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This episode was nothing but a LOLWUT? filler...was something supposed to happen, or was that just me?

-Narrator flashback! Ken Gates is in ur anime...controlling ur storyline.
-Why exactly did did TR need a disguise? There was no one around, plus, I'm more than sure that Pikachu (maybe not Piplup) can mostly see through the disguises.
-Ok Ash, lets jump into the freezing water after a SUBMARINE. Buizel weighs 65 pounds. Ash weighs at least 100 something. I don't care if Buizel has a jet engine in his butt, he isn't going anywhere fast enough to catch a sub.
-Waaaiiiittt.....This Jenny is a dude. Brock didn't go gaga for her. wut.
-CORPHISH! This one is epic. I love it now.
-Easter Island, anyone? Moaipass still looks creepy.
-The Wingull were fail. Nothing happened.
-Mantyke is adorable and all....but....this ep for them failed as well.
-Deoxys? WTF? Why? What...what could you possibly need Deoxys in a filler like this for. Upcoming Promo? No. Future appearance in a movie? I don't think so. Pokemon, your writers stink.

Here's to hoping Phione will be sweet...I hope.
Couldnt agree more