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The Reverse World

Pikagod: In a nutshell, you’d been faced with a twin you didn’t know you had, and now you’d be walking miles in his shoes in search of a powerful artefact. There was a dark twist in the foggy clouds above, blocking the starry night’s sky and downing a chilling impression something frightening was in the works. You bow your head, watching as the moonlight glittered against the speedy waterway. An unsafe drop would lead to a tribal canoe, barely roped against a stable trunk and suspended by the water reefs. Despite the fact your blistered feet had about enough of walking, the idea of a leisurely raft seemed to pique the hidden sailor within. With that another Pokeball leaves your hand and plops into the river, sinking out of view. The dark riverbank suddenly flickers a dazzling white, a bluish manta ray swimming against the fast current, skimming across the surface as though he hadn’t had a good swim in a while. His antennae prickle upward as he listens intently to your orders, Zoran bracing himself for a technique he’d be troubled to pull off. The Wicked Pokémon crosses his arms as he light-footedly hops onto a branch with a good vantage of the wide canal whilst Ray-Ray leaps from the surface with his beady eyes scrunched with determination. Suddenly! A cyan sphere bursts from his maw, the Pulse of Water spinning rapidly in place. Mantine quickly dips back in the water, with the sphere still suspended above the river bank. Zoran grits his wooden face in concentration, his fan-like hands glowing with an icy tint. Wafting the appendages rapidly, the Shiftry manages to muster up a blustery Blizzard which downs against the Water Pulse right on queue. The two attacks bond together, splattering against the steep drop and creating a frozen stairwell to the canoe in the blink of an eye. The bridge looks rickety to say the least, and the fact white froths of water were pumping against it cause you to scuttle down it before it had a chance to collapse. You’re lucky enough to make the five-foot scramble, trying to keep your balance as you gripped the sides of the wooden boat whilst the icy bridge behind hastily crumbed in less than a few seconds. Zoran drops out of the tree, landing safely on the nose of the tribal canoe without losing momentum. With Ray-Ray’s shadow still visible beneath the water’s surface, you try your hand at untying the tight knots keeping the boat still. Sooner had you unravelled one knot, Zoran slashes the other, pushing the boat into action for a wobbly departure. Gripping the sides with all your might, the wooden raft speeds down the white rapids of the jungle’s unsteady terrain, giving you little time to absorb the surrounding environment. A few greyish Zubat flutter past but you’re all too preoccupied in steadying the canoe at every turn, the thought of crashing into the jagged rock formations at the foot of every cascade sending you on high-alert. After one of the most hectic five minutes of your life, you find the hazardous rapids subside into wider waterways with a gentle current. The manta ray leaps a few feet out of the water, reciting his name and performing an arch over your kayak. In any case both your comrades where out of harm's way. Sailing at a slower pace gives you a better view of the backdrop; the riverbank had become marshier, with thick mossy shrubbery layering against the murky shores. Trees branches snaked their way from one side of the broad river to the other, a few snowy white Noctowl sending you a hypnotising gaze from above with their ruby eyes. A family of purplish Wooper where snoozing on the outskirts, and with all natural wildlife taking a shadow form you could only wonder how you’d managed to avoid an attack for so long... perhaps you’d thought too soon! A few splashes down the course of the waterway sends Ray-Ray on high alert; coaxing him into circling the canoe protectively. Suddenly the unsettling glow of dozens of red dots cause you to took your arms into the Kayak. *snap!* A few of the fish jet forward to the manta’s surprise, taking sizable a chunk out of the canoe! A few punctures in the ride cause it to slowly begin filling with water. Warily gazing outward you discover the waters to be infested with Carvana! About six where harassing your Mantine whilst the rest took their pick at your boat! It looked as though you were in trouble!

What will you do?
With Ray-Ray and Zoran's Water Pulse and Blizzard making a nice, if somewhat rickety and probably unstable, bridge for the trainer and his pokemon to cross. Getting down the staircase/bridge, Karmas went as fast as he could and was lucky that he did. He only just made it off before the bridge began to crumble away into nothingness. Getting onto the kayak Karmas started to untie one of the knots as Zoran jumped down from a tree branch onto the small boat. Karmas let out a sigh of relief when he finally managed to untie the knot and Zoran merely slashed at the other piece of rope keeping the boat still.

"Thanks," said Karmas, as he gripped onto the sides of the boat for dear life.

The boat sped down the rapids, going so fast that the scenery was a mere blur of nondescript shapes and colours. Granted a few Zubat did happen to fly past, but Karmas was a bit more concerned with turning the boat and not smashing into sharp pointy rocks of doom. However after five minutes of Karmas screaming 'I'M GOING TO DIE!" the rapids subsided, leaving the trio in a gentle current. Realising that he hadn't actually seen Ray-Ray at all in those five minuted, the trainer frantically looked around for the Mantine and was relieved when he saw the manta ray jump over the kayak. Now that he knew where his pokemon was, the trainer looked around at the scenery, something that he couldn't do during the death trip. He saw several white Noctowl fly past, with a family of purple Wooper snoozing. With all of nature taking on a shadow form, Karmas just couldn't stop wondering why he hadn't been attacked yet. However, the trainer might have though too soon, a few splashes down the river making Ray-Ray circle the boat protectively. Suddenly dozens of red dots appeared, making Karmas bring his arms into the kayak and just in time. Snap! Several fish managed to get around Ray-Ray and take a couple of chunks out of the boat, with water filling in from the puncture holes. Looking out into the water Karmas saw that the river was infested with Carvanha, and six of them were harassing Ray-Ray!

"Ray-Ray, you need to beat these Carvanha! Start off with a Signal Beam then use Swift and finish off with another Signal Beam! Zoran I want you to use Razor Leaf on the Carvanha and then use a Twister to pull the Carvanha out of the water and finish off with another Razor Leaf!"