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Thread: Contestshipping-Valentine moment

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    Default Contestshipping-Valentine moment

    a story about contestshipping i hope you enjoy this,this is my first shipping fanfic.Please no flames about this shipping or anything bad.Thanks

    Contestshipping-Valentine moment
    Chapter one-They meet again

    In La Rousse City one night

    A boy ran over to a girl,with a bunch of roses behind his back.As the boy pulled out the bunch of roses behind his back,he said"Happy valentines day" When the girl's face became bright pink and very happy"Thanks"she replied back.The boy quickly hugged her,while the girl just dropped the roses,with embaressment..then he whispered.."I love you.."

    A teenaged emerald eyed, co-ordinator was standing there...standing with his back against the wall..He was wearing a black T-shirt and a purple jacket with green stripes on the end of his sleaves and green line arcross his collar..And his hair was a green colour.Drew was his name.Drew just shrugged"I hate watching this"He mumbled to himself making sure the happy couple didn't find out.Drew never liked Valentines day.He didn't much like Febuary since the shops bloom with love,love cards,roses and cute little love teddies.He just couldn't forget the day when he broke up with his last girlfriend,it was so sad for him.So he decided to become a co-ordinator to get it off his mind..though it did help,a little.He just walked into the city staying away from the cute couple he was now finding what else he could do.Since he took a break from taking a contest since his pokemon were working so hard on so many contests.After a while he saw a shadow of a young teenager's figure with a tall boy beside her and a older man with a young teenager boy which looked 3 years younger than him.For some unown reason he could feel a girl's presence that he once used to know a few years ago..

    The young teenager ran up to him and said"Is that you Drew? you look so grown up!"

    Drew couldn't couldn't do anything else but say"Yeah it's me Drew,of course"for some reason May was so happy

    "So what makes you come to my hometown?" As he was flicking his green hair.

    "What? T-t-his is where you live?"May replied in a confused tone.

    "Uh yeah May,isn't it beautiful?I bet it's way better than where you live,"he smirked.

    "What!!!"May shouted but truefully she actually had a feeling Drew would of lived in such a rich city,since he did have alot of fans in the pass.

    Drew was well surprised that May had really changed since the pass few years.Her hair was longer and she had her hair layered,her eyes were still the same,her clothes had changed though into a red jacket with two black stripes on the center of her jacket and she had new gloves,they were the same but it had a circle near the wrist bit.

    "So where are you heading May?"Drew questioned.

    "Oh, where really just taking a break and stay the night over at the pokemon center.Ash wanted to battle at the battle tower here so I'll be here for a couple of weeks,"May answered back.

    "Really?shouldn't you be praticing?"Drew laughed,he always liked to crack May up

    "Well no,i guess you're taking a break, aswell looking at roses?"May teased

    Drew groaned as he blushed."Tell me how things are, bye."Drew quickly replied as he was too busy,he quickly just walked off.

    "Well ok bye"May whispered back,as she was disapointed that she didn't,get to talk to Drew for long since, she hadn't seen him for ages.As May,Ash,Max and Brock arrived at the Pokecenter,May asked for a room to stay in for her and the others to stay for the night."Here's you're key,your room is 117,"Nurse Joy said to May.

    "Thanks Nurse Joy,now guys let's go,"May exclaimed.As they arrived at room 117

    "Well here we are guys,"Brock said.May ran to her bed and relaxed,so did her brother,ash was just looking out the window looking at the view,brock was read a tourist quide book about La Rousse City.Suddenly there was a knock on the door.May ran and opened it,she couldn't belive it,it was Drew."Come on May you can't just leave me standing here!"Drew said

    "Who is it May?"Ash asked

    "Yeah who is it May?"asked the others.May blush bright pink"Um it's Drew,"She quickly replied.

    "Don't let him in!He'll just distracted us,I need to pratice for the battle tower!"Ash cried.

    While Drew was still outside he thought maybe this wasn't the right was too soon,so Drew just decided to go.As Drew walked off before May could open the door,she was watching him going away.She was really sad she wanted to know why drew was knocking at their door.

    "What the matter May?"All of them said at once.May just sighed with no reply then tears just filled her eyes

    "Do you really wanna know why?!"She shouted at them."May what's the matter?"Ash asked in a confused tone."Havn't I told you already?"She said in a very annoyed tone"Just leave me alone!!"

    "What's eating her?"Brock wondered .Two of the boys just sat there wondering why.May just went to her bed,closed the door and locked it,as she went to her bed crying"Drew,why did you have to leave me?"she thought"All Ash thinks about is his battling and gym battles." She just continued crying....

    End of chapter 1 sorry if it's really short i only like got a day..i'll try and finish it before valentines day.Next chapter will be longer i promise

    Chapter 2-A surprise

    After some time,Drew was sitting outside on his own in the sunset, beside a lake"I don't know what I should say"He thought to himself as he was petting his flower pokemon


    "Drew.."A female's voice muttered.Drew couldn't hear who was talking to him.He just sat still looking at the sun."Drew,what's the matter?,I heard that you were calling me?"May asked

    "Oh hi May,yeah I was calling you but I"Drew just stopped

    "But you?"May wanting to know what Drew would say

    "It doesn't matter,well I must be off then bye,"Drew answered back

    "Drew!what is up with you latley?you keep walking away from me"May looking angry.

    Drew just stopped walking "Well I-I"

    "What is it Drew?May starting to get angry.

    "This,"Drew then pulled out a rose from his pocket with a piece of paper tied around it.

    "I guess that solves you problems bye,"Drew smirked.May was holding the rose that Drew gave her,while Drew was walking away from her,she held the rose tight,as she read the piece of paper"Dear May,here's a rose for you since it's Valentines day i thought this present will,help you enjoy yourself here at La Rousse City from Drew xx"May blushed bright as a rose as she read this and she noticed something at the back of it."Wanna come to the La Rousse party? Mob:08976542"May was soo excited she couldn't just stand there she ran back to the pokecenter.She quickly went to her room and Ash opened the door,wondering why May was all giddy

    "May?,where were you?"Ash asked as he took off his hat

    "Oh,just somewhere,I'm just going somewhere tonight anyway"As May got dressed in her room.

    "Ash?,do you know what's up with May since we arrived at La Rousse Ciy?"Max asked about his sister

    "I don't know,do you know Brock?"Ash then looked at Brock while he was still sitting down on the sofa

    "Well......Woh!"Brock exclaimed as he was STILL reading the guide book"There's Drew!"

    "WHAT?"Two of the young boys cried.Ash and Max looked at the guide book,they're faces were like oh my gosh

    "Well he sure is a popular co-ordinator over here,"Brock said

    "Ash,is that why May is so happy because Drew lives here?"Max wondered

    "I don't think so Max"Ash replied.May opened her door"I'm ready!"May was wearing a black dress with diamonds on it with a diamond necklace with a purple bracelet,she also wore black high heels to match and her hair was tied up in a bun."May,why are you all dressed up like that?"All of the boys asked."Well didn't you know the La Rousse Party is on tonight?"

    "No,"they all said back."Well I must be going bye,"While May just ran off and left the others really confused."What's up with May?"Max asked.

    May saw Drew at the hall,she and Drew were the first one's to be there."You were fast May"Drew said.Some how May just looked at Drew he was wearing a full suit which was a dark blue colour.With a baby blue coloured tie and he was wearing black shoes and his hair was geled back."What's the matter May?just a little nervous?"Drew asked.Ma just continued to stare at him,Drew was waving his hand in front of her face"Huh?,oh sorry Drew it's just-nothing,"May quickly replied.

    "Well May you look beautiful tonight,"Drew said,May blushed,the music just went on and the party had started,there were lot of couples dancing to the music,all of them were doing the Waltz,Drew took out his hand and asked her to dance,May just nodded,soon they were dancing away,"I didn't know Drew knew how to dance,he always hated parties,at the end of them he would just walk away with nobody noticing,"she thought to him self,when she danced the night away,jus about when the couples were about to swing their partners.Ash came into the dancing hall,May just blushed at Drew when she was still in Drew's arms,it was like time froze.....Ash ran to May and said "What is going on here?"May got out of Drew's arms"Well Ash..".Drew's face was just frozen.

    "I thought you loved me..May"Ash said

    "Well Ash I don't..."May cried"I love Drew.."She whispered.Ash was surprised that she fell in love for her rival..He did have a feeling since Drew gave all those roses in the pass for May,and had always been shy around Ash but not around Drew,Ash stood there"Sorry May.."his face disapointed.."It's ok.."she replied back.While Ash left,May and Drew finished their dance,they both went for food,Drew then asked May what all that convertsation with Ash was "Well Ash thought I love him,which I didn't i had feelings for you and you had feelings for me"May explained

    "Oh right," Drew said.May and Drew ran outside holding hands to the sunset,when both of them were standing behind a fence,Drew said "I just want to let you know that..I love you." "May just blushed in reply"I love you too," Drew held May's hand and pulled himself closer to her,May could feel Drew's breath until..."Awww isn't that sweet, a couple who was about to have their first kiss."It was Harley.May just denined it and said"No that isn't true seriously I-"

    Drew interupted and said"Stop it,why don't you go and look into somebody else's buisness?!"

    "My Drew! you can get aggorant or maybe too aggorant I must say."Harley just left the two teenagers.

    "Now where were we?"Drew said.May just giggled.Drew still had his hand into her's as he drew closer they both kissed,May just closed her eyes to keep the happyness did Drew...

    Meanwhile at the pokecenter..

    "What is taking May and Ash soo long?" Max asked

    "Well Ash is away,downstairs in the pokecenter to wait til' his pokemon take a rest and May is at the party remember?"Brock replied

    "Well a party doesn't take like over 4 hours,it would only take like 2 hours"Maz cried

    "You're right there,"Brock exclaimed.Suddenly the phone just rang..



    Max ran and answered it.

    "Hello,this is Max here"

    "Oh hi Max um tell Dre-no i mean Brock and the others I'll be home at 1 in the morning because i'm training my pokemon for an hour then going for shopping and for dinner"

    "Did you say Drew,?May?"

    "Of course not"

    "Ok so you'll be back at 1 then,"

    "Yeah , ok um bye"

    "Ok b-"

    Max put the phone down..Before Max could even say bye to his own sister she cut off..Something is going fishy thought Max.He needed to do some mystery work.."So who was it?Max?"Brock asked

    "Oh just May,she said she'll be back at one because she's training her pokemon and doing some shopping and going for dinner later"

    "Well that's quite late but she is more older though"Brock replied
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