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    The Moon Temple

    Lacuna City

    Determined to give it their all and bring the remaining opponent down, Medeo and Forteo watch Clefairy carefully while her fingers keep on ticking. As the glow overtakes her body, both your Pokémon kick in their Protective abilities, each summoning a green spherical force field to withstand any offence that comes their way. The three of you look on while Clefairy continues shining like a clear rainbow, before forming a Barrier of her own in front of her, indication of her own increased defences. With the passing of Clefairy's technique, your Meditite and Pineco feel their own protection fizzling out without having properly kicked in for usage, shaking their heads as the feeling wears off. Gritting expressions at Clefairy, Forteo is first to move, charging in a Rapid Spin; his intense speed tearing up the vines holding his health hostage. Rattling into Clefairy by the side, he relentlessly batters the pink fairy, nudging her in place against her responsive flailing as Medeo aims a third Psychic blast from another angle. The focused spectrum of mental power curves to smash into its target while leaving Forteo unharmed, causing Clefairy to once again flop about the deck not unlike the doll modelled after it.

    Weakly getting to her little feet, Clefairy barely attempts a few steps forward before Medeo lobs a Vacuum Wave her way; the priority technique slapping into her face and knocking her next to Forteo, who crunches a chunk out of Clefairy with his vermicious Bug Bite. Surrounded by damage all around, Clefairy tears her arm free from Forteo's unseen teeth, stepping unsteadily for a while before her pain and exhaustion synapses finally kick in fully, leaving her just fit enough to trip over her own feet, landing facefirst and failing to recover. Level up for Medeo and Forteo.

    Heaving noticeably after the battle, Medeo and Forteo look to you with tired grins on their faces, but what immediately catches your attention next is the forms of Ikira and her male battle partner, both of whom have, throughout the entire exchange, somehow not issued orders to their Pokémon. The scenario of their defeat appears to trigger the same green glow earlier to surround their bodies, and before you can say anything else the pair abruptly collapse onto their knees, falling to the ground like stringless marionettes.

    Alarmed, you make your way over, checking on their conditions, but aside from the glow fiercely burning about them their countenances are as lifeless as ever, albeit looking a little pained, likely from their defeat. A sickening lurch moves through you as you have a hunch just what the celestial quadruped meant by keys -- chances are, they're the ones lying comatose in front of you...
    Grey-green eyes narrowed in anticipation, Ben watched as the events of the battle rapidly spiraled to a climax. His strategy was working; Medeo’s cover-fire, combined with Forteo’s in-your-face fighting-style, was beginning to overwhelm Clefairy. Unable to even get off an attack, the chubby pink Fairy weakly toppled to the floor in defeat and Ben breathed out a grateful sigh that the battle was finally over.

    As Clefairy went down, Medeo immediately turned to Ben. The Meditite’s little chest rose and fell as he took deep panting breaths, trying to get his wind back. A look of satisfaction spread across his tiny face. Forteo beamed cheerfully beside him. “Brilliant work, mates!” Ben praised his friends before returning their grins. The trio let out a shout and danced around happily. Their joyful celebration was short lived however, as just then, Ikira and the blue-haired boy unexpectedly crumpled to the ground. The green aura Ben had seen earlier had returned and mysteriously bathed the bodies of the two fallen trainers in its eerie light.

    Ben bolted in shock at what he saw and rushed to the side of the comatose twosome. Medeo was beside his trainer in an instant, while Forteo bounded over and joined them surprisingly quickly. As he knelt before the lifeless forms of the duo, Ben studied their expressions. Something wasn’t right. Other than the slight hint of pain he guessed had been brought on by the battle, he was unable to detect any emotion. The trio gazed in silence at the limp bodies of the prone pair for a few more moments until curiosity finally got the better of Medeo. Slowly reaching out his tiny hand, the impatient Meditite extended a finger, and hesitantly prodded the blue-haired boy’s arm. When nothing happened, the Yoga Pokemon turned to Ben and shrugged apologetically. Forteo simply regarded Ben with a look of utter bafflement on his woody face. This was all beyond him.

    Like lightning illuminating the sky above an empty field, a thought suddenly flashed across Ben’s mind. Perhaps the two motionless figures in front of them were what the celestial Pokemon had meant by keys. Ben had a bad feeling that was the case, and he quickly reasoned that they would probably find Kiru and the female Disciple waiting for them at Rapa’s Temple. At least one of the obstacles to saving Lacuna had been overcome; he knew what the keys were… or rather who. But what now? The celestial Pokemon had told him that when he found the keys he would know what to do. Dragging a hand through his short brown hair he thought hard to come up with a plan, but nothing came to him. If only the majestic quadruped had given him more to go on…

    Feeling helpless and not knowing what else to do, Ben carefully lifted Ikira’s head off the hard, marble ground. Cradling it gently in his arms, he anxiously stared into her wide sightless eyes, searching for any sign of life. “Ikira…?” he asked uncertainly. “Are you…okay?”

    for reference:

    *level 20 male Pineco is now level 21*

    *level 24 male Meditite is now level 25 - Meditite learned Calm Mind*

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