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Thread: Event Trading Thread [3.0 - READ THE FIRST POST]

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    Looking for the VGC09 milotic, UT only!, i can breed alot of stuff with egg moves, and i can offer items, i also have a couple of the regis(level 1 regigigas, level 100 registeel, level 62 regigrock), i have afew other things i might trade, please pm me if you have one. i also have a latios, fully ev trained, speed and special attack.

    i have some random events i might trade. thank you!
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    credit to umbreon13x to both of these^^^^^
    my shinies(i finally got some)dragonite, espeon, larvitar, tentacool, treeko, and chansey.
    proud owner of 2 Hadou(Wave) Mews, a MYSTRY mew, a WISHMKR jirachi, a Shaymin, a Manaphy, a Shokotun Pichu, a 10ANNIV lugia, and a TRU shaymin. all legit.

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    looking for VGC09 milotic UT pm me if you have one i have lots to offer

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    Offering the following:

    TRU Regigigas
    TRU Manaphy
    Red Metagross
    Shokotan Pichu
    MYSTRY Mew
    MATTLE Ho-Oh
    Gamestop Deoxys
    Alamos Darkrai
    PKTOPIA Magmortar
    PKTOPIA Pikachu
    WISHMKR Jirachi
    10 ANIV Entei
    10 ANIV Celebi
    Festa Magmortar


    Looking for events and shinies that I don't have. Main priorities at the moment:
    GCEA events
    VGC09 Milotic
    Saikyou events
    Pokepark events
    Tanabata Jirachi

    However, I am interested in any event or shiny I don't have, and I would be willing to trade for any and all. Thanks.
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    Everything I trade you is 100% legit. However, if you do find that it is hacked in some way that I failed to notice, I am willing to trade back ASAP. I expect every Pokemon I trade for to be 100% legit as well, and I will check.

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    Looking for GCEAs #1 - #6

    Offering: GCEAs, many other events...

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    i am after a nz jirachi i can trade a tru shaymin for it

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    Looking for: (unnicknamed)
    saikyou electivire
    saikyou magmortar
    saikyou salamence
    saikyou milotic

    shiny ho-oh (will only go for what i am looking for)
    shiny machop
    shiny oddish
    shiny gible
    shiny japanese seadra
    shiny mesprit
    saikyou dragonite
    and breeding services (see sig)
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    looking for: shokotan pichu
    offering: any tm i have(which is most),master balls(2 left),macho braces,leftovers,pp ups,any starter(but squirtle)

    willing to trade multiple things for the pichu
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    Looking for Bryant Park 10th ANIV Pokemon.
    PM me for offers please.

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    so i offer some events theyre all checked and ut

    gamstop deoxys
    10th deoxys
    eigakan darkrai
    eigakan shaymin
    alamos darkrai
    bday charmander
    10 jahre events *complete*
    german pktopia events *complete*
    pc evee
    onemuri pikachu

    and i need:
    Pc Yokohama Pikachu (Lvl: 40 not 10)
    Kyocera Starly
    Kyocera Bidoof
    Golgo Octillery (from 2007)
    Negai Boshi Jirachi
    Sunday Whishcash (Yamamoto)
    Tom Heracross
    Mitsurin Celebi
    Festa Metang
    Tanabata Jirachi (40707 Id)
    Pokepark (Cacnea, Spoink, Meowth all both, Oddish, Plusle, Minun, Pichu, Wynaut, Corpish, Taillow, Skitty, Surskit, Whishmur, Poliwag, Corsola, Igglypuff)
    Ralts with Wish and Charm
    Bagon with Wish and Iron Defense
    Pichu with Teeter Dance and Wish
    Absol with Wish and Spite

    plz send me an email when youre intersted on a trade all my pokis are checked and no cheats and i like it too no cheat and hack pokis when i became a cheat i say it to the mod.
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    All Events are completely legit and UT!

    I am looking for any Events that I DO NOT HAVE!!! I do have touched Events, but I will not add them to this list.

    Leave me a PM with a offer. I only want Events that I do not have and I will only accept UT Pokemon!

    VGC09 Milotic

    TRU Events:
    Alamos Darkrai
    TRU Shaymin
    TRU Dragonite
    TRU Manaphy
    TRU Regigigas

    10th Anniversary Events:
    10 ANIV Absol
    10 ANIV Celebi
    10ANNIV Raikou
    10ANIV Suicune
    10 ANIV Entei
    10 ANIV Espeon
    10 ANIV Umbreon
    10 ANIV Alakazam
    10 ANIV Typhlosion
    10 ANIV Tyranitar
    10 ANIV Pikachu
    10 ANIV Bulbasuar
    10ANNIV Latios
    10 ANIV Latias
    10 ANIV Zapdos
    10 ANIV Articuno
    10 ANIV Moltres
    10 ANIV Blazkien
    10ANNIV Ho-Oh
    10ANNIV Lugia
    10 ANIV Dragonite

    Pokemon Ranger:
    Almia Darkrai

    Aura Mew
    MYSTRY Mew
    Haley’s Mew (JAP)

    Poke Park Events:
    POKEPARK Celebi
    POKEPARK Manaphy

    Extreme Speed Zigzagoon

    POKE BOX Zigzagoons:
    RUBY Zigzagoon
    SAPHIRE Zigzagoon

    WORLD08 Lucario

    Eigakan Shaymin (MOVIE 08)
    Eigakan Darkrai (MOVIE 07)
    Eigakan Regigigas (MOVIE 08)

    PCP Pichu


    POKEMON CENTER Sapporro Eevee

    BIRTHDAY Charmander

    SPACE C Deoxys

    Ageto Celebi

    NZ Jirachi

    Wish Ralts

    Jeremy Growlithe

    PK TOPIA Electivire

    Event Pikachu’s:
    10 ANIV Pikachu
    PK TOPIA Pikachu
    B-DAY Pikachu (PC YOKOHOMA)
    ONEMURI Pikachu
    MC DONALDS Pikachu

    Saikyou Events:
    SAIKYOU Milotic
    SAIKYOU Salamence
    SAIKYOU Dragonite
    SAIKYOU Magmortar

    CHANNEL Jirachi
    WISHMKR Jirachi

    MATTLE Ho-Oh (ENG and JAP)

    GAMESTP Deoxys

    E4ALL Manaphy

    PALCITY Events:
    PALCITY Mew (Not sure… it says Pokemon Event 07)
    PALCITY Lucario

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    Gotta Catch 'Em All Event #4(All)
    Wish Chansey
    Pokepark Mew
    Ruby&Saphire Goons(Europe)
    Modest/Timid TRU Shaymin with good Ivs

    Gotta Catch 'Em All Event #1 & 2
    Any Event Pikachu i got alot
    PBR Events US & Europe
    JP Ranch Events
    Ranch Mew JP & US
    Ranch Phione US
    Pokepark Jirachi Both IDs
    Pokepark Celebi
    PokéFesta Events (Japan) (All)
    Saikyuo (All)
    Palcity Events (Japan) (All)
    Pokémon Ranger Batonnage (Japan)(All)
    Pokémon Ranger Batonnage (US & Europe)(All)(Manaphy Shiny)
    Pokémon Movie Events (Japan)(All) Exept The Arceus Which has not yet been released
    Misc. Pokémon Events (Australia)
    -JBHF Manaphy
    Tom, Seth And Christy Heracross
    Jun, Ken And ShigeShige Psyduck
    And a Lot More .... but i'm too lazy to list them xD Need anything that its not here just ask i could have it ..... i do not have any JEREMY or Any other GCEA events apart from the ones listed nor PCYN events so dont ask for those

    Pm If U wanna trade Also i can offer any of my shinys Look For the link in my sig
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    hey anyone have a legit celebi or the japanese edge of the night sky jirachi? i will trade a TRU shaymin or an almia darkrai

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    I have a couple TRU Regigigas for trade, one UT holding berry, others UT and T. I am looking for an UT 2009 VGC United States Milotic which I will trade the UT one holding a berry for. I am also looking for an UT NZ Jirachi.
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    LF: GCEA, Pokémon Center Japan, Poképark, and PCNY events, and Hayley Events I don't have.


    Shiny Events

    Shiny Faraway Island Mew (Bold, UT)
    Shiny Suicune (fully EV'd, Bold) NFT
    Shiny Distant Land Entei (Lax, T)
    Shiny Birth Island Deoxys (Adamant, BT)

    Normal Events

    10ANNIV Events (I don't distinguish between countries, sorry)
    10JAHRE Charizard (Modest, T)
    10ANNIV Absol (Sassy, UT)
    10ANNIV Celebi (Modest, BT)
    10ANNIV Celebi (Bashful, UT)
    10ANNIV Lugia (Quirky, UT)
    10ANNIV Ho-oh (Lonely, UT apart from Fly added)
    10ANNIV Raikou (Timid, fully EV'd)
    10ANNIV Espeon (Hasty, UT)
    10ANNIV Suicune (Bold, UT)
    10ANNIV Blaziken (Naughty, UT)
    10ANNIV Dragonite (Lonely, UT)
    10ANNIV Typhlosion (Timid, UT)
    10ANNIV Tyranitar (Rash, UT)
    10ANNIV Latios (Modest, UT)
    10ANNIV Latias (Modest, UT)
    10ANNIV Moltres (Naughty, UT)
    10ANNIV Zapdos (Naive, UT)
    10ANNIV Articuno (Lonely, UT)
    10ANNIV Entei (Jolly, UT)
    10ANNIV Alakazam (Hasty, UT)
    10ANNIV Umbreon (Careful, UT)
    10ANNIV Bulbasaur (Serious, UT)
    10ANNIV Blastoise (Modest, UT)

    Misc. US / Europe Events
    WORLD08 Lucario (Adamant, UT)
    Gamestop Deoxys (Hasty, fully EV'd in no clue which stats)
    Almia Darkrai (Modest, UT)
    Alamos Darkrai (Timid, UT)
    Alamos Darkrai (Timid, UT) [Probably one of the best legit Darkrai ever, 31 SAtk IV, 27 Spd, and all others are decent]
    UK Game Shaymin (Timid, BT)
    Navel Rock Ho-oh (Quirky, UT)
    Space Centre Dexoys (Calm, UT)
    Shiny VGC09 Milotic (Timid, BT)
    Shiny Rayquaza (Timid, T)
    MYSTERY Mew (UT)
    Kyle Riolu (UT)
    TCGWC Pikachu (UT)
    Doel Deoxys (Quiet, UT)
    Rocks Metang (UT)

    Toys 'R Us Event
    TRU Manaphy (Quirky, UT)
    TRU Regigigas (Bold, UT)
    TRU Dragonite (Mild, UT)
    TRU Shaymin (Timid, UT)

    Japanese Movie Events
    Eigakan Shaymin (Bold, UT)
    Eigakan Regigigas (Lonely, UT)
    Eigakan Darkrai (Timid, UT)

    Misc. Japanese Events
    Shotokan Pichu / Pikachu-Coloured Pichu (Jolly, UT)
    Nintendo Zone Jirachi (Hardy, UT)
    Nintendo Zone Jirachi (Timid, UT)
    Mitsurin Celebi (Relaxed, UT)
    Agate Celebi (Mild, UT)
    Negaiboshi (Wishing Star) Jirachi (Jolly, T)
    Tanabata Jirachi (Modest, UT)
    Hadou (Wave) Mew (Quirky, BT)
    Shotokan Tropius (Jolly, UT)
    Snowpoint Temple Regigigas (Naughty, UT)
    WCG Milotic (Timid, UT)
    McDonald's Pikachu (Bashful, UT)
    Pokémon Center Absol (UT)
    Birthday Charmander (UT)
    Nintendo Zone Pikachu (UT)
    Ranger Manaphy (Bashful, T)
    Pokémon Center Meowth (UT)
    Festa Metang (UT)
    Concert Chatot (UT)

    Palcity Events (COMPLETE)
    Palcity Mew (UT)
    Palcity Lucario (UT)
    Palcity Manaphy (UT)

    Poképark Japan Events
    Poképark Celebi (UT)
    Poképark Jirachi (UT)
    Poképark Mew (UT)

    Hayley Events (US)
    Hayley Mew (Quirky, UT)
    Hayley Phione (Brave, UT)
    Hayley Aerodactyl (UT)
    Hayley Wailmer (UT)
    Hayley Staravia (UT)
    Hayley Snover (UT)
    Hayley Ponyta (UT)
    Hayley Buneary (UT)
    Hayley Lickitung (UT)
    Hayley Pikachu (UT)
    Hayley Eevee (UT)
    Hayley Tangela (UT)
    Hayley Combee (UT)
    Hayley Miltank (UT)
    Hayley Finneon (UT)
    Hayley Vulpix (UT)
    Hayley Shellos (UT)
    Hayley Pachirisu (UT)
    Hayley Wailmer (UT)

    Hayley Events (Japan)
    Goruko Octillery (UT)
    BABA Flygon (UT)
    Akiyama Slaking (UT)
    Red Metagross (Brave, UT)
    Yukina Meowth (UT)

    Pokétopia Events
    Pokétopia Pikachu (Hardy, BT)
    Pokétopia Magmortar (Modest, UT)
    Pokétopia Electivire (Adamant, UT)

    GTS Events
    Ken Psyduck (UT)
    ShigeShige Psyduck (UT)
    Seth Heracross (UT)

    Saikyou Events (COMPLETE)
    Saikyou Salamence (Naughty, UT)
    Saikyou Milotic (UT)
    Saikyou Magmortar (UT)
    Saikyou Electivire (UT)
    Saikyou Dragonite (UT)

    Jeremy Events
    Jeremy Machoke (UT)
    Jeremy Haunter (UT)
    Jeremy Vulpix (UT)
    Jeremy Growlithe (UT)
    Jeremy Tauros (UT)
    Jeremy Ekans (UT)
    Jeremy Staryu (UT)
    Jeremy Psyduck (UT)
    Jeremy Slowpoke (UT)
    Jeremy Shellder (UT)
    Jeremy Sandshrew (UT)

    Gotta Catch 'em All Events
    GCEA Event #1 Mudkip (UT)
    GCEA Event #2 Chikorita (UT)
    GCEA Event #2 Cyndaquil (UT)
    GCEA Event #3 Growlithe (UT)
    GCEA Event #3 Pikachu (UT)
    GCEA Event #3 Electabuzz (UT)
    GCEA Event #3 Scyther (UT)
    GCEA Event #3 Mantine (UT)
    GCEA Event #4 Bulbasaur (UT)
    GCEA Event #4 Squirtle (UT)
    GCEA Event #4 Charmander (UT)
    GCEA Event #5 Chimeco (UT)
    GCEA Event #5 Sableye (UT)
    GCEA Event #5 Lotad (UT)
    GCEA Event #5 Seedot (UT)
    GCEA Event #5 Roselia (UT)
    GCEA Event #5 Solrock (UT)
    GCEA Event #6 Smeargle (Docile, UT)
    GCEA Event #6 Stantler (UT)
    GCEA Event #6 Shuckle (UT)
    GCEA Event #6 Snubbull (UT)

    PCNYa Shedinja Quiet lv 50 ID: 00107
    PCNYa Cacturne Bold lv 50 ID: 00152
    PCNYa Duskull Mild lv 50 ID: 00972
    PCNYb Kingdra Mild lv 35 ID: 00283
    PCNYc Pikachu Serious lv 50 ID: 00542
    PCNYc Aggron Carful lv 100 ID: 00601
    PCNYc Exploud Naughty lv 50 ID: 00605
    PCNYc Wailord Modest lv 50 ID: 00610
    PCNYd Salamence Sassy lv 50 ID: 00018
    PCNYd Altaria Naďve lv 45 ID: 00247
    PCNYd Zangoose Carful lv 18 ID: 00089
    PCNYd Seadra Bashful lv 45 ID: 00069
    PCNYd Seviper Naďve lv 18 ID: 00200
    PCNYd Milotic Timid lv 35 ID: 00207
    PCNYd Crawdaunt Docile lv 50 ID: 00609
    PCNYd Flygon Modest ID: 00077

    I have A LOT of EV'd pokes, so I'm not going to bother listing them here. I can also IV breed. And RNG Abuse.
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    Offering Legit Shiny Darkrai, Scizor and Gyrados..LF most Events..PM me
    Volt Tackle's #1 fan
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    Heart Gold fc:4555 2145 5815 ign: psfrag

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    Looking for: Shokotan Pichu
    Offering: Master Balls, lvl 100s, and a shinies

    I am willing to trade more than one.

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    looking for TRU UT dragonite will trade anything for it shinies items etc.
    FC:1203 7955 7780

    ****I do not clone, please dont offer me clones or if you clone do not offer i only take uncloned poke's from now on!****

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    Hello. . . why yes I am looking for a VGC Milotic, and like many others I seek a BOLD, UT, 100% Legit one. I don't have very much, but I do have some decent Pokemon to offer for it.

    I have two TRU Shaymin, one is timid and the other is modest. I soft reset for a few days to try and get max IV's in their respective stats.

    I have a TRU Regigigas, adamant, and it has great IV's all around.

    I have a Hayley Mew, modest, decent IV's.

    I have a Kanto Mewtwo, rash with amazing IV's in all of it's stats. . .

    and the last Pokemon I have is a hoenn Groudon, adamant, with great IV's in attack and speed.

    PM me if you want to know IV's and such. I have a few more if you'd like to know, I'd give any two of my pokemon for a Bold VGC Milotic.

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    Looking for:

    Shokotan Pichu
    Nzone Pikachu
    10 ANIV Bulbasaur
    10 ANIV/10ANNIV Charizard
    10 ANIV Blastoise
    10 ANIV/10ANNIV Pikachu
    10ANNIV Suicune (ID 06227)
    10 ANIV/10ANNIV Entei
    10 ANIV Raikou (ID 00010)
    10ANNIV Articuno (ID 06227)
    10ANNIV Latios (ID 06227)
    10ANNIV Latias (ID 06227)
    10 ANIV Absol


    UT 10 ANIV Celebi (Lax nature)
    Lvl 71 10 ANIV Celebi (Hasty nature)
    Lvl 71 10 ANIV Celebi (Naughty nature)

    UT WISHMKR Jirachi (Gentle nature)
    UT WISHMKR Jirachi (Quiet nature)
    UT WISHMKR Jirachi (Bashful nature)
    UT Tanabata Jirachi (Sassy nature)

    UT Aura Mew (Quiet nature)
    UT Aura Mew (Mild nature)
    Lvl 11 Aura Mew (Careful nature)
    UT Hadou Mew (Jolly nature)
    UT Wii Ranch Mew (Lonely nature)

    UT Movie11 Shaymin (Quirky nature)
    UT TRU Dragonite (Mild nature, cured or Pokerus)
    UT TRU Regigigas (Impish nature)

    PM me if you would like to trade
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    Looking for
    Gotta Catch 'Em All Event #4(All)
    Wish Chansey
    Pokepark Mew
    Ruby&Saphire Goons(Europe)

    i have these to offer:

    Pokemon Battle Rev.(PKTOPIA-06257)
    -Pikachu-T a Little(Exp)

    Pokemon Battle Rev.(PKTOPIA-12077)
    -Magmortar(Magbrant) UT
    -Magmortas(Maganon) T a Little(Exp)

    English My Pokemon Ranch (Hayley- 01000)
    -Mew- Gentle
    -Mew-Quirky Jp

    [Japanese Events]
    -BABA Flygon, lv 50,
    -GORUKO (05138) Octillery Lv 50
    -GOLGO (10147) Octillery, lv50
    -Akiyama (01069) Slaking, Adamant, lv 50
    -Yukina(12098) Meowth Lv 21
    -Red Metagross LV 62

    TRU Events:
    - TRU (09297)Manaphy, lax
    -ALAMOS( 05318) Darkrai, Timid
    -TRU Dragonite (11088) mild
    -TRU Shaymin (02089) Quirky
    -TRU Regigias (03089) Hasty

    [RUBY/SAPHIRE Event]
    -RUBY(30317) Zigzaggon, Careful, Lv 5 [Red OT]
    -SAPHIRE (30317) Zigzagoon, Adamant, lv 5 [Blue OT]

    -Gamestop Deoxys, Adamant
    -Gamestop Deoxys Careful

    Pokemon Ranger-Shadows of Almia
    -Manaphy(shiny) Relaxed
    -Manaphy(JP) Rash
    -カイト Riolu
    -(03208)Kyle Riolu, Serious, lv 30
    -Carlo Riolu
    -Kiko Riolu
    -Karel Riolu
    -(03208)Almia Darkrai, Timid, lv 50(JP)
    -アルミア Darkrai

    10th ANIV
    -Bulbasaur, Serious
    -Charizard, Timid
    -Blastoise, Lonely
    -Pikachu, Brave
    -Articuno, Modest
    -Zapdos, naïve
    -Espeon, Brave´
    ´-Umbreon, Sassy
    -Entei, Rash
    -Tyranitar , Lax
    -Celebi, Lax
    -Blaziken, Hasty
    -Absol, Docile
    -Latias, Quiet
    -Latias, Jolly
    -Latios, Naughty
    -Suicune, Quiet –T
    -Raikou, Gentle- T
    -Celebi, Naïve- T
    -Latios, mild-T a Little(Exp)
    -Celebi, Sassy- T a Little(Exp)

    10 Aniv(Byran Park)
    -Dragonite, Lonely

    -Charizard- Docile
    -Pikachu, Gentle
    -Articuno, Hasty
    -Raikuo, Timid
    -Suicune, Naughty
    -Lugia, Sassy
    -HO-OH, Naughty
    -Latias, Sassy
    -Latios, Hardy

    -TCGWC Pikachu, hardy, lv. 50
    -WORLD08 Lucario, Adamant, lv. 30
    -VGC09 Milotic, Timid, lv 50

    Misc. US Events:
    -WISHMKR Jirachi, Quiet, lv 5
    -SPACE C Deoxys, Rash, lv 70 –Rash
    -Nzone Pikachu (10278), Bashful, lv 20
    -NWS Manaphy (10017), Sassy, lv 50
    -Birth Island Deoxys(2), mild, Hardy

    Saikyou(Strongest) Events
    -Salamence, Naughty, lv 50
    -Dragonite, Mild, lv 50
    -Milotic, Bold, lv 50
    -Magmortar, Hardy, lv 50
    -Electivire, Serious, lv 50

    Movie Events (Japanese):
    -Hadou (Wave) Mew, Quiet, lv 10
    -Hadou Regirock, Serious, lv 40
    -Hadou Registeel, Jolly, lv 40
    -Hadou Regice, Modest, lv 40
    -Neiga Boshi(Wishing Star) Jirachi Lv5
    -11th Movie Regigigas,Adamant-June 20, 2008
    -11th Movie Shaymin, Modest, Lv 50
    -10th Movie Eigakan Darkrai, Bold, lv 50
    -10th Deoxys Timid, LV50
    -Shokotan Pichu(7)-Jun.19-(3) Jun.20- Jun.22 – Jun.25 -Jul.5

    -PALCITY Lucario, Modest, lv.50
    -PALCITY Mew, Quirky, lv 50
    -PALCITY Manaphy, Hardy lv 50

    Pokemon Center Events
    -B-DAY Charmander (07207), Mild, lv 40
    -B-DAY Charmander (07208), Naive, lv 40
    -B-day Pikachu (12268) , Modest, Lv 40
    -PC Yokohama Pikachu( 10108) Modest lv 40
    -Syokoton Tropius ( 02027)
    -Yamamoto Wishcash(03217)
    -PC Osaka Meowth(03209)
    -PC Sapporo Eevee(12068)

    Misc. Japanese Events
    -Mack Pikachu
    -Sunday Pikachu
    -GW Pikachu
    -Concert Chatot, Jolly, Lv 25
    -Navel Rock Ho-oh ,Quirky
    -Navel Rock Lugia, Lax
    -NZ Jirachi Impish Jun.18- Jun.19
    -Tanabata Jirachi 08 , Naughty

    European Events:
    -JBHF Manaphy, Timid, Lv 50
    -UK GAME Shaymin, (Movie11-04019)Modest, lv 50
    - Shaymin (-Film11-04019)
    - Shaymin (Peli11-04019)
    -UK Alamos Darkrai

    Pokemon Colosseum/XD
    -Ageto Celebi Lv 10, Modest
    -Colosseum Bonus Disk Pikachu Hasty
    -ROCKS Metang, Lv 30, Lax
    -Distant Land Lugia, Lax
    -Mattle Ho-oh
    -Batoruyama Ho-oh
    -Duelbe Ho-oh
    -Ernesto- Ho-oh

    -Pokefesta 06 Magmar
    -Pokefesta 06 Electabuzz
    -Sunday Wobufet
    -Pokefesta Metang

    Gotta Catch 'Em All Event #1(All)

    Gotta Catch 'Em All Event #2(All)

    Gotta Catch em all #6
    XY Friend Code: 3067 5978 1903

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    Pallet Town


    LF: 10 Aniv Timid Latias or
    10 Aniv Modest Moltres or
    10 Aniv Timid Zapdos

    FT: 10 Aniv Timid Suicune for any 1 of the three requested.
    Pokemon White: 2881 5274 9876
        Spoiler:- Offering DWf:

        Spoiler:- Want DWf:

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    Where you live


    i have a shotokan pichu for trade pm me with offers
    3DS Friend Code: 0662-6024-7335

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    Looking for: (unnicknamed)
    saikyou electivire
    saikyou magmortar
    saikyou salamence
    saikyou milotic

    shiny ho-oh (will only go for what i am looking for)
    shiny machop
    shiny oddish
    shiny gible
    shiny japanese seadra
    shiny mesprit
    saikyou dragonite
    and breeding services (see sig)
    IGN: Arata
    FC: 4468-1808-9931

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    I have a level 100 mystry Mew. pm me

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    Default My Event List (I have gotten more, just not on list yet)

    Here are all the Events I have to offer. If you believe any to be hacked, inform me. I am looking for events I do not have.

    UT= Untouched


    10ANIV Lugia (06227, Lv. 100/Lv. 75, Careful/Relaxed)
    10ANIV Ho-oh (06227, Lv. 100, Serious)

    10 ANIV/10 ANIV

    10 ANIV Suicune (00010, slightly trained Lv. 70, Lax)
    10 ANIV Entei (00010, Lv. 74, Lax)
    10 ANIV Articuno (00010, UT Lv. 70, Impish)
    10 ANIV Dragonite (00010, UT Lv. 70, Bold)
    10 ANIV Entei (00010, UT Lv. 70, Serious)
    10 ANIV Blastoise (00010, UT Lv. 70, Docile)
    10 ANIV Absol (00010, UT Lv. 70, Docile)
    10 ANIV Charizard (00010, UT Lv. 70, Docile)
    10 ANIV Tyranitar (00010, UT Lv. 70, Hasty)
    10 ANIV Latias (00010, UT Lv. 70, Jolly)
    10 ANIV Zapdos (00010, UT Lv. 70, Naive)
    10 ANIV Moltres (00010, UT Lv. 70, Naughty)
    10 ANIV Latios (00010, UT Lv. 70, Gentle)
    10 ANIV Pikachu (00010, UT Lv. 70, Serious)
    10 ANIV Typhlosion (00010, UT Lv. 70, Timid)
    10 ANIV Alakazam (00010, UT Lv. 70, Quirky)
    10 ANIV Blaziken (00010, UT Lv. 70, Naughty)
    10 ANIV Espeon (00010, UT Lv. 70, Docile)

    10 ANIV/10 ANIV with ID # 06808 (Bryant Park)

    10 ANIV Raikou (06808, UT Lv. 70, Bold) (Bryant Park)
    10 ANIV Umbreon (06808, UT Lv. 70, Mild) (Bryant Park)
    10 ANIV Espeon (06808, UT Lv. 70, Relaxed) (Bryant Park)
    10 ANIV Absol (06808, UT Lv. 70, Hasty) (Bryant Park)
    10 ANIV Latios (06808, UT Lv. 70, Hardy) (Bryant Park)
    10 ANIV Latias (06808, UT Lv. 70, Relaxed) (Bryant Park)


    10ANNIV Ho-oh (06227, slightly trained Lv. 70, Mild)
    10ANNIV Entei (06227, UT Lv. 70, Naughty)
    10ANNIV Articuno (06227, UT Lv. 70, Rash)
    10ANNIV Lugia (06227, UT Lv. 70, Gentle)
    10ANNIV Latios (06227, UT Lv. 70, Modest)
    10ANNIV Charizard (DRACAUFEU) (06227, UT Lv. 70, Jolly)


    10JAHRE Ho-oh (06227, UT Lv. 70, Docile)
    10JAHRE Charizard (GLURAK) (06227, UT Lv. 70, Rash)
    10JAHRE Lugia (06227, UT Lv. 70, Careful)
    10JAHRE Entei (06227, UT Lv. 70, Lax)
    10JAHRE Latios (06227, UT Lv. 70, Serious)
    10JAHRE Latias (06227, UT Lv. 70, Modest)
    10JAHRE Suicune (06227, UT Lv. 70, Relaxed)


    10ANNI Entei (06227, Lv. 100, Hardy)
    10ANNI Pikachu (06227, UT Lv. 70, Calm)
    10ANNI Suicune Lv. 70 (UT); Lonely

    Misc. Events

    NZ Jirachi Lv. 5 (UT); Lax
    *SHINY* VGC09 Milotic Lv. 50 (UT); Timid
    FIlm11 Shaymin Lv. 50 (UT); Timid
    ERNESTO Ho-Oh Lv. 100; Jolly
    *SHINY* WCS(Japan) Milotic Lv. 50; Timid
    2007 Birthday トウキョ-Charmander Lv. 40 (UT); Mild
    2008 Birthday トウキョ-Charmander Lv. 40 (UT); Naive
    Spanish Pokemon Ranger Batonnage Kiko Riolu Lv. 30 (UT); Serious
    Onemuri おねむりPikachu Lv. 50 (UT); Relaxed
    PC Yokohama ヨコハマ Pikachu Lv. 10 (UT); Jolly
    12th Anniversary Pichu Lv. 1 (Hatched); Quiky

    Misc. Pokemon Events (Japan)

    ANA Pikachu Lv. 10 (UT); Bashful
    GW Pikachu Lv. 10 (UT); Calm
    Tanabata タナバタ Jirachi Lv. 5 (UT) ID:60707 ; Bold, Timid, Adamant
    Mitsurin ミツリン Celebi Lv. 10 (UT); Relaxed
    10th Deoxys Lv. 50 (UT); Hardy
    Mizunotami みずのたみManaphy Lv. 5 (UT); Rash
    Concert コンサート Chatot Lv. 25 (UT); Jolly
    McDonald’s (Mack) マック Pikachu Lv. 20 (UT); Bashful
    Birthday Pikachu ヨコハマ Yokohama Pikachu Lv. 40 (UT); Modest
    *SHINY* サファイア Zigzagoon Lv. 5 (UT); Naughty
    *SHINY* ルビ- Zigzagoon Lv. 5 (UT);Careful

    Misc. Pokemon Events (U.S.)

    *SHINY* Ruby Zigzagoon Lv. 5 (UT); Adamant
    *SHINY* SAPHIRE Zigzagoon Lv. 5 (UT); Naughty
    TCGWC Pikachu Lv. 50 (UT); Hardy
    MYSTRY Mew Lv. 74; Hardy
    MATTLE Ho-Oh Lv. 100; Calm & Lv. 73; Modest
    WISHMKR Jirachi Lv. 5 (UT); Gentle, Careful, Rash, Jolly, Brave
    ROCKS Metang Lv. 30 (UT); Brave
    Space C Deoxys Lv. 70 (UT); Modest
    NWS Manaphy Lv. 50 (UT); Modest
    E4ALL Manaphy Lv. 50 (UT); Lonely
    TRU Manaphy Lv. 50 (UT); Serious
    Gamestp Deoxys Lv. 100; Naughty
    Gamestp Deoxys Lv. 55; Careful
    WORLD08 Lucario Lv. 30 (UT); Adamant
    Nzone Pikachu Lv. 20 (UT); Bashful
    TRU Dragonite Lv. 50 (UT); Mild & Lv. 100; Mild
    TRU Regigigas Lv. 100 (UT); Quirky
    TRU Shaymin Lv. 50 (UT); Lonely & Lv. 100; Docile

    Misc. Pokemon Events (Europe)

    Aura Mew Lv. 100; Hasty
    MATTLE Ho-Oh Lv. 100; Calm & Lv. 73; Modest
    France MT BATA Ho-OhLv. 100;Docile & Lv. 85; Timid
    CHANNEL Jirachi Lv. 5 (UT); Lonely & Lv. 100; Mild
    CHANNEL Jirachi Lv. 5 (UT); Bold
    DOEL Deoxys Lv. 70 (UT); Sassy
    Movie11 Shaymin Lv. 50 (UT); Serious & Lv. 100; Rash,Calm

    Misc. Pokemon Events (Australia)

    JBHF Manaphy Lv. 50 (UT); Naughty

    JEREMY Events

    JEREMY Tauros Lv. 25 (UT); Docile
    JEREMY Vulpix Lv. 18 (UT); Quirky
    JEREMY Ekans Lv. 14 (UT); Docile

    Darkrai Events

    Japan Battonage アルミア Darkrai Lv. 50 (UT) ID: 03208; Quiet
    US & Europe Almia Darkrai Lv. 50 (UT) ID:03208 ; Brave
    Australia ALAMOS Darkrai Lv. 50 (UT); ID: 10308; Bashful
    Europe ALAMOS Darkrai Lv. 50 (UT) ID:07038 ; Jolly, Relaxed
    Toys 'R' Us ALAMOS Darkrai Lv. 50 (UT) ID: 05318 ; Naughty
    Pokemon Movie '07 えいがかん Darkrai Lv. 50 (ST); Jolly & Lv. 100; Bold

    Pokemon Movie Events (Japan)

    Hadou ハドウMew Lv. 10 (UT); Lax
    Hadou ハドウ Mew Lv. 10 (UT); Lax
    Hadou ハドウ Mew Lv. 62; Modest
    Negai Boshi ネガイボシ Jirachi Lv. 5 (UT); Lax, Mild, Hardy
    Pokemon Movie '08 テンイむら Regigigas Lv. 100 (UT); Lonely, Quirky, Naive, Sassy
    Shokotan Pichu Lv. 30 (UT); Jolly

    Pal City Events (Japan)

    \パルシティ Manaphy Lv. 50 (UT); Hardy
    パルシティ Mew Lv. 50 (UT); Quirky
    PALCITY Lucario Lv. 50 (UT); Modest

    Saikyou Events (Japan)

    さいきょう Electivire Lv. 50 (UT); Serious & Lv. 100; Serious
    さいきょう Magmortar Lv. 50 (UT); Hardy & Lv. 100; Hardy
    さいきょう Milotic Lv. 50 (UT); Bold
    さいきょう Dragonite Lv. 50 (UT); Mild
    さいきょう Salamance Lv. 50 (UT); Naughty

    PokeFesta Events (Japan)

    フェスタ Electivire Lv. 30 (Evolved but UT);Naughty
    フェスタ Magmortar Lv. 36 (Evolved T); Quiet
    Tanabata タナバタ Jirachi Lv. 5 (UT) ID:40707; Modest

    Pokemon Colosseum/Battle Revolution (Japan)

    Batoruyama Ho-Oh Lv. 70 (UT)
    Bonus Disk コロシアム Koroshiamu Pikachu Lv. 10 (UT); Hasty
    Bonus Disk アゲト Ageto Celebi Lv. 10 (UT);Mild & Lv. 100; Modest

    PokePark Events (Taiwan)

    ポケパーク Mew Lv. 30 (UT); Timid

    Pokemon Ranch (U.S.)

    Mew Lv. 50 (UT); Naive
    Ponyta Lv. 16 (UT); Naughty
    Phione Lv. 50 (UT); Modest
    Pikachu Lv. 20 (UT); Jolly
    Staravia Lv. 23 (UT); Jolly
    Shellos Lv. 25 (UT); Relaxed

    Pokemon Ranch (Japan)

    ユカリ (Yukari)
    Mew Lv. 50 (UT); Timid, Quirky

    Pokemon Ranch (France)

    Mew Lv. 50 (UT)

    Pokemon Ranch (Italy)

    Snover Lv. 41(UT); Relaxed
    Lickitung Lv. 40 (UT); Naive
    Shroomish Lv. 45 (UT); Jolly
    Aerodactyl Lv. 50 (UT); Jolly
    Mew Lv. 50 (UT); Adamant

    Pokemon Ranch (Germany)

    Phione Lv. 50 (UT); Adamant
    Mew Lv. 50 (UT); Careful

    Misc. My Pokemon Ranch (Japan)

    Golgo ごるこ Octillery Lv. 52; Serious
    BABA ばばFlygon Lv. 50 (UT); Naive
    Yukina ゆっきーな Meowth Lv. 21 (UT); Jolly
    Red レッド Metagross Lv. 62 (UT); Brave
    Akiyama あきやまSlaking Lv. 50 (UT); Adamant

    Pokemon Battle Revolution (U.S.)

    PKTOPIA Magmortar Lv. 50 (UT); Modest
    PKTOPIA Electivire Lv. 50 (UT); Adamant
    PKTOPIA Pikachi Lv. 10 (UT); Hardy

    Pokemon Center Events (U.S.)

    PCNYb Kindra Lv. 35 (UT); Mild
    PCNYd Flygon Lv. 45 (UT); Modest
    PCNYb Milotic Lv. 35 (UT); Mild
    Wish Chansey Lv. 5 (UT); Naughty

    Pokemon Center Events (Japan)

    Yokohama ヨコハマ Pikachu Lv. 10 (UT); Jolly
    Shokotan しょこたん Tropius Lv. 100; Jolly
    Yamamoto やまもと Whiscash Lv. 51 (UT); Gentle
    Osaka オ-サカ Meowth Lv.10 (UT); Jolly
    Sapporo ブイコレEevee Lv. 10 (UT); Lonely
    Wish Absol Lv. 5 (UT); Hasty

    Gotta Catch 'em All Event #2

    Chikorita Lv. 10 (UT); Serious

    Gotta Catch 'em All Event #3

    Misdreavus Lv. 10 (UT);Calm

    Gotta Catch 'em All Event #4

    Charmander Lv. 10 (UT); Lonely
    Bulbasaur Lv. 10 (UT); Impish
    Squirtle Lv. 10 (UT); Bold

    Gotta Catch 'em All Event #5

    Seviper Lv. 10 (UT);Bold
    Solrock Lv. 10 (UT);Careful

    Gotta Catch 'em All Event #6

    Mareep Lv. 10 (UT); Hasty

    I also have PCP or Shokotan Pichu.

    I have gotten more the past week or so, so I will add them next time I post. Remember, I am looking for events I do not have.

    Update: I still need to update my list. Hopefully next time. I still have all of the events above, I just have gotten new ones.

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