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Thread: Batch Shiny Trading Thread [4.0 - READ FIRST POST]

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    Got an UT shiny Gentle Wurmple for trade, if ya need one, pm me.

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    still got, vm please inless you are serious about trading then pm.

    Quote Originally Posted by cubone 653487 View Post
    what i got up for trade...all are UT excpet for the delibird with slight exp...
    delibird....mild......slight exp
    duskull....relaxed.....egg move pain split
    scyther....quiet.....egg move steel wing,hyper beam,protect

    just looking for other offers....
    LF-----nothing ATM

    offering a lot of good natured shiny pokemon
    vm me to see what i have for trade!!

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    Hello I have this shinies for trade:


    I'm only searching for a ]Shokotan Pichu if someone has one please PM me!!!
    I really want one!!
    I am searching for:

    Red:Really need

    Onemuri Pikachu
    French regigigas
    German Regigigas
    Spanish Regigigas

    TRU Regigigas
    Jeremy Events
    Palcity Manaphy

    Shinys for trade:
    rayquaza (not for trade)
    Mew (need good offer)

    I have these items for trade:
    All Arceus Plates
    All TM's
    All Fossils (exept Doom)
    All Shards
    Rare Candies
    Heart Scales
    Red,Blue,Yellow,White,Black Flute

    Proud owner of a Shokotan

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    Looking for a timid Latias shiny 100% LEGIT. I have Shiny Milotic VGC09, Pikachu-Colored Pichu and Jirachi NZ from event .
    I have togepi, lucario, togepi, gardevoir, umbreon, glaceon, leafon, vaporeon, flareon, jolteon, espeon, beldum all shinies 100% legit .
    Friend code Platinum: 1720-0192-4566

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    Hi, this is what I want (ALL UT and legit!)
    Alamos Darkrai
    Almia Darkrai
    NZ Jirachi
    CHANNEL Jirachi
    WISHMKR Jirachi
    Faraway Island Mew
    Aura Mew
    Mystry Mew
    10ANNIV/10 ANIV Suicune
    10ANNIV/10 ANIV Entei
    10ANNIV/10 ANIV Raikou
    10ANNIV/10 ANIV Latias
    10ANNIV/10 ANIV Latios
    10ANNIV/10 ANIV Ho-oh
    10ANNIV/10 ANIV Lugia
    10 ANIV Dragonite
    10 ANIV Espeon
    10 ANIV Umbreon
    10 ANIV Bulbasaur
    10 ANIV Charizard
    10 ANIV Blastoise
    10 ANIV Typhlosion
    10 ANIV Blaziken
    10 ANIV Celebi
    Movie11 Regigigas
    TRU Shaymin
    Ranger Riolu
    Birthisland Deoxys
    Gamestp Deoxys
    SPACE C Deoxys

    This is what I offer (ALL UT and legit!)
    Shiny Ponyta
    Shiny Machop
    Shiny Pikachu w/ Light Ball
    Shiny Ghastly
    Shiny Electabuzz
    Shiny Budew
    Shiny Buizel
    Shiny Wingull
    Shiny Diglett
    Shiny Magnemite
    Shiny Sneasel
    Shiny Corsola
    Shiny Corsola
    PM if interested!
    I don't play Platinum anymore and now my WiFi is not working.
    I'm going to get new WiFi with the release of the Europian HG and SS.
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    Here are my current shinies:

    Adamant Mightyena
    Bashful Aerodactl
    Timid Darkrai (UT)
    Rash Moltres (UT)
    Rash Roselia (UT)
    Calm Turtwig
    Adamant Totodile (UT)
    Timid Magnamite (UT)
    Adamant Beldom (UT)
    Sassy Scorupi (UT)
    Quirky Giratina (UT)
    Jolly Starly (UT)
    Calm Luxray (Suspiciously UT)
    Timid & Modest Rotoms (Both UT)
    Quirky Makuhita (UT)
    Adamant Medicham (NN MEDI)
    Bashful Azelf (UT)
    Docile Chatot
    Calm Jynx (UT and Found by me in a random encounter)
    Relaxed Eevee
    Calm Espeon
    Gentle Cyndaquil (UT)
    Quiet Golduck (NN Ducky)
    Adamant Linoone
    Mild Altaria (NN YELLOW)
    Quiet Dodrio (NN Sick Kid)
    Careful Flygon (NN Blue)
    Adamant Leafeon (UT)
    Adamant Flarion (UT)
    Adamant Rayquaza (UT)
    Impish Umbreon (lvl 100, looks EVd)
    Hasty Scizor (UT)
    Lonely Golbat
    Bold Latios (UT)
    Adamant Piplup (UT)
    Adamant Aerodactyl (UT)
    Adamant Larvitar (UT)
    Lonely Marill (UT)
    Careful Ho-oh
    Impish zigzagoon (UT)
    Adamant Metagross (looks EVd)
    Quirky Bulbasaur (UT, and either French or German)
    Quiet Palkia
    Quirky Regirock (UT)
    Docile Yanmega (UT)
    Adamant Wingull (Japanese and UT)
    Docile Mew (lvl 100)
    Relaxed Gardevoir
    Modest Houndour (UT)
    Naive Pikachu (lvl 100)
    Lax Buizel (French)
    Quirky Kyogre (UT and NN AQUA)
    Relaxed Eevee (UT)
    Impish Pikachu (UT and found by me in a random encounter. NN Richie)
    Adamant Bidoof (UT and found by me in a random encounter. NN Gold)
    Modest Mewtwo

    Shiny EVd:
    Adamant Arcanine
    Modest Charizard
    Hasty Raikou
    Modest Deoxys
    Calm Probopass
    Modest Shaymin
    Bold Suicune
    Timid Ninetales
    Modest Starmie
    Jolly Tyranitar
    Jolly Aerodactyl
    Timid Alakazam
    Naive Azelf
    Modest Kyogre
    Modest Palkia
    Relaxed Forretress
    Modest Magnezone
    Lax Celebi
    Timid Porygon-Z
    Modest Lucario
    Bashful Cresselia* (EV trained myself)
    Adamant Zangoose*
    Modest Heatran*
    Adamant Salamence*
    Adamant Rampardos*

    Mostly looking for an EVd Rayquaza with good IVs and nature.
    Yup, believe it or not, I have finally gotten my hands on every single solitary pokemon. Thanks, SPPF!

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    The current shinies I have for trade are:

    Serious Mudkip
    Docile Turtwig
    Mild cyndaquil

    All are Lv1 UT and legit.

    I'm looking for UT Modest or Timid Kyogre, Adamant Groundon, Adamant or Jolly Ho-oH, Bold Lugia, or a Gible that knows Outrage and EQ(if it is possible pass down earthquake through breeding).

    I'll have more shinies to come.
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    looking for a :
    UT shiny dratini (preferably nicknameable, or already nicknamed, and if possible female)
    shiny burmy (male) UT (maybe nicknameable)
    shiny beldum UT (maybe nicknameable)
    Shiny Happiny UT
    shiny Charmander UT
    Shiny eevee (female)(nicknameable) UT

    offering: (not shiny)Mystry Mew (basically UT, only raised 2 levels (its at level 13)
    shiny beldum
    shiny golbat
    shiny Clefable
    Normal dratini's with the moves Outrage, Hyper Beam, SafeGaurd (I have too many!!!)
    Lv 100 (non shiny) Dialga
    3 birds (platinum)
    or if yur seaching for something else just ask ^^
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    legit ut shiny totodile and legit ut shiny regigigas for trade pm me with offers. Looking for shinies and Raikou/Entei.
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    Looking for a Shiny Sandshrew and Sandslash, or two Shiny Sandshrew. Nature, gender, Evs, IVs, etc. Does not matter as long as it is legit. Even if you do not have one of these, feel free to offer whatever you have. Interested in Shinies, Ranger Riolu, and Shokotan Pichu (Not June 19th or July 4/5th). Also looking for an IV breeder.

    Ralts, Docile- Male UT
    Geodude, Adamant-Male UT (RACAILLOU) <--I think its a foeign language
    Snorunt, Modest-Male UT
    Starly, Modest- Female UT*
    Swablu, Jolly-Male Slighty T
    Rapidash, Quiet- Male Lv100
    Bibarel, Lonely-Female UT
    Staraptor, Sassy-Female Lv50 252 Evs in Atk/Spd, 4 in HP
    Staravia, Rash- Male UT*
    Cubone, Naughty-Male*
    Swampert, Docile-Male T
    Buizel, Relaxed-Male UT (Riot)
    Cubone, Hardy- Male UT*
    Electrike, Docile- Female UT*
    Floatzel, Quiet- Female UT*
    Pelipper, Bashful-Male UT
    Farfetch'd, Relaxed-Female UT*
    Farfetch'd, Calm-Male UT*
    Wooper, Rash-Female UT
    Lopunny, Quirky-Male Lv100
    Marill, Rash-Female UT
    Quagsire, Rash-Female T
    Granbull, Hardy-Male Lv100
    Skitty, Bold-Male UT
    Mantyke, Adamant-Male UT
    Banette, Rash-Female UT
    Exploud, Gentle-Female T
    Gastrodon, Brave-Male UT
    Metang, Modest- Slightly Touched (Has Pokerus)
    Linoone, Rash-Female T
    Nidorino, Modest- UT*
    Staraptor, Hardy-Male Lv100
    Bidoof, Relaxed-Male Lv45, Ev Trained
    Staravia, Quiet-Male T (Shikamaru)*
    Pachirisu, Gentle-Male UT*
    Girafarig, Rash-Female UT
    Electrike, Impish-Female UT*
    Bibarel, Docile-Female UT*
    Pachirisu, Adamant-Female UT* (Lily) (Reserved)
    Surskit, Serious-Female UT*
    Electrike, Rash-Female UT*
    Pachirisu, Modest-Male UT* (Flash)
    Cubone, Naive-Female T* (Tenten)
    Pachirisu, Hasty-Female UT*
    Farfetch'd, Careful-Female UT*
    Bibarel, Brave-Female UT*
    Phanpy, Bold-Male T* (Iruka)
    Magneton, Modest T (Currently EV training, 116 Sp.Atk EVs)
    Shinx, Lax-Female*
    Cubone, Serious-Male UT*
    Wooper, Rash-Female UT
    Bidoof, Hardy-Female UT*
    Electrike, Bashful-Male UT*
    Spheal, Mild-Female UT
    Electrike, Hasty- Female UT*
    Roselia, Serious-Male UT*
    Cascoon, Rash-Female UT*
    Mime Jr., Hasty-Male UT*
    Farfetch'd, Adamant-Female UT*
    Gastrodon, Serious-Male UT*
    Golduck, Serious-Female UT* (Ino)
    Floatzel, Sassy-Male UT*
    Bibarel, Naive-Male UT*
    Pachirisu, Naive-Female UT*
    Surskit, Relaxed-Male UT*
    Staravia, Bold-Female UT*
    Bibarel, Quirky-Female UT*
    Pelipper, Lonely-Male T
    Farfetch'd, Lax-Female UT*
    Buizel, Relaxed-Female Lv100 (Tsunade)
    Pachirisu, Gentle-Female Lv100 (Hinata)
    Persian, Quiet-Male Lv100 (Itachi)
    Flareon, Lax-Male Lv100 (Akamaru)
    Growlite, Relaxed-Male T (Kiba)
    Nidorino, Quirky- T (Sasuke)
    Furret, Hasty-Male T (Baki)
    Shinx, Bashful-Female UT (Kamatari)
    Burmy, Hasty-Male UT (Deidara)

    Ponyta, Mild- Female UT (Chiyo)
    Hippopotas, Rash-Female UT (Temari)
    Tropious, Mild-Male UT (Aoi)
    Dratini, Quiet-Female UT (Haku)
    Lickitung, Hardy-Female UT (Kin)
    Eevee,Docile- Male UT
    Eevee, Modest-Male UT

    My FC:
    Hikari: 0903 8873 3010
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    looking for shiny male eeve,Have maqny things to offer,like shiny absol.shiny forretress and many others,they are all legit,although eeve does not have to be legit.PM if interested.
    FC: 2537 5240 2599

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    1.Shiny Palkia
    2.Shiny Suicune
    3.Shiny Heatran



        Spoiler:- My Shiny EV trained pokemon:

        Spoiler:- Others/Events:

        Spoiler:- My Items For Trade:
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    NvR4get is offline I am Currently Awaiting Email Confirmation
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    shiny pichu
    shiny beldum (adamant)
    shiny or non shiny togepi w/serena grace modest nature
    shiny riolu
    shiny starters

    just let me know what you got and i will let you know what i have to offer thanks

    EDIT:just caught a shiny adamant dialga
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    How about East Blue?


    After shiny Horsea

    willing to trade:

    Pm me so can try and work out a trade time as it may be a tad tricky
    I'm back and with a 3DS friend code if you want to add me: 5026 4445 5102

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    I want

    shiny Shuckle

    I offer

    The Event Pokemon

    Shiny Event Pichu

    Alamos Event Darkrai ( with special rend + roar of time )

    TRU Event Regigigas

    TRU Event Shaymin ( can transform into Sky Form )

    With Surf + Volt Tackle

    The Shinys

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    Looking for :
    Shiny Bagon male, Legit UT and not cloned!
    Shiny Spheal male, Legit UT and not cloned!!!

    offering :
    UT Legit Shokotan Pichu
    UT Legit WCS Milotic
    UT Legit WISHMKR Jirachi

    PM me for trades
    3DS FC : 2621 2935 3452
    IGN: Mau (Ultra Sun)

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    i have a shiny UT larvitar for trade. i will trade it for 3 power items
    Member of Red Dragons Clan,Ocean Depths Clan.
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    I have all Shiny Starters!
    I have the Lake Trio Shiny!
    Have all Shiny Dogs!
    I have all Shiny Birds!
    I have Shiny Regi's!

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    have a shiny ev'd blissy and shiny ev'd gallade, shiny entei, shiny golem UT looking for ev'd pokes and jap dittos with good battle natures (eg. adamant, timid, naive, calm). multible dittos for on shiny's
    fc: 0130 9600 3581

    looking for ev'd
    es dragonite, aqua jet feraligatr, celebi, Zapdos, Metagross, mamoswine and latias

    will trade 2 evd pokes for one of my wants

    some pokes i have to trade are: ev'd unless stated
        Spoiler:- breloom [CENTER]kingdra (spec attack)[/CENTER]gliscor,[CENTER]hippowdon[/CENTER]:

    my hate

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    Looking for

    UT Shiny Ekans
    UT Shiny Growlithe
    UT Shiny female Larvitar (must be nicknamable)
    UT Shiny Absol

    UT Shiny Doduo x3
    UT Shiny Sassy Male Shinx
    UT Shiny Starly x2
    UT Shiny Larvitar male
    Other interesting egg move pokemon + legendaries

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    Does anyone have the following:
    ***shiny plusle and minun timid/mischievous or alert to sounds females
    ****shiny snorunt timid/mischievous or alert to sounds female
    ****shiny buizel jolly/alert to sounds female
    ****shiny ho-oh adamant/likes to thrash about or mischievous
    ****shiny raikou timid/mischievous or alert to sounds
    ****shiny dialga adamant/likes to thrash about

    ***-wanted and must be completely UT
    ****-wanted very badly and completely UT
    New shinies are in "BLUE"

    What im offering:

    D/P Shinies:
    shiny eevee lv.16 UT adamant
    shiny rotom lv.15 UT modest
    shiny voltorb lv.28 UT timid- really good ivs
    shiny shroomish lv.24 UT adamant

    *Platinum Shinies:
    shiny wurmple lv.15 UT
    shiny burmy lv.10,14 UT male
    shiny aipom lv.14,15 x2 UT
    shiny stantler lv.6 UT
    shiny mr. mime lv.30 UT
    shiny ponyta lv.5 UT
    shiny cherubi lv.5 UT

    shiny fearow lv.48 UT
    shiny gyarados lv.43 UT
    shiny whiscash lv.33 UT
    shiny drifloon lv.15 UT
    shiny sealeo lv.44 UT
    shiny corsola lv.48 UT
    shiny sealeo lv.53 UT
    shiny dugtrio lv.50 UT
    shiny diglett lv. 49 UT
    shiny glupin lv.26 UT
    shiny croagunk lv.28 UT
    shiny tangela lv.28 UT
    shiny tropius lv.28-29 x6 UT
    shiny skorupi lv.30 x3 UT
    shiny yanma lv.27-30 x7 UT
    shiny absol lv.38 x2 UT

    *caught by me*

    Hatched shinies:
    shiny cyndaquil lv.1 x5 UT
    shiny riolu lv.1 x5 UT
    shiny pichu lv.1 UT w/volt tackle and thunder punch
    shiny snorunt lv.1 x6 UT
    *all hatched by me*

    Egg move shinies:
    shiny bagon lv.1 adamant/likes to thrash about (dragon dance and dragon rush)
    shiny charmander lv.5 jolly/likes to run (dragon claw and flamethrower)

    JP platinum shiny giratina lv.47 UT

    shiny kingdra lv.100 (w/outrage and sniper ability)
    breloom lv.100
    sceptile lv.100 (Overgrow)
    shiny rapidash lv.100 (UBER)
    shiny machamp lv.100
    shiny donphan lv.100 (w/ice shard)
    shiny gardevoir lv.100
    zapdos lv.100
    shiny ninetails lv. 100 #1
    shiny ninetails lv.100 #2
    shiny infernape lv.100
    shiny T-tar lv.100 #2
    groudon lv.100
    pinsir lv.100
    shiny houndoom lv.100 (Hellfire)
    shiny latios lv.100 (TealDragon)
    shiny latias lv.100 (LiteDragon)
    moltres lv.100 (Phoenix)
    swellow lv.100
    shiny dusknoir lv.100 #2 (w/pain split)
    scizor lv.100
    shiny charizard lv.100 #2
    shiny sandslash lv.100 (Red XIII)
    lucario lv.100
    shiny tauros lv.100 (Lamborgini)
    shiny leafeon lv.100 #2
    Shiny Cresselia (Luner) lv.100
    Shiny Arcanine lv.100 #2
    Shiny Magmortar lv.100
    Shiny Hitmonchan lv.100
    Heatran lv.100
    Suicune lv.100
    Shiny Blaziken lv.100
    Shiny Machamp lv.65
    Shiny Tangrowth lv.100
    Shiny Typhlosion lv.100
    Shiny snorlax lv.100
    Shiny probopass lv.100
    Shiny Slaking lv.100
    Slaking lv.100
    Shiny Dragonite lv.100
    Shiny Breloom lv.100
    ursaring lv.100
    shiny arcanine lv.100 #1
    shiny staraptor lv.100
    shiny sceptile lv.100
    houndoom lv.100
    kabutops lv.100 (kabu)
    salamence lv.100 (Feu Drache) (with 3 platinum moves)
    donphan lv.100 (EarthLord) w/seed bomb
    shiny honchkrow lv.100 (PimPin yo) (with 1 platinum move)
    aerodactyl lv.100 (Ptera)
    blissey lv.100
    Darkrai lv.100
    shiny yanmega lv.100 (MEGEbeatr)
    shiny gyarados lv.83 w/outrage
    shiny gliscor lv.100 (CyberBat)
    shiny mismagius lv.100
    shiny absol lv.100 (Losba)
    shiny ambipom lv.100 (Jeeves)
    shiny swampert lv.100
    shiny mamoswine lv.100
    shiny glaceon lv.100
    shiny leafeon lv.100 #1
    shiny garchomp lv.100
    shiny electivire lv.100
    shiny metagross lv.100
    shiny dusknoir lv.100
    shiny weavile lv.100 (Prima)
    shiny heracross lv.100
    shiny tyranitar lv.100
    shiny charizard lv.100
    shiny magnezone lv.100
    shiny milotic lv.100 (Hotty)
    shiny togekiss lv.100
    mewtwo lv.100
    shiny gallade lv.100
    shiny lucario lv.100
    shiny shuckle lv.100 (with 1 platinum move)
    shiny ninjask lv.100
    shiny rhyperior lv.100
    shiny porygon-z lv.100
    shiny alakazam lv.100
    shiny gengar lv.100
    shiny rampardos lv.100
    milotic lv.100
    shiny jolteon lv.100
    shiny umbreon lv.100 (Night Lady)
    shiny espeon lv.100
    shiny aggron lv.100
    deoxys lv.100
    shiny skarmory lv.100 w/drill peck and whirlwind
    shiny salamence lv.100
    shiny weavile lv.100 (Assassin)
    heracross lv.100
    shiny lugia lv.100
    metagross lv.100 w/ice punch
    shiny dialga lv.100
    shiny kyogre lv.100
    shiny deoxys lv.100
    *Great for wifi battles and battle frontier help*
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    all must be UT and legit.
    I am looking for:
    lvl 45 kyogre
    lvl 45 groudon
    lvl 70 rayquaza
    UT latias and latios
    SPACE C deoxys
    gamestop deoxys
    WISHMKR jirachi.
    CHANNEL jirachi.
    ranger riolu.
    Ho-oh from MT BATA.
    10 aniv OR 10 anniv celebi.
    TRU regigigas
    any other events.
    I can offer these shiny's.
    the 1 that pm's me for the riolu can choose 3 shinys:
    here they come with nature and all:
    ralts UT timid nature
    sudowoodo UT impish nature.
    girafarig UT naughty nature.
    fearow UT adamant nature.
    gloom UT jolly nature.
    pinsir UT jolly nature.
    golem UT naughty nature
    bonsly UT naughty nature.
    glameow UT adamant nature
    buizel UT calm nature.
    drifloon UT brave nature.
    ghastly UT careful nature.
    and last a eevee UT with timid nature.
    IF you have 1 of them PLEASE pm me!
    got the riolu,thank you!
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    still got looking for a adamant shniy beldum (perfurable lv 1) and other shiny pokemon

    Quote Originally Posted by cubone 653487 View Post
    what i got up for trade...all are UT excpet for the delibird with slight exp...
    delibird....mild......slight exp
    duskull....relaxed.....egg move pain split
    scyther....quiet.....egg move steel wing,hyper beam,protect

    just looking for other offers....
    LF-----nothing ATM

    offering a lot of good natured shiny pokemon
    vm me to see what i have for trade!!

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    I have all shiny starters and I'm looking to trade for either shiny in-game legendaries or celibi or deoxys.
    Platinum FC: 1290 6332 1528
    I have all starters (untrained+SHINY) and I'm looking for celibi or deoxys, preferably untrained. PM if interested.

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    I have a Shiny Darkrai and Shiny Scyther up for trade. Looking for events, PM me.
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    looking for a shiny mudkip (i wuld love for it to be UT, nicknameable)

    offering a MSTRY Mew
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