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    Xiaolin Temple

    Hayward: “An honourable decision, our village is at your debt”, the wise master bobs his head surely, “you have earned the respect and support of our community through your labours, now please rest. I’m sure Yuri will be eager to hear from you. We shall meet again when the Blaziken crows at the break of dawn” With that you say a brief farewell, rushing down the drawn out flight of stairs with a spring in your step. You beeline through the settlements main strip, mulling over the market stalls which were few and far between. Hwan, the man you’d met earlier, sends you a wave from his stall, but you didn’t have time to stop and chat. You where headed to the swing set just a bit off the edge of the settlement for a much pre-empt apology. However upon breaking through the cluster of pink-topped trees you find the swing seat barely wavering. You were alone. Upon closer inspection, there appeared to be a greenish envelope sat neatly on the adjacent swing seat.

    A few hours later and the shifting onomatopoeia of the tap dancing Kriketot was enough to get your mind of Yuri’s letter. You’d sat in a secluded booth at the ornate restaurant, the greenish envelope now wedged between the mahogany table and the few reddish candles flickering warmly. Your dinner was on the house, it was the least the head chef could do having conquered his lack of confidence by your hands. It was quite lonely without her, whilst you’d managed to impress the villagers she was the only one you could consider a friend. Whenever your attention wasn’t on the note it was on the scroll nestled firmly in your messenger bag. This didn’t seem like the place to open it, but its mere presence was enough to reinforce the cloud of anxiety regarding your quest. What if Yuri was upset? What if she refused to see you? Time was rolling on and the bistro was steadily starting to litter with robed villagers.

    “Ha! Hale San!” A jolly voice yells, inviting himself to your booth with a large bottle of wine, “I am-a still picking my teeth from that delicious meal you helped prepare! Where are you staying tonight? Great! You’ll stay at my place! It’s the least I could do for a fellow traveller!” Hwan shook your hand vigorously, barely allowing you a word in edgeways. Minutes flew by in what felt like hours, the man had told you everything about his life as a trader whilst occasionally topping up his cup. He was also quick to apologise about Kaito’s ongoing hostility, “The boy is an orphan just like his twin sister, his life wasn’t easy...”

    “Just look at the time!” Hwan blurted, downing a cup of the dark liquid, “Let’s go, you do not want to be in this place when it gets dark!” the man snorts, shuffling out of the booth and tipsily ushering to his feet. Tagging along you subconsciously find yourself a safe distance away from him on the off chance he knocked something over. A refreshing breeze of air beat against the bistro doors, the moon leisurely faring up a sea of stars. Less tame Krikitune could be heard rubbing their legs together, and a swarm of Volbeat could be seen on the hilltops outskirts in full luminescence. The few Natu and Xatu had formed a totem pole atop one of the dojos, one keeping watch whilst they others slept. Paper lanterns were tied few and far between against the small clusters of whitewash houses, shedding some much needed light against the gravelled path that Mr. Hwan was so tipsily navigating. Just a few hiccups later you’d arrived at the trader’s front room, still bound in paper walls but this time nestled in piles of souvenirs and trinkets from around the world. You recognised a pass to the SS. Aqua and an open box of Lava Cookies with nothing but the crumbs left. A small Munchlax was coiled in a fatal position above a pile of maps, Hwan smiling warmly as he threw a blanket over the chubby bear. He was kind enough to offer you his room whilst he slept in a hammock out back. Hustled into your sleeping quarters you finally had a room to yourself, although the mat you had to sleep on looked less than comfortable. The ancient scroll was still jutted out of your backpack; you’d be up at the break of dawn and now seemed like the best time to brush up on your history skills...

    ...With their land on the brink of invasion, Yue Fei learnt that becoming a great leader meant sacrificing his own spiritual needs for the needs of his people. However through breaking his vow of peace the great Yue Fei was more lost than ever. Several years later he led a legion of followers to a far off land which would protect itself. The terrain was feral and far too mountainous to inhabit, so he sculpted the mountain with the very same blade he took the battle, the legendary Lo_us_ blade...

    “We’re under attack!” a civilian howls, the now rapturous sirens of a war horn enough to shake you into your senses. You must’ve dozed off! You barely have a chance to shuffle your gear together as you rush down stairs to see what all the fuss was about. The front room had been raided, the paper walls had been tore apart and every last box full of souvenirs had had its contents tipped across the already unorganised floorboards. The Munchlax you had seen earlier was nowhere to be found, and your heart skipped a beat a knock thudded twice against the door. You had to answer it, even if it wasn’t your house... With one hand reaching for the knob another was fingering for a Pokeball lest you be caught unarmed.

    “You did this! No one knew of our existence before today and now we have been raided!” Kaito grabbed you by the neck before you could even figure out what he was talking about, “What have you done to Hwan! What have you done to my sister!” He released his grip, throwing you against a pile of cardboard boxes inside the trader’s residence. In his defence the evidence against you was astonishing, Hwan’s home had been destroyed and you’d been caught in the thick of the crime scene. There were a few villagers gathering outside now, their trust in you had been shattered and you could only guess what feeling of revenge they where harbouring. But that thought could barely cross your mind as the monk coiled his fists. The trader’s garden was a few paces your rear, but outrunning Kaito seemed like a hedgy bet. Then again, what choice did you have?
    “We’re under attack!”

    The panicked cry of a villager suddenly woke Ben from his slumber. He jumped out of bed, pulled on his jacket and, grabbing his bag off the floor, quickly made his way downstairs. Seeing the ransacked main room, the boy bolted in alarm and wondered what could have happened. Before he had the chance to figure it out however, he suddenly heard a knock at the door. One hand hovering over a Pokeball, he went to open it.

    “You did this! No one knew of our existence before today and now we have been raided!” Kaito yelled in accusation as he entered the house. The villager grabbed Ben by the neck, and his fingers quickly tightened around Ben’s throat. Ben coughed and spluttered for air as Kaito continued. “What have you done to Hwan! What have you done to my sister!”

    Releasing his grip, Kaito roughly flung Ben against a pile of cardboard boxes inside Mr. Hwan’s living room. Ben landed in the middle of them with a mighty THUD! Through the holes in the wall, Ben could see a crowd of villagers assembling outside, a mixture of anxious and angry looks beginning to appear on their faces as they began to suspect what might have happened. Kaito advanced upon the fallen Ben, his hand forming into a solid fist as he approached. There’s a time for fighting, Ben told himself, and also a time for fleeing. Extricating himself from the cardboard debris as speedily as possible, Ben scrambled to his feet. A quick glance inside his messenger bag confirmed that all his gear was present and accounted for. And with that knowledge, Ben did the only thing he could think of. He made a quick getaway in the direction of Mr. Hwan’s garden, not even looking back to see if Kaito was following him.

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