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Thread: Batch Shiny Trading Thread [4.0 - READ FIRST POST]

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    May 2009


    I am looking for these shinies:


    *I am looking for 30 of these shines

    [Diamond] [Platinum] [Soul Silver]
    [0131-7223-0218] [1764-0509-7287] [3610-3221-6295]
    [White 2]

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    i am looking for those legendaries with nice iv(not need to be shiny) and i can offer for then 2-4 events or shinys:
    jolly jirachi
    timid azelf
    bold,timid or jolly celebi
    timid latias

    i also looking for events that i dont have and shinys with good natures

    my shinys:
    machamp calm(t)
    crobat naughty(t)
    ponyta modest(ut)
    munchlax adamant(t)
    eevee naughty(ut)
    salamance adamant(t)
    blastoise relaxed(t)
    zapdos serious(t)
    snubbull rash(ut)
    shinx quiet(ut)
    umbreon naughty(t)
    rayquaza naughty(t)
    wurmple impish(ut)
    metagross calm(t)
    wobbuffet rash(t)
    stunky naughty(ut)
    treecko hasty(ut)
    porygon lax(ut)
    gible adamant(ut)
    riolu quiet(ut)
    larvitar adamant(ut)
    torchic relaxed (ut)
    chikorita mild(ut)
    bulbasaur rash(ut)
    crobat naughty(t)
    ditto rash(t)
    totodile hardy(ut)
    mudkip naughty(ut)
    turtwig rash(ut)
    cyndaquil mild(ut)
    feebas calm(ut)
    doduo impish(ut)
    beldum adamant(ut)
    lunatone rash(ut)
    piplup brave(ut)
    magnemite modest(ut)
    trapinch adamant(ut)
    ralts male adamant(ut)

    my events:
    jirachi tanabata naive(60707)
    pikachu BIRTHDAY
    ekans jeremy docile
    psyduck jeremy lax
    growlithe jeremy quiet
    machamp jeremy quiet
    gengar jeremy hardy
    tauros jeremy docile
    mew MYSTRY hardy
    ho-oh MATTLE quirky
    jirachi WISHMKR
    deoxys SPACE C rash(t)
    pokemon ranger egg
    manphy TRU docile
    darkrai ALAMOS timid
    deoxys gamestp timid
    lucario WORLD08 adamant
    dragonite TRU
    shaymin TRU mild
    regigigas TRU careful
    mew aura impish
    jirachi CHANNEL docile
    deoxys DOEL bold
    shaymin movie 11 brave
    mew hadou hardy
    darkrai eigakan mild
    regigigas movie 8 careful
    shaymin eigakan bold
    pichu shokotan jolly
    riolu pokemon ranger serious
    darkrai almia brave
    mew palcity quirky
    electivire sailyou serious
    dragonite saikyou mild
    celebi ageto gentle
    celebi pokepaaku
    pikachu yukari jolly
    aerodactyl yukari jolly
    staravia yukari jolly
    shroomish yukari jolly
    ponyta yukari naughty
    flygon BABAGION naive
    metagross RED brave
    pikachu PKTOPIA hardy
    electivire PKTOPIA adamant
    magmortar PKTOPIA modest
    lugia distance land hardy
    charizard 10ANIV timid
    alakazam 10ANIV quirky
    articuno 10ANIV serious
    umbreon 10ANIV sassy
    raikou 10ANIV lax
    entai 10ANIV adamant
    tyranitar 10ANIV rash
    celebi 10ANIV lonely
    latias 10ANIV bashful
    latios 10ANIV modest
    suicune 10ANNIV bold
    lugia 10ANNIV
    ho-oh 10ANIV lonely
    zangoose pcnyd careful
    eevee pokemon center lonely(t)
    charmander pokemon center naive
    pikachu onemuri relaxed
    chicorita GCEA serious
    cyndaquil GCEM timid
    totodile GCEM bold
    jirachi NZ calm
    milotic VGC09 timid
    milotic WCS timid
    weavile WORLD09 jolly
    phione heyley adamant
    regigigas EUSMR09 quirky spain

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    i have chainable shinys for trade and ican chain for more,they are for trade for good ev trained pokemon for competitive battling(preferably god attacks and must be non uber,depending on the pokemon i give more or less,vm me
    So, I've been away quite a long while, but hey, I feel like I can change that, thanks to Pokemon Y .

    Current Shiny Hunt: Chespin (241 eggs)

    Completed Shiny hunts: Staryu (18 eggs)
    Noibat (72 eggs)
    Ralts (8 eggs <3)

    cyndaquil,chickorita chao and totodile chao from team brushfire

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    I just breed this pokemon:
    Shiny Impish Treecko (male) lv.1 UT
    IV's 20/0/30/29/18/18
    with moves; Energyball and Leafstorm.

    I'm interested in ev'ed and events.
    PM me offers.
    Ralts x6, Beldum x2, Magnemite x3, Natu x2, Pikachu x2, Pachirisu x4, Mareep, Shinx x4, Voltorb x4, Bidoof x2, Starly, Snearsel x2, Snover x4, Bibarel x4, Pidgey x2, Larvitar x3, Zigzagoon x3, Magmar x3, Shellos x4, Mr. Mime x2, Spoink x2, Machop x6, Dunsparce x2, Ponyta x6(adamant), Houndoor x8

    DIAMOND: Zigzagoon, Ralts x3, Slakoth, Skitty, Eevee, Absol x2, Voltorb x4, Torkoal, Lickitung x6, Staraptor x3, Ledian x4

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    Greenville, North Carolina


    offering a shiny bold evd cressellia
    looking for other shiny evd pokemon..
    vm me only...if you have a long list then you can pm me.
    LF-----nothing ATM

    offering a lot of good natured shiny pokemon
    vm me to see what i have for trade!!

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    Looking for rare events or shiny ut legends

    My offer:
    All lvl 100 EVd and shiny and legit (trained by me so their nicknamable):

    Snorlax, Naughty (max HP)
    Ice Beam

    Glaceon, Rash (Max Sp. Atk and 2 from max Def)
    Shadow Ball
    Ice Beam

    Honchkrow, Naughty (max atk and 10 from max HP)
    Shadow Ball
    Sky Attack

    Tangrowth, Modest (Max Sp. Atk)
    Ability: Chlorophyll
    Sludge Bomb
    Sunny Day

    Infernape (not nicknamable) Adamant (max atk and max speed)
    Blaze Kick
    Shadow Claw
    Thunder Punch
    Fake Out

    Japanese Platinum Regigigas, Adamant (4 from max atk)
    Aerial Ace
    Drain Punch

    Pinsir, Adamant (max atk)
    Stone Edge
    Close Combat

    Metagross, Lonely (max atk)
    Meteor Mash

    Machamp, Brave (max atk and 1 from max HP) (Extremely strong, tested)
    Ability: No Guard
    Fire Blast
    Focus Blast
    Stone Edge

    Starmie, Modest (max sp. atk)
    Ice Beam

    Rhyperior, Adamant (max HP and max Def) (31 ivs in all stats) (not mine) (not nicknamable)
    Stone Edge
    Ice Beam

    Weavile, Jolly (Max atk and 2 from max speed)
    Ice Beam
    Shadow Ball
    Brick Break

    Gliscor, Impish (max defense)
    Dark Pulse
    3DS FC: 2337-5594-4772

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    Hi, im looking for a shiny shuppet & shiny poliwag.
    As low a level as possible would be great, gender and nature not an issue. Have a groudon, kyogre, raquaza, darkrai up for offer, if your looking for something spesific (i dont have many shinys) just ask i may have it. Unsure when i will be able to wifi though.

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    whoever want a pokemon with 5 shining leves pls pm me

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    Looking for shiny Modest Togepi with Nasty Plot, shiny Adamant Teddiursa, shiny Adamant Nincada and shiny Jolly Sentret with Trick. All must be UT and if possible nameable.

    Will trade:

    Shiny Bellossom lvl 21, Quiet
    Shiny Bidoof lvl 5, Naive (GTS)
    Shiny Crobat lvl 55, Adamant (Named CELEBI, GTS)
    Shiny Cyndaquil lvl 5, Timid
    Shiny Ho-oh lvl 100, Adamant (Japanese, from a friend)
    Shiny Magnezone lvl 62, Relaxed
    Shiny Psyduck lvl 1, Timid (Named MightyDuck, RNG'd)
    Shiny Shinx lvl 4, Docile (Named BOLT)
    Shiny Staravia lvl 14, Jolly
    Shiny Smeargle lvl 26, Jolly (Named PimpMobile, RNG'd)
    Shiny Taillow lvl 14, Naive (Named EKA shiny!)
    Shiny Zigzagoon lvl 3, Bold (Japanese, GTS)

    Also can breed any breedable Pokemon, very few events, have some items, and legendaries etc.
    PM me.
    Linoone´s Wi-Fi list IS BEING UPDATED
    PM me if you want to trade anything with me.

    Banner made by M!ss P!nk, thank you so much!

    Diamond | Platinum
    4726 5867 7993 | 0002 1595 9628

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    Looking for a shiny:
    and Sneasel
    I can offer Shiny:
    UT Ekans Impish
    Lvl 100 Mismagius Lax
    Lvl 100 Lugia (jap) Bold
    Lvl 100 Aggron Quirky
    Lvl 5 UT Torchic (strait from Hoenn) Relaxed
    Lvl 53 Salamence ADAMANT
    UT Treecko Hasty
    Lvl 47 Charizard Mild
    Lvl 24 Electrivre Naughty
    Lvl 9 Mareep Impish
    Lvl 26 Croagunk (from platnium) Timid
    lvl 54 Rapidash Careful EV training
    Lvl 10 Adamant Larvitar
    Lvl 57 Adamant Gallade EV training
    Lvl 37 Sassy Spiritomb
    Lvl 39 Mild Togepi
    Lvl 100 Quiet Gyrados EV Trained
    Lvl 100 Quirky Primeape EV Trained
    Lvl 100 Naughty Rayquaza High speed and Special Attack and really high attack
    Lvl 84 Bashful Infernape with great Stats in attack sp.attack and speed
    Lvl 50 Modest Azelf
    Lvl 100 Mild Uxie
    Lvl 100 Naughty Sceptile
    Lvl 100 Rash Magcargo
    Lvl 100 Careful Typhlosian
    Lvl 1 Serious Chimchar
    Lvl 53 Quirky Buizel
    UT Absol
    Lvl 21 Rash Shedinja
    Lvl 100 Lonely Suicune
    Lvl 70 Calm Metagross
    Lvl 62 Sassy Kyogre
    All TMs
    All berries from Leaf Green
    PM me and we could work out a trade, and if you see somthing you like message me and we could work out a trade.
    I'm offering:
    Most items
    A lot of shinys
    A lot of events
    Some egg move pokemon
    And abunch of EV'd pokemon
    I want:
    Shiny pokemon
    Ev'd pokemon
    or Shiny Ev'd pokemon
    FC: 1806 4556 6328
    PM Me for a battle or trade I will happily accept either.

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    Shiny ut bashful aron

    Shiny ut docile torkoal

    shiny EV'd hardy Mawile- Lvl 100 Ev'd in either att and speed or hp and speed. Don't remember which.

    shiny quirky Ampharos

    shiny ut impish beldum

    shiny ut sassy wurmple

    shiny jolly Feraligatr

    Shiny adamant pidgeot

    shiny ut timid zigzagoon

    shiny ut impish skitty

    Shiny lonely machamp

    Shiny UT Rhydon - Rash, Serious 2x, Bashful, Bold, Sassy, Impish

    wshmkr jirachis- I have the bonus disk, so name your nature. It's very difficult to get a certain nature, so unless you're offering something good, don't expect me to work too hard on a particular nature.

    UT Mattle Ho-oh

    BT Alamos Darkrai

    Looking for:

    UT shiny Eevee - Bold nature - Must have wish

    UT shiny MALE Ralts - Adamant nature

    UT shiny growlithe - adamant/jolly nature

    UT shiny scyther - adamant nature - must have technician

    Really REALLY looking for those four, but I'll consider other offers. PM me offers. Thx!
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    im still looking for a shiny distant land lugia/ho-oh. if you have either pm me and we can work out something

    Will always be a member of the 7 Deadly Sins

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    I have these shinys for trade:
    UT lvl 1 Growlithe Adamant
    UT lvl 50 Fearow Naive
    T lvl 100 Mewtwo Modest
    T lvl 100 Lugia Bold
    UT lvl 1 Charmander Timid
    UT lvl 5 Chikorita Quiet
    T lvl 43 Golem Impish
    UT lvl 50 Raikou Timid
    UT lvl 4 Kricketot Brave
    T lvl 25 Skorupi Quirky
    UT lvl 50 Ho Oh Calm
    UT lvl 34 Machamp Bashful
    T(only to evolve) lvl 36 Blastoise Docile
    T(only to evolve) lvl 30 Ampharos Bashful
    UT lvl 1 Lapras Hardy
    T lvl 56 Ditto Impish
    UT lvl 19 Horsea Adamant
    UT lvl 1 Igglybuff Gentle
    UT lvl 4 Budew Jolly
    UT lvl 1 Feebas Gentle
    UT lvl 1 Mareep Bashful
    UT lvl 1 Chansey Docile
    T(only to evolve) lvl 15 Flaaffy Bashful
    UT lvl 1 Dratini Rash
    T(only to evolve) lvl 36 Charizard Timid

    If interested in any please PM me. C:

    [iN.fEAR.&.fAITH] [[HxC]]
    Black friend code: 3911 7084 8238
    Currently looking for shiny:

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    Hello, I'm looking for a shiny sandshrew/sandslash, or shiny trapinch.
    I can offer a shiny abra with sync, articuno/zapdos/moltres, a female milotic, and other semi-rare (feebas, starters...).
    I'm looking for somes shinies, I don't care about nature. I can breed/trade french pokemons (starters, ditto...).
    Black version : CHRIS / 3525 7149 2431, Pearl version : Chris c / 2105 6105 4330

    My Shinies :
    Trade, RNG : Trade chaining : Trade (unknown method) : GTS : Events :*2*2*2, Events non shinies : ;
    Desperatly looking for :
    (got it !!),,, <== Lizard Dream Team !

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    Offering shiny evd arcanine adamant and other shinies.
    My diamond FC is 0474 6277 2068
    my platinum Fc is 4769 6209 8527
    E-mail is
    I check this more often than serebii, so please e mail me for fast responses.
    My rules for battle: standard rules, no more than 1 legendary, no crying
    my last iv project:
    ghastly timid 31 att, 31 sp att, 30 speed :P for trade

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    shiny ponita lvl 18 UT
    shiny stantler lvl 7 UT
    shiny skitty lvl 7 UT
    shiny ho-oh lvl 70 UT
    shiny mew lvl 100 EV trained

    looking for any suicune
    or event pokemon
    Fc: 3180 0112 7996

    Proud owner of:
    Michina and TRU

    Pokemon Projects

    Getting a black trainer card
    Progress so far: Silver
    looking for iv and ev trained pokemon

    Completing pokedex by having every single pokemon in my box

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    looking for an UT shiny Kabuto

    Bulbasaur lv 5 lax UT F
    Charmander lv 1 modest UT M
    Squirtle lv 5 Lonely UT M
    Blastoise lv 36 relaxed F
    Pidgeot lv 37 careful M
    Machamp lv 56 calm F
    Tentacruel Lv 31 Lax F
    Ponyta lv 23 Modest UT F
    Dewgong lv 42 Naive M
    Scyther lv 1 Quiet UT M
    Magikarp lv 1 Jolly UT M
    Gyarados lv 83 quiet F
    Eevee lv 1 naughty UT M
    Zapdos lv 53 serious
    Dratini lv 1 calm UT F
    Chikorita lv 1 mild UT M
    Cyndaquil lv 1 adament UT M
    Typhlosion lv 59 brave M
    Totodile lv 1 adament UT M
    Crobat lv 45 relaxed F
    Ampharos lv 37 adament F
    Delibird lv 32 Mild M
    Swinub lv 34 Calm UT M
    Kingdra lv 53 Hardy UT M
    Tyrogue lv 1 rash UT M
    Raikou lv 50 timid UT
    Entei lv 40 modest UT (distant land)
    Larvitar lv 6 adament UT F
    Treecko lv 1 hasty UT M
    Torchic lv 5 relaxed UT M
    Mudkip lv5 naughty UT M
    Swampert lv 37 bashful M
    Ralts lv 4 adament UT M
    Electrike lv 12 Rash UT F
    Trapinch lv 20 Serious UT M
    Claydol lv 36 bashful
    Altaria lv 35 naughty F
    Dusclops lv 37 calm UT F
    Bagon lv 26 adament UT M
    Metagross lv 70 calm
    Latias lv 40 Calm UT F
    Latios lv 50 lax UT M
    Kyogre lv 70 hasty UT
    Turtwig lv 1 Rash UT M
    Chimchar lv 1 Mild lv 1 UT M
    Infernape lv 100 adament M
    Piplup lv 1 gentle UT M
    Starly lv 13 hasty M
    Shinx lv 4 Jolly UT F
    Cranidos lv 20 bashful UT M
    Spiritomb lv 1 Hardy F UT
    Riolu lv 15 Lonely M
    Magmortar lv 28 docile UT F
    Uxie lv 50 Hardy UT
    Azelf lv 50 timid UT
    Dialga lv 47 rash UT
    Giratina lv 70 timid UT

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    Looking for a legit shiny Raikou.
    Willing to trade multiple shinies for the one.

    I can also offer:

    Modest Shaymin (x2) UT
    Naughty Darkrai BT
    Jolly Groudon (level 86)
    Naughty Channel Jirachi UT
    Quirky Rayquaza (level 100)

    PM me if you'd like to trade.
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    My apologies for the double post.
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    Looking for shiny:shiny good natured shaymin from current wi-fi event) UT
    non shiny wants:,ev'd(will trade one or two shinies depending on shinyness and pokemon) hasty/naive azelf UT yellow forest pikchu thingy Looking for an ev trainer,will offer a shiny/event for each pokemon ev'd, good iv'd pokemon(shiny is a plus)
    offering nature gender
    beldum (adamant) UT N
    budew(modest) UT M
    Charizard(bashful) T M
    growlithe(adamant) UT M *caught in luxury ball*
    chikorita(bold) UT M
    latias(calm) BT F can clear ev's
    magnemite(modest) UT N
    totodile(docile) UT M
    turtwig(quiet) UT M
    giratina(adamant)UT N
    machop(niave) UT M
    piplup(modest) UT M
    ho-oh(naughty) UT N
    birth island deoxys(calm) UT N
    latios(bold) BT M (can clear EV"S)
    cyndaquil(rash) UT M
    cyndaquil(brave) UT M
    mudkip(relaxed) UT M
    gible(adamant) UT F
    onix(adamant) UT M (japanese)
    manaphy(lonely)UT N
    eevee(adamant) UT M
    magikarp(jolly) UT F
    eevee(modest) UT F
    riolu(modest)UT M
    gastly(naive)UT F
    gastly(timid) UT F
    trapinch(adamant)T M
    totodile(docile) UT M
    charmander(mild) UT M
    turtwig(quiet) UT M
    scyther(adamant) UT F
    Horsea(hasty) UT great iv's
    bagon(relaxed)UT F
    bagon(jolly) UT M 31 iv's in attack,defense,and speed
    rayquaza(jolly) BT N
    registeel(relaxed) UT N
    treeko(timid)UT M
    chimchar(adamant)UT M
    larvitar(adamant) M
    feebas(mild) UT M
    phanpy(naughty) UT F
    roselia(relxaed) UT M
    ralts(adamant) UT M
    mew(mild) UT N
    raikou(timid) UT N
    rotom(adamant) UT N
    abra(modest) UT M(great iv's
    *neew* latios(modest) UT or evd
    bday charmander(naive) UT
    zapdos(bold) UT N (hp ice)
    eigaken arceus(quiet) UT N
    michina arceus(lax) UT N
    michina arceus(adamant) UT N
    mewtwo(modest) BT N

    NZ jirachi(rtimid) UT N
    evd skarmory(impish) T M
    celebi(bold) UT N
    heatran(hasty) T M*shiny*
    rotom(modest) UT N
    voltorb(timid) UT N
    absol(adamant) UT F
    torchic(mild) UT M
    darkrai(timid) UT N
    Mystry mew Quirky) UT N
    channel jirachi(gentle) UT N
    distant land lugia(impish) UT N
    shiny faraway island mew(mild) UT N (japanese)
    ALAMOS darkrai (modest) UT N
    NZ jirachi (Bashful) UT N
    mattle ho-oh(sassy) BT N
    new world09 weavile(jolly) UT M
    EV trained wishmker jirachi (timid) T N
    WISHMKER jirachi(quiet) UT N
    10ANIV latios(modest) UT or ev'd
    10ANIV celebi(sassy) UT N
    VGC milotic(timid) UT M
    Red metagross(brave) UT N
    newmoon shiny darkrai(timid) UT N
    gamstop deoxys(rash) UT N
    ev trained:
    gengar(timid) T F *shiny*
    salamence(adamant) T M
    typhlosion(modest) T M
    infernape(hasty) T M
    tauros(jolly) T M *shiny*
    heracross(adamant) T M
    latias(modest) T F *shiny*
    flygon(adamant) ZT M *shiny*
    spiritomb(serious) T F
    gyarados(adamant) T M *shiny*
    kingdra(adamant) T M
    jirachi(timid) T N
    jolteon(timid) T M good iv's
    suicune(bold) T N (want good for him)
    rampardos(adamant) T F *shiny*
    tyranitar(adamant) T M *shiny*
    gyarados(adamant) T M *shiny*
    heracross(adamant) T F
    forretress(relaxed) T M
    arodactyl(jolly) T F *shiny*
    frosslass(timid) T F *shiny*
    weavile(jolly) T F *shiny*
    gyarados(adamant) T M
    scizor(adamant) T F
    starmire(modest) UT N 31 iv's in speed and special attack!
    heracross(adamant) *shiny*
    blissey(bold) T F with seismic toss
    many items
    many event/rare berries
    can include pokerus
    when you pm/vm post what your offering or i'll ignore it
    and if you offer something i'm not lookiing for,i'll ignore it
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    shiny dugdrio UT
    shiny rapidash T(only to evolve with rare candys)
    shiny male hippowdon UT
    shiny dustox UT timid nature
    shiny rosarade UT
    shiny bidoof UT

    proud owner of:
    modest TRU arceus

    timid VGC09 milotic

    jolly GAMESTOP jirachi

    jolly PCP

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    I want Shiny EVed pokemon

    I Have alot Shines and Events for


    I offer


    Shokotan Pichu (Lv30)

    TRU Manaphy (Lv50) " got some Exp "

    TRU Regigigas (Lv100)

    TRU Shaymin (Lv52)

    TRU Dragonite (Lv50)

    VGC09 Milotic (Lv50)

    Alamos Modest Darkrai (Lv50)

    Alamos Docile Darkrai (Lv50)

    Event Japanese Milotic (Lv100)

    Wishmaker Jirachi (Lv5)

    PBR Pikachu " Volt Tackle + Surf " (Lv10)

    PBR Electivire (Lv50)

    PBR Magmortar (Lv50)

    Egaikan Darkrai (Lv50)

    Egaikan Shaymin (Lv50)

    Hayley Timid Mew (Lv50)

    Hayley Impish Mew (Lv50)

    Hayley Phione (Lv50)

    Hayley Aerodactyl (Lv50)

    Mystery Mew (Lv10)

    Nintendo Zone Jirachi (Lv5)

    Red Metagross (Lv62)

    Ruby Shiny Zigzgoon (Named 'ZIGZACHS') (Lv5)

    Pokemon Ranger Shiny Manaphy (Lv1)

    Pokemon Ranger Manaphy (Lv50)

    Pokemon Movie 07 Darkrai (Lv50)

    Pokemon Movie 08 Shaymin (Lv50)

    Pokemon Movie 08 Regigigas (Lv100)

    Movie 11 Shaymin (Lv50)

    Movie Deoxys (Lv100)

    Phione Egg

    World 2008 Lucario (Lv30)

    World 2009 Weavile (Lv30)

    Distant land Lugia (Lv50)

    Distant land Starmie (Lv41)

    Distant land Dragonite (Lv55)

    Distant land Lapras (Lv56)

    Distant land Shiny Entei (Lv40)

    Distant land Shiny Suicune (Lv40)

    Distant land Shiny Raikou (Lv100)

    Distant land Larvitar (Lv20)

    Distant land Shiny Latias (Lv100)HACK

    Distant land Shiny Togetic (Lv30)

    Rare pokes

    Adamant Riolu (Lv1)

    Adamant Cranidos (Lv1)

    Adamant Shiny Trapinch (Lv1)

    Adamant Shiny Eevee (Lv1)

    Adamant Chimchar (Lv1)

    Adamant Lapras (Lv1) "With Dragon Dance' "

    Adamant Shiny Beldum (Lv5)

    Adamant Shiny Sneasel (Lv34)

    Adamant Shiny Totodile (Lv1)

    Adamant Larvitaer (Lv1)

    Adamant Shiny Cyndaquil (Lv1)

    Adamant Shiny Horsea (Lv10)

    Adamant Shiny Giratina (Lv47)

    Adamant Shiny Chimchar (Lv1)

    Adamant Shiny Seviper (Lv18)

    Adamant Shiny Lapras (Lv1)

    Adamant Shiny Starly (Lv1)

    Adamant Shiny Riolu (Lv1)

    Adamant Shiny slakoth (Lv10)

    Adamant Shroomish (Lv1)

    Adamant Shiny Phanpy (Lv.5)

    Adamant Shiny Tentacool

    Adamant Shiny Floatzel (Lv29)

    Adamant Shiny Tauros (Lv17)

    Adamant Shiny Growlithe (Lv2)

    Adamant Shiny Croagunk (Lv1) "With Cross Chop"

    Adamant torchic (Lv1)

    Adamant Bagon (Lv1) "With Dragon dance and Dragon rush"

    Adamant Shiny Jap Regigigas (Lv1)

    Adamant Shiny Azumarill (Lv22)

    Adamant Shiny Bagon (Lv26)

    Adamant Shiny Munchlax (Lv25)

    Adamant Shiny Cranidos (Lv1)

    Adamant Shiny Shinx (Lv3)

    Adamant Shiny Pineco (Lv5)

    Adamant Dunsparce (Lv16)

    Adamant Shiny Larvitar (Lv6)

    Adamant Ariados (Lv50)

    Adamant Sneasel (Lv1)

    Adamant Shiny Mime Jr. (Lv16)

    Adamant Shiny Dratini (Lv1) "With Dragon Dance"

    Adamant Zubat (Lv1)

    Adamant Shiny Swinub (Lv32)

    Adamant Shiny Scyther (Lv52)

    Adamant Shiny Cubone (Lv4)

    Adamant Shiny Spheal " Named 'Seal' "

    Modest Moltres (Lv50) got Exp

    Modest Shiny Charmander (Lv1)

    Modest Palkia (Lv100)

    Modest Yanma (Lv1)

    Modest Togepi (Lv1)

    Modest Shiny Magnemite (Lv28)

    Modest Shiny Milotic (Lv2)

    Modest Shiny Geodude (Lv7)

    Modest Shiny Piplup (Lv1)

    Modest Shiny Rapidash (Lv45)

    Modest Shiny Misdreavus (Lv1)

    Modest Shiny Torchic (Lv5)

    Modest Shiny Shellder (Lv21)

    Modest Shiny Abra (Lv.4)

    Modest Shiny grodon (Lv70)

    Modest Shiny mewtwo (Lv70)

    Modest Shiny lapras (Lv46)

    Modest Shiny Yanma (lv1)

    Modest Shiny Riolu (Lv1)

    Modest Slowpoke (Lv1)

    Modest Shiny Kyogre (Lv70)

    Modest Shiny Nosepass (Lv14)

    Modest Darkrai (Lv50)

    Modest Shiny porygon (Lv.18)

    Modest Shiny Rotom (Lv1)

    Modest Shiny Squirtle (Lv2)

    Modest Zapdos (Lv51)

    Modest Magnezone (Lv42)

    Modest Torchic (Lv1)

    Modest Lotad (Lv1)

    Modest Shiny Horsea (Lv11)

    Modest Shiny Suicune (Lv50)

    Modest Shiny Corsola (Lv40)

    Modest Shiny Eevee (Lv17)

    Modest Omanyte (Lv1)

    Sassy Shiny Luxray (Lv31)

    Sassy Shiny Umbereon (Lv23)

    Sassy Shiny Teddiursa (Lv12)

    Sassy Shiny Dragonair (Lv35)

    Sassy Shiny Kyogre (Lv62)

    Calm Shiny Latias (Lv40) you can hardly see it's little Exp

    Calm Togepi (Lv15)

    Calm Shiny Corsola (Lv50)

    Calm Shiny Lickilicky (Lv35)

    Calm Shiny Togepi (Lv18)

    Calm Shiny Shuckle (Lv60)

    Calm Shiny feebas (Lv1)

    Calm Shiny Hoothoot (Lv21)

    Calm Shiny Pineco (Lv5)

    Calm Shiny Altaria (Lv81)

    Calm Shiny Ho-oh (Lv74) " Not english "

    Calm Shiny Chinchou (Lv1)

    Docile Shiny Slugma (Lv14)

    Docile Shiny Rhydon (Lv53)

    Docile Shiny Poliweath (Lv49)

    Docile Shiny surskit (lv2)

    Rash Shiny Slaking (Lv71)

    Rash Shiny Turtwig (Lv1)

    Rash Shiny Pineco (Lv5)

    Rash Shiny Fearow (Lv52)

    Rash Shiny Ditto (Lv54)

    Rash Shiny Lunatone (Lv1)

    Rash Shiny Snubbull (Lv16)

    Lonely Shiny Porygon (Lv25)

    Lonely Shiny Regigigas (Lv1)

    Lonely Shiny Glaceon (Lv20)

    Lonely Shiny Elekid (Lv31)

    Lonely Shiny carvanha (Lv33)

    Lonely Shiny Suicune (Lv100)

    Lonely Shiny Rayquaza (Lv100)

    Lonely Shiny Manaphy (Lv1)

    Lonely Shiny Unown (Lv21)

    Relaxed Shiny Psyduck (Lv25)

    Relaxed Shiny Roserade (Lv16)

    Relaxed Shiny Dusknoir (lv100)

    Relaxed Shiny Shuckle (Lv23)

    Relaxed Shiny Eevee (Lv1)

    Relaxed shiny Honchrow (Lv11)

    Relaxed Shiny Machop (Lv16)

    Timid Shiny Staryu (Lv30)

    Timid Shiny Treeko (Lv1)

    Timid Shiny Gastly (Lv10)

    Timid Shiny Rotom (Lv1)

    Timid Shiny Squirtle (Lv1)

    Timid Shiny Raikou (Lv50)

    Timid Shiny Azelf (Lv50)

    Timid Shiny Budew (Lv10)

    Timid Shiny Yanma (Lv26)

    Timid Shiny Kyogre (Lv70)

    Timid Shiny Kricktot (Lv6)

    Timid Shiny Rayquaza (Lv71)

    Timid abra (Lv1)

    Timid Treekco (Lv1) " With Overgrow "

    Timid Shiny Togepi (Lv18)

    Timid Shiny Zapdos (Lv60)

    Timid Shiny Smeargle (Lv1)

    Timid Shiny Castform (Lv1)

    Timid Shiny Togepi (Lv50)

    Timid Shiny Houndour (Lv23)

    Naive Shiny Nidoran"male" (Lv2)

    Naive Shiny Charmander (Lv1)

    Naive Shiny Girafarig (Lv24)

    Naive Shiny Tropius (Lv28)

    Naive Shiny Hariyama (LV38)

    Hardy Shiny Flygon (Lv46)

    Hardy Shiny Butterfree (Lv50)

    Hardy Shiny Ho-oh (Lv70)

    Hardy Shiny Scyther (Lv60)

    Hardy Shiny Ariados (Lv52)

    Careful Shiny Pineco (Lv5)

    Careful Shiny Spinda (Lv14)

    Careful Shiny Chatot (Lv41)

    Careful Shiny Cyndaquil (Lv1)

    Careful Shiny Chikorita (Lv1)

    Careful Shiny Piplup (Lv1)

    Careful Shiny Mudkip (Lv1)

    Careful Shiny Female Ralts (Lv1)

    Careful Shiny Torchic (Lv1)

    Careful Shiny Chimchar (Lv1)

    Careful Shiny Totodile (Lv1)

    Careful Shiny Bulbasaur (Lv1)

    Careful Shiny Venomoth (Lv50)

    Careful Shiny Tauros (Lv17)

    Careful Shiny Gloom (Lv49)

    Careful Shiny Swablu (Lv1)

    Careful Shiny Turtwig (Lv1)

    Careful Shiny Larvitar(Lv16)

    Careful Shiny Octillery " Named 'Octotan' "

    Careful Shiny Treecko (Lv1)

    Careful Shiny Regice (Lv40)

    Mild Shiny Absol (Lv60)

    Mild Shiny Charmander (Lv5)

    Mild Shiny Omanyte (Lv20)

    Mild Shiny Darkrai (Lv52)

    Mild Shiny Venomoth (Lv50)

    Mild Shiny Phione (Lv1)

    Mild Shiny Jap mew (Lv30)

    Jolly Torchic (Lv1)

    Jolly Shiny Venomoth (Lv50)

    Jolly Shiny aerodactyl (Lv1)

    Jolly Shiny Croagunk (Lv1)

    Jolly totodile (Lv1)

    Jolly Shiny Ekans (Lv18)

    Jolly Shiny Pinsir (Lv1)

    Jolly Shiny Magikarp (Lv1)

    Jolly Treecko(Lv1)

    Jolly Shiny Tangrowth (Lv33) " Named ' Tangoloss ' "

    Jolly Shiny Eevee (Lv12)

    Jolly Shiny Eevee (Lv1) " With Wish "

    Jolly Carvanha (Lv1)

    Jolly Shiny Jap Shaymin (Lv30)

    Jolly Shiny Taillow (Lv25)

    Quiet Shiny Wobbuffet (Lv100)

    Quiet Shiny Medicham (Lv37)

    Quiet Shiny Bagon (Lv1)

    Quiet Shiny Lotad (Lv5)

    Quiet Shiny Ponyta (Lv20)

    Quiet Shiny Vaporeon (Lv5)

    Quiet Shiny Squirtle (Lv1) "With Yawn"

    Quiet Shiny Torkoal (Lv52)

    Quiet Shiny Charmander (Lv1)

    Naughty Shiny Cyndaquil (Lv10)

    Naughty Shiny Machop (Lv15)

    Naughty Shiny Nincada (Lv1)

    Naughty Shiny Ninjask (Lv25)

    Naughty Shiny plusle (Lv16)

    Naughty Shiny palkia (Lv100)

    Naughty Shiny Ninjask (Lv20 )

    Naughty shiny Jap Suicune (lv50)

    Naughty Shiny Beldum (Lv1)

    Naughty Shiny Shinx (Lv3)

    Naughty Shiny Bonsly (Lv18)

    Naughty Shiny Gastrodon (Lv28)

    Naughty Shiny Whiscash (Lv29)

    Impish Shiny Meowth (Lv17) " Named 'LUCKY' "

    Impish Shiny Pineco (Lv5)

    Impish Shiny Shellder (Lv10)

    Impish Shiny Shuckle (Lv23)

    Impish Shiny Charmander (Lv2)

    Impish Shiny Magmar (Lv29)

    Impish Shiny hippopotas (Lv1)

    Impish Shiny Bronzor (Lv16)

    Impish Shiny Shuppet (Lv32)

    Impish Turtwig (Lv1)

    Impish Shiny yanma (Lv1)

    Impish Shiny Doduo (Lv2)

    Impish Shiny Mareep (Lv9)

    Impish Shiny Chkorita (Lv1)

    Impish Shiny Girafarig (Lv21)

    Impish Shellder (Lv1)

    Impish Shiny Anorith (Lv5)

    Lax Shiny Latios (Lv50)

    Lax Shiny Cranidos (Lv1)

    Lax Shiny Mesprit (Lv50) " Named 'CREFOLLET' "

    Lax Shiny Slakoth (Lv10)

    Bashful Shiny Budew (Lv8)

    Bashful Shiny Porygon (Lv1)

    Bashful Shiny Squirtle (Lv1)

    Bashful Shiny Golduck (Lv50)

    Bashful Shiny minun (Lv18)

    Bashful Shiny Slowbro (Lv36) " Named 'BEAUTY' "

    Bashful Shiny Miltank (lv1)

    Brave Shiny Croagunk (Lv1)

    Brave Shiny Swinub (Lv1)

    Brave Shiny Scyther (Lv1)

    Brave Shiny Drifloon (Lv15)

    Brave Shiny Scyther (Lv52)

    Brave Shiny Baltoy (Lv16) " Named 'KYOSHI' "

    Brave Shiny Zubat (Lv5)

    Brave Shiny Regigigas (Lv1)

    Brave Shiny Typhlosion (Lv100)

    Brave Shiny Corphish (Lv1)

    Brave Shiny Mime Jr. (Lv16)

    Serious Shiny Tropius (Lv28)

    Serious Shiny Riolu (Lv1)

    Serious Shiny Dialga (Lv100)

    Serious Shiny Spiritomb (Lv1)

    Serious Shiny Rotom (Lv1)

    Gentle Shiny Magnemite (Lv28)

    Gentle Shiny Zangoose (Lv18)

    Gentle Shiny Squirtle (Lv1)

    Bold Shiny Crobat (Lv25)

    Bold Shiny Bulbasaur (LV1)

    Bold Shiny Milotic (Lv.2)

    Bold Shiny Vulpix (Lv1)

    Bold Zapdos (Lv60)

    Bold Spheal (Lv1)

    Bold Shiny Squirtle (Lv1)"With yawn"

    Bold Shiny Giratina (Lv70)

    Bold Shiny Bulbasaur (Lv1)

    Bold Shiny Ralts F (Lv1)

    Bold Shiny Omanyte " Named 'AMONITAS' "

    Bold Shiny Moltres

    Bold Squirtle (Lv1)

    Bold Shiny Zapdos (Lv60)

    Quirky Shiny Wingull (Lv28)

    Quirky Shiny Venomoth (Lv50)

    Quirky Shiny Manaphy (Lv50)

    Quirky Shiny Pineco (Lv5)

    Quirky Shiny Tropius (Lv28)

    Quirky Shiny Tentacool (Lv26)

    Hasty Shiny Squirtle (Lv1)

    Hasty Shiny Lanturn (Lv52) " Named 'Winston' "

    Hasty Shiny Palkia (Lv70)

    Hasty Shiny Gengar (Lv47)

    Hasty Shiny Porygon-Z (Lv25)

    I have All TMs

    FC:4769 - 6140 - 1322
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    My new Fc 0389 9609 0341

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    Offering these shinies for events. All legit.
    Level 100 Mild Bibarel
    Level 100 Bold Noctowl
    Level 100 Naive Distant Land Flygon
    Level 100 Quirky Pidgeot
    Level 100 Timid Giratina
    Level 100 Timid Dialga
    Level 100 Bold Latios
    Level 54 Careful Sharpedo
    Level 55 Naive Hariyama
    Level 21 Gentle Quagsire
    Level 57 Naughty Granbull
    Level 55 Gentle Sandslash
    Level 55 Naughty Tauros
    Level 55 Rash Macgargo
    Level 15 Careful Finneon
    Level 10 Bold Beedrill
    Level 53 Sassy Cacturne
    Level 53 Modest Tropius
    Level 51 Hardy Machamp
    Level 51 Docile Fearow
    Level 51 Docile Skuntank
    Level 51 Careful Weezing
    Level 51 Jolly Linoone
    Level 51 Calm Raticate
    Level 42 Hasty Pelipper
    Level 33 Jolly Golduck
    Level 20 Impish Barboach
    Level 30 Naive Gastrodon
    Level 29 Timid Zangoose
    Level 29 Brave Psyduck
    Level 28 Lax Goldeen
    Level 22 Jolly Oddish
    Level 22 Brave Wooper
    Remember I will only take event Pokemon. THANKS!
    I don't use "uber" Pokemon , I don't calculate stat values, I don't use cheating devices, I don't breed my way to perfection, and I don't care about natures. I catch my Pokemon the way they are, and treat them like individuals instead of brainless drones. If you use this philosophy, copy & paste this into your signature. (Started by Tyranitar)

    I dont care about my EVs or IVs or any V's for that matter. Neither do i care about my natures or breeding, im not going to waste my time soft reseting for a shiny Kyorge. If you feel the same way, then post this in your siggy. Started by RebeliousPlayer.

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    Trading shinies for Tru arceuses. I need 4. (i also have an eikiagan arceuse that i will trade for a tru one.
    My FC: 1720 1928 3135.

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    Offering UT, nicknamable shiny...
    Lunatone, Quiet
    Mawile, F, Impish
    Slowpoke, M, Lax
    Glameow, M, Mild
    Clefa, M, Serious
    Rhyhorn, M, Sassy
    Scyther F, Sassy
    Seedot, M, Lonely
    Magby, M, Timid
    Growlithe, F, Gentle
    Tangela, M, Lax
    Cyndaquil, M, Naive
    Hippopotas, F, Impish

    Offering UT, non nicknamable Shiny..
    Oddish, F, Naive
    Rotom, Rash

    Looking for...
    Egg move pokemon, male
    Especially Togetic with Wish, Snorlaxes, Chanseys

    3 masterballs = one shiny.

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