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The Isle of Talas

The Sphinx

Food Guy
Looking at you briefly with a mildly annoyed expression on her face, Dot starts focusing psychic power through her palms, shaking a little as the energy goes through her pained hand, but summoning up a panel of Reflect all the same. The technique comes just in time as Skorupi fires another Poison Sting from its mouth; the toxic needles colliding with Dot's protective screen before falling to the floor in little clatters. Glaring at the rather infuriating bug, Dot's wings begin beating up a second Supersonic, causing confusing waves to echo about the chamber once more. This catches the little scorpion unawares once more, and it doesn't take long for spirals to set into its eyes once more.

Smirking slightly at her befuddled opponent, Dot begins another round of flapping her wings, but this time she focuses on releasing insectoid energy from them instead of sound waves. A glittery gust of Silver Wind flies from beneath her chitin guards, arcing into a pair of zephyrs, slicing over Skorupi and... upon further inspection, not really seeming to deal effective damage. However, a glance towards Dot reveals that some of the energies she released appear to have surrounded her, and even as you watch on she appears to have a spring in her flight, and her body seems to have become slightly stronger while Skorupi claws itself in utter obfustication...
Dot closed her eyes and started to focus psychic energy through her palms, wincing as the energy passed through her injured hand. Dot threw her hands forward and a barrier was summoned in front of her. she executed this just in time, for Skorupi had fired another Poison Sting attack out of its mouth. The needles smashed into Dot's barrier and just fell to the ground. Dot glared at Skorupi before she started to beat her wings. The Ledian's Supersonic attack was successful, proven when spiral once again formed in Skorupi's eyes.

Dot smirked at her opponent before she started to flap her wings again, but this time she was interested in releasing insectoid energy rather than sound waves. A silvery powder began to gust out from underneath Dot's chitin guards and headed towards Skorupi, arcing into a pair of zephyrs along the way. They sliced into Skorupi, but upon closer inspection it did little damage, but Dot seemed to be surrounded by some of the energies that she released. The ladybug pokemon seemed to be springier and she just looked stronger, while Skorupi was clawing itself in confusion.

"Yes," said Karmas as he looked at Dot, "Using Silver Wind may bot have done much damage to Skorupi but it raised her stats!"

Watermelon, who was at his trainer's side, looked at Karmas, impatient for the battle to end so that they could move on.

"Wait," said Karmas before he gave Dot her orders. "Dot, use Tackle, and then give it a double dose of Comet Punch!"