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Thread: Batch Shiny Trading Thread [4.0 - READ FIRST POST]

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    Okay, I'm listing my shinies here. I don't intend to trade all of these, but it's easier to have them all in one place, so that said, here is my shiny list:

    Charizard - 37 - Used - Brave
    Dugtrio - 52 - UT - Docile
    Electrode - 37 - Used - Mild
    Totodile - 1 - UT - Hasty
    Slowking - 80 - Used - Rash
    Steelix - 56 - Used - Modest
    Sneasel - 35 - UT - Lax
    Suicune - 50 - Used - Calm
    Lugia - 100 - Used - Rash
    Castform - 18 - UT - Calm
    Metagross - 100 - EV'd - Adamant
    Latias - 100 - Used - Calm
    Latios - 100 - Used - Lax
    Kyogre - 70 - UT - Modest
    Grouden - 100 - EV'd - Adamant
    Rayquaza - 100 - EV'd - Quiet
    Monferno - 30 - Used - Sassy
    Roserade - 16 - UT - Lonely
    Riolu - 1 - UT - Adamant
    Uxie - 50 - UT - Lax
    Dialga - 51 - Used - Timid
    Palkia - 100 - Used - Lax
    Giratina - 70 - UT - Modest
    Cresselia - 50 - UT - Calm
    Manaphy - 1 - UT - Calm

    I am currently looking for these shiny pokemon:

    Sneasel - UT - Jolly
    Weavile - UT - Jolly
    Dusklops (holding Reaper Cloth) - UT - Impish
    Dusknoir - UT - Impish
    Togepi - UT - Modest
    Togetic - UT - Modest
    Togekiss - UT - Modest
    Eevee - UT - Bold
    Vaporean - UT - Bold
    Raikou - UT - Hasty
    Entei - UT - Adamant
    Mewtwo - UT - Timid

    ...generally, I will trade ANY non-shiny pokemon for ANY (legitimate) shiny, so if you're wanting something non-shiny, I may be able to make a deal wit you then, too (for instance, a Manaphy Egg for a shiny, or my EV'd non-Shiny Hasty Raikou for your UT Shiny Hasty Raikou... you can figure it out :-P).

    You can PM me, or if you see me on the chat it will PROBABLY be under the name "DarkRaiKou"... Cheers!


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    Shiny Mewtwo here looking for
    and shinies in my sig

    pm me what you've got for it
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    shiny charizard (nicked named nightwing)
    shiny geodude
    shiny pontya
    shiny spinda x2
    shiny togepi
    shiny farfetch'd
    shiny lotad
    shiny lombre
    shiny trapinch x2
    shiny seviper (nicked name streak)

    shiny timid porygon
    shiny modest/timid riolu
    shiny adamant beldom
    shiny hasty pikachu
    shiny timid snorunt
    shiny jolly MALE ralts
    shiny any nature but modest eevee

    tru shaymin modest/timid
    tru darkrai timid
    chained shinies
    currently chaining

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    Quote Originally Posted by disco.sleeze View Post
    I have a shiny Pidgey I got in a trade that has been slightly trained, but not much. If you request, I will use EV-reducing berries to bring it back down to normal.

    Not sure on its nature, since I left my DS at work yesterday. I'll edit this post later with Pidgy's nature.

    Looking for a shiny Charmander...stats, nature, EVs don't matter. Just a Charmander fan and looking for a shiny one. The only thing I as is that it not be nicknamed.

    PM me if you're interested.
    Turns out I got jipped on my Pidgey trade. Disregard this post.

    Unless someone would take a non-shiny Pokemon for shiny Charmnder?

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    im tradin a whole loads of max stat shiny pokemon message me with your max stat shinys ur tradin and ill see if i need them thanks =)

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    I' m looking for a Zapdos knowing Heat Wave and having a Modest nature, I prefer if it's UT.

    PM and we'll work out a trade, I have a few shinys to offer.

    And a Happy New Year.

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    got my torchic looking for turtwig acyndaquil and chimchar now
    preferably UT
    have over 25 shinies a couple rare
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    looking for shiny starters first forms only preferably UT and a dratini

    blastoise lv 36 relaxed F
    pidgeot lv 37 careful M
    Machamp lv 56 calm F
    Tentacruel Lv 31 Lax F
    Ponyta lv 23 Modest UT F
    Dewgong lv 42 Naive M
    Gyarados lv 83 quiet F
    Eevee lv 1 naughty UT M
    Porygon lv 18 impish UT
    Zapdos lv 53 serious
    Typhlosion lv 59 brave M
    Crobat lv 45 relaxed F
    Entei lv 40 modest UT (distant land)
    Swampert lv 37 bashful M
    Claydol lv 36 bashful
    Altaria lv 35 naughty F
    Metagross lv 70 calm
    Infernape lv 100 adament M
    Piplup lv 1 gentle UT M
    Starly lv 13 hasty M
    Magmortar lv 28 docile UT F

    Japanese names
    Deoxys lv 100 brave
    Roserade lv 60 adament F
    Lugia lv 70 impish UT
    Charizard lv 100 careful M (PKRS)

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    I have a shiny UT gyarados, level 31 (male, calm)

    I am currently seeking rare candies. PM if interested

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    Shiny lvl 100 lugia here, japanese named
    Docile nature
    343 hp
    211 attack
    292 defense
    215 special attack
    331 special defense
    255 speed

    Looking for these shinies
    Charmander,Voltorb, Geodude, Swellow, Rapidash, and Rayquaza.
    Have all starters, Fossils, and can get anything from Ruby.
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    For Trade

    Aron(Adamant) UT
    Larvitar(Adamant) UT
    Dialga(Rash) UT
    Palkia(Hardy) T in masterball
    Porygon2(Bold) UT
    Machop(Adamant) UT
    Sharpedo(Modest) T
    Phanpy(Careful) T
    Sneasal(Rash) UT

    Shiny 10 ANIV Celebi BT
    10 ANIV Blastoise UT
    PKTOPIA Pikachu UT
    PKTOPIA Electivire UT
    TRU Shaymin UT

    Regular pokemon
    Phione UT
    Modest vulpix with egg move Energy ball and Extrasensory

    Not looking for anything specific, just throw an offer and I will consider.
    FC:4511 4904 1854

    Currently looking for other shinies

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    hey i'm looking to get some shinys off my hands, i will do two for ones (two of mine, as i'm not trying to gain shinys).

    i have many shinys for trade

    PM me with offers

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    somewhere is Alola SOSing


    Does anyone have ****shiny plusle and minun timid/mischievous or alert to sounds, ****shiny buizel jolly/alert to sounds female, ****shiny cyndaquil modest or timid/mischievous female, ****shiny snorunt timid/alert to sounds female

    *-legit and untouched plz
    ***-wanted very badly
    ****-wanted very badly and completely UT
    New shinies in "BLUE"

    What im offering:
    shiny mareep lv.7 UT
    shiny snorunt lv.35 UT
    shiny buizel lv.7 x2 UT
    shiny voltorb lv.28 x2 UT- really good ivs
    shiny shroomish lv.24 UT
    shiny toxicroak lv.26 UT

    platinum shiny giratina lv.47 UT
    platinum shiny palkia lv.70 UT
    platinum shiny dialga lv.70 UT
    platinum shiny heatran lv.50

    Ev'd trained:
    Shiny Typhlosion lv.100
    Shiny snorlax lv.100
    Shiny probopass lv.100
    Shiny Slaking lv.100
    Slaking lv.100
    Shiny Dragonite lv.100
    Shiny Breloom lv.100
    shiny scizor lv.100 (with 2 platinum moves)
    ursaring lv.100
    shiny arcanine lv.100
    shiny staraptor lv.100
    shiny sceptile lv.100
    houndoom lv.100
    kabutops lv.100
    salamence lv.100 (with 3 platinum moves)
    donphan lv.100 w/seed bomb
    shiny honchkrow lv.100 (with 1 platinum move)
    aerodactyl lv.100
    blissey lv.100
    Darkrai lv.100
    shiny yanmega lv.100
    shiny gyarados lv.83 w/outrage
    shiny gliscor lv.100
    shiny mismagius lv.100
    shiny absol lv.100
    shiny ambipom lv.100
    shiny swampert lv.100
    shiny mamoswine lv.100
    shiny glaceon lv.100
    shiny leafeon lv.100
    shiny garchomp lv.100
    shiny forretress lv.100
    shiny electivire lv.100
    shiny metagross lv.100
    shiny dusknoir lv.100
    shiny weavile lv.100
    shiny heracross lv.100
    shiny tyranitar lv.100
    shiny charizard lv.100
    shiny magnezone lv.100
    shiny milotic lv.100
    shiny togekiss lv.100
    mewtwo lv.100
    shiny gallade lv.100
    shiny lucario lv.100
    shiny shuckle lv.100
    shiny ninjask lv.100
    shiny rhyperior lv.100
    shiny porygon-z lv.100
    shiny alakazam lv.100
    shiny gengar lv.100
    shiny rampardos lv.100
    milotic lv.100
    shiny jolteon lv.100
    shiny umbreon lv.100 w/curse
    shiny espeon lv.100
    shiny aggron lv.100
    deoxys lv.100
    shiny skarmory lv.100 w/drill peck and whirlwind
    shiny salamence lv.100
    heracross lv.100
    shiny lugia lv.100
    metagross lv.100 w/ice punch
    shiny dialga lv.100
    shiny kyogre lv.100
    shiny deoxys lv.100
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    Check out the Sig, PM me,
    Looking for: All event pokemon Excluding Alakazam 10th aniv
    bazzer's new edited list of shiny's up for trade!:
    Rhydon, Geodude, Cubone, unown ( T ), Zubat, Machop, Psyduck, Vulpix, Jigglypuff, Raticate, Fearow, Banette, Steelix, Kricketune, Bellsprout, Pichu, Dugtrio, Cacturne, Hippowdon, Wooper, Buizel, Bidoof, Quagsire, Shinx, Sneasel, Budew, Starmie, Roselia, Piplup, Unown ( M ), Starly, Bayleef, Flareon, Porygon, Gloom, Noctowl, Totodile x3, Rotom x2
    pm me with offers
    all in black have gone. all in red i still have.
    all in blue someone has already put their name down for it.

    Currently Own the following(Not For Trade):
    Alakazam lvl 70, OT: 10 ANIV, ID No. 00010
    Gallade lvl 60. Shiny

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    i can trade the pokemons with the items listed below
    trading :
    ut shiny modest feebas
    ut shiny modest entei (<== from distant land so i guess its an event. not sure if its hacked or what)
    ut shiny bold nosepass
    ut shiny modest charmander
    lvl 100 shiny timid kyogre
    ut shiny modest magnemite
    ut shiny naughty eevee
    ut shiny modest slowpoke
    ut shiny adamant larvitar
    ut shiny modest porygon
    ut shiny lax combee
    lvl 100 shiny careful scizor (speed and attack ev trained)
    ev trained modest lapras (iv -- special attack 31 and ev trained special attack)
    ut adamant spheal (iv -- def 31)
    bt shiny docile sableye
    event pokemon regigigas ( movie event) quirky

    ut shiny adamant beldum
    ut shiny adamant magikarp/gyarados
    ut shiny modest seadra
    ut shiny modest togepi
    ut shiny modest staryu
    ut shiny modest/adamant ralts
    ut shiny modest exeggcute
    ut shiny modest treeko
    ut shiny modest lotad
    ut shiny adamant shroomish
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    Shiny ut bashful aron

    Shiny ut Jolly Houndoom

    Shiny bt naughty giratina- will only go for the treecko or another really good offer

    shiny timid starmie

    Shiny ut docile torkoal

    shiny EV'd hardy Mawile- Lvl 100 Ev'd in either att and speed or hp and speed. Don't remember which.

    shiny ut quirky pichu

    shiny ut sassy wurmple

    shiny jolly Feraligatr

    Shiny adamant pidgeot

    shiny ut bold eevee

    shiny ut timid zigzagoon

    shiny ut quiet geodude

    shiny ut impish skitty

    Shiny lonely machamp

    Shiny bt adamant dratini- will only go for the treecko or chansey/blissey

    wshmkr jirachis- I have the bonus disk, so name your nature. It's very difficult to get a certain nature, so unless you're offering something good, don't expect me to work too hard on a particular nature.

    BT(lvl 72) 10ANIV Celebi- will only go for chansey/blissey or treecko

    UT Tru Shaymin- will only go for chansey/blissey or treecko

    Looking for:

    shiny ut timid treecko- must have crunch and good IV's (IV's are negotiable)

    shiny ut adamant MALE ralts- must have good IV's

    shiny bold chansey/blissey- must have seismic toss and good IV's

    Looking for those three, but will consider other offers. NO HACKS OR CLONES!!! PM me offers. Thx!
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    Hey, I'm looking for an ut shiny Riolu. I would like it to be nicknamed, so you must be the original trainer. I have a number of shinys that I am willing to trade. I will trade multiples as well.

    I will trade my shiny Nidoking, Taillow, Salamence, Gabite, and Tentacruel.

    I am ONLY able to trade on weekends, but I will check my PM's everyday to get a trade in the works. Thanks!

    Shiny's have been EV trained finally!

    Living Pokedex Project: 718/718 Completed!

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    I'm looking for a legit shiny shinx or shiny absol (just because I like them, mainly). I am not a shiny collector, and therefore do not have shinies to offer in return, though I do have an extra mesprit, froslass, azelf, several mawile of various natures, many TMs and items, or any breedable Pokemon, so if you think you can help, please PM me. Thanks!

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    Trading shiny jolly slakoth UT completely legit.
    Pm me with offers NOT other shinies
    3695 6102 5648

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    These are my shinies.

    UT Ralts Naughty Female, ability is Synchronize. lvl 5
    UT Ralts Bold Male, ability is Synchronize. lvl 5
    UT Ralts Timid Male, Trace. lvl 5
    UT Ghastly Brave Male, Levitate. lvl 14
    Rapidash Lonely Female, Run Away. lvl 40

    I'm looking for legit Celebi, Manaphy, and Shaymin with good natures. Other shinies and legendaries as well. Also, I'm looking for a Jolly Sneasle with high speed and attack IVs and a Timid Houndoom with high special attack and speed IVs. Pm me offers!

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    Looking only for UT WATER-type shiny pokemon (specially CLOYSTER), except the ones i have and seel or bidoof (really hate them >_<!!, and DO NOT offer me the evolution of the ones below)... offering these:

    Lv 1 Lax Bulbasaur
    Lv 10 Jolly Charmander
    Lv 1 Relaxed Squirtle
    Lv 1 Careful Chikorita
    Lv 1 Rash Cyndaquil
    Lv 5 Adamant Totodile
    Lv 5 Hardy Treecko (recovered from PKRS)
    Lv 5 Hardy Torchic
    Lv 1 Rash Mudkip
    Lv 1 Rash Turtwig
    Lv 1 Lax Chimchar
    Lv 1 Gentle Piplup
    Lv 2 Mild/Adamant Sentret
    Lv 1 Serious Vulpix
    Lv 25 Docile Unown (named S.W)
    Lv 24 Quirky Sudowoodo
    Lv 25 Quirky Spiritomb
    Lv 40 Timid Staryu
    Lv 17 Sassy Miltank
    Lv 7 Lax Magikarp (named GYARADOS)
    Lv 50 Brave Golduck (named Gold)
    Lv 30 Bashful Keckleon
    Lv 28 Modest Torkoal
    Lv 52 Bashfucl Sneasel
    Lv 25 Sassy Horsea
    Lv 15 Quirky Phanphy (named P0LESHDA)
    Lv 50 Docile Metagross
    Lv 52 Jolly Golbat
    Lv 5 Modest Deebas
    Lv 16 Bold Chansey
    Lv 28 Bold Rattata
    Lv 18 Hasty Porygon
    Lv 38 Lonely Chingling
    Lv 1 Lonely Bagon
    Lv 19 Naughty Ponyta
    Lv 54 Hardy Noctowl
    Lv 20 Jolly Absol
    Lv 1 Calm Dratini
    Lv 17 Impish Eevee
    Lv 28 Lax Voltorb
    Lv 53 Timid Machoke
    Lv 36 Modest Mareep
    Lv 24 (Bashful, Modest) Houndoom
    Lv 50 Gentle Venomoth
    Lv 16 Modest Roselia
    Lv 1 Lonely Gligar
    Lv 53 Lonley Machoke
    Lv 23 Calm/Hasty Nidorino
    Lv 8 Naive Caterpie
    Lv 41 Careful Floatzel
    Lv 5 Bold Geodude
    Lv 23 Jolly Poliwag
    Lv 4 Careful female Ralts
    Lv 16 Modest Minum
    Lv 16 Adamant Heracross
    Lv 1 Adamant Trapinch
    Lv 23 Naive Clamperl(Named PERLU)
    Lv 21 Lax Carvanha
    Lv 20 Jolly Kabuto
    Lv 5 Modest Midreavus
    Lv 54 Docile Sableye
    Lv 1 Serious Vulpix
    Lv 28 Docile Magmortar
    Lv 1 Modest Riolu
    Lv 11 Modest Slowpoke
    Lv 23 Brave Duskull
    Lv 52 Adamant Pinsir
    Lv 29 Careful Aron
    Lv 36 Modest Mareep
    Lv 26 Modest Tropius (Named Tropius)
    Lv 15 Quiet Nosepass

    Shiny Legends:

    Lv 50 UT Sassy Articuno
    Lv 70 UT Modest Mewtwo
    Lv 50 Quiet Raikou (no exp, but ribbon)
    Lv 50 UT Sassy Entei
    Lv 70 UT Modest Lugia
    Lv 70 UT Modest Ho-oh
    Lv 40 UT Careful Regirock
    Lv 40 BT Impish Regice (no exp, but PKRS)
    Lv 40 UT Mild Registeel
    Lv 40 UT Naughty Latias
    Lv 40 UT Hardy Latios
    Lv 70 UT Modest Kyogre
    Lv 70 UT Docile Groudon
    Lv 70 T Modest Rayquaza
    Lv 30 UT Naive Deoxys
    Lv 50 UT Careful Uxie
    Lv 50 UT Brave Mesprit
    Lv 50 UT Relaxed Azelf
    Lv 47 BT Naive Dialga (no exp, but PKRS)
    Lv 47 UT Gentle Palkia
    Lv 70 UT Sassy Heatran
    Lv 70 UT Brave Regigigas
    Lv 47 UT PT Quiet Giratina
    Lv 50 UT Jolly Cresselia
    Lv 1 UT Lax Phione
    Lv 1 UT Modest Manaphy


    Lv 50 UT Modest Shiny Moltres (Distant Land)
    Lv 50 UT Naive Lugia (Distant Land)
    Lv 10 UT Quirky Celebi (Ageto)
    Lv 10 UT Docile Celebi (Misturin)
    Lv 5 UT Shiny Lax Jirachi (WISHMKR)
    Lv 5 UT Sassy Jirachi (Tanabata, 60707)
    Lv 5 UT Lonely Jirachi (Tanabata, 40707)
    Lv 100 UT Jolly Regigigas (Movie 08)
    Lv 50 UT Mild Dragonite (TRU)
    Lv 10 BT Harady Mew (MYSTRY)
    Lv 70 Celebi (10 ANIV, has PKRS)
    Lv 10 UT Bold Mew (AURA)

    PM if you have one of those.
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    Kaos er alt; nei tid eller sted
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    Nĺr vinden nĺ dreper
    De lenken har brutt..."

    Sorry everyone who wanted to trade or did not receive any message back, unfortunately I spent 2 weeks at the hospital, but im back and ready to trade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tapeman View Post
    Shiny lvl 100 lugia here, japanese named
    Docile nature
    343 hp
    211 attack
    292 defense
    215 special attack
    331 special defense
    255 speed

    Looking for these shinies
    Charmander,Voltorb, Geodude, Swellow, Rapidash, and Rayquaza.
    4898 0971 3610

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    Looking for:
    Shiny Porygon (Timid Nature) (With Download ability)
    Shiny Male Grimer
    Shiny Male Krabby
    Shiny Male Seedot
    Shiny Male Trapinch
    Shiny Male Eevee (Modest Nature) (With egg move Curse)
    Shiny Male Gible (Adamant Nature prefered)

    Shiny Sableye
    Shiny Machop
    Shiny Grimer
    CHANNEL Jirachi (None at the moment, will be getting more soon)

    PM me. Please, no nicknames

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    Looking for:
    Shiny XD Articuno
    Shiny Regice
    Movie Shaymin
    Saikyou Magmortar
    Must be UT!

    TRU Dragonite UT
    PKTOPIA Electivire and Magmortar (UT with items)
    lv100 Timid Distant Land Raikou
    Newmoon Island Darkrai UT
    MYSTRY Mew (little bit of EXP, otherwise UT)
    10ANNIV Entei (same as above)
    Gamestop Deoxys (same)

    Adamant Nincada
    Adamant Elekid (bonus: with Electirizer!)
    Groudon (nicknamed)
    lv100 Lugia (nicknamed)
    lv100 Palkia
    lv83 Dialga
    Regirock (cured of pokerus)
    and more


    Sacred Ash
    Black Sludge
    Lucky Egg
    Reaper Cloth
    Heart Scale
    various TMs
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    EDIT: Dialga has been traded.

    I have a shiny Dialga (caught at Spear Pillar).

    Looking for shiny Dratini or it's evolutions.

    Contact me via PM for more info.
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