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Thread: Pokemon Green the default version of the game out of the original Red/Green versions

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    Default Pokemon Green the default version of the game out of the original Red/Green versions

    Okay, I know you need both red and green versions of the game to complete it, but Satoshi Tajiri first picked green as a color before picking red (actually his staff picked Red, he hates the color because it's the color of blood). So I guess this makes Pokemon Green the version that's more in line with Satoshi Tajiri's vision, at least in terms of color (since he hates red).

    And so, that would mean that the game assumes you pick Bulbasaur as your starting Pokemon (since he's the only starter Pokemon who's green, the first Pokemon who appears in the intro title screen of Green, and Venusaur is the mascot of the Green version). In addition, I think we could say that the game assumes that we pick Green as the name of the player character and Red as the name of the player's rival, because Green is not a name in real life but it's in Pokemon Green as a default due to game's name. And taking this into consideration, it would be natural to call the player's rival Red, since Pokemon Red is the counterpart of Pokemon Green. And the player character's name was not officially named Red until the games that came after the original Red and Green versions.

    So that's what I have to say.

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    ...however do you know that he picked green and thought red being the same colour as blood would be a bad name...?

    The only claim a google search gives is something identical to what you posted on yahoo answers, so I'm going to remain sceptical of that claim. Otheriwse, there's just not much to discuss here. You may thing green is the default version, but as far as I can see it's based on a likely bogus story and then assumes players were meant to pick Bulbasaur just because of the colour green, and then somehow that the default name for the player being Red was never meant to be a thing, which just seems odd.

    So what I have to say is thread closed.

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