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So far, all of my shinies were either randomly caught or traded to me, meaning I never really searched for them or bothered soft reseting.
I recently started a new game in my sapphire and I decided to go for the shiny Rayquaza (internal battery dead).
I read everywhere about the whole RNG thing but I just can't understand how it works. I don't even know what a shiny frame is etc.
I have done about 200+ SR with no luck, and I have one simple question.

Is there a chance that I will NEVER get the shiny Rayquaza because of the shiny frames etc or should I continue soft reseting and I will eventually get it.
I know this has been answered before but I want to make sure that I don't waste my time. (I have seen people get it though with 10k SR and dead battery)
My ID is 43216 if it means anything and I have no idea about my SID
All of the SR-ing will never get you a shiny. However, assuming that you didn't dawdle when you started your game your SID is *probably* 63941
This gives you your first shiny frame at frame 6314.
Download a program called eontimer and put this number in under the 3rd gen tab. It will convert it to a time. I can't remember the exact time delay that rayquaza had, but I *think* it was negative which I remember being really weird.
Anyway, if you download RNG Reporter, use these parameters:
Method: Method 1
Max results: 600
Starting frame: 6000 (this and the above can be changed, but this just gives about 5s around your shiny frame. If you are further off than this then decrease starting frame and increase max results)
Seed: 5A0
ID: 43216, SID: 63941

Basically you want to SR start the game when you start the timer on eontimer and when it hits 0 hit A as close as possible. Catch rayquaza with a masterball (I hope you have one!) and then check it's IV's (you may need 1 or 2 rare candys to help). Once you have found out it's IV's, look around the shiny frame (6314 in the RNG reporter results) for the frame you hit. find the difference andmodify the frame you are trying to hit in eontimer byt his amount. Ie. if you are 10 frames early, add 10 frames to the eontimer number and go for that. Once you are hitting frames around the shiny one you won't need to keep checking the IV's and you can just keep SR-ing and pressing A at the specified time until your shiny rayquaza appears