: Florges > Swirlix
    Fighting: Hariyama > Conckledurr
    Fire: Ninetales > Heatran
    Flying: Drifblim > Swanna
    Ghost: Shedinja > Golurk
    Grass: Venasaur > Lilligant
    Ground: Steelix > Zygarde
    Ice: Jynx > Vanilluxe
    Normal: Wigglytuff > Bibarel
    Poison: Weezing > Garbador
    Psychic: Jynx > Sygiliph
    Rock: Aurorus > Trekkion
    Steel: Aegislash > Klinklank
    Water: Suicune > Seismitoad

    This needs an update, so:

    Bug: Vespiquen > Leavanny
    Dark: Umbreon > Krookodile
    Dragon: Altaria > Druddigon
    Electric: Electrode > Plusle/Minun
    Fairy: Mimikyu > Swirlix
    Fighting: Hariyama > Conckledurr
    Fire: Ninetales > Heatran
    Flying: Celesteela > Swanna
    Ghost: Shedinja > Golurk
    Grass: Venasaur > Lilligant
    Ground: Steelix > Zygarde
    Ice: Jynx > Vanilluxe
    Normal: Type: Null > Bibarel
    Poison: Weezing > Garbador
    Psychic: Jynx > Sygiliph
    Rock: Minior > Trekkion
    Steel: Aegislash > Klinklank
    Water: Suicune > Seismitoad

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    Quote Originally Posted by TikTok13 View Post
    Pokemon Types, Favourite First, Least Second

    Feel free to VM/PM me about my reasoning.

    Bug - Volcarona, Shuckle
    Dark - Bisharp, Stunky
    Dragon - Haxorus, Goodra
    Electric - Magnezone, Togemaru
    Fairy - Gardevoir, Togekiss
    Fighting - Lucario, Hawlucha
    Fire - Chandelure, Magmar
    Flying - Sigilyph, Farfetch'd
    Ghost - Sableye, Pumpkaboo
    Grass - Serperior, Sunkern
    Ground - Steelix, Hippopatos
    Ice - Froslass, Avalugg
    Normal - Stoutland, Ratatta
    Poison - Scolipede, Swalot
    Psychic - Metagross, Jynx
    Rock - Aggron, Geodude
    Steel - Skarmory, Mawile
    Water - Samurott, Greninja
    Seeing as I've got Moon now, this needs an update.

    Bug - Araquanid, Shuckle
    Dark - Bisharp, Mightyena
    Dragon - Haxorus, Goomy
    Electric - Zekrom, Electivire
    Fairy - Mawile, Granbull
    Fighting - Gallade, Machop
    Fire - Chandelure, Numel
    Flying - Celesteela, Fearow
    Ghost - Sableye, Pumpkaboo
    Grass - Serperior, Gourgeist
    Ground - Steelix, Dugtrio
    Ice - Vulpix(Alola), Jynx
    Normal - Drampa, Ratatta
    Poison - Toxapex, Zubat
    Psychic - Metagross, Mr.Mime
    Rock - Lycanroc(Midnight), Rogenrola
    Steel - Aegislash, Bastiodon
    Water - Jellicent, Greninja

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    Quote Originally Posted by M.P. View Post
    Bug: Galvantula
    Dark: Drapion
    Dragon: Garchomp
    Electric: Zekrom
    Fairy: Wigglytuff
    Fighting: Chesnaught
    Fire: Charizard
    Flying: Crobat
    Ghost: Gengar
    Grass: Torterra
    Ground: Krookodile
    Ice: Glalie
    Normal: Snorlax
    Poison: Arbok
    Psychic: Metagross
    Rock: Tyrantrum
    Steel: Aegislash
    Water: Gyarados

    Least favorites
    Bug: Illumise
    Dark: Vullaby
    Dragon: Goomy
    Electric: Pichu
    Fairy: Aromatisse
    Fighting: Meditite
    Fire: Pansear
    Flying: Starly
    Ghost: Jellicent
    Grass: Pansage
    Ground: Stunfisk
    Ice: Smoochum
    Normal: Spinda
    Poison: Nidoran (F)
    Psychic: Munna
    Rock: Binacle
    Steel: Wormadam
    Water: Milotic*

    * Wallace and Cynthia's Milotics made me hate this thing.
    Though I should update, due to Gen VII:

    Bug: Golisopod
    Dark: Malamar
    Dragon: Zekrom
    Electric: Magnezone
    Fairy: Wigglytuff
    Fighting: Chesnaught
    Fire: Salazzle
    Flying: Crobat
    Ghost: Gengar
    Grass: Torterra
    Ground: Krookodile
    Ice: Crabominable
    Normal: Snorlax
    Poison: Arbok
    Psychic: Metagross
    Rock: Tyrantrum
    Steel: Aegislash
    Water: Gyarados

    Least favorites
    Bug: Illumise
    Dark: Vullaby
    Dragon: Sliggoo
    Electric: Emolga
    Fairy: Aromatisse
    Fighting: Meditite
    Fire: Pansear
    Flying: Chatot
    Ghost: Jellicent
    Grass: Pansage
    Ground: Stunfisk
    Ice: Smoochum
    Normal: Spinda
    Poison: Nidoran (F)
    Psychic: Munna
    Rock: Binacle
    Steel: Bronzor
    Water: Milotic
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