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Thread: 3rd Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ [Read all of first post if you don't want an infraction]

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    Default 3rd Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ [Read all of first post if you don't want an infraction]

    Okay, the last thread was getting quite long and had some problems, so time for a new start. You must follow these rules for the thread if you don't want to be infracted.
    - All general Serebiiforums Rules and 3rd Generation Discussion Rules, of course.
    -You may not go offtopic in this thread at all. This is discussion of and questions about shinies only. This means no talking about your favorite ice cream flavor or which Pokemon is the coolest, or anything like that. This also means none of the ever-annoying "congrats" or "good luck" messages. If you feel the need to say that to someone, do it on their profile.
    -This is the 3rd generation, which means Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen, Colosseum, XD, Box, Channel... I think that's all of the games you can actually get Pokemon from. Anyways, that means no Diamond/Pearl/Platinum or Gold/Silver/Crystal shiny discussion/help. This isn't the place to discuss your new chain or the Odd Egg.
    -No "semi-legit" (aka still hacked but makes people feel better about themselves) or "hacked" shinies. No one can stop you from cheating to get Faraway Island on your Emerald, but don't share it with us. Don't post here saying you got a cheated Birth Island ticket to get a shiny Deoxys or something.
    -No posting unless you've actually obtained a shiny. "Targets" overran the last thread and many of them either were never completed or took weeks to complete so that the poster posted over and over again about the same shiny. Not anymore. None of this "I'm going to start SRing for Moltres today" or "I've hatched 580 Magbies and no shiny yet" or the even worse "I have a SECRET target and I SRed 5784905689403 times for it" or something.

    Also, I have to make three posts to make everything fit with the stupid glitches with this forum. No, that does not give the rest of you permission to double-post.
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    be sure to read the rules of every section before posting ;)
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