Hair clung to Kris' face, cemented to her skin by layers of sweat and dust that that had accumulated over the morning. Wet, sweaty patches stained her clothes, the soggy stretches a testament to the tropic heat that swallowed the island whole. Around her, large trees and tiny ferns dotted the haphazard footpath that had been carved through the forest by a hundred dozen other explorers just like her. She was grateful for whatever shade the foliage cast over her, the noontime sun all but unbearable once it had joined forces with the sweltering weather imposed by the volcanic island itself.

"It's hot." she whined needlessly to her Pokemon companion; a young Vaporeon named Levi. Beads of dew shimmered like diamonds in the high sunlight, the condensation of a curious but pleasant byproduct of her aquatic physiology. "What do you say we find somewhere with some water to cool down in?"

Levi sighed, the sound somewhere between a mew and the reminiscent tinkling of a glass bell, and paused to stretch her aqueous limbs, the tired gesture an agreement to the suggestion. Kris smiled fondly at the tiny blue beast and slung her shoulderbag forward, unzipping the main pocket and fishing for the map that had been provided on the ferry. Unfolding it in a decidedly uncoordinated manner, Kris stretched her arms wide and held the map above her head, scanning first for their current location, and then for the nearest water source.

"Looks like the Ignatius River is just a couple miles from here." She said, thoughtfully.