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Thread: Event Trading Thread [3.0 - READ THE FIRST POST]

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    looking for an Arceus that activates the event on HG/SS I could borrow or keep. It must be Legit
    I can offer in exchange Raikou, Entei, Ho-oh, Palkia and some shinies from sinnoh.
    PM me offers please and thanks
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    Im looking for the Beasts( have to be legit and UT)
    Celebi( legit and UT)

    these Pokemon have to be from the Event *Pokemon Movie 10*

    I can offer events and shiny pokemon
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    I'm looking for:

    Birthday Chimchar
    7-Eleven Pikachu
    World'10 Crobat
    NZ Manaphy
    NZone Pikachu -Germany-
    Movie Serebii
    Satoshi no Pikachu

    PM me with offers, I'm able to offer multiple legit shiny and events.

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    Looking for a legit えいがかん (10th movie) Celebi or one of the Crown Beasts; any one of those four will do. I'm offering these events from the recent Japanese wifi events (all legit and UT):

    ススム Mew - lv5
    グーン/Goon's Scizor - lv50
    サトシ/Ash's Pikachu - lv50
    NZ Manaphy - lv50

    I also have a large selection of legit, UT shinies (many with eggmoves) that I bred myself. PM me if interested.
        Spoiler:- Eggmove samples; I also do requests (VERY OUT OF DATE, MANY MORE AVAILABLE):

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    Have all 3 Crown Beasts!
    PM me with offers!
    IGN: Rrank

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    Hello everyone. I'm looking for a legit crown suicune. I'd be willing to offer some shines (the one's in my sig EXCEPT ralts, raikou, and pichu), some legendaries, and many items/tms. If you think you may be interested, just shoot me a PM. -Thanks
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    Looking for:
        Spoiler:- these:


    If interested, PM =)
    (Sorry for my bad English, i'm German^^)

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    I will trade NO HACKS OR CLONES whatsoever, although RNG'd Pokémon are fine.

    I'm looking for (UT with great IV's):
    Impish Sturdy Skarmory with Brave Bird and Whirlwind
    Adamant No Guard Machop with Bullet Punch and Ice Punch
    Super Luck Adamant/Jolly Absol
    Impish/Adamant Battle Armor Skorupi
    Mild/Naive Magnemite with Hidden Power Grass/Fire/Ice
    Careful/Impish Lileep with Recover and Rock Slide
    Jolly/Adamant Poison Heal Shroomish
    Bold Koffing with Will-O-Wisp
    Or almost any other UT Pokémon with great nature, IV's and possible egg moves.

    I could also accept event or shiny Pokémon for some of my less rare ones...

    I'm offering (all UT unless noted, all uncloned, all unhacked, not RNG'd unless noted):

    MICHINA Arceus (obtained from Swedish Toys'R'Us, unlocks events in PtHGSS)
    SPR2010 Pichu (Pikachu-Colored, unlocks event in HGSS)
    SMR2010 Jirachi (Draco Meteor, unlocks Pokéwalker route)
    Mystri Dialga, Palkia, Giratina (Lv. 1, the former two holding their Orbs)
    PKTOPIA Magmortar, Electivire (beneficial natures and with egg moves)
    PKTOPIA Pikachu (Surf and Volt Tackle, holding Light Ball)
    Aura Mew
    CHANNEL Jirachi
    Gamestp Deoxys
    Ranger Manaphy Egg
    Ranger Riolu (Aura Sphere)
    New Moon Darkrai
    EV'd Suicune
    Shiny Zubat
    Shiny Tentacruel
    Shiny Bulbasaur (RNG'd)
    Shiny Beldum (RNG'd)
    Lv. 100 Gardevoir (GTS)
    Lv. 100 Mewtwo
    Pretty much any non-event Pokémon (including legends)
    Items, including most TM's, evolution items and berries
    EV Training

    Also, if you want, you could simply rent a Pokémon for event or PokéDex purposes. It will be a lot cheaper, although I'll want it back.
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    Looking for the crown beasts entei and suicune.
    I will trade my shiny deoxys for both of the crown dogs.I also have a vgc10 eevee and a tru arceus to trade. Pm me to negotiate and information.
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    Looking for:

    13th Movie Celebi
    Goon's Scizor
    Ash's Pikachu


    Shinies, all Lvl 1 and UT, bred with the Masuda method.

    Bulbasaur, Hardy, female
    Charmander, Adamant, male
    Gastly, Naive, male
    Eevee, Rash, male
    Eevee, Lax, male
    Eevee, Lax, male
    Houndour, Sassy, female
    Houndour, Timid, male
    Feebas, Bold, male (pkrs)
    Feebas, Timid, male (pkrs)
    Feebas, Modest, female (pkrs)
    Feebas, Timid, female (pkrs)
    Beldum, Impish

    I'm also a berry grower and can attach berries to shinies to sweeten the trade, we can even talk TMs and hold items if you need something specific. Feel free to inquire about IVs on the shinies (it's a mixed bag of talented and utterly untalented). Negotiations are possible
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    i am looking for pikachu coloured pichu and celebi i have just about any pokemon you need just pm me with any offers
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    Looking for:
        Spoiler:- Spoiler:

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    Looking for:

    NZone Pikachu [Germany!]
    NZ Manaphy
    WORLD10 Crobat
    Seveneleven Pikachu
    Kyoto Pikachu
    Peli11 Shaymin [Spain!]
    Yukina Meowth
    Sapporo Eevee
    Good natured, not hatched shiny Pokémon.


    Crown Beasts
    Goon Scizor
    Satoshi no Pikachu
    Movie Celebi
    Multiple other Events and Shinys, PM me!!

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    looking for event crobat world10 with item ut. p.m. me i have plenty to offer

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    Default Crown Beasts

    I have all three crown beasts UT with their original items.
    PM me with offers.

    P.S. Don't PM me asking "What do you want for them?" I am looking for VGC10 Crobat (maybe) and VGC09 Shiny Milotic. Other GOOD offers will be considered.
    IGN: Rrank

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    Shiny UT mild Glameow

    Shiny UT Sassy Snorunt

    Shiny ut docile torkoal

    shiny EV'd hardy Mawile- Lvl 100 Ev'd in either att and speed or hp and speed. Don't remember which.

    shiny quirky Ampharos

    shiny ut sassy wurmple

    Shiny adamant pidgeot

    shiny ut timid zigzagoon

    shiny ut impish skitty

    Shiny UT Rhydon - Rash, Serious 2x, Bashful, Bold, Sassy

    wshmkr jirachis- I have the bonus disk, so name your nature. It's very difficult to get a certain nature, so unless you're offering something good, don't expect me to work too hard on a particular nature.

    UT modest Almia Darkrai

    UT timid new moon Darkrai

    UT relaxed/timid TRU shaymins

    Shokotan Pichu

    Looking for:

    Crown Suicune

    Shiny UT Adamant MALE Ralts/Kirlia

    Shiny UT Sassy Eevee must know curse and preferably wish

    I will NOT accept clones/hacks, so don't offer them. I'm also interested in other shiny/events, so if you have anything you think I may like, I'll consider other offers. PM me with offers. Thx!
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    Looking for Crown Beasts (Not Entei) with their original berries, can trade TRU Arceus,

    Japanese Michina Arceus,

    Pikachu Coloured Pichu,

    Shinies, EV'd pokemon.

    Lv. 1 Sinjoh Ruins Giritina,

    Shiny UT Lv. 70 Bell Tower Ho-oh, SR'd.

    Any Legendary Pokémon, some shiny.

    Outstanding IVs with Egg moves. (Will vary depending on pokémon.)

    PM Me with offers on the Suicune or Raikou. CROWN only UT and Original berries.

    (Because Bendy is ****ing amazing.)

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    i urgently need the crowned beasts and movie 13 celebi i have much to offer pls pm me with offers
    Friend Code: (HG) 1076 5588 6603
    (White) 4212 3252 0766

    Looking for:
        Spoiler:- Spoiler:

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    I currently have available for trade the following events:

    US GBA Events:

    10th Anniversary set I currently have up for trade:
    [Spoiler]10th Anniversary Celebi
    10th Anniversary Absol
    10th Anniversary Espeon
    10th Anniversary Latias
    10th Anniversary Latios
    10th Anniversary Raikou
    10th Anniversary Suicune
    10th Anniversary Entei
    10th Anniversary Blastoise
    10th Anniversary Bulbasaur
    10th Anniversary Articuno
    10th Anniversary Moltres
    10th Anniversary Zapdos
    10th Anniversary Dragonite
    10th Anniversary Alakazam
    10th Anniversary Tyranitar
    10th Anniversary Blaziken
    10th Anniversary Charizard
    10th Anniversary Umbreon

    I am missing 10th anniversary Pikachu. I’m very interested in obtaining it to complete the set. Find it for me. =)[/Spoiler]

    Bryant Park set I currently have up for trade: I have the COMPLETE Bryant Park set up for trade. It is somewhat rare so prepare to offer good on it:
    [Spoiler]10th BP Absol
    10th BP Alakazam
    10th BP Articuno
    10th BP Blastoise
    10th BP Blaziken
    10th BP Bulbasaur
    10th BP Charizard
    10th BP Dragonite
    10th BP Entei
    10th BP Espeon
    10th BP Latias
    10th BP Latios
    10th BP Moltres
    10th BP Pikachu
    10th BP Raikou
    10th BP Suicune
    10th BP Typhlosion
    10th BP Tyranitar
    10th BP Umbreon
    10th BP Zapdos

    This set is complete.[/Spoiler]

    Mystry Mew up for trade:
    [Spoiler]I have the following Mystry Mew natures:

    I will take any nature which I don’t already have, so trade them to me please. =)[/Spoiler]

    Aura Mew up for trade:[Spoiler]Relaxed nature.

    Same as above, will take any nature I don’t already have.[/Spoiler]

    Pokemon Center New York Dragon Week up for trade: I currently have a COMPLETE PCNY Dragon set up for trade. Some of them are rare to obtain so offer accordingly:
    [Spoiler]PCNYd Salamance
    PCNYd Altaria
    PCNYd Seadra
    PCNYd Flygon

    This set is complete, although I will take any PCNYa, PCNYb, PCNYc for trade.[/Spoiler]

    Pokemon Center New York Monster Week #2 up for trade: I currently have a COMPLETE PCNY Monster Week #2 up for trade:
    [Spoiler]PCNYC Wailord
    PCNYC Crawdaunt
    PCNYC Exploud
    PCNYC Aggron[/Spoiler]
    Pokemon Center New York Christmas Giveaway up for trade:
    [Spoiler]PCNYD Milotic
    PCNYD Zangoose[/Spoiler]

    Berry Fix Zigzagoon I currently have up for trade: This set is COMPLETE:
    [Spoiler]Ruby Zigzagoon
    Sapphire Zigzagoon

    This set is complete.[/Spoiler]

    Pokemon Box I currently have up for trade: I currently have the COMPLETE set up for trade:
    [Spoiler]Pokemon Box Swablu
    Pokemon Box Zigzagoon
    Pokemon Box Skitty
    Pokemon Box Pichu

    This set is complete.[/Spoiler]

    Pokemon Trade and Battle Jeremy sets I currently have up for trade:
    [Spoiler]Jeremy Ekans
    Jeremy Sandshrew
    Jeremy Vulpix
    Jeremy Psyduck
    Jeremy Growlithe
    Jeremy Machamp
    Jeremy Slowpoke
    Jeremy Gengar
    Jeremy Staryu
    Jeremy Tauros

    I am currently missing: Jeremy Oddish, Jeremy Shellder. These 2 are so rare it’s ridiculous, so if you do have them or know someone who does CONTACT ME at once please.[/Spoiler]

    Pokemon Center New York Wish Event I currently have up for trade:
    [Spoiler]Wish Chansey
    Wish Drowzee
    Wish Farfetchd
    Wish Lickitung
    Wish Exxeggcute

    I am currently missing and lf: Wish Kangashkan.[/Spoiler]

    Pokemon Center New York Box Promo I currently have up for trade:
    [Spoiler]PCNYc Seviper
    PCNYc Absol

    I am currently missing and lf: PCNY Flygon and other PCNY a-c letters I don’t have.[/Spoiler]

    Miscellaneous GBA Pokémon Events:

    [Spoiler]Space C Deoxys[/Spoiler]

    US Nintendo DS Events up for trade:

    TCG, VGC, WC Events up for trade:
    [Spoiler]World08 Lucario
    World09 Weaville
    World10 Crobat (I have 6 different ones, ask me for details.)
    VCG10 Evee

    I am missing and lf a couple, so please inform me if you have them.[/Spoiler]

    Toys r Us Events up for trade: These set is COMPLETE

    [Spoiler]TRU Manaphy
    Alamos Dakrai
    Tru Dragonite
    TRU Shaymin
    TRU Regigigas
    TRU Arceus

    I have completed this set.[/Spoiler]

    Gamestop events currently up for trade:

    [Spoiler]Gamestop Deoxys
    Gamestop Pichu

    I am missing and lf: Gamestop Jirachi[/Spoiler]

    Pokemon Battle Revolution Events up for trade: This set is complete:
    [Spoiler]Pktopia Pikachu
    Pktopia Magmortar
    Pktopia Electrivire

    I have completed this set.[/Spoiler]

    Pokemon Ranch Events up for trade:

    [Spoiler]Hayley Mew
    Hayley Phione[/Spoiler]

    Pokemon Ranger Events up for trade: This set is complete:

    [Spoiler]Pokemon Ranger Manaphy
    Pokemon Ranger Kyle Rioulu
    Pokemon Ranger Almia Dakrai[/Spoiler]

    Japan GBA Events up for trade:

    Pokemon Center Japan Egg Move #1 up for trade: I have the COMPLETE Japan Egg move #1 up for trade:
    [Spoiler]Wish Bagon
    Iron Defense Bagon
    Wish Absol
    Spite Absol
    Charm Ralts
    Wish Ralts
    Wish Pichu
    Teeter Dance Pichu

    This set is complete.[/Spoiler]

    Pokemon Center Japan Egg Move #2 up for trade: I have the COMPLETE Japan Egg Move #2 set up for trade:
    [Spoiler]Bellsprout [Teeter Dance]
    Poliwag [Sweet Kiss]
    Meowth [Petal Dance]
    Oddish [Leech Seed]

    This set is complete.[/Spoiler]

    Stamp Event up for trade:

    [Spoiler]Stamp Absol Ganlon Berry
    Stamp Absol Salac Berry

    Missing and LF: Stamp Pichu.[/Spoiler]

    Pokemon Colosseum Events up for trade:

    [Spoiler]Ageto Celebi

    Missing and LF: A couple, so contact me if you have them.[/Spoiler]

    PokePark Japan up for trade: I currently have the COMPLETE PokePark set up for trade:

    [Spoiler]PokePark Meowth
    PokePark Psyduch
    PokePark Pichu
    PokePark Iglybuff
    PokePark Corsola
    PokePark Taillow
    PokePark Surskit
    PokePark Whismur
    PokePark Plusle
    PokePark Minun
    PokePark Spoink
    PokePark Spinda
    PokePark Skitty
    PokePark Cacnea
    PokePark Corpish
    PokePark Wynanut

    This set has been completed.[/Spoiler]

    Hadou Events up for trade: I have the COMPLETE Hadou set up for trade:

    [Spoiler]Hadou Mew
    Hadou Regirock
    Hadou Regice
    Hadou Registeel

    This set is complete as well.[/Spoiler]

    Miscellaneous Japanese GBA Events up for trade:

    [Spoiler]Sunday Wobbuffet
    Festa Metang[/Spoiler]

    Japan PokéCenter : Catch 'Em All Event #1 up for trade: I currently have the COMPLETE Catch ‘Em All Event #1 set up for trade:


    Japan PokéCenter : Catch 'Em All Event #2: I have the COMPLETE Catch ‘Em All Event #2 set up for trade:


    Japan PokéCenter : Catch 'Em All Event #4: I have the COMPLETE Catch ‘Em All Event #4 set up for trade:


    This event set is complete.[/Spoiler]

    Japan DS Events up for trade:

    Eigakan (Movie) Events up for trade:

    [Spoiler]Eigakan Celebi
    Crown Suicune
    Crown Raikou
    Crown Entei
    Shokotan Pichu
    Eigakan Arceus
    Eigakan Shaymin
    Missing and LF: A lot of them that for some reason I thought I already had, so contact me if you have them please.[/Spoiler]

    Daisuki Club Events up for trade:

    [Spoiler]Kyocera Dome Starly
    Kyocera Dome Bidoof

    Missing and LF: A couple of the club Magikarps, contact me if you have them.[/Spoiler]

    Palcity Events up for trade:

    [Spoiler]Pallcity Lucario
    Palcity Manaphy

    Missing and LF: PalCity Mew, there are a couple so trade me any that you have![/Spoiler]

    Birthday Events up for trade: I have ALL of them but not the complete year set yet:

    [Spoiler]07 Birthday Charmander
    08 Birthday Charmander
    09 Birthday Charmander
    10 Birthday Charmander
    09 Birthday Pikachu
    09 Birthday Chimchar

    Missing and LF: Any of the other years I am currently missing, please find them for me.[/Spoiler]

    Saikyou Events up for trade: I have the COMPLETE Saikyou event set up for trade:

    [Spoiler]Saikyou Electrivire
    Saikyou Magmortar
    Saikyou Milotic
    Saikyou Dragonite
    Saikyou Salamence[/Spoiler]

    Other DS Pokémon Events up for trade:

    [Spoiler]2006 Concert Chatot
    Pokémon Festa 2006 Electabuzz
    Pokémon Festa 2006 Magmar
    Shokotan Tropius
    Yamamoto Whiscash
    World Championship Series Shiny Milotic
    Buikore Eevee
    Sapporo Eevee
    PC Osaka Meowth
    Susumu Mew
    WCS Shiny Eevee
    Goon Scizor
    Satoshi Pikachu
    Nintendo Zone Manaphy
    7-Eleven Pikachu

    Missing and LF: Hamanatu Octillery, 12th Anniversary Pichu, McDonald's Pikachu, Yokohama Pikachu, Onemuri Pikachu, Nintendo Zone Jirachi, Kyoto Cross Media Experience 2009 Pikachu, Ario Pikachu.[/Spoiler]

    Pokémon Ranch Visitor Events up for trade: I have the COMPLETE Pokemon Ranch Visitor set for trade:

    [Spoiler]Golgo Octillery
    Baba Flygon
    Yukina Meowth
    Akiyama Slaking
    Red-hakase Metagross

    This set is complete.[/Spoiler]

    Pokémon Ranger Events up for trade:

    [Spoiler] Ranger 3 Heatran[/Spoiler]

    International Events:

    France Events up for trade:

    [Spoiler]French Milobellus Milotic
    French Printemps Pichu[/Spoiler]

    Germany Events up for trade:

    [Spoiler]Film11 German Shaymin
    German Goldenes Milotic
    German Evoli Evee
    German Regigigas
    German NZone Pikachu
    10 Jahre Pikachu

    Missing and LF: A lot, so contact me if you have any other international events.[/Spoiler]

    Shinies Up for trade:

    [Spoiler]Will add later, check back.[/Spoiler]

    EV’d up for trade:

    [Spoiler]Will add later, check back.[/Spoiler]

    That’s all for now folks! I’m very friendly and reasonable as long as I’m offered the same respect. Most of my events I obtain through contacts at Pokemon Secure or through trading in here and other sites. I proud myself in offering events I’m 99.9% that are legit, but you know, I’m human and if I messed up feel free to contact me and inform me so I can return anything if we traded or correct any mistakes. =)

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    Pico Rivera California


    shinies (i breed)
    Mystery Mew
    Tru Shamin
    Gamstp Shiny Pichu

    looking for
    crowned beast
    Gamestp Deoxy
    alamos darkria
    and celebi that activates event in hg/ss

    ~last update 1month ago~

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    My events are in my sig... so yea just PM me your offer and we'll see if we can't work something out.
    Current White Team:

    White Friend Code:
    0089 1783 0960

        Spoiler:- Have/Wants:

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    Crown Suicune
    Crown Raikou
    WCS Eevee
    VGC10 Eevee
    WORLD10 Crobat

    LF: lv1, shiny pokemon w/egg moves
    3DS FC: Y: 0404-6801-4464
    Friend Safar: Charmeleon, Magmar, Ninetails

        Spoiler:- Want::

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    Japan, Near Tokyo Bay


    Ageto Celebi (UT) LV10 Rash 31121

    Mystry Mew (UT) LV10 Lax 06930

    Rocks Metang (UT) LV30 Relaxed 02005

    XD Lugia (T) LV50 Lonely 50864

    Mattle Ho-Oh (UT) LV70 Impish 10048

    Wishmkr Jirachi (UT) LV5 Calm 20043 (Ganlon Berry)

    Ruby Zigzagoon (Shiny) (UT) LV5 Naughty 30317 (Liechi Berry)

    Saphire Zigzagoon (Shiny) (UT) LV5 Modest 30317 (Liechi Berry)

    Movie 07 Darkrai (T) LV50 Bold 07147 (Enigma Berry)

    Alamos Darkrai (UT) LV50 Mild 05318 (Enigma Berry)

    Almia Darkrai (UT) LV50 Quirky 03208

    Festa Electivire (T) LV39 Quiet 11256

    Festa Magmotar (T) LV34 Quiet 11256

    Ranger 1 Manaphy (T) LV100 Jolly 14698

    TRU manaphy (T) LV100 Sassy 09297 (Red Scarf)

    Ranger 2 Manaphy (UT) LV1 Lax 42703

    10th Movie Deoxys (UT) LV50 Hasty 07147 (NeverMeltIce)

    Gamestp Deoxys (UT) LV50 Calm 06218 (NeveMeltIce)

    Movie 11 Regigigas (T) LV100 Careful 07198 (Custap Berry)

    TRU Regigigas (UT) LV100 Naive 03089 (Custap Berry)

    Movie Shaymin (UT) LV50 Gentle 07198 (Micle Berry)

    TRU Shaymin (UT) LV50 Impish 02089 (Micle Berry)

    PKtopia Electivire (T) LV50 Adamant 06257

    PKtopia Magmotar (UT) LV50 Modest 06257

    PKtopia Pikachu (T) LV14 Hardy 06257 (Light Ball)

    Macdonald Pikachu (UT) LV20 Bashful 05208 (Light Ball)

    Hadou Mew (T) LV11 Lonely 50716

    Saikyou Electivire (T) LV51 Serious 11157 (Magnet)

    Saikyou Magmotar (T) LV50 Hardy 12017 (Charcoal)

    Birthday Charmander (UT) LV40 Mild 07207 (Lucky Egg)

    Saikyou Dragonite (T) LV51 Mild 01158 (Yache Berry)

    BABA Flygon (UT) LV50 Naive 07018 (Yache Berry)

    Saikyou Milotic (UT) LV50 Bold 12157

    Saikyou Salamence (UT) LV50 Naughty 02158

    Kite Riolu (UT) LV30 Serious 03208

    Negai Boshi Jirachi (T) LV77 Bold 30719

    Yukari Mew (UT) LV50 Brave 01000

    Yukari Phione (UT) LV50 Sassy 01000

    Mitsurin Celebi (T) LV100 Careful 60720

    Palcity Mew (UT) LV50 Quirky 07157

    PALCITY Lucario (UT) LV50 Modest 07157 (Metal Coat)

    Palcity Manaphy (UT) LV50 Hardy 07157

    Yamamoto Wishcash (UT) LV51 Gentle 03217 (Rindo Berry)

    TCGWC Pikachu (UT) LV50 Hardy 08107 (Light ball)

    World08 Lucario (UT) LV30 Adamant 08178 (Leftovers)

    ANA Pikachu (UT) LV10 Docile 41205

    GW Pikachu (UT) LV10 Relaxed 50425

    Mizunotani (UT) LV5 Docile 12226 (Kings Rock)

    Pokepark Mew (UT) LV30 Timid 60510

    PokePark Celebi (UT) LV30 Naive 60623

    Pokepark Jirachi (UT) LV30 Sassy 60731

    Concert Chatot (UT) LV25 Brave 10286 (Soothe Bell)

    Tanabata 07 Jirachi (UT) LV5 Modest 07077 (Ganlon Berry)

    Hadou Regirock (UT) LV40 Naive 50901

    Hadou Regice (UT) LV40 Sassy 50901

    Hadou Registeel (UT) LV40 Mild 50901

    Sports Hitmonlee (UT) LV26 Lax 06119

    Sports Hitmonchan (UT) LV26 Bashful 06119

    Pokepark Meowth (UT) LV5 Jolly 50318

    Stamp Pichu (UT) LV5 Jolly 30821 (Lum Berry)

    Stamp Absol (UT) LV5 Bold 30821

    Sapparo Pikachu (UT) LV10 Quiet 50701

    Sunday Wobbufett (UT) LV5 Impish 50701

    Tanabata 05 Jirachi (UT) LV5 Timid 50707

    Daisuke Starly (UT) LV1 Mild 08311

    Daisuke Bidoof (UT) LV1 Lonely 17336

    Colosseum Pikachu (UT) LV10 Hasty 31121 (Light Ball)

    PokePark Wynaut (UT) LV5 Lonely 45235

    Daisuke Magikarp (UT) LV6 Rash 02226

    Yokohama Pikachu (UT) LV40 Modest 10108 (Shell Bell)

    WCS Milotic (Shiny) (UT) LV50 Timid 10128 (Flame Orb)

    TRU Dragonite (UT) LV50 Mild 11088 (Yache Berry)

    Colosseum Scizor (UT) LV50 Hasty 08756

    Shikyotan Tropious (T) LV53 Jolly 02027

    Goroko Octillary (T) LV52 Serious 10147 (Focus Band)

    Yukina Meowth (UT) LV21 Jolly 12098 (Pink Scarf)

    John Slaking (T) LV50 Adamant 01069

    Red Metagross (UT) LV62 Brave 02109 (Occa Berry)

    Onemuri Pikachu (UT) LV50 Relaxed 02079

    Pokecentre Eevee (UT) LV10 Lonely 12068

    Shokotan Pichu (Shiny) (Everstone) (UT) LV30 Jolly 06199

    NZ Jirachi (UT) (Leichi Berry) LV5 Careful 06199

    BirthDay ChimChar (UT) (Lucky Egg) LV40 Mild 09129 (Sep 19 09)

    Gamestp Pichu (UT) (Shiny) (Everstone) LV30 Jolly 01300 (Feb 07 10)

    TRU Arceus (UT) (Rowap Berry) LV100 Modest 11079

    WCS Weavile (UT) (Focus sash) LV30 Jolly 08159

    WCS Eevee (UT) (Shiny) (Focus sash) LV50 Hardy 01110

    Ario Pikachu (UT) LV20 Bashful 11219

    Susumu Mew (UT) LV5 Hasty 11219

    Kyoto Pikachu (UT) (Soothe Bell) LV30 Naughty 10039

    Goon Scizor LV50 (UT) (Starf Berry) Adamant 06180

    Crown Raikou LV30 (UT) (Shiny) (Micle Berry) Rash 06180

    Crown Entei LV30 (UT) (Shiny) (Custap Berry) Adamant 06180

    Crown Suicune LV30 (UT) (Shiny) (Rowap Berry) Relaxed 06180

    Movie 10 Celebi (UT) LV50 (Jaboca Berry) 07100 Modest

    Satoshi Pikachu (UT) LV50 (Light Ball) Naughty 07150

    What I Want

    Nintendo Zone Manaphy

    2010 WCS Crobat

    7-Eleven Pikachu

    Colosseum Togepi

    Colosseum Mareep

    Ranger 3 Deoxys

    Ranger 3 Heatran

    Ranger 3 Shaymin
    Game name and FC

    Roxas-3222 5289 2744
    Beatles for ever

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    Aug 2010


    urgently need celebi to unlock event in hgss pls pm for more details i have much much much to offer
    Friend Code: (HG) 1076 5588 6603
    (White) 4212 3252 0766

    Looking for:
        Spoiler:- Spoiler:

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    Your basement

    Default Skydra's Amazingly Cool Trades

    Looking for-

    Event Deoxys-Any one of-Hasty, Mild, Rash, or any Neutral nature
    Event Mew-Neutral nature
    Crown Beasts-Any nature

    Will trade-
    Arceus*2-Lv100-Toys R'Us Event OT TRU-Naughty, Timid
    Darkrai-Ranger Shadows of Almia OT Almia-Serious
    Magmortar*2-Battle Revolution OT PKTOPIA-Modest
    Electivire-Battle Revolution OT PKTOPIA-Adamant
    Jirachi- Gamestop Event OT GAMESTP-Bold
    Shiny Pichu*2- Pikachu-Colored Gamestop Event OT GAMESTP-Jolly
    You can ask about IVs but the Pichus are too low leveled to calculate correctly.
    +almost any other non-event legendary, plus a bunch of other Pokemon, name your price.
    If you want one of the Pokemon on here but have none of those on my wanted list, ask me about any other Pokemon that you'd trade. For example, if you had a Ranger 3 Heatran and wanted a PKTOPIA Mamortar, I would do it, but I don't specifically want a Ranger Heatran.

    PM for any offers or discussion. FC in sig, use my Heartgold FC unless otherwise noted
    Last edited by Skydra; 24th September 2010 at 8:06 AM.
    3DS FC (Pokemon X): 1848-1667-7668
    Friend safari is Ice with Snorunt, Beartic, and Cloyster. Looking for Dragon safaris, safaris with Whirlipede or Espurr, and Y-exclusive Mega Stones.

    Shiny Chains (D/P): Ralts, Magnemite, Beldum
    Targets: Shinx
    Shiny Chains (X/Y): None
    Targets: Clauncher/Clawitzer, Swirlix, Smeargle

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    Ash's Pikachu


    FC: 1462-9779-0567
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