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    Default Astoria's Recorded History

    The Tribal Zone

    Forged before time itself, this golden tropic is bustling with lush green flora and sparkling wildlife. A myth stemming back hundreds of Millennia tells of how a radiant deity blessed what was once a sterile landmass into a tropical paradise. Thick saplings began to sprout up its uneven landscape, vivid blooms blossoming up its vast savannas. Budding with a tropical climate, the awe-inspiring sunbursts and swift spells of downpour brought about a haven for the bountiful wildlife. Rich springs of mountain water created stunning waterfalls and eye-catching rainbows, it wasn’t long before humans colonised on the tropical isle. Maturing into the largest empire in pre-Columbian history, they created hundreds of golden shrines and temples in vein of their beautiful goddess, Iris. Centuries lasted under the Michu Empire’s sway, however civil war hastily brought about a fierce end to the advanced empire. Time passed, their ruins thriving with mystery as the tattered walls of gold became overrun with thickets and lianas. The sunny vista has now become a hotspot for tourists with a keen eye for adventure, although the death-defying hazards have swayed many trainers from the dazzling ruins and feral jungles.

    Michu Pachu
    Scattered across the lush hilltops to the shrubby undergrowth, the ancient architects and colossal monuments of the Michu Empire stand tall across the several jungles. The amazing flora puff exotic fumes, whilst the vast saplings bathe in the glorious sun. It’s normally a very peaceful place where grass, bug and flying Pokémon flourish but the magical temples of the old empire have brought upon strange occurrences to the natives passing through. Should you find yourself in the thriving jungles of Michu Pachu, who knows what you may encounter?

    The Safari Zone: A sun blazed vista rolling over acres of the empire’s land, the Safari Zone is renowned for its stunning savannahs filled with rumbling wildlife. For a small fee, the Lyanazian tourist bureau allows travellers to explore the vast region in hopes of capturing rare and exotic Pokémon. Trainers need their wits about them, as the walkabout outlaws any unruly conduct. Enter through a state of the art Pokémon Center just a beeline from the pier and let your wild side to take charge!

    Rules for entering the Safari Zone:
    - The game costs a Rare Candy to play at which point you’ll be given 5 Safari Balls and a Pokénav
    - You must only take one Pokémon into the park, this Pokémon will assist you in capturing wild Pokémon
    - Once you use your 5 Safari Balls, your adventure ends and you are transported via your Pokénav back to The Pokémon Centre
    - Should your partner Pokémon black-out, your adventure ends and you are transported via your Pokénav back to The Pokémon Centre
    - Your partner Pokémon can only be used for self-defence, attacking wild Pokémon will result in you losing 2 of your Safari Balls
    - Using your partner Pokémon to create traps, gather food or gather recourses will not be recognised as an offence.

    Sunburst Shrine: Half way up the sunny Mountainsides of Michu Pachu is a golden monument built by worshipers of the mythical phoenix, Ho-oh. At the sacred shrine’s centrepiece stands a dazzling Ho-oh statue surrounded by red-flamed torches. Myths of a millennia mention the wonders of entering the place of worship with a Rainbow Wing. You must venture on a separate quest for the primeval trinket, although it will often appear to those pure of heart.

    Garden of Iris: Floating high above the rest of Lyanazia, the ruin is said to be homed by the mighty goddess of nature and her many adorable Shaymin. The ground is made up entirely of clouds which magically both supports any amount of weight and can grow many beautiful flowers and trees. It is hidden from view so it is mostly untouched by man and the only way to reach it is to climb up a rainbow that stretches from the ground to the clouds.

    The Intado Tribe
    The Intado, one of the few tribes still living in the jungle, are not ones to be messed with but if you enter happily they will treat you with respect. Having passed down the stories of the old Empire, their approach to life is to only use what’s needed. With their primitive Pokeballs and fast knowledge of the forest you'll always be granted with amazing battles if you enter their local tribal tournament. Whilst they’re quite a diplomatic colony, they won’t hesitate to throw their outlaws in The Tribal Stadium to face a fury of brutal creatures.

    Intado Outpost:
    Confined by a wooden enclosure, the village is littered with straw huts, tribal totems and a single temple. To gain their respect and access to the other Intado areas, you’ll have to present the Intado’s with a small offering. Be sure it’s practical!

    The Tribal Coliseum: Completely shrouded in shrubbery lies a relatively small arena built a millennium ago. This tattered ruin has seen a myriad of battles in its time, and it is still utilized for tribal play-offs. Should the locals find you a threat, the arena is equipped with caged monsters all eager for a fast meal. Either event is a rare one in Intado, so expect every seat to be filled.

    Primeval Temple: Homed by the only remaining Shamans of the Itado Tribe, the temple contains many mystical and magical artifacts. The shamans are great healers and have the ability to make your Pokémon stronger if you’re to go hunting with the tribe. The many mysteries of the tribe all seem to point to this odd shrine.

    Eyrie Peak
    Named after the odd shape of the mountain which from a distance resembles an eagle's head, the eyrie mountain-range was feared by many ancients who once dwelled in the forest. Humans are quick to avoid the mountain due to the gale-force winds and harsh terrain. As a consequence of this, Eyrie Peak has become a haven for bird Pokémon who have made it their nesting ground. Be warned that the Pokémon who are nesting are likely to be fierce and will protect their babies at all costs.

    Vertigo Plateau:
    Bustling with bird’s nests, this lush and jagged mesa outskirts the entirety of Eyrie Peak. The wind here is by no means heavy, but undersized Pokémon are at risk to being blown off the cliff edges by its constant wind current. Several caverns cluster the trail, all inhabited by flying types.

    Xiaolin monastery: Hidden in the deepest reaches of the gusty Mount lays an ancient hamlet inhabited by shrewd elders. Should you find yourself fatigued from the perilous terrain, the chances are a group of local monks will bring you to their temple. They’ll offer food, water and shelter, but the chances are they’ll want something in return. Despite warding away from skirmishes, their martial arts style is unmatched, their elderly sensei occasionally teaching his light-footed stances to your Pokémon.

    Mantis Cave: About half way up Mt.Eyrie is an enormous cavern alleged to have been completely hollowed by the Insects residing in it. It is heavily rumoured that the size and hostility of the creepy crawlies only increases as you delve deeper into the hollows. Should you manage to reach the ending of Mantis Cave, precious ores and fossils are said to await.

    Hurricane Summit: Overlooking the entirety of Lyanazia, the peak of Mt.Eyrie is known to have perilous wind currents stronger than a full blown tornado. Due to these hazardous conditions, it is unwise to travel to such an altitude without a powerful and weighty Pokémon. Trainers travel to the summit in hopes of fighting the rare and powerful flying types, not one has returned to share such tales...

    The Lost Jungles
    Seldom entered by the old Empire, the lost jungles stand out as the most dangerous segment of the Island. Cursed by the malevolent Witchdoctors of the past, it was said they turned a once thriving tropic into a barren swamp. Deadly bugs and poisonous predators are known to inhabit this marshy area and poison seeps through the trees harming anyone or anything that touches them. Cast under the great shadow of Mt.Eyrie, only the brave dare enter this jagged terrain and not so many return.

    Tainted Forest:
    Miles of arid and eerie foliage grows upon the venomous base of the Lost Jungles. The venomous flora is known to expel noxious gases that are fatal to those who inhale them. Many have grown curious to the strange cries of the Tainted Woodland, but those who’ve met their source have seldom returned.

    Wraith Marsh: Inhabited by countless bugs, the filth spewing from this marshy area is almost as disgusting as the rancid stench festering it. Covered by a thick blanket of fog, the marsh is almost impossible to navigate through. However, should you find yourself to the witchdoctor’s old temple, the mysterious rewards are certain to make your venture less regrettable.

    Moonlight Shrine: Deep down in the murky underpasses of the Lost Jungles is a silver monument built by worshipers of the mythical dragon, Lugia. At the unholy shrine’s centrepiece stands a tattered Lugia statue surrounded by blue-flamed torches. Legends trailing back thousands of years mention the ominous occurrences of entering the place of sacrifice with a Silver Wing. You must venture on a separate quest for the primeval trinket, although it will often appear to those pure of soul.

    Typhus Flow: A long winding river bordered by tropical flora which gently snakes its way throughout the Lost Jungles. Several tribal canoes dot up and down its outskirts, allowing trainers a quick means of transport around the untamed vista. One should always be on the lookout for vicious predators basking in the waterway’s shadowy depths...

    The Yakama Tribe
    Hidden in the darkest corner of Lyanazia, the morale of this tribe couldn’t be any different to that of the Intado’s. Going anywhere near their highly fortified village will be perceived as an act of war. Breaching the village isn’t tolerated but treasures beyond imagination are known to be lying around. Speared corpses found on the outskirts are sure to make you wonder if the riches are worth risking.

    Tribal Frontier:
    Residing in such a dangerous part of the Island, the Yakama’s village is heavily fortified by hard wood barriers and a toxic moat. Although they usually kill on sight, should you present them with an incredibly bountiful peace offering, they will welcome you for the time being. Either gaining their trust or sneaking in is the only way you can visit their other tribal areas.

    Yakama’s Keep: In the likely event the hostile tribe lose trust in you, you’ll be quickly thrown into a hut-like dungeon to be burnt alive the following day. If you distaste the idea of being eaten by the Yakama’s, be sure to bring a powerful Pokemon to assist in a breakout. Don’t be under the impression you’re the only prisoner either, anyone from other tribe members to unwary travelers have fallen victim to the dungeons.

    The Burial Ground: A mile wide graveyard stricken with sludgy soil and poisonous shrubbery. Fallen warriors and their Pokémon are laid to rest here. However, the odd toxins found in this soil often are alleged to bring the corpses back from the dead.

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