After a long trip you have finally made it to the waterfall, the pristine water looking absolutely fabulous. You continue to walk, taking in the view around you. There are people lined up around the waterfall's banks, not a lot of people but still a decent amount. Several of the people have even got their pokemon out, several of the little monsters chasing after each other. Turning your attention over to the jungle around the banks, you hear the numerous calls of the inhabitants of the area.

"Excuse me mister?" calls a small voice.

You feel a tug on your pants and look down. There is a little girl holding onto your pants legs, her head only reaching halfway up your thigh. More importantly the girl looked lost and there was a panicked expression on her face. Seeing you looking down the little girl continues.

"Mister, I can't find my mummy or daddy!" she cried, tears forming in her eyes. "Can you please help me?"

What will you do?