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Thread: "The save file has been deleted..."

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    Unhappy "The save file has been deleted..."

    I recently purchased a Pokemon LeafGreen GBA game from eBay. I received the game, and played it until(thank goodness) I was about to board the SS Anne. I decided to take a break, so I started Pearl and aimlessly started to walk around to try to hatch some eggs. I saved and turned off my DS, and started LeafGreen again. Usually, after I pressed start where it said "Press Start", a message box would appear that said "The save file is ok." This time, however, a new box appeared. It said "the save file has been deleted..." and it immediately proceeded to the introduction with Oak. Here is a physical description of the cartridge:

    -A semi-transparent green color(like Emerald but more "leafy")
    -On the back, "Nintendo", "Model No. AGB-004", "Pat. Pending", "Made In Japan"

    On the sticker:
    -Pokemon LeafGreen Version in the middle
    -"E" for everyone, and Pokemon Company over Nintendo in bottom right corner
    -Nintendo seal of quality in bottom right corner
    -Under that "AGB-BPGE-USA"

    What's the deal?
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    Dear god, that happened to me 5 times... And it was mine... I figured it was cause i hadnt used it for a while (in a while i mean, a year) and the slot thingy on the inside was kinda dirty... I got mad cause i had a whole bunch of legendariies and a level 85 Blastiose D:

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    (There is a Help thread in FAQ subforum for questions relating to the games, btw).

    It's not a legit copy of LG that you have there, simply. It's a ROM (one that may look like the real thing, but aren't) - some of those will have their memory wipe if you play D/P/Pt with it in the GBA slot. I suppose the 4th gen games tries to access it when D/P/Pt starts up (for the GBA insertion or Pal Park stuff, etc), which wipes the memory because no authentic game is found either purposefully or not. Or something like that. Normal, legit games shouldn't even have the 'the save file is ok' message in the first place, and just go straight into the game menu screen

    Basically, you can't play DPPt with it in the GBA slot otherwise it wipes the memory. I think you can trade with other GBA games though, but it may not work of course.

    There's your answer, and I don't see any more point for this thread... hence I'm closing.

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