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    Quote Originally Posted by Food Guy View Post
    Pele Ruins Pocket Dimension

    Firewater: Dark Pele listens to your question, and takes a couple of seconds to answer you.

    "Of course I'll play fair," says the god, although you don't feel one hundred percent comfortable with that answer.

    However the battle between Aurora and Magneton begins and turn your attention towards it. Aurora starts off the battle with a Water Pulse, the pulses of water barraging Magneton's metallic body. The magnet pokemon gives an irritated buzz before it lets out an ear-splitting Screech. Aurora gives a squeal of pain as the noise penetrated her ear lobes. Cringing from the Screech, Aurora continues to attack, this time summoning up a storm of Powdery Snow. The snow hit Magenton with little DINGs, despite the fact that the snow was very small and not at all like ice, and manages to blind one of Magneton's eyes. The magnet pokemon monotonously screams in pain, before it sparks with electricity and sends a Thunder Shock Aurora's way. The ball pokemon yells in pain as the electricity courses through her body, but she manages to recover. Now gasping for air Aurora finishes off her assault by jumping at Magneton and hitting it with her Aqua Tail. The attack sends the electric/steel type backwards but doesn't appear to do all that much damage. A tad but angry Magneton charges at its opponent and Tackles Aurora, nearly knocking her off the platform.

    What will you do?
    David Michael, for whatever reason didn't feel secure about Dark Pele's answer, but regardless, he knew that he had to continue. However, he couldn't help but be impressed with the ease that she was taking those electric attacks, and she seemed to be doing quite well overall. Regardless, that last attack hadn't been too good, and noticing that afterwards Aurora was getting kind of close to the edge of the platform, he quickly gives Auoura more orders.

    "Alright, that was good, now, let's get some distance with a Hidden Power (Fire), followed by a Bubblebeam, and while he's um wet, blast him with an Ice Beam, go you can do it!"

    David Michael waits to see what would happen, and keeping himself aware for any new stricks, tries to think of what to do next...

    OOC: sorry for the crappy update...
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