Wraith Marsh

Pearl's Perap: Sooner had you reached the pinnacle of the tall sapling, the new threat of Seviper and Arbok dawned upon you. The oak looked was quickly splintering as the black serpent hacked it with its razor-sharp appendage whilst the purple serpent squeezed it with its equally powerful appendage. An unsettling ‘creek’ enveloped the bog, the tree you where witheringly perched upon was starting to give way. It was time to call for some backup, nevertheless the mire seemed far too noxious for most of your Pokémon. Without a second to spare, you decide the warty toad known as Nancy would be able to withstand the ambiance. Thrusting her ball forward, she emerges with a flash of radiance, consuming most of the lake with her bulk. Despite the dim scarcity of sunlight, Nancy did seem content with the tranquil pool despite its toxins. The rather fickle twosome of snakes change there target yet again, each latching onto on of Nancy’s hind legs with a potent bite attack. The gnawing doesn’t faze the mighty Venesaur much as she lifts her forelegs and stomps the back down, causing a shuddering earthquake. The bog begins to bubble as the earth beneath it rattles. Suddenly, your ears prickle at a squeaky “pop” noise as the vibration manages to loosen up Nidoran enough for Dana to thrust her out. Now free from the bog, the Nidoran scuttles toward you in tow of your new Gligar. As the earthquake begins to cease, you are pleased to spot both Arbok and Seviper hissing their tongues at Nancy as the aftershock takes its toll. With Nidoran now free, you can purely focus on trouncing the snakes. What will you do?