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fishyfool: Becoming increasingly impatient with Ambipom, you realize that you need to put Ambipom back on the defensive before both yours and Infernape's patience snap. Deciding to strike through distraction and fear, you order Volcape to Leer at Ambipom, with a follow-up Thunderpunch. Volcape Leers at Ambipom, though the monkey just laughs at him, obviously amused. Infernape decides to take advantage of Ambipom's momentary phase in concentration and an electrically charged Thunderpunch connects with Ambipom, who screams in pain. Trapped between a fist and a tree, Ambipom is helpless as a thousand volts of electricity course through his veins. Smoke sizzles from Ambipom as its muscles spazz weakly, and Volcape quickly follows up with a series of Furious Swipes. Ambipom groans but manages to push Volcape back with another Gunk Shot. It looks like another hit or two will knock Ambipom out, although it also looks like its attempting to climb back into a tree for height advantage.

What will you do?

As Volcape's leer went amusing towards Ambipom, the chimp decided that it was the best time to strike as the Thunderpunch connected and seemed to grill him slightly. With a smirk, Volcape then proceeded to swipe at him furiously before being knocked away by another move. As Jamie watched this, it seemed that the ape was getting weak and trying to retreat to an advantage, something he could not let happen. With a look towards the somewhat-singed Wraith, who was starting to chat with the injured Aipom Jamie was planning to get to safety afterwards, the battle was at the final stages, and it was pretty much natural what to do.

"Volcape, give the enemy monkey a sudden smack with another mach punch, then finish him off with a swift flame wheel. If he manages to avoid it or survives somwhow, blast him with an ice beam and put the chill on him."

With a nod, the tiring Infernape cracked his knuckles before rushing for the Ambipom...