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Thread: Batch Shiny Trading Thread [4.0 - READ FIRST POST]

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    Sep 2009
    england stoke


    willing to trade my shiny mewto lv 14 for a cyindercil any level pm me and i will tell u my friend code ok
    My Champion team:

    NAME: Damon
    FC:2493 1341 5674

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    Aug 2009



    shiny adamant lucario all EVS erased, IVS:11/31/31/2/28/31
    shiny UT adamant scyther with technician
    shiny UT kricketune

    pearl fc: 1591 2389 3481


    my pokes and items up for trade:

    shiny adamant lucario all EVS erased, IVS:11/31/31/2/28/31
    SHINY UT adamant scyther with technician
    SHINY UT kricketune
    SHINY salamence EVS not known by me
    DISTANT LAND lugia
    latias from hoenn
    latios from hoenn
    MATTLE ho oh
    soul dew x 2
    proud owner of a SHINY BOLD UT LUGIA WITH GREAT IVS!

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    england stoke


    any body want a shiny spirtomb lv 74 todidle wanted any level pm me if u want it.
    My Champion team:

    NAME: Damon
    FC:2493 1341 5674

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    england stoke


    shiny gallade lv 75 trading wanted chiarita any level
    My Champion team:

    NAME: Damon
    FC:2493 1341 5674

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    New Sanfrakota



    Shiny ut bashful aron

    Shiny ut docile torkoal

    shiny EV'd hardy Mawile- Lvl 100 Ev'd in either att and speed or hp and speed. Don't remember which.

    shiny quirky Ampharos

    shiny ut impish beldum

    shiny ut sassy wurmple

    shiny jolly Feraligatr

    Shiny adamant pidgeot

    shiny ut timid zigzagoon

    shiny ut impish skitty

    Shiny lonely machamp

    Shiny UT Rhydon - Rash, Serious 2x, Bashful, Bold, Sassy, Impish

    Bold Distant Land Suicune

    wshmkr jirachis- I have the bonus disk, so name your nature. It's very difficult to get a certain nature, so unless you're offering something good, don't expect me to work too hard on a particular nature.

    UT Tru Shaymin

    UT Mattle Ho-oh

    BT Alamos Darkrai

    Looking for:

    UT shiny Eevee - Bold nature - Must have wish

    UT shiny MALE Ralts - Adamant nature

    UT shiny togepi - Calm/bold nature

    Really REALLY looking for those three, but I'll consider other offers. PM me offers. Thx!
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    Offering ut movie 08 and ut tru regigas for shiny latios or latias or entei. I will trade both plus a shiny charmander for a pickachu colored pichu.
    My FC: 1720 1928 3135.

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    looking for a shiny lv 1 voltorb or magikarp i will trade 1-3 shiny pokemon for it
    looking for shiny scizor jolteon charizard poliwrath spiritomb beedrill garchomp tauros armaldo arcanine donphan sableye marowak drapion or any dragon-type pokemon and any pre evolutions of the listed pokemon private message me with pokemon offers i need it 4th gen
    fc for ss 1807 8329 4919

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    I have up for trades:

    Shiny Snubbull, UT, Female, Lv 1
    Shiny Ralts, UT, Male, Lv 1
    Shiny Marill, UT, Female, Lv 21 (Caught in Great Marsh)
    Shiny Pichu, UT, Male, Lv 1
    Shiny Duskull, UT, Male, Lv 1

    Shiny Garchomp, EV Trained, Male, Lv 100
    Shiny Shedninja, T, Lv 21

    NZ Jirachi, UT, Lv 5
    Pokemon Ranger Manaphy Egg
    Japanese Modest Celibi Lv 39

    PM Me ^^
    All Offers welcome
    I really want a shiny Registeel, EV Trained, Lv 100

    [Diamond] [Platinum] [Soul Silver]
    [0131-7223-0218] [1764-0509-7287] [3610-3221-6295]
    [White 2]

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    Mewtwo (Modest)
    Ponyta (Quiet)
    Smoochum (Docile)
    Onyx (Adamant)
    Geodude (Brave, Gentle)
    Machop (Gentle,Naughty,Adamant)
    Doduo (Adamant, Lax)
    Pidgey (Relaxed)
    Pikachu (Modest)
    Mew (Mild)
    staryu (Mild)
    Moltres (Rash)
    Psyduck (Timid) T
    Nidorina (Naughty) BT
    charmander (Modest)
    Shellder (Quiet, Sassy)
    Bulbasaur (Bold,Rash)
    Growlithe (Adamant) EV trained
    Slowbro (Bashful) BT
    Cubone (Adamant)
    Vulpix (Timid)
    Omanyte (Mild)
    Lapras (Modest)
    Gastly (Mild)
    Dratini (Adamant)
    Tauros (Adamant)
    Venomoth (Mild)
    Exeggcute (Quiet)
    Squirtle (Modest)
    Pinsir (Adamant)
    Voltorb (Quirky)
    Abra (Modest)
    Gyarados (Adamant)
    Snorlax (Serious)
    Tentacruel (Lonely) T
    Ditto (Quiet) T
    Articuno (Mild)
    Diglett (Adamant)
    Grimer (Adamant)
    Panphy (Adamant,Naughty)
    Dunsparce (Brave)
    Mareep (Modest,Lonely)
    Lugia (Naive)
    Ho-Oh (Naughty)
    Raikou (Sassy)
    Suicune (Modest) probably hack
    Cyndaquil (Rash)
    Larvitar (Adamant)
    Totodile (Adamant)
    Scyther (Adamant)
    Chinchou (Hasty)
    corsola (Quiet)
    Skarmory (Lax) BT
    Horsea (Modest)
    Pineco (Adamant)
    Bonsly (Naughty)
    Zubat (Brave)
    Chikorita (Mild)
    Ledyba (Quiet)
    Stantler (Adamant)
    Marill (Timid)
    Shuckle (Impish)
    Snubull (Adamant)
    Blissey (Rash) BT
    Ariados (Modest)
    Heracross (Adamant) Ev trained lvl 100 in Attack and Speed
    Quagsire (Adamant)
    Rayquaza (Lonely,Naive)
    Latias (modest)
    Latios (Bold)
    Kyogre (Mild)EV trained and probably hack
    Deoxys (Quiet) Ev TRained
    Absol (Naughty)
    Slakoth (Quirky)
    Ralts (Quiet)
    Milotic (Modest)
    Mudkip (Naughty)
    Beldum (Adamant)
    Bagon (Adamant,Gentle)
    Baltoy (Bold)
    Spoink (Impish)
    Trapinch (Adamant)
    Medicham (Timid) BT
    Taillow (Jolly)
    Carvanha (Lonely)
    Seviper (Adamant)
    Lunatone (Rash)
    Zigzagoon (Naughty)
    Torkoal (Quiet)
    Zangoose (Naughty)
    Torchic (Lax)
    Wurmple (Modest)
    Anorith (Adamant)
    Electrike (Modest)
    Shuppet (Brave)
    Treecko (Hasty)
    Surskit (Docile)
    Corphish (Brave)
    Illumise (Brave)
    Numel (Quiet)
    Giratina (Adamant)
    Shaymin (Gentle)
    Darkrai (Timid , Lax ) UT and T
    Dialga (Rash) T lvl 100
    Regigigas (Brave)
    Azelf (Quiet)
    Bronzor (Gentle)
    Electabuzz (Brave)
    Pachirisu (Modest)
    Buizel (Naughty)
    Shinx (Lonely)
    Sneasel (Adamant)
    Ralts M (Adamant)
    Kricketot (Brave)
    Eevee (Naughty)
    Riolu (Adamant)
    Piplup (Modest)
    Porygon-z (Gentle) T
    eevee (Modest)
    Drifloon (Modest) T
    Chimchar (Adamant)
    Togepi (Modest,Bashful)
    Rotom (Modest)
    swinub (Adamant)
    Gible (Adamant)
    Magnemite (Modest)
    Rampardos (Adamant)F EV trained lvl 100 in attack and speed
    Shellos (Rash)
    Rhyhorn (Naughty)
    Misdreavus (modest) i think is EV trained
    Duskull (Adamant,Serious)
    Budew (Modest)
    Turtwig (Brave)
    Stunky (Naughty)
    Carnivine (Brave)
    Buneary (Naughty)
    Starly (Hardy)
    Staravia (Adamant) EV TRained
    Feraligatr (Lonely) T
    Elekid (Impish)
    MY FC: 1033 1491 4397

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    San Diego, CA in U.S.of.A


    I will offer a shiny Gyradoes to the first person who will trade me a Ranger Riolu, I can also offer any event berrie, any tm, and a few rare Items including masterballs.

    HG & SS

    Im always up for a battle. You choose rules and time. PM me to battle. FC 3309 1001 6943-Miguel

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    I've got a shiny scyther holding a metal coat, so basically your getting a shiny scizor. Or if you want I can take metal coat off. PM ME with offers.

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    San jose California


    i can offer:
    shiny bold UT giritana
    shiny bold UT vulpix
    shiny adamant day cared lvl 10 larvitar, max att ivs
    shiny torchic daycared to lvl 2
    shiny UT Adamant dratini
    shiny UT adamant beldum
    shiny UT docile beldum
    shiny UT milktank BASHFUL
    Shiny Ut charmander BRAVE
    SHINY T Lucario max att ivs, adamant
    SHiny UT gyarados adamant max att ivs
    SHINy UT adamant max att iv horsea
    Shiny UT rash sneasel
    shiny Bt distand land Togetic
    SHiny BT Bold latios
    Shiny hasty heatran MAx SPAC ivs, and 29 att ivs


    WCS09 Milotic timid UT
    NZ JIRACHI, timid
    ALAMOS DARKAI, docile
    MOVIE 08 shaymin CALM UT

    i have ev'd pokes, only offer shiny ev'd pokes for other ev'd pokes, actually, too lazy to type them, pm if you have shiny ev'd rdy to go. or if you ev, you must do it in 1-2 days.
    10 anniv CELEBI, BOLD UT

    credit to:

    for the awesome banners

    fc: 1634 3544 5817

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    UT Shinys:
    Yanma x6
    Tangela x8
    Tropius, Lax
    Tropius, Serious
    Carnivine, Gentle
    Carnivine, Bold
    Skorupi x8 all with Night Slash
    Burmy, Adamant
    Pachirisu, Gentle
    Bagon, Hardy
    Bagon, Timid
    Bagon, Serious
    Gible, Relaxed
    Gible, Calm
    Gible, Modest
    Dratini, Bold
    Dratini, Jolly
    Rhydon, Adamant
    Camarupt, Adamant x3
    Piplup, Modest
    Chimchar, Adamant
    Shuckle, Relaxed
    Shuckle, Relaxed
    Shuckle, Quirky
    Shuckle, Bashful
    Beldum, Mild
    Scyther, Lax
    Scyther, Mild
    Scyther, Impish
    Scyther, Brave
    Scyther, Bold
    Ralts, Hardy Male
    Eevee, Relaxed
    Tauros, Careful
    Spiritomb, Serious
    Pineco, Brave
    Pineco, Careful
    Pinceco, Calm
    Pineco, Quirky
    Pineco, Adamant
    Gligar, Gentle
    Manaphy, Lonely
    Clefairy, Hasty
    Duskull, Relaxed
    Nosepass, Bashful
    Buizel, Careful
    Buizel, Quiet
    Buizel, Brave
    Cascoon, Jolly
    Venomoth, Quirky
    Venomoth, Careful
    Buneary, Impish
    Mime Jr., Brave
    Plusle, Quirky
    Plusle, Sassy
    Meowth, Lax
    Ponyta, Mild
    Roselia, Adamant x2
    Ariados, Bashful
    Ariados, Adamant
    Grimer, Gentle
    Smeargle, Sassy
    Smeargle, Hardy
    Smeargle, Brave
    Smeargle, Quirky
    Grimer, Adamant x3
    Gligar, Jolly

    NZ Jirachi
    NZ Jirachi
    WISHMKR Jirachi
    Movie 08 Shaymin
    Movie 11 Shaymin
    TRU Shaymin
    Alamos Darkrai
    Movie 07 Darkrai
    Red Milotic
    VGC09 Milotic
    Hayley Phione
    TRU Manaphy
    TRU Regigigas
    Red Metagross
    Movie 09 Pichu (PCP), Jolly!
    PKopia Magmortar
    PKtopia Electivire
    Hayley Mew
    World08 Lucario
    10 ANIV Celebi
    TRU Dragonite
    10 ANIV Typhlosion
    Bryan Suicune (needs to be hack checked still but Shiny)
    DINA Zapdos

    *New Haves*
    Shiny UT Eevee, Modes
    Shiny T Latios
    Shiny UT Mgikarp, Jolly
    Shiny UT Horsea, Modest
    Shiny UT Dratini, Adamant
    Shiny UT Mew, Mild
    Shiny UT Larvitar, Adamant

    New Events
    Movie 08 Regigigas
    World 09 Weavile

    TM's for trade:
    All 1-92 at least 1x of each

    Events I don't have

    Shiny Parasect
    Shiny UT Azelf, Naive/jolly or EV Trained like this 216 ATK/ 40 SPATK/ 252 Speed
    Shiny UT Xatu/Natu, Jolly or Timid
    Shiny UT Zubat/Golbat/Crobat w/Brave Bird, Jolly
    Shiny UT Kangaskhan, Adamant
    Shiny UT Kingler, Jolly
    SHiny UT Walimer/Wailord, Naive
    Shiny UT Zangoose, Jolly
    Shiny UT Swablu/Altaria Adamant or Calm
    Shiny UT BellyZard (Charizard with Bellydrum) Adamant or Jolly
    Shiny UT Nidoking (or lower form), Rash or Adamant or Jolly
    Shiny UT Weezing, Bold
    Shiny UT Porygon2, Bold
    Shiny UT PorygonZ, Modest/Timid
    Shiny UT Togepi, Modest/Timid

    For all my wants I will trade for one that is EV trained if you can tell me the EV spread you gave it and I like the EV spread.
    Last edited by VSU Dragon; 9th September 2009 at 7:53 PM.

    FC: 2707 3507 6051 (Use for trades)
    FC: 4468 9768 6249 (Use for battle/breeding)

    I am looking for the following Shiny Bugs:
    Parasect, Surskit (with Hydro Pump)
    I am the Red Dragons Bug E4 Leader. PM me if you want to challenge my gym.

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    i am looking fore a shiny cidquil will offer 1 or 2 shinys
    2020 7688 8821 i have a lot of shinys 4 trade

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    somewhere is Alola SOSing


    Does anyone have the following:
    ***shiny plusle and minun timid/mischievous or alert to sounds females
    ****shiny buizel jolly/alert to sounds female
    ****shiny ho-oh adamant/likes to thrash about,modest/mischievous
    ****shiny raikou timid/mischievous or alert to sounds
    ****shiny dialga adamant/likes to thrash about

    ***-wanted and must be completely UT
    ****-wanted very badly and completely UT
    New shinies are in "BLUE"

    What im offering:

    D/P Shinies:
    shiny eevee lv.16 UT adamant
    shiny rotom lv.15 UT modest
    shiny voltorb lv.28 UT timid- really good ivs
    shiny shroomish lv.24 UT adamant

    *Platinum Shinies:
    shiny onix lv.32 UT
    shiny gabite lv.41 UT
    shiny horsea lv.15,15,18 UT
    shiny relicanth lv.26,41 UT
    shiny lumineon lv.47 UT
    shiny crawdaunt lv.45 UT
    shiny seadra lv.47 UT
    shiny meditite lv.27 UT
    shiny gyarados lv.55 UT
    shiny corphish lv.32 UT
    shiny swablu lv.27 x2 UT
    shiny nidoran F x9 UT
    shiny nidoran M x2 UT
    shiny burmy lv.10,14 UT male
    shiny aipom lv.14,15 x2 UT
    shiny stantler lv.6 UT
    shiny mr. mime lv.30 UT
    shiny ponyta lv.5 UT
    shiny cherubi lv.5 UT
    shiny fearow lv.48 UT
    shiny whiscash lv.33 UT
    shiny drifloon lv.15 UT
    shiny sealeo lv.44 UT
    shiny corsola lv.48 UT
    shiny sealeo lv.53 UT
    shiny glupin lv.26 UT
    shiny croagunk lv.28 UT
    shiny tangela lv.28 UT
    shiny tropius lv.28-29 x4 UT
    shiny skorupi lv.30 x3 UT
    shiny absol lv.38 x2 UT
    *caught by me

    Hatched shinies:
    shiny chikorita lv.1 x7 UT
    shiny totodile lv.1 x7 UT
    shiny larvitar lv.1 x10 UT
    shiny riolu lv.1 x6 UT
    shiny scyther lv.1 x3 UT
    shiny pidgey lv.1 x6 UT (w/brave bird and aerial ace)
    shiny vulpix lv.1 x4 UT
    shiny swinub lv.1 x6 UT
    shiny heracross lv.1 x3 UT
    shiny beldum lv.1 UT
    shiny chimchar lv.1 x7 UT
    shiny torchic lv.1 x2 UT
    shiny piplup lv.1 x2 UT
    shiny treecko lv.1 x2 UT
    shiny cyndaquil lv.1 x3 UT
    shiny electrike lv.1 x5 UT
    shiny magikarp lv.1 UT sassy~likes to thrash about
    shiny pichu lv.1 UT w/volt tackle and thunder punch
    *all hatched by me*

    Egg move shinies:
    shiny bagon lv.1 adamant/likes to thrash about (dragon dance and dragon rush)
    shiny charmander lv.5 jolly/likes to run (dragon claw and flamethrower)

    JP platinum shiny giratina lv.47 UT

    shiny aerodactyl lv.100
    relicanth lv.100
    probopass lv.100
    machamp lv.100 (Yajuu) (w/bullet punch and no guard ability)
    shiny dragonite lv.100 #2
    shiny raikou lv.100
    breloom lv.100
    sceptile lv.100 (Overgrow)
    shiny rapidash lv.100 (UBER)
    shiny machamp lv.100
    shiny donphan lv.100 (w/ice shard)
    shiny gardevoir lv.100
    zapdos lv.100
    shiny ninetails lv. 100 #1
    shiny ninetails lv.100 #2
    shiny infernape lv.100
    shiny T-tar lv.100 #2
    groudon lv.100
    pinsir lv.100
    shiny houndoom lv.100 (Hellfire)
    shiny latios lv.100 (TealDragon)
    shiny latias lv.100 (LiteDragon)
    moltres lv.100 (Phoenix)
    swellow lv.100
    shiny dusknoir lv.100 #2 (w/pain split)
    scizor lv.100
    shiny charizard lv.100 #2
    shiny sandslash lv.100 (Red XIII)
    lucario lv.100
    shiny tauros lv.100 (Lamborgini)
    shiny leafeon lv.100 #2
    Shiny Cresselia (Luner) lv.100
    Shiny Arcanine lv.100 #2
    Shiny Magmortar lv.100
    Heatran lv.100
    Suicune lv.100
    Shiny Blaziken lv.100
    Shiny Machamp lv.65
    Shiny Tangrowth lv.100
    Shiny Typhlosion lv.100
    Shiny snorlax lv.100
    Shiny probopass lv.100
    Shiny Slaking lv.100
    Slaking lv.100
    Shiny Dragonite lv.100
    Shiny Breloom lv.100
    ursaring lv.100
    shiny arcanine lv.100 #1
    shiny staraptor lv.100
    shiny sceptile lv.100
    houndoom lv.100
    kabutops lv.100 (kabu)
    salamence lv.100 (Feu Drache) (with 3 platinum moves)
    donphan lv.100 (EarthLord) w/seed bomb
    shiny honchkrow lv.100 (PimPin yo) (with 1 platinum move)
    aerodactyl lv.100 (Ptera)
    blissey lv.100
    Darkrai lv.100
    shiny yanmega lv.100 (MEGEbeatr)
    shiny gyarados lv.83 w/outrage
    shiny gliscor lv.100 (CyberBat)
    shiny mismagius lv.100
    shiny absol lv.100 (Losba)
    shiny ambipom lv.100 (Jeeves)
    shiny swampert lv.100
    shiny mamoswine lv.100
    shiny glaceon lv.100
    shiny leafeon lv.100 #1
    shiny garchomp lv.100
    shiny electivire lv.100
    shiny metagross lv.100
    shiny dusknoir lv.100
    shiny weavile lv.100 (Prima)
    shiny heracross lv.100
    shiny tyranitar lv.100
    shiny charizard lv.100
    shiny magnezone lv.100
    shiny milotic lv.100 (Hotty)
    shiny togekiss lv.100
    mewtwo lv.100
    shiny gallade lv.100
    shiny lucario lv.100
    shiny shuckle lv.100 (with 1 platinum move)
    shiny ninjask lv.100
    shiny rhyperior lv.100
    shiny porygon-z lv.100
    shiny alakazam lv.100
    shiny gengar lv.100
    shiny rampardos lv.100
    shiny jolteon lv.100
    shiny umbreon lv.100 (Night Lady)
    shiny espeon lv.100
    shiny aggron lv.100
    deoxys lv.100
    shiny skarmory lv.100 w/drill peck and whirlwind
    shiny salamence lv.100
    shiny weavile lv.100 (Assassin)
    heracross lv.100
    shiny lugia lv.100
    metagross lv.100 w/ice punch
    shiny dialga lv.100
    shiny kyogre lv.100
    shiny deoxys lv.100
    *Great for wifi battles and battle frontier help*

    3DS FC: 3007 8602 5963 (Friend safari: Fire type)
    New 3DS XL FC: 4441 9441 0140 (Friend safari: Electric type)
    Wii U NNID is Ginji_70 (add me if you want to race on MK8 or Splatoon)

        Spoiler:- SR Shinies:

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    england stoke


    anybody want a shiny manaphy lv 20 trade for a sheildon pm me if u do
    My Champion team:

    NAME: Damon
    FC:2493 1341 5674

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    Sep 2009


    I've got a shiny gengar, and a shiny scizor, and a shiny gible PM ME offers.
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    have these shinys

    milotic from VC 09






    gallade EV trained lv 100

    flygon EV trained lv 50







    rotom great nature





    shiny treeko

    shiny mild charmander

    shiny modest UT mewtwo

    jolly absol

    shiny cressalia

    shiny regigigas lv 1 good IV's (i think)

    shiny chatot

    shiny pachirisu

    shiny swampert lv 100 ev trained

    shiny globat

    shiny rapidash

    shiny ponyta

    shiny blastoise EV'd

    shiny pidgeot

    shiny sandslash

    shiny kingdra EVd

    shiny jolteon EVd lv 100

    shiny bulbasaur bold UT

    flygon EV trained lv 50

    shiny timid gastly

    shiny skorupi with egg moves

    shiny voltorb perfect nature

    shiny relaxed registeel

    shiny adamant dratini

    shiny\ evd. Bold sleep talk set suicane

    shiny onyx adament

    shiny bronzor gentle

    modest EV trained shiny lucario

    shiny ponyta quiet

    shiny pachirisu quiet

    shiny Impish skarmory with spikes, brave bird, roost, and whirlwind ev trained

    shiny darkrai

    shiny timid froslass ev trained

    shiny charmander

    shiny magneton *new*

    shiny blaziken evd lv 100 *new*

    shiny electivire UT w/ egg moves *new*

    shiny slowbro *new*

    shiny abomasnow ev trained *new*

    shiny careful pineco

    Growlithe (Adamant) EV trained

    Chimchar (Adamant)

    shiny empoleon modest EV trained

    Togepi (Timid in a Lux ball)

    Trapinch (Adamant

    Yanma (Impish

    shiny giratina modest

    shiny scizor ev trained *new*

    i have these events:
    jpn regigigas
    manaphy: pokemon ranger SOA
    rioulu: pokemon ranger SOA
    darkrai (regular) pokemon ranger SOA
    hayley ranch phione
    many many more im forgetting about
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    Jul 2009


    These are the shinies im willing to offer:

    Milotic, Timid, pokemon event lvl 50 UT
    Darkrai from newmoon, lonely
    Regigigas, Mild, UT Pokemon Movie 08
    Magikarp, modest, UT
    trapinch, Adamant UT
    Onix, Adamant UT
    Bronzor, Gentle UT
    Spiritomb, Naïve, UT
    Beldum, Adamant UT
    Bagon, Adamant, UT
    Dratini, Adamant, UT
    Regice, Serious, UT
    Mudkip, Naughty UT
    Chansey,Gentle, UT
    Rotom, Rash, UT
    Larvitar, Adamant UT
    Bulbasaur, Modest UT
    Ekans, Impish UT
    Torchic, Relaxed, UT
    Mareep, Impish, UT
    Croagunk, Timid, UT
    Hoothoot, Calm UT
    Clamperl, Modest UT
    Gastrodon, Quirky, UT
    Vulpix, Bold, UT
    Lapras, Modest, UT
    Abra, Modest, UT Synchronize
    Arcinine lvl 7 barely touched
    Scyther, Adamant, Careful, Brave, Sassy, Bashful all UT
    Suicune, Modest UT
    Spiritomb, Sassy, day cared only
    Corsola , Modest, daycared only
    Ditto, Quiet, daycared only
    Luxray, Jolly, docile
    Lucario, Adamant, Lonely
    Infernape, Rash
    Torterra, Docile
    Empoleon, Bold
    Gallade, Adamant, attack and speed EV trained
    Rapidash, Careful, speed and attack EV trained <3
    Rampardos, Hasty
    Garchomp, Brave
    Tentecruel, Lonely
    Staraptor, Careful, pkrs
    Charizard, Mild, pkrs
    Torkoal, Docile
    Manectric, Lonely
    Smeargle, Jolly
    Pidgeot, Careful
    Whismur, Serious
    Starmie, Timid, speed and health EV trained, lvl 100
    Deoxys, Impish lvl 100
    Magnezone, Modest, lvl 100
    Probopass, Calm, lvl 100
    Aggron, Adamant lvl 100
    Rayquaza, Docile lvl 100
    Flygon, Modest lvl 100
    Drapion, Serious
    Golbat, Mild
    Togepi, Mild
    Bastiodon, Bashful
    Shuppet, Brave
    Gyarados, Docile
    Electivire, Adamant
    Froslass, Timid

    im looking for pretty much any shiny legendary or starter
    absol with superluck

    if u have anything else thats shiny just pm me and we can arrange somethin

    Also anyone who has traded me before and thinks they may have added to their collection since, just tell me and im sure ill find something = D
    Last edited by Yamame2; 9th September 2009 at 10:56 PM.
    fc: Taylor: 0689 6774 3352

    If u have anything else that’s shiny just pm me and we can arrange something

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    Tomorrow O.o


    I'm starting school in a week, and I'll have no time to spare, so last minute trading!!
    UT Milotic Lv.2
    Lv. 100 EVed (252 Hp+ 252 Def) Gliscor

    Shiny LEGENDS:
    BT Darkrai
    UT Darkrai TIMID!!!!!!!!

    10 ANNIV Latias MODEST NEW
    10 ANNIV Latios NEW

    NZ jirachi
    RED Metagross
    WCS Milotic
    World 08 Lucario!!!
    Mattle Ho-oh
    TRU Shaymin
    10 ANNIV Lugia
    WISHMKR Jirachi
    Space C Deoxys ADAMANT!!!

    UT Timid Darkrai(non-shiny)
    Entei Lv. 100
    Pokemon Sun FC: 4468-1058-9518

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    West Coast


    looking for shiny ut calm spiritomb and shiny ut timid raikou w/ hidden power grass or a non shiny hp grass timid raikou with good iv's willing to trade ev'd lvl 73 shiny heatran and/or ev'd lvl 100 shiny absol with high iv's
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    FC:1203 7955 7780

    ****I do not clone, please dont offer me clones or if you clone do not offer i only take uncloned poke's from now on!****

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    i can bread shinys with neuter but for every shiny
    i want not clond event optend personally
    like tru shaymin
    and other events

    come and join ghosts night mares team this is the link
    a chalnger in osl    Spoiler:- osl gem badges:

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    Triple battle rndom wifi

    Default mothim/zubat/sableye??

    looking for shiney mothim or male burmy.
    looking for shiney sableye.
    looking for shiney zubat/golbat/crobat with max speed and speed nature.
    Ev'd or UT.
    pm and i will make an offer.
    The Generous Blue Raja
    "The truth is you're the weak. And I'm the tyranny of evil men. But I'm tryin', Ringo. I'm tryin' real hard to be the shepherd."-Jules Winfield
    I am always searching for FLAWLESS RNG POKEMON especially non-shiny ones!
    I am one of the 99%

    My trade thread-
    my friend code 0690 7267 4567

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    Boston, Massachusetts


    LF shiny female hoothoot low level and nicknameable...offering whats in my sig

    In-game name- Adam
    Platinum FC- 5456 7562 1848
    **PM me with offers!!

    (All shiny unless otherwise noted)
    Dratini lv 1 adamant
    Ryhorn lv1 brave
    riolu lv 1 adamant (blaze kick, bullet punch, close combat, and something else i forget)
    modest lv 70 mewtwo
    lv 100 ev trained modest kyogre
    lv 100 charizard 10ANNIV Serious nature ev trained
    Adamant lv 100 blaziken ev trained
    lv 30 impish registeel
    lv 30 modest regice
    lv 100 quiet deoxys ev trained
    lv 25 ev trained trapinch adamant
    lv 100 darkrai timid ev trained
    lv 30 relaxed regirock
    lv 1 bold eevee
    lv 73 ev trained adamant metegross

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    San jose California


    i can offer:
    shiny bold UT giritana
    shiny bold UT vulpix
    shiny adamant day cared lvl 10 larvitar, max att ivs
    shiny torchic daycared to lvl 2
    shiny UT Adamant dratini
    shiny UT adamant beldum
    shiny UT docile beldum
    shiny UT milktank BASHFUL
    Shiny Ut charmander BRAVE
    SHINY T Lucario max att ivs, adamant
    SHiny UT gyarados adamant max att ivs
    SHINy UT adamant max att iv horsea
    Shiny UT rash sneasel
    shiny Bt distand land Togetic
    SHiny BT Bold latios
    Shiny hasty heatran MAx SPAC ivs, and 29 att ivs


    WCS09 Milotic timid UT
    NZ JIRACHI, timid
    ALAMOS DARKAI, docile
    MOVIE 08 shaymin CALM UT
    10 anniv CELEBI, BOLD UT

    Lf:shiny ev'd scizor,

    lots of good natured e'vd shinies, or a really good iv pokemon not shiny

    i have LOTS to offer, i offer my e'vd pokes when you pm, i have bout 7 good ones.

    credit to:

    for the awesome banners

    fc: 1634 3544 5817

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