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Thread: Best/Worst and Favorite/Least Favorite Pokemon FROM EACH TYPE!

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    Welp, here's my lists:

        Spoiler:- Favourites:

        Spoiler:- Least Favourites:
    Gay and Proud.
    Sun (Anthony): Rowlet, Bruxish, Salandit
    Moon (Alba): Popplio, Pikipek, Cutiefly, Lurantis, Oricorio

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    Favourite - Least Favourite

    Bug: Scolipede - Wormadam
    Dark: Honchkrow - Liepard
    Dragon: Tyrantrum - Druddigon
    Electric: Ampharos - Electrode
    Fairy: Whimsicott - Slurpuff
    Fighting: Heracross - Emboar
    Fire: Volcarona - Magmortar
    Flying: Staraptor - Unfezant
    Ghost: Chandelure - Mismagius
    Grass: Roserade - Sunflora
    Ground: Excadrill - Diggersby
    Ice: Abomasnow - Cryogonal
    Normal: Girafarig - Stantler
    Poison: Dragalge - Skuntank
    Psychic: Malamar - Beheeyem
    Rock: Sudowoodo - Bastiodon
    Steel: Ferrothorn - Klinklang
    Water: Blastoise - Basculin
    My shinies

    Random: Meowstic
    SR: Greninja
    In-game/event: Xerneas Yveltal
    Lost/failed: x2

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    FS: Shuppet, Phantump and Spiritomb

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    Favourite // least favourite (excluding Legendaries) - based on PRIMARY typing

    Bug Scizor // Parasect, Venonat
    Dark Bisharp, Hydreigon (hence the name) // Vullaby
    Dragon Dragonite // Sliggoo
    Electric Pichu, Magnemite // Eelektrik, Eelektross
    Fairy Togepi line; Sylveon // Slurpuff, Spritzee
    Fighting Lucario, Hitmonlee // Primeape
    Fire Arcanine, Typhlosion // Magby, Simisear
    Flying Noivern and Noibat // -no other non-legendary with primary Flying typing-
    Ghost Gengar, Trevenant // Yamask, Cofagrigus, Gourgeist
    Grass Bulbasaur, Sceptile // Victreebell, Simisage
    Ground Trapinch, Flygon // Stunfisk
    Ice Spheal // Glalie
    Normal Staraptor, Eevee, Snorlax // Dodrio, Doduo
    Poison Drapion, Dragalge // Garbodor
    Psychic Alakazam, Gallade // Gothita
    Rock Gigalith, Tyranitar // Graveler
    Steel Aggron, Metagross // Klink line
    Water Froakie line, Squirtle, Mudkip, Empoleon, Lapras // Jellicent, Alomomola
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    My personal favorites. No repeats


    Bug:Heracross, Volcarona, Scolipede
    Dark:Zoroark, Darkrai, Absol
    Dragon:Latias, Rayquaza, Zekrom
    Electric:Raichu, Jolteon, Heliolisk
    Fighting:Lucario, Virizion, Keldeo
    Fire:Typhlosion, Blaziken, Ninetales, Fennekin
    Flying:Lugia, Ho-oh, Yveltal
    Ghost:Froslass, Giratina, Chandelure
    Grass:Sceptile, Snivy, Torterra, Shaymin
    Ground:Swampert, Donphan, Krookodile
    Ice:Lapras, Kyurem, Glaceon
    Normal:Eevee, Arceus
    Psychic:Gardevoir, Espeon, Gallade, Hoopa, Deoxys
    Rock:Tyranitar, Aggron, Tyrantrum
    Steel:Metagross, Excadrill, Jirachi
    Water:Vaporeon, Suicune, Milotic, Kyogre, Floatzel, Manaphy (Too many to list)
    Fairy:Sylveon, Diancie

    Least Favorite:

    Bug: Silcoon, Cascoon
    Dark:Not Sure
    Dragon:Not Sure, I love them all
    Electric:Pikachu clones
    Fire:Charizard, Simisear
    Grass:Not Sure
    Psychic:Unown, Slowpoke
    Rock:Not Sure
    Fairy:Not Sure

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    I'm only gonna count fully-evolved Pokemon here and of course I'll avoid repeats.

    Bug: Escavalier - Illumise (even more boring than Volbeat)
    Dark: Skuntank - Shiftry
    Dragon: Goodra (might be Drampa soon) - Dialga
    Electric: Eelektross - Pikachu (whom I have boundless hate for)
    Fairy: Mawile (my all-time favorite Pokemon) - Mr. Mime (shocker)
    Fighting: Mienshao - Medicham
    Fire: Camerupt - Entei (just bad looking IMO)
    Flying: Staraptor - Jumpluff
    Ghost: Gourgeist - Hoopa
    Grass: Serperior - Bellossom
    Ground: Torterra (barely beat Seismitoad) - Wormadam (Sandy Cloak)
    Ice: Vanilluxe - Articuno (the Ultimate Boring)
    Normal: Stoutland - Arceus (if that dosn't count, then Tauros)
    Poison: Garbodor - Vileplume
    Psychic: Bruxish (if that can't count yet, Reuniclus) - Jynx
    Rock: Crustle - Probopass (I like Nosepass' gen 3 sprite, but then they made it polygonal and evolved it poorly)
    Steel: Klinklang - Heatran
    Water: Clawitzer - Luvdisc (good for Heart Scales, but that's about it)

    In case you didn't notice, I love gen 5. I feel that that was when the franchise's designs took a turn for the better, despite many fans' protests. I like and dislike Pokemon based almost solely on their designs.

    My top 5 favorite Pokemon:

    5 - Garbodor
    4 - Gourgeist
    3 - Serperior
    2 - Clawitzer
    1 - Mawile

    Not sure if Bruxish ranks top 5 yet, and of course gen 7 is in the works, so I guess this is kind of an odd time for me to make this list...
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    Revised my ideas

    * Normal type: My least favorite typing, honestly. My favorite is Ditto because Imposter Ditto is amazing, my least favorite would probably be Castform because of the missed potential
    * Grass type: Favorite would be Ferrothorn, a powerful defensive Pokemon with an awesome ability. Least favorite is a split between Cherrim and Sunflora. Don't actively hate them, they just seem the least interesting
    * Fire type: Favorite is a toss up between Charizard and Camerupt(the latter because of its great typing). Least favorite is Magcargo because it lacks the defensive typing that made Camerupt work and is slow, making it a poor choice
    * Water type: Favorite, how do I even choose. I guess it'd be Swampert. Least favorite is obviously Luvdisc
    * Electric type: Favorite is a tie between Electrode and Magnezone. Least favorite is Plusle and Minum. I should not have to do double teams to make them useful
    * Ground type: I kind of have an issue with this typing as I mainly need it for an electric counter. Favorite, due to concept and coolness, is Golurk. Least favorite is Diggersby because of how hideous it is
    * Rock type: Favorite is Omastar. No, it has nothing to do with Lord Helix, I liked it before it was cool. Least favorite is Probopass, as it pretty much is only defense
    * Steel type: Favorite's Metagross. I know, stereotypical choice. Least favorite is Bastiodon for the same reason as Probopass
    * Ice type: Cyrogonal is my favorite. I know, odd, but it has everything I like about speedsters. Sure its frail, but its got great special defense and speed to balance that out. Least favorite is Jynx due to being weak/uggo/racist
    * Bug type: Favorite would...hmm, Durant? Volcarona? Maybe Shedinja? Can't decide. But my least favorite would be Kricketune
    * Fighting type: Its not a typing that interests me, but I do like Hariyama a lot because of its beefy HP. Meinsho is my least favorite, if only because I'm not that interested in it
    * Psychic type: My most hated Pokemon ever is Unown, for so many reasons I have already given. Favorite's Malamar
    * Ghost type: It may be predictable, but Chandelure is my favorite. Mismagius' my least favorite mainly because its the least interesting
    * Dark type: Favorite is Hydreigon because its awesome. Least favorite is Mighteyna for the same reason as Mismagius
    * Flying type: Don't factor this typing much, it's such a secondary typing. But my favorite is Mega Pinsir if it counts, Skarmory if we're excluding Mega Evolution and least favorite is obviously Farfetch'd
    * Poison type: Favorite is Weezing, least favorite is Garbodor
    * Dragon type: No-one likes Druddigon. I like Garchomp a lot
    * Fairy type: Klefki's my favorite, Aromatisse bores me
    * Legendary Pokemon: Favorite is Jirachi, my favorite Pokemon. Least favorite is Phione, and if that doesn't count Regigigas due to the gimped ability
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