Some folks had claimed that this episode would be an average or even a bad one, but to be honest, I loved it! The plot was really well thought-out and all in all it was a thrilling adventure!

Ash once again proved himself to be the hero of the day when he fearlessly jumped into the water to save Piplup and his very best friend Pikachu. I guess, he would actually do everything for his Pokemon and even die just to save them. Didn't that scene make every Ash-Fan's heart beat faster? These are the moments which remind me why I admire Ash so much despite his recent defeats (particularly with regard to the recent Japanese episodes)

As for the awesome piece of music which played while the Pokemon were diving and swimming: I can't help it but it somehow reminded me of the song "My Sharona" by The Knack. Here's the link:
Hold on! Did I just write "My Sharona" ?? Noooo, of course it should be "My ShIrona". What a great reference..awwwwwww No, no that can't be a mere coincidence! That's a hidden message!!! :unworthy:My Shirona...awww!:unworthy: ash_forever is losing it once again

You know what, the idea of attracting the trainers' attention by firing Thunderbolts and Bubble Beams into the sky was brilliant. And believe it or not, I had already come up with that plan before they actually showed it. But the fact that they actually realized one of my ideas in the Anime was even more brilliant. Too bad that it ended in failure when Pikachu and Piplup ("P&P") were stricken by lightning which at the same time was hilarious though. Sorry for gloating over that but the result was just too obvious:ksmile:
But where in the world was that golden "thundershield" from the 7th gym battle in Hoenn? I'm hereby demanding to see that shield again if I'm not supposed to believe that the first shield was a DEM back then :P

Some folks may complain that Deoxys' screentime was way too short, but we mustn't forget that this Pokemon already had its introductory episode (even two to be precise) so it's just natural that we're expected to consider him an "old acquaintance" by now.
Nevertheless, Deoxys' appearance was way better than Darkrai's one eight episodes ago, which was a complete farce. (That episode sure broke my heart because Darkrai definitely belongs to my all-time favorites.)
And of course, let's not forget those fascinating, exciting, and impressive scenes at the end where Deoxys showed its awesome power. Without doubt a worthy ending for a great episode!

7 out of 10 points!