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Thread: Best/Worst and Favorite/Least Favorite Pokemon FROM EACH TYPE!

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    I sometimes find my favourites hard to justify considering just how taste-dependent they are, but I'm definitely more able to identify why I don't like certain Pokémon:

    Normal: Castform. The line between Pokémon and Fisher Price toys is admittedly very thin, but Castform crosses that line and is a waste of a cool gimmick to boot.

    Fire: Heatmor. Ugly and useless.

    Water: Phione. Legendary bloat 101.

    Grass: Cherrim. If that's your form 99% of the time, it may as well be your only form. It's like playing with/against an inanimate object.

    Electric: Pachirisu. The other Pikachu clones at least bring something else to the table, usually a secondary typing.

    Ice: Vanillite. See Castform. I'm fine with the concept, the execution is unbearably childish.

    Fighting: Lucario. An inchoate mish-mash of superficially cool tropes.

    Poison: Dustox. I don't dislike the design too much, but it's so depressingly awful for a stage 2 Pokémon.

    Ground: Palpitoad. A diseased human head.

    Flying: Unfezant. Completely uninspired in typing, stats and movepool. It makes Fearow seem electrifyingly innovative.

    Psychic: Mesprit. The most drab member of a drab trio.

    Bug: Combee. See Castform/Vanillite.

    Rock: Sudowoodo. Manages to be both visually weird and mechanically dull at the same time.

    Ghost: Shuppet. Most basic Pokémon have pretty low-key designs, but this seems like the result of someone's pen slipping.

    Dragon: Garchomp. See Lucario.

    Dark: Bisharp. A very cool concept, but too flashy for my tastes - should have been monochrome to fit the chess motif.

    Steel: Wormadam Trash. Just a bizarre colour palette.

    Fairy: Gardevoir. No particular dislike for the Pokémon itself, but it's the signature species of the worst champion.
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    Default Your favorite Pokemon of each type?

    Rock: Tyranitar
    Water: Mudkip
    Electric: Ampharos
    Grass: Meganium
    Poison: Koffing
    Psychic: Mewtwo
    Fire: Quilava
    Ground: Donphan
    Flying: Ho-Oh
    Bug: Dustox
    Normal: Lickitung
    Fighting: Lucario
    Steel: Scizor
    Ice: Cubchoo
    Dragon: Dragonite

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