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The Lost City of Sobek

The Caiman Temple

Pressing on in your fight against the fossils, you call for further commands in hopes that Rampardos might be caught by enough surprise to pave the way for a win. With his entire forelimb blazing with the mystical power of elemental guardians, Rhyperbeam's Dragon Claw comes hard like a cannon shot, jabbing Rampardos in its chest and knocking it backwards, but all at once the prehistoric Pokémon launches a gleaming energy orb from its open mouth, charged by Ancientpower. Though the hit comes strongly, striking Rhyperbeam against the side of his face, the Rhyperior's Ground typing prevents the attack from performing its full impact. Howling up another roar, Rhyperbeam goes for his continued strategy for the terra-inclined, sending a Bubblebeam by Rampardos' way, just as Feraligatr launches a Dragon Pulse before Cradily's tentacles can reach over to make use its compromised defences. Timed to a near coincidence both Pokémon end up hurled back lightly by the ranged moves, managing to steady themselves aside each other before they run a risk of hitting the wall, while the other occupied Pokémon continue duking it out with each other.

A brief sideways, almost knowing glance from Cradily and Rampardos catches your puzzlement, but you aren't given much of a reprieve as Rampardos comes charging back in; its blue cranium blazing with cyan energy. Rhyperbeam raises his hand back in preparation, but as energy starts to build up in his knuckle Rampardos rams itself headfirst into Rhyperbeam's chest, and this time little more than a choke escapes the Ground-type's throat as the flinch effect of Zen Headbutt kicks in, dissipating what potential accumulated in his arm. Only moments later, a sizzling Energy Ball slams into the exposed plates where Rhyperbeam's neck is, and as Rhyperbeam writhes in the dual agony you realise both fossils must have coordinated this combination just seconds before. You are not the only one to notice this; as Feraligatr snorts in indignance it takes a step forward, but in a sickly similar fashion with your clash against Tyranitar earlier the reptile lands facefirst, caught by a Grass Knot courtesy of the Barnacle Pokémon who chuckles in deep, ringing tones. Around you, the other Pokémon are starting to wear out as the fights drag on; a noted discoordination as Maya hums overhead as Aerodactyl plagues her, while behind you Mynah and Leona pant audibly while the Brine sizzles against their skin. Everywhere and everyone else is caught amongst similar chaos, and things aren't looking so bright for you as they might have been...
Pressing on in his fight against the fossils, Matthew called more attacks to his starter Pokémon, a deep belief coursing through his system that he could defeat the Pharaoh’s Pokémon and save the world from his evil, hoping his next attacks would be enough to catch the Fossils by surprise and pave the way for a win. As Matthew looked on in angst and support, he saw Rhyperbeam charge up the power of the elemental guardians as his newly sharpened claws as he socked Rampardos in the chest with the dragon claw, the impact sounding like it was shot out of a cannon. Feeling better, Matthew shouted encouragement, only to see the prehistoric Pokémon launch a gleaming ball of energy from its mouth, as the Ancient Power hit Rhyperbeam in the mouth.

As Matthew noticed the attack that was usually so powerful, he remembered that Rhyperbeam was part ground type, and as such it buffered the attack, preventing it from being at full power. Howling up another roar, Rhyperbeam continued the strategy Matthew had thought of just moments ago by sending a Bubblebeam by Rampardos’ way. As Matthew turned to his right, he also noticed Feraligatr launching a Dragon Pulse before Cradily could use its tentacles to make use of its compromised defense. As the attacks soared over with near coincidence, Matthew saw the two Pokémon hurled back slightly from the ranged moves, both managing to stay on their feet and steady themselves just before they ran into the wall as other occupied Pokémon continued ducking it out with each other.

As the two Pokémon stopped, they gave each other an almost knowing glace that Matthew picked up on, puzzling him deeply. Pushing away the thought for the time being, Matthew saw Rampardos come charging back in; its blue cranium blazing with energy. As Rhyperbeam raised a hand in defense, Matthew saw the energy of the attack start to build up in its knuckle, only for Rampardos to ram itself head-first into Rhyperbeam’s chest. As a small choke escaped from Rhyperbeam’s mouth, Matthew was confused, only to see that the attack had flinched the Rock-Pokémon as any potential accumulated in his arms was shattered. A second later, Matthew saw a sizzling Energy Ball slam into the exposed plates where Rhyperbeam’s neck is, as Matthew suddenly realized the earlier glace was a coordination of combinations as Rhyperbeam writhed in the dual agony of its weakness’. As Feraligatr also noticed this, Matthew saw it snort in indignance as it took a step forward, but memory coined a déjŕ vu for Matthew as he remembered back to his fight with the Earlier Tyranitar as the reptile landed face first on the hard concrete floor, caught by the grass knot of the Cradilly. As Matthew heard the deep, ringing tone of sinister laughter emitting from the grass fossil’s voice, Matthew took the time to look around at the situation, it apparently dire as the Pokémon began to wear out as the fights dragged on; Matthew noting a lack of co-ordination as Maya hummed overhead as the Aerodactyl plagued her, while behind him Mynah and Leona panted audibly while their skin sizzled from a brine attack. Looking at the chaos and destruction around him, Matthew came up with another plan

“Use a Swords Dance to boost your power and then if he runs in with another headbutt, use a Dynamic Punch on the back of that weak neck of his. After that use an Aqua Tail; aim on its spine.”