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Ytnim: Choosing a Pokeball and summoning your Manectric, you quickly formulate a plan to protect the doctor, and set it in action. Blitz keeps his eyes on the Skarmory and Quickly runs up to Attack it, colliding head on with the bird and landing back on the ground in attack position as Skarmory soars around for another pass. Feeling your body buzz with exhilaration, you order Manectric to use a Thunder Wave, and a thousand tiny electrical tendrils extend from Blitz, wrapping around the Skarmory and pinning it's wings. As Skarmory falls to the ground, Blitz quickly dashes towards it and smashes into it with a Spark, causing the steel bird to screech out in pain again. Skarmory quickly retaliates by Slashing Air at Manectric, giving it some room to move before it strikes with a Brave Bird. It looks like this Skarmory is highly trained. Looking over at the Professor, you notice he has a look of complete concentration on his face, studying the Skarmory...

What will you do?
"Looks like this is one tough bird, even for a Skarmory, we'll have to keep on our toes in this one Blitz!" Minty warns his faithful electric type, though he was sure he already knew that this was going to be a tough fight.

Stealing a glance at Dr. Hserf, Minty sees his intense look at the armoured bird, it was a little odd, since his field wasn't pokemon, but he puts these thoughts away, he was a doctor after all, he probably just had a large supply of natural curiosity, useful for researching in any field. He didn't seem to be in any immediate danger now the pokemon was focused on Blitz, and that was his job, and so he must be doing it at least somewhat effectively.

Back in the battle, Minty keeps on the offensive. "Ok Blitz, keep concentrating on that Thunder Wave, don't want to give this bird too much leeway! Get in there with another Spark, and then follow that up with a Fire Fang, see how it's armour matches up to that!" Minty commands his pokemon with confidence and flair, seemingly pre-requisites to be a good pokemon trainer.