The Isle of Talas

The Sphinx
"Ooooh, well done! You've got it!" cheers Baltoy, clapping its clay arms together like an excited child. "That was some good thinking! You'll need that if you want to clear the other riddles inside, but first... this way, please!"

As Baltoy disappears into the passage ahead, you start moving to follow it, Watermelon and Dot next to you. With each measure of distance you move deeper into the hallway small torches lining the walls light up, illuminating the way in front where Baltoy is merrily bobbing ahead, gaining speed even while you chase after it. At the corners of your vision you spot that this hall is no less ornate than the room you were in earlier, but you maintain focus on the main mission at hand. For all you knew the way ahead could be labyrinthesque and the last thing you'd want is to lose your way inside this ancient monument.

By the time you see a clearing of light ahead, Baltoy already seems to have disappeared, leaving you and your Pokémon apparently alone in a larger room about the size of a typical battle arena, filled with sand from all four corners. Ahead you barely spot the edges of a rocky slab door cut into the opposite wall, but with no clear opening mechanism. Out of curiousity you start making your way across the silicon oxide deposits, but nearly halfway across the room you feel a slight rumble in the sand beneath your feet, and a small brown head pops out of the grainy floor a moment later.

"Diglett!" it says, eyeing you in fascination, and with a start you realise that you'll have to battle your way through in order to gain permission to the next riddle. What will you do now?